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Sky Views Dubai: Tickets & Glass Slide Info [2024]

Are you planning to visit Sky Views Dubai? Check out this guide to learn all you need to know before going down the infamous glass slide, plus all the practical info on the observatory’s opening hours, prices, and the best tickets! 

Sky Views Dubai is located 720 feet (219.5 meters) above the city and features astounding panoramic views from its observatory. But this revolutionary and very new attraction offers more than a magnificent skyline and floor-to-ceiling windows to admire it

Sky Views boasts three exhilarating experiences that enable you to enjoy the incredible view of Dubai from above while having an adrenaline rush! Some of the activities are not for the faint-hearted, although most are family-friendly and will delight kids and adults alike.

Woman standing on a platform at Sky Views Dubai with Burj Khalifa in the background.

I wasn’t sure about visiting this attraction for multiple reasons. Living in Dubai, I had already visited some of the best viewpoints such as the Burj Khalifa and The View at the Palm, and I didn’t think this could top it. Plus, my partner is extremely scared of heights, and I thought he wouldn’t enjoy this attraction.

But after seeing Sky Views popping up on my Instagram almost daily, we decided to check it out – and we’re glad we did!

Check out this post to learn all about Sky Views Dubai plus practical information on getting the best tickets, choosing the right time to visit, and how to get there. Once you do, you’ll be all set to enjoy one of the greatest things to do in Dubai!

Dubai Sky Views Observatory Opening Hours

🕤 Sky Views Dubai is open daily from 10.30 AM to 9 PM to access the Observatory and enjoy the glass slide. 

🕤 The Edge Walk Dubai operates daily from 2 PM to 9 PM. 

How To Get to Sky Views Dubai

📍 Location of Sky Views Dubai – it’s located on the 52nd and 53rd floors of Address Sky View Hotel, in Emaar Square Area.

There are several transportation options to get there.

▶️ To get to Sky Views Dubai by metro, you can take the Red Line (M1) to Dubai Mall and walk to the attraction from there. It’s a less-than-6-minute walk. 

▶️ Alternatively, you can opt for the bus. Routes 30, D03, D03A, and F13 will leave you at Dubai Mall’s bus station, from where you can walk the distance to Sky Views Dubai in under 6 minutes. 

▶️ If you’re looking for a hassle-free transfer, you can use the Careem app to call a taxi or Uber to take you directly. 

▶️ Driving? There are four different parking options really close to Sky Views Dubai. 

  • Address Sky View Tower 1 Parking and The Restaurant at Address Sky View Parking are merely a 1-minute walk from the entrance. 
  • Sky Views Observatory Underground Parking is another great alternative. 
  • About an 8-minute walk from the attraction is the Boulevard Plaza Parking. 

Sky Views Dubai Tickets

I highly recommend booking your tickets in advance to avoid waiting in line for a long time. Booking online also means you’ll ensure your spot, and get instant access on your chosen day and time slot.

Otherwise, you’ll risk losing half a day just waiting to get in, or being told there’s no availability when you finally get to the ticket booth.

➤ The Sky Views Dubai Entry Ticket grants you entry to the Observatory, and includes one slide down the glass slide, as well as access to the Sky Walk bridge. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

If you click “Book now”, for an extra cost you can also select the option for Sky Views Dubai Entry Ticket with Sky Views Edge Walk which includes the Edge Walk Experience.

Combo Tickets

➤ The Burj Khalifa and Sky Views Dubai Ticket includes access to both attractions. You’ll get to enjoy the views from the world’s tallest viewpoint on levels 124 and 125 of Burj Khalifa, and also visit the Sky Views Dubai Observatory with a glide down the glass slide. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

➤The Sky Views Observatory + Museum of the Future is a combo ticket that grants you access to both attractions. You’ll get to enjoy the views from the Observatory, venture on the Sky Walk, and slide down the Glass Slide before heading to explore the world’s most futuristic museum. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

What You’ll Find at Sky Views Dubai

As stated in the introduction, Skyview Dubai is home to three fantastic attractions: The Observatory, the Glass Slide, and the Edge Walk. But what exactly do they offer? Let’s check them out more in detail! 

Dubai Sky Views Observatory

Sky Views Observatory is the attraction’s main area, and where you’ll likely spend most of your time. It features an impressive glass floor that will enable you to see the city literally at your feet (over 700 feet below you!) It offers one of the best views in Dubai!

The glass experience, though, begins as soon as you get to the building and ride the panoramic elevator, which boasts glass on three of its sides, all the way up to the observatory.

There you’ll also enjoy 360-degree sights of Dubai from its floor-to-ceiling windows, and if you’re feeling brave enough you can venture on the 150-feet long (46 meters) Glass Walkway which connects both towers of the building.

Sky Views Observatory photos are the best you’ll get during your visit, so make sure to spend some time here posing and snapping pictures!

From here you can easily spot the Burj Khalifa, Sheikh Zayed Road (the main road in Dubai), Downtown Dubai, and the Dubai Fountain.

Dubai Sky View Slide

Woman sliding down the glass slide at Sky Views Dubai.

The Glass Slide is the most sought-after attraction at Sky Views Dubai. This outdoor slide connects the 53rd floor with the 52nd, and it’s completely transparent on the bottom and one side, so you still get 360-degree views of the city below you as you slide down. 

