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Museum of the Future, Dubai: Tickets & Visitor’s Guide [2024]

Visiting the Museum of the Future in Dubai soon? Learn all about this revolutionary attraction, including tips for getting your Museum of the Future tickets and what to expect on your visit, in this guide. Read on! 

The Museum of the Future is one of the newest and most awaited attractions in Dubai. Its impressive oval-shaped structure surpasses all other futuristic buildings in the city, and it was inspired by the human eye to represent knowledge and vision of the future. 

The museum does indeed focus on the future, showcasing a great number of exhibitions related to outer space travel, climate change, AI, innovative technologies, and wellness, with mindblowing interactive stations and displays. 

I was a resident of Dubai when the Museum of the Future was still in construction. Every time I passed by it on Sheik Zayed Road, it struck me with its weird shape and just the size of it, and I couldn’t wait for it to open. Well, it finally did! And I cannot wait to tell you all about it because it’s one of the best museums in Dubai.

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Check out this visitor’s guide to learn all you need to know before visiting the Museum of the Future in Dubai: tickets, directions, and tips!  

Museum of the Future Opening Hours

The Museum of the Future’s timing is from 10 AM to 6 PM daily.

How To Get to the Dubai Museum of the Future

▶️ If you’re using public transportation, the easiest method is taking the Dubai Metro. The Red Line will take you to the Emirates Towers Station, which is connected to the museum by the link bridge. 

▶️ Otherwise, you can take the 27, 29, or X22 lines of the Dubai Bus to the Emirates Towers.

▶️ If you’re driving, there’s parking and valet service available. The Museum of the Future’s address in Dubai is Sheikh Zayed Road, adjacent to Jumeirah Emirates Towers

Bicycle racks are provided for bikes and electric scooters, should you choose to use them as your means of transport. 

Museum of the Future, Dubai Tickets

Dubai’s Museum of the Future has opened its doors very recently, so it’s a really popular attraction right now. Tickets get booked out weeks in advance, so you definitely can’t rely on going to the museum and buying your tickets directly – chances are there won’t be any availability for the day. 

Several people waiting in line to get their Museum of the Future tickets and access the attraction
The line to enter the Museum of the Future.

It’s important to book your tickets online with plenty of time. By buying on a platform like Get Your Guide, you’ll have the flexibility of being able to cancel your visit up until one day prior if your plans change, but you’ll rest assured that your entrance is secured. 

Get Your Guide is a trusted platform that sells entrance tickets and tours to major attractions all over the world, delivering your e-tickets instantly and offering free cancellation until 24 hours in advance on most activities.

Tickets for the Museum of the Future are delivered instantly to your phone, and grant you access to the attraction on your selected day and timeslot. Free cancellation until the day before is included. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

What You’ll Find at the Museum of the Future

The museum is divided into 7 floors, each of them showcasing different areas and exhibitions related to the future of our planet, specifically in the year 2071.

Inside the Museum of the Future you’ll find Inhabit the Skies, one of the main experiences, which takes you to a space station above the earth so you can witness the different ways in which the moon could become a source of renewable energy for our planet.

You’ll also get to explore the space station and discover the missions and lives of those who live and work there.   

To learn about the Wonders of Nature, you can take a virtual trip to the Amazon, immersing yourself in the forest. There you’ll encounter hundreds of different species and get to see features that are invisible to the naked eye. 

To further your knowledge about the natural world there’s the Library of Life, which features an ecological archive with thousands of different species, showing the biodiversity of our planet.

Visitors will be encouraged to do their part in protecting the world’s ecosystems as they explore this unique installation.  

The future of wellness and health is also explored in the museum, and you can discover it by Reviving Your Senses and disconnecting from your digital life. You’ll be urged to reconnect with your mind, spirit, and body in a memorable experience. 

To take your wellness journey further, you can also rebalance your electromagnetic field through vibrations, and learn about the restorative effects of water and meditation.  

Future Heroes is a space completely dedicated to children, where they’ll be stimulated to develop new skills through play and exploration.

The area features three interactive experiences, Imagine, Design, and Build, and they’ll also be called on urgent missions that will require them to work as a team and use their creativity. 

The museum also features temporary exhibits that change every few months.

Currently, there’s the Tomorrow Today exhibition, which explores transformative technologies and innovations that could solve the issues of our time and, potentially, change the world. 

And don’t forget to visit the open terrace on the temporary exhibition floor for a chance to take photos like this one below!

