stef in cannes

Hey you, welcome to Every Steph travel blog!

My name is Stef, I’m a 24 25 years old from Bologna, a beautiful city in the northern part of Italy. I’ m a tireless traveler and a coffee addict, with a passion for suitcases, writing and smiles.

In the past few years I lived the billionaire life in Vegas, developed a bed bugs phobia in Los Angeles, survived in a frat house for a few months, worked for a fashion agency in London, picked olives in Sicily, met my boyfriend in a gay club and managed to end up in the bad part of the city …uhm…nearly anywhere.
Along the road I collected an American mom and brother, a Japanese sister, and unlimited friends from every corner of the world.

The story behind it all

My love affair with travel started at an early age: since I was a kid, my parents used to load the trunk to full capacity and we would take road trips: at first we travelled around Italy, but then it became camping in Amsterdam, exploring Berlin, tracing the roots of my parents’ first meeting in Paris (can it get more romantic than this?!).
At 11 I took my first plane alone to go to England, at 15 I was taking part in an exchange program all the way to Australia. That travel bug everyone talks about was growing inside me…

Then at 16 I flew to Paso Robles, California, where I was an exchange student at the local high school for a year (plus I had the time of my life): at the end of that incredible year, THAT WAS IT, there was no turning back. I was hooked.

just me And then …ooops, I did it again!
I loved California so much that I went back to Los Angeles to study at UCLA!
….+ I took an internship in London, I cured a heartache with an impromptu two months travel and blablabla…I don’t want to annoy you, you got what I mean.
Traveling makes me feel alive.

In the meantime I have also earned a Bachelor degree in International Relations, a Master in Communications, and a second Master in Web Marketing, although I feel I’ve learned more by meeting people, and cultures, than I could ever learn from a book.

While I run this blog, I currently work as a freelance copywriter and social media manager; I also pay my expenses by taking occasional jobs as a tour leader and hostess at conventions and events.

I hope this blog will inspire you, and will let you explore the world with me, even if you’re sitting on your couch (…for now!).

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