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How to Get to San Pedro, Belize [2024]

Looking for how to get to San Pedro, Belize? Check out the variety of options so you can choose the one that suits you best! 

San Pedro, Belize is a paradisiacal beach town situated in the south end of Ambergris Caye, and is the inspiration behind Madonna’s La Isla Bonita. No wonder it’s one of the best places to visit in Belize!

San Pedro is completely surrounded by turquoise waters, and it’s filled with beach bars, picturesque streets, and plenty of opportunities for both adventure and relax. It’s also a dream destination for snorkeling, as the incredible barrier reef teems with marine life.

We absolutely loved our time in San Pedro, with its lively vibes and beautiful beaches, and I can’t help but recommend it to anyone traveling to Belize. Including you!

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A white-sand beach with palm trees and blue waters, and a white jetty with a boat next to it inserted in a post about how to get to San Pedro, Belize

But to enjoy all of that…you’ll first need to get there. San Pedro is located around 36 miles (57.5 km) north of Belize City, and there are several ways to get there depending on your parting point.

In this article you’ll discover how to get to San Pedro Belize from some of the most popular cities nearby. Whether you’re looking for a quick flight into the island or to catch the ferry like the locals, in most cases you’ll have an option to choose your preferred method of transportation. So let’s get to it!


Looking for how to get from Belize City to San Pedro? You can either fly or take the ferry to the island. Below you’ll find both options in detail to help you make your choice.


By Plane

How to get to San Pedro from Belize City in under 30 minutes? By plane. There are flights to San Pedro Belize operated by two companies: Maya and Tropic Air.

Tropic Air has three daily flights in the morning, while Maya has flights throughout the day, starting at 7.40 AM and then every 2 or 3 hours until 6.30 PM.

▶️ Tropic Air flights depart at 7.40 AM, 8.40 AM, 10.40 AM, 12.40 PM, 3.40 PM, and 6.30 PM. Check the current timings before traveling, as they can change unexpectedly. The flights from Belize City to San Pedro only take around 20 minutes. 

Flight from Belize City to San Pedro

💲All of the flights, regardless of which company you choose, include one checked bag. The ticket costs $119. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

By Ferry

You can also take a water taxi from Belize City to San Pedro, cruising the Caribbean Sea. It’s the most affordable way to make the journey, and the ferries seem to offer a comfortable and safe journey.

The San Pedro Belize Express also has wheelchairs available, and the boats are equipped with life jackets and first-aid kits.

▶️ The trip takes around 1.5 hours, and the current San Pedro water taxi schedule is the following: Daily at 8 AM, 10.30 AM, 12 PM, 3 PM, 4.30 PM, and 5.30 PM

Ferry from Belize City to San Pedro

💲You’ll arrive at San Pedro Water Taxi Terminal, which is relatively close to the town center. The ticket costs $29. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

San Ignacio to San Pedro, Belize


San Ignacio is a town close to the border with Guatemala, and a popular destination among those traveling overland from Guatemala to Belize and then Mexico.

If that’s you (that was me!), chances are you’ll need to make the journey to San Pedro from San Ignacio. To reach San Pedro you’ll be using a combination of shuttle + ferry.

You’ll travel to Belize City by land, and then board a ferry to San Pedro. You can book this combo service, which includes pickup from your hotel, transportation to the Belize City Water Taxi Terminal, and ferry tickets to get to your destination. 

Shittle transfer from San Ignacio to San Pedro

💲There are daily departures at 7.30 AM, 10.30 AM, and 2.30 PM, and the overall journey takes 4.5 hours. The price for one person is $99 (except for the 7.30 AM option that’s $98). ➥ BOOK IT HERE

Chetumal (Mexico) to San Pedro


Traveling from Chetumal to San Pedro, Belize? You can take a water taxi to reach San Pedro. Ferries run from Monday to Sunday at 10 AM, and the crossing takes 1.5 hours.

The boats are comfortable and fast and they’re fully equipped with safety gear and measures to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip. The journey costs 75 USD per person one way.

Corozal to San Pedro

PRIVATE TRANSFER + FERRY29 USD (plus transfer to Belize City)BOOK IT HERE

By Private Transfer + Ferry

The best option to get from Corozal to San Pedro by land is to take a private transfer or bus from Corozal to Belize City, and then catch the ferry to San Pedro, Belize

By Plane

You can also take a flight to San Pedro, Belize with Tropic Air. There are three daily flights departing at 8.00 AM, 1.30 PM, and 5 PM. The journey takes 20 minutes, and the one-way ticket costs $83.

By Ferry

You could also take the Thunderbolt water taxi from Corozal to San Pedro, which departs daily at 7 AM.

The journey takes 2 hours, and you could buy a roundtrip ticket if you plan to go back to Corozal. Tickets currently cost 52 Belizean dollars (26 USD) and have to be purchased directly at the pier. 

⚠️ We took this ferry on the opposite route San Pedro to Corozal. It does save you time, but it was really a boat ride from hell.

The ferry was cramped (extra benches were added between regular seats), and half the people were sitting on the open deck with strong sun for the whole ride.

There was water dripping on our heads, and I don’t want to think what would have happened in case of an accident. I doubt there were enough life jackets for everyone on board.

So, it’s a take-it-at-your-own-risk kind of situation!! 

⚠️ We are not sure if this ferry is currently working. I suggest you email to make sure the service is working if you’re planning to use it.

How To Get to San Pedro FAQ

How long is the ferry ride from Belize City to San Pedro?

The ferry from Belize City to San Pedro takes 1 hour and 30 minutes. 

Is San Pedro Belize worth visiting?

Yes! San Pedro town is in Ambergris Caye, surrounded by the most perfect beaches, and leisure activities to relax and enjoy your holidays. It’s definitely one of the most beautiful destinations in Belize! 

What airlines fly from Belize to San Pedro?

Tropic Air and Maya are the two airlines that fly to San Pedro from Belize.

How much is a water taxi from Belize City to San Pedro?

Belize water taxi to San Pedro costs $29 at the time of writing. The journey takes 1.5 hours.  

What is the nearest airport to San Pedro Belize? 

San Pedro Airport is the nearest airport to town. You can fly into it from Belize City in just 20 minutes.

What airport do you fly into for Ambergris Caye? 

Belize City International Airport is the closest airport, but you can then take a domestic flight to San Pedro Airport in Ambergris Caye.

How long is the flight from Belize to San Pedro?

The Belize City to San Pedro flight takes around 20 minutes. 

Can you drive from Belize City to San pedro?

San Pedro is located on an island off Belize City, so driving there is not possible. The best option to get from Belize City to Ambergris Caye is by ferry

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