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7 BEST Cooking Classes in Buenos Aires

Check out my list of the very best cooking classes in Buenos Aires. You’re in for a mouthwatering experience or two.

If you’re a foodie, Buenos Aires is the perfect destination. The steaks, the empanadas, the wine, the dulce de leche… I’m salivating just thinking about all this!

And eating your way around town is a great way to discover the city, but do you want to go one step further and learn how to make all these delicacies?

We’ve cooked up a list of the seven best cooking classes in Buenos Aires. I have a soft spot for class number one, which I thought was the perfect introduction to the art of asado (barbecue). But if you’re a vegetarian, or simply are looking for something different, the other options are also excellent.

Whether you want to master the art of empanadas or perfect your chimichurri technique, these classes are your one-way ticket. Check them out!

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Limited time? These are the best cooking classes:

THE BEST COOKING CLASSAsado Masterclass at Criolla Cooking
DINING EXPERIENCEArgentine Experience
PRIVATE CLASSAsado and Cooking Experience with a Local

OUR PICK: The BEST Cooking Class in Buenos Aires

After two prior visits to Argentina (and plenty of asado eaten), I decided it was time for me to learn how to make my own asado, aka the traditional Argentinian barbecue. So I decided to join the Asado Masterclass at Criolla Cooking. And I even brought my very Argentinian husband with me to know what he thought of it!

The class, offered in the trendy Palermo district, started with a drink. And not any drink – we learnt how to make Fernet with coca cola, the quintessentially Argentinian cocktail. The drinks came accompanied by a picada, an appetizer of olives, salami and tongue in vinaigrette (trust me, it’s good!).

After this, it was time to wear our aprons and dive deep into Argentina’s most traditional dish – or experience – I’d call it more an experience than one dish. Argentinians are obsessed with asado and make it a weekly occurrence. I can’t say I blame them…

Throughout the night, Jonathan, our master parrillero, taught us everything from the different meat cuts and how to choose them to how to grill them to perfection. 

We prepared the fire and cooked multiple types of meat: sausage, pork flank, skirt steak, short rib, and even molleja (the sweetbreads from the throat of the cow!). Some cuts of meat required special preparation, for example the pork flank needed to be massaged for 10 minutes!

We also learnt how to cut, prepare, and grill the side dishes such as grilled cheese (provoleta) and vegetables cooked both in foil and charred on the embers.

And, of course, we ate it all seasoned with chimichurri and criolla sauce, which we made from scratch. We tried (and failed) to eat it all, but it was just so. Much. Food. The food was washed by unlimited fine wine by Catena Zapata and Rocio made sure that our glasses were never empty.

The experience was capped off by crepes with dulce de leche and coffee (as if we needed any more food!).

Can I just summarize this experience with one word? Delicious. Even my Argentinian husband, who is very picky with his asado as you can imagine, loved the food and the experience and learnt new things he didn’t know even if he had weekly asado since he was a baby.

What made the experience even more memorable was that our group of travelers got along very well, the conversation flowed, and it felt like being at a traditional asado with a group of old friends.

Why is this the best cooking class? Asado, or grilling, is the cornerstone of Argentinian cuisine. By joining this class, you’ll learn from a professional every step of preparing this beloved dish. Everything from choosing the meat to managing the fire and discovering the right cooking method for each cut is covered. I feel like this is the ultimate Buenos Aires cooking class if you’re looking for an authentic experience.

But it isn’t just my opinion! Read what other reviews say:

”We’ve done a lot of cooking classes all over the world, and this was hands-down our favorite. Chef Manuel and the whole staff were great, the food and wine were amazing, and it was a blast meeting the other participants. Definitely the highlight of our visit to Buenos Aires!”

Mary_B – Read more reviews

This cooking class includes: All ingredients, expert guides, a meal, and wine. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

The Argentine Experience: Dining Experience with Empanada-Making Class

The Argentine Experience: Immersive 6 Course Menu with Wine Tasting is another incredible experience not to be missed in Buenos Aires.

While this is not a cooking class per se, I felt it had to be on this list because we absolutely loved the experience which is half social dining and half cooking class. You’ll learn how to make empanadas, and how to fill and properly close this staple of Argentinian cuisine. 

Throughout the evening, you’ll also learn how to prepare the perfect mate and make alfajores, a delicious traditional dessert. And the rest of the time? Well, you’ll be busy eating your way through a 6-course dinner and all of the most traditional Argentine dishes. The dishes are paired with a few different excellent wines.

I will soon write a full review of the experience, but trust me when I say that every traveler visiting Buenos Aires for the first time should attend this experience that ensures a yummy journey through Argentina’s culinary treasures. That’s besides a full belly! 

This experience includes: 6-course dinner, wine pairings, mate, and alfajores. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

Another Argentinian Cuisine Cooking Class

Picture yourself diving hands-first into the vibrant culinary world of Argentina. You’ll do this by joining the Pachamama – Argentine Cooking Experience. Begin with sharing a picada, savoring homemade bites as you hear the tales of Argentinian food history. 

No more mere tasting—now you’re crafting! From the cheesy magic of chipa to the sizzle of empanadas, and sweet dulce de leche pancakes, a local chef will guide your every step. 

After the class, it’s time to relish your creations with your new friends, wine glass in hand. 

This tour includes: All tastings, cooking experience, wine, and a meal. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

Empanadas & Alfajores Cooking Class in Buenos Aires

Aimed at families, the Buenos Aires: Empanadas and Alfajores Cooking Experience is a hands-on experience. It lets you master the art of Argentine empanadas and the sweet magic of dulce de leche alfajores, guided by a local expert. 

On this class, you can choose your filling, meaty or vegan. Plus, you’ll uncover the secret ingredients that make these treats a national obsession. Ready to cook, laugh, and indulge? Welcome to your new favorite kitchen adventure!

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This class includes: A local instructor, all ingredients, and a glass of wine. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

Private Buenos Aires Cooking Classes 

▶️ Traveling with a group? Check out this Authentic Asado and Cooking Experience with a Local in her Beautiful Home. Step into Constanza’s backyard for a hands-on cooking class that elevates grilling to an art form. 

With guidance from a pro chef, you’ll also delve into the crafting of empanadas. Finally, relax with your group indulging in a substantial meal paired with local wines. 

Veggie options are on the menu, so it’s not a restrictive cooking class. 

This private class includes: Roundtrip transfers, a private cooking experience, a homemade meal, and wine. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

▶️ Learn to whip up traditional specialties in this Empanadas and Traditional Argentinian Pastry Class with a Local Pastry Chef

The class is led by Florencia, who’ll guide you on a culinary journey that will have you crafting empanadas from scratch. Fill and fold the pastries over a glass of wine, and then relish your creations. It accommodates gluten-free and vegetarian diets.  

Opt for a lunch or dinner slot to suit your schedule, and enjoy a meal away from the usual tourist spots. 

This pastry class includes: A private empanadas class, all ingredients, and a meal. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

▶️ Dance and dine your way through the city with a Private Argentine Cooking Class and Tango Lesson in Buenos Aires

Kick off with a personalized tango lesson, then dive into a cooking class to master Argentine favorites. You’ll be preparing empanadas and chimichurri ribeye with a professional chef. 

Wrap it all up with a delicious dulce de leche and rum ice cream for dessert. You can choose between a morning or afternoon experience that will end with a tasty three-course meal. 

It’s one of the most original Argentine cooking classes in Buenos Aires, perfect for groups of up to 8 people. 

This tour includes: A tango class, a cooking class, a 3-course meal, and wine tasting. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

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