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6 BEST Duomo Tours in Florence (by a Local)

Heading to Florence soon? You can’t miss the Duomo, possibly the city’s most important landmark! I’ve compiled a list of the best Florence Duomo Tours to help you plan the perfect visit. Check it out!

If you’re planning a trip to Florence, visiting the iconic Duomo should be at the top of your list. No matter if you’re spending a week, one day, or two days in Florence, its main cathedral is a MUST!

The stunning building, with its marble facade and towering dome, is a masterpiece of architecture and engineering

The Duomo was designed by Filippo Brunelleschi, a pioneering architect whose work still astonishes experts of our day. Its official name is Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral, and it’s used interchangeably with the term Duomo.

But is the Duomo simply a cathedral? Not quite. The Duomo is a complex that comprises six different sites, one of which is the beautiful church, and another one being Brunelleschi’s Dome. The other attractions include the Baptistry, the Bell Tower, the Crypt, and the Museum.

It can take a lot of time to visit them all, so when buying tickets for the Duomo you can choose which sections you want to access. 

Each one has its own unique history and significance, starting with the Cathedral. The imposing structure boasts a grand nave, stunning stained-glass windows, and beautiful frescoes.

The Dome is its crown jewel, dominating Florence’s skyline. Then there’s the Baptistery, an octagonal building famous for its ornate bronze doors and beautiful mosaics.

Giotto’s Bell Tower, home to 12 bells, offers panoramic views of Florence, and the Crypt is an underground space beneath the main church.

Finally, the Duomo Museum has a collection of art and artifacts from its long history, including sculptures, and paintings.

Whether you’re interested in architecture, art, or history, you just can’t miss visiting this symbol of Florence.

That’s why I’ve put together a list of the best tours to help you choose the perfect visit for you. Without further ado, let’s explore the ultimate Florence Duomo tours!

Why rely on me for Florence Duomo tours? My roots are in Bologna, Italy, just a stone’s throw from Florence. I’ve wandered Florence’s streets and marveled at the Duomo on countless visits.

With 10 years of experience in writing about Italy and helping people plan their trips, I know what makes a tour exceptional. And I ensure you get only the very best.

I generally use Viator, Get Your Guide, and Walks to book tours around the world. I especially recommend them for their great cancellation policy. If your plans change, you can cancel most activities up to 24 hours in advance and get a full refund. 

In a rush? These are the top tours

THE BEST TOUR Dome Climb, Museum and Baptistry Small-Group Tour
PRIVATE TOURFlorence Duomo Complex Private Guided Tour

OUR PICK: The BEST Florence Duomo Tour 

Our top pick is this Florence: Dome Climb, Museum and Baptistry Small-Group Tour. It is by far the most comprehensive visit to the complex.

You’ll get tickets for all six areas of the Duomo, and enjoy a very informative guided tour of Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral. Learn about the building’s history, and all the legends that surround it from your savvy guide.

You’ll also get to admire the magnificent frescoes inside the cathedral and climb to the dome, from where the views are unparalleled.

Visit the museum and the baptistry as well, and receive a 72-hour valid pass to access the bell tower and the Cathedral crypt on your own. The tour caters to 12 people at a time, ensuring an intimate experience. 

Why is this tour the best one in our opinion? Most tours only visit a part of the Duomo – either the cathedral or the dome. This small-group tour covers it all.

The tour is only guided through the first part, meaning you get to climb the dome at your own pace. After the tour, you have a ticket valid for 72 hours to complete your visit to the remaining parts of the complex.

Read what the reviews say

”The tour was wonderful! Our guide was very knowledgeable and went at a pace that was easily understandable and gave loads of info! Highly recommend!!”

Whitney – Read more reviews

This tour includes: Guided tour, and entrance tickets to the museum, dome, baptistry, bell tower, and cathedral. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

A Quick Tour to the Cathedral

Not much time in the city? Check out this Florence: Duomo Guided Tour with Optional Dome Climb Upgrade, that allows you to skip all the lines and get straight to the good stuff.