The iconic Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Fountain will be in full view, along with plenty of other striking buildings and highways.

Every ticket to Sky Views Dubai comes with 1 slide included, and additional slides can be purchased directly on-site, so you get to enjoy it as many times as you like. 

It’s a very exciting experience, and suitable for people of all ages! 

👉 Are you afraid of heights? My partner, who is usually super scared of heights, was quite fine with going down the glass slide. He was actually more scared by walking on the glass pathways or standing on the platform in the picture below for photos. Something to consider if you’re thinking of visiting and are afraid of heights.

If you visit at a non-busy time and you ask nicely, they’ll let you take some pictures on the platform at the end of the slide with the Burj Khalifa in the background. But this only works if there’s not a line of people waiting to go down the slide!

I personally visited at opening time in the low season (summer in Dubai is the low season for the emirate) and we were maybe 15 people in total visiting Sky Views. This made it easy to take pictures on the platform, but also to go on the glass slide one more time by paying the extra fee.

If you visit at sunset time, which appears to be the busiest time of the day, you might have to wait one full hour to go down the slide!

Sky Views Edge Walk

Sky Views Dubai Edge Walk Experience is the most thrilling attraction at the site. You’ll break free of the glass surroundings and get to walk on an open-air ledge with unrestricted views of the sky and the city below you. 

You’ll first get a safety briefing and get equipped with a helmet and safety harness, so you don’t have to worry at all (unless you’re afraid of heights and look down!) and make the most of the exhilarating feeling of being perched on the 53rd floor of a building.

It’s truly a stomach-churning experience that only a few will dare to enjoy! I didn’t dare 😀

Sky 52 Restaurant

Panorama 52 is located on the 52nd floor of the building, offering glorious views of the Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Fountain, and the city of Dubai stretching all over, so you can take advantage of this scenic location even when it’s time to eat

The restaurant features an American style and has a wide range of options for lunch and dinner, including starters, scrumptious dishes, all your favorite comfort foods, and a very tempting dessert menu.  

Tips for Your Visit

What’s the best time to visit Sky Views Dubai?

Most people prefer to visit right before sunset, so they get to see the city both during the day and at night. While it’s worthwhile for the views, it’s the time when the place gets most crowded, and the line for the Glass Slide can be one hour long

If you’d rather enjoy the attraction with fewer crowds, or have the opportunity to take better pictures and videos, your best option is to book your tickets in advance and visit right at opening time, ideally on a weekday (and even better in low season).

When we went there were around 15 people in total, and there was absolutely no line for the slide. Because of this, the crew even let us take pictures on the platform where the slide ends, which is impossible if there are people waiting in line!

How much time do you need for your visit?

The time you’ll need at Sky Views Dubai depends mostly on the line for the slide. If you visit in peak hour (around sunset) you may spend a whole hour just waiting! 

If there’s no line, however, you can expect your visit to last 30 minutes to 1 hour. Count extra time if you also want to visit the restaurant or do the slide multiple times. 

What should you know before visiting Sky Views Dubai?

▶️ Sky Views Dubai is an attraction for the whole family, although some of its activities have certain restrictions on age and height/weight

The Glass Slide is suitable for all ages but requires a minimum height of 4.3 feet (1.30 meters) and a minimum weight of 110 pounds (50 kg). The maximum height and weight are 6.8 feet (2.10 meters), and 220 pounds (100 kg) 

▶️ You’ll also have to remove certain jewelry items and your phone before sliding down, and certain clothing items are advised against, like heels and shoes with sharp edges that could damage the glass, dresses, and skirts.  

▶️ The Edge Walk is only available for people aged 12-65, and everyone under 18 needs to have consent from their parents or tutors. Height and weight restrictions are a little bit more flexible than those of the Glass Slide: minimum is 3.9 feet (1.20 meters) and 66 pounds (30 kg), and maximum is 6.5 feet (2 meters) and 330 pounds (150 kg)

▶️ Another thing to consider is that you might be asked to present your ID or passport to access Sky Views Dubai, so don’t forget to take it with you! 

Other Things To Do Near Sky Views Observatory

If you’re not ready to call it a day yet, check out all the nearby attractions you can enjoy after your visit to Sky Views Dubai.

Sky Views Dubai FAQ

How much is Sky Views Dubai?

The Sky View Observatory tickets cost 80 AED or 21.79 USD at the time of writing. Edge Walk price is not included in the regular ticket, though. If you want to add the experience, the entrance + Edge Walk cost 708 AED or 193 USD.

How much is the glass slide in Dubai?

The first use of Sky Views Dubai slide is included in your ticket! If you want to purchase additional slides, each one costs 25 AED (7 USD).

How long is the glass slide in Dubai?

The glass slide is approximately 11.5 feet long (3.5 meters), going from the 53rd floor to the 52nd.

Where is the transparent slide in Dubai?

Dubai glass slide is located on the 53rd floor of Sky Views Observatory, also known as Sky Views Dubai.

What’s the address of Sky View Observatory Dubai?

The observatory is located on the 52nd and 53rd floors of the Address Sky View Hotel building, in Emaar Square.

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