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How To Get from Guatemala to Belize [2024]

Looking for ways to get from Guatemala to Belize? You’ve come to the right place: here you’ll find all the transportation options by land and air that can take you to Belize. Check them out!

The Belize-Guatemala border resembles an almost straight line that separates the two nations, Guatemala to the east, and Belize to the west.

These countries boast natural wonders, beaches to die for, Mayan ruins, and incredible attractions. For this reason, they are frequently visited together. And they should!

While their natural landmarks might bear a resemblance, the two countries are quite different in their culture, food, and even history.

Guatemala to Belize. A post about the possible transportation options.

I loved my time in both Guatemala and Belize, and I highly recommend that you visit both if you have the chance. But how do you travel from one to the other?

Let’s check out all the alternatives to travel from Guatemala to Belize (or vice-versa)!


The fastest way to make the journey is by taking a flight from Guatemala to Belize City, which you can do from either Guatemala City or Flores.

There aren’t too many airlines to Belize, so you’ll have to fly with the pretty expensive TAG airline. Below you’ll find the Guatemala to Belize flights.

Guatemala City to Belize City 

▶️ The flight from Guatemala City to Belize City departs daily at 7.50 AM from La Aurora Airport, and takes 1 hour and 15 minutes to arrive. 

The flight costs $555 at the time of writing and is operated by TAG Airlines. ➥ BOOK IT HERE 

Flores, Guatemala to Belize City

▶️ If you’re flying from Flores to Belize, the flight takes 2 hours and 45 minutes and departs daily at 6.30 AM.

The one-way ticket from Flores Airport to Philip SW Goldson Airport costs $360. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

There are no flights from Belize City to Flores, so if you plan on doing the opposite journey you’ll have to do it by land.


If you’re in Guatemala City, you can buy a combo ticket bus + shuttle from Guatemala City to Belize City, but I strongly recommend breaking up the journey.

First, make your way to Flores, and stop there for a couple of days to visit Tikal, a fascinating archaeological site that in my opinion even beats the Mayan ruins of Mexico!

How To Get to Flores

Antigua to Flores

One of the most common routes is from Antigua to Flores, a journey that you can make by booking either a combo ticket of shuttle + bus, or a private transfer. 

▶️ With the private transfer, the journey takes around 9 hours, and the departure time is arranged by you.

While this transfer might be more comfortable, it is expensive, costing $615 for up to six passengers. If money isn’t an issue and your priority is comfort, go for it! ➥ BOOK IT HERE

▶️ The combination of shuttle + bus takes way longer, between 11 to 14 hours approximately, but it’s a much cheaper option. There are 2 daily transfers from Antigua to Flores, at 7 AM, and an overnight alternative departing at 7 PM.

The one-way ticket currently costs $64, and it includes the shuttle to Guatemala City, and the bus from there to Flores.  ➥ BOOK IT HERE

Lake Atitlan to Flores

▶️ If you’re traveling from Lake Atitlan to Flores, you’ll be departing from Panajachel, Lake Atitlan’s main town. To make the trip you’ll have to book a shuttle + bus combo ticket departing daily at either 12 PM or 4 PM, both of which arrive early the next day. 

The overall journey takes between 16 and 19 hours, and the one-way ticket costs $91. ➥ BOOK IT HERE 

Guatemala City to Flores

Going from Guatemala City to Flores instead?

▶️ There are 2 daily buses making the journey, one departing at 10 AM and the other one at 5.30 PM.

The trip takes around 10 hours, so if you take the latter bus you’ll arrive in Flores at 3.30 AM – make sure you have accommodation booked in advance (and that allows check-in in the early hours!) as well as transportation to get there. 

The one-way ticket costs $48 per person. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

▶️ There’s also an overnight luxury bus that departs at 9 PM and offers a semi-bed so you can sleep during the journey. It arrives early at 6 in the morning.

The ticket costs $48 per person, and the bus is equipped with reclining seats and toilets. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

Flores to Belize

A tropical beach with palm trees swaying in the wind, wooden beach loungers, and the blue sea inserted in a post about going from Guatemala to Belize

How to get to Belize from Flores? You actually have a few options, depending on which city or destination you’re headed to. 

Flores to San Ignacio

▶️ If you’re traveling from Flores to San Ignacio, one of the closest cities to the Guatemalan border, the best way to make the journey is by booking a shuttle.

Flores, Guatemala to San Ignacio in Belize

The trip takes close to 3 hours, and the one-way ticket costs $59. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

Flores to Belize City

▶️ If instead you’re going to Belize City, you can take a shuttle from Flores. There are 2 daily departures, one at 6 AM and the other one at 7 AM. 

The journey lasts 6 hours, and it costs $59. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

Flores to Caye Caulker

Your final destination may be Caye Caulker, a small island with idyllic beaches and one of the best places in Belize.

▶️ To get there you’ll need to take a bus from Guatemala to Belize City, and from there a ferry to the island. You can buy a shuttle + water taxi combo ticket that includes both transfers. 

The journey takes 8.5 hours, and it costs $79. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

Flores to San Pedro

▶️ Is San Pedro your destination in Belize? To make the trip you can book a shuttle + water taxi combo ticket from Flores. The overall journey takes 9 hours and it includes both the transfer to the Water Taxi Terminal and the ferry to San Pedro. 

The one-way ticket price is $79, and the transfer departs daily at 6 AM. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

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Tikal to Belize City

▶️ If you don’t have much time in Flores, you can visit Tikal and leave directly from there. You’ll take the bus Tikal-Belize City which departs daily at 5 AM.

The journey takes 6 hours and costs $114. ➥ BOOK IT HERE


To cross the border from Guatemala to Belize (or travel from Belize to Guatemala if you’re doing the opposite journey), you’ll have to do it at the crossing point Melchor de Mencos-Benque Viejo del Carmen. It’s the only land border crossing between the two countries.

The border is open from 6 AM to 10 PM currently, and you’ll need to fill out 2 immigration forms before entering Belize.

Regarding health and Covid-related forms, I had to show proof of vaccination when I entered, but as of early 2024 it doesn’t seem like any proof of vaccination or a negative test is needed at the Belize immigration.

These rules change fast, though, so please make your own research or check the Belize Board Tourism website.

A word of advice, though. Unfortunately, like many Central American countries, bribes and scams aren’t infrequent. There is no fee for either exiting Guatemala nor for entering Belize (although there is one for exiting Belize) so you shouldn’t have to pay at all when entering the country. 


Can you fly from Guatemala to Belize?

Yes! You can fly from Guatemala City to Belize, and also from Flores to Belize City

Can you go from Guatemala to Belize by bus?

There isn’t a direct public bus from Guatemala to Belize, but you can get a bus + shuttle combo ticket to make the trip from Guatemala City to Belize City.

How far is Belize from Guatemala by plane?

The Guatemala City to Belize flight time is a little over an hour.

Can you take a rental car from Guatemala to Belize?

Usually you can’t cross international borders with a rental car, so you would have to check with the rental company if you want to make the trip by car.

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