Marvel at the vaulted ceilings, stained-glass windows, and gorgeous frescos of Florence’s Cathedral. Your guide will share fascinating details of its history as you take it all in.  

Discover the innovative engineering technique behind the dome’s construction, and be in awe at Vasari’s Last Judgment fresco.

After the tour, you’ll have the option to continue exploring the cathedral on your own, or to head out to Piazza del Duomo. That’s where you’ll get to see the stunning marbled exterior of the building!

This Florence Duomo tour includes: Guided tour of the Cathedral, and skip-the-line tickets. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

Florence Tours with Duomo Visit

▶️ Ready to enjoy the best of Florence’s art and architecture? Book this VIP David & Duomo Tour: Early Accademia Tour & Skip the Line Dome Climb with Exclusive Terrace Access.

Admire Michelangelo’s David and Slaves at the Accademia Gallery with an early entrance, escaping the crowds.

Then, enjoy special access to the terraces of Florence’s Duomo, from where you’ll see the views that have inspired countless artists. Finally, climb to the dome for breathtaking views of the city. 

During the tour, your guide will provide historical and cultural context of the famous artworks. And don’t worry about missing anything! This tour is designed to cover the major highlights in one epic morning.

VIP David & Duomo Tour: Early Accademia Tour & Skip the Line Dome Climb with Exclusive Terrace Access

This Florence Duomo guided tour includes: A skip-the-line ticket to the Accademia Gallery and Duomo climb, access to the terraces, and a tour. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

▶️ I highly recommend this Best of Florence: Small Group Tour Skip-the-Line David & Accademia with Duomo. You’ll skip all the lines at Accademia Gallery to meet Michelangelo’s David, and marvel at other incredible pieces of art and architecture.

Then, head to Piazza della Signoria’s sculpture gallery. You’ll unravel the tales of the infamous Medici family as you explore it, and visit other noteworthy sites such as Ponte Vecchio and Palazzo Vecchio.

Admire the Orsanmichele Church’s exterior and Piazza Repubblica, and bypass the queues to explore the Duomo and its Baptistry. Your guide will share insider information about the city’s rich history and cultural significance all along.

This tour includes: A guided tour of Florence, and skip-the-line tickets for Accademia Gallery and Duomo. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

Duomo Climb & Hidden Terraces

Enjoy panoramic views of the city with this fabulous Florence Duomo Skip the Line Ticket with Exclusive Terrace Access.

You’ll benefit from skip-the-line access to the terraces, and explore corridors that were closed to the public for centuries as you learn about Brunelleschi from an art and history expert. 

Those feeling adventurous can climb to the very top of the Dome after touring the Cathedral. The ticket includes 48-hour access to the museum, the baptistry, and Giotto’s Bell Tower, so you can return to tour them on your own. 

Upgrade the experience to unlock the doors of the Cathedral with the official key-bearer. You’ll go inside the attraction before it opens to the public, and indulge in breakfast at a historic café. 

This tour includes: An expert guide, and skip-the-line tickets for the Cathedral and Brunelleschi’s Dome. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

Private Tour of the Duomo 

Uncover the secrets of the cathedral and its surrounding buildings on a Florence Duomo Complex Private Guided Tour. A certified guide will pick you up from your doorstep and take you on a very informative excursion.

Explore the Baptistery’s Byzantine mosaics and the Gate of Paradise. Then, admire the Santa Maria del Fiore cathedral and the Museum as you learn about the complex’s history. 

Witness Michelangelo’s masterpiece, La Pietà, and don’t miss a word of the tour with the provided headsets. Offering a personalized experience, this private guided tour of the Duomo in Florence is perfect for groups of up to 15. 

This private tour of the Duomo in Florence includes: A 3-hour private tour, headsets, and entrance fee for the Cathedral, Museum, and Baptistry. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

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