Museum of the Future’s Striking Architecture

While the exhibitions are very interesting and astounding, don’t miss the chance to admire the building from the outside!

Its striking architecture is, in my opinion, the best part of the museum (yes, even more than the exhibits!) and I’m not alone: it’s been said to be the most beautiful building in the world by many. Now, I personally wouldn’t go as far (just my opinion!), but it’s definitely an incredible building.

The Museum of the Future’s construction was one of the most challenging in the world due to its futuristic, oval shape, and it took around six years to be completed.

Its shape has been interpreted as a human eye, but there are also other theories, possibly the most reliable coming from the Museum of the Future’s architects themselves.

According to the firm, the building’s solid structure symbolizes the knowledge that we hold, while the void in the middle represents what we are yet to learn about the future.

The 256-foot (78-meter) tall structure is covered in quotes, attributed to the ruler of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, written in Arabic calligraphy, and which serve as the windows of the building.

These quotes are engraved in the 1,024 stainless-steel panels that form the museum’s facade. There are even flying objects in the building!

To admire the building from the outside, exit the building from the door next to the gift shop. From here you’ll be able to take some cool photos with the Museum of the Future in the background.

Museum of the Future Fun Facts

Some other amazing facts about the Museum of the Future’s building include

  • The architectural name of the museum’s shape is torus. It’s a torus shape with an elliptical void.
  • 8.7 miles (14 km) of LED lighting illuminate the museum’s calligraphy at night.
  • One of the quotes describes the future not as ‘something you await, but rather create’.
  • The construction of this building was possible thanks to the use of advanced technology. 
  • It attempts to be highly sustainable, getting power from solar panels,  recycling greywater, and restricting single-use plastics. 

Tips for Your Visit to the Museum of the Future

What’s the best time to visit the Museum of the Future Dubai?

At the moment, the museum is full every hour due to its popularity. In the future, I suspect that right at the opening time will be the best time to visit for fewer crowds. If you visit Dubai in the summer, which is the low season, you may have more possibilities of escaping the masses as well.

How much time do you need for your visit?

You should plan to spend about 2 hours in the museum, to get to explore it thoroughly and at your own pace.  

What should you know before visiting Museum of the Future?

▶️ Museum of the Future is an attraction for the whole family, and kids have their own space to have fun and be looked after at Future Heroes. While children under 3 don’t pay an entrance fee, the regular ticket price applies for all 3-year-old kids and older. 

▶️ All areas of the museum, including restrooms, are fully accessible for wheelchair users, and there are wheelchairs available in case you should need one at any time. 

▶️ While there’s no set dress code to visit the museum, visitors are expected to wear clothes that are appropriate for Dubai’s culture. This means no translucid or very short clothes, crop tops, or exposed knees and shoulders.   

▶️ There’s a free parking area for museum visitors, limited to a 3-hour period, but it’s not large and subject to availability. You can use their valet parking service as an alternative

▶️ Photos and videos are allowed in most exhibition galleries, but tripods and selfie sticks are not permitted, nor is the use of flash when taking pictures. 

▶️ Visitors can take their own snacks and drinks to the garden areas, the lobby, and to the children’s Future Heroes level, but no food is allowed in any of the exhibitions

Museum of the Future FAQ

Is Museum of the Future worth it?

I personally liked the architecture more than the Museum of the Future’s interior and its exhibitions. But living in Dubai, I visited the Expo many times in 2021 so this for me was just one more exhibition of the same style. If you have never visited the Expo or other futuristic museums, it’ll definitely be worth it.

What’s the Museum of the Future’s entry fee?

The Museum of the Future ticket price is $39.5 at the time of writing. 

What is written on the Museum of the Future?

Quotes by Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Dubai’s ruler, are written on the museum’s structure in Arabic calligraphy.

Is food allowed in the Museum of Future? 

No food or drinks are allowed in the exhibitions, but you can enjoy your own snacks in the lobby or garden areas.

Is Museum of the Future for kids? 

Yes! The Museum of the Future features interactive displays that will delight children, and it also has an area completely dedicated to kids, with activities and games for them.

When does the Museum of the Future open?

Dubai’s Museum of the Future opening date was the 22nd of February, 2022.

What’s the meaning of the Museum of the Future’s calligraphy?

The Arabic calligraphy displays three quotes by Dubai’s ruler, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, related to the future and the legacy that we’ll leave for future generations.

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