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11 Best Eco Resorts & Eco Hotels in Tulum, Mexico [2024]

Looking for the best eco resorts and eco hotels in Tulum? Well, there are quite a few of them, so I’ve compiled a list of the best ones to help you choose. Check it out!

Eco-friendly accommodations are becoming a trend around the world, especially in countries like Mexico.

It prides itself in its natural landscapes, unspoiled beaches and reserves, and has such a strong connection with the Mayan civilization that worshipped nature

Being eco-friendly doesn’t mean that the hotel is going to be uncomfortable or cheap; quite the opposite! Most of Tulum’s eco resorts and eco hotels are luxury ones, and you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference with a normal 5-star hotel. 

Boasting luxurious amenities, an idyllic setting, and sustainable practices, it’s a phenomenal choice to spend your holidays.

Le Valise Tulum

Location: Tulum Beach

A drone image of La Valise hotel, one of the best eco hotels in Tulum
Image by Le Valise

Le Valise is a two-wing eco hotel in Tulum, set amid the lush jungle and also featuring beachside accommodation.

Boasting luxurious amenities, an idyllic setting, and sustainable practices that only enhance the guests’ experience, it’s a phenomenal choice to spend your holidays.

The Facilities

Le Valise features 22 exquisite rooms, half of which are on the shores of the Caribbean Sea, and the other half nestled in the Mayan jungle.

They’re all elegantly decorated, and equipped with spa-like bathrooms, a private living room or terrace, and four poster beds.

Some even have rolling beds that allow you to stargaze on the terrace, and a private plunge pool. The property serves complimentary breakfast.

As for your other meals and cocktails, you can enjoy them at the hotel’s restaurants.

The full-service spa offers a sensorial journey with a variety of treatments, ceremonies, and wellness practices. The hotel also boasts a private beach area with sun loungers and umbrellas, and two outdoor swimming pools.

Eco Practices

The preservation of Tulum’s natural ecosystems is a priority for Le Valise. For this reason, it has introduced many sustainable practices that help minimize the hotel’s footprint.

For starters, it has a zero single-use plastic policy. It provides eco-friendly toiletries, including reef-safe sunscreen, to its guests.

Its ingredients are locally sourced in a pesticide-free, organic farm. It’s also a smoke-free area, and it keeps the outdoor night lighting to a minimum to protect the turtles.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Le Valise also has a strong sense of responsibility toward its community. It aims to ensure their well-being through engagement and ethical operations.

One of them is fair compensation, which includes medical benefits and training as well as respectable wages. It has an inclusive work environment, promoting diversity and inclusion and making it the center of its hiring criteria.

Le Valis also serves as guardian to a local NGO that aims to better and enrich the lives of indigenous children.

We like it because: It’s a gorgeous hotel with unbeatable views and amenities. It allows you to reconnect with nature and relax while benefitting from top-notch service. (And knowing the environment is taken care of as you indulge!)


Zamas Hotel

Location: Tulum Beach

Zamas is one of the best hotels in Tulum Beach. Situated in the middle of Tulum’s National Park’s beach, Zamas is a mostly electricity-free hotel.

Its focus on low-density accommodations prevents the place from ever being crowded; there’s a limited guest capacity. 

The Facilities

Zamas comprises 18 thatched-roof, simple cabins. They all have balconies overlooking the gardens or the sea, and hammocks. The decor is stylish with rustic touches that add to their charm.

It has direct access to the beach from where you can enjoy the sunset – imagine getting up and heading straight to the sea!

The open-air restaurant serves both Mexican and American dishes, so you don’t need to leave the property to satisfy your cravings.  

The colorful cabins of this beautiful eco lodge in Tulum are surrounded by extensive tropical gardens. The hotel also has a swimming pool and spa services

Eco Practices

The owners, a family originally from California, live on-site and work hard to ensure that the hotel lives up to its eco-friendly title. They organize beach cleanings, promote the local arts and habits, and stay true to the culture of Tulum.   

The hotel only uses a generator to supply wifi in common areas, and limited lighting at night. Aside from that, it has no electricity!

We like it because the owners are committed to being as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible. The hotel’s location is perfect for enjoying nature while being close to other tourist attractions. Plus, its electricity-free policy provides the perfect excuse to disconnect.  


Sueños Tulum 

Location: Tulum Beach

An image of Sueños Tulum,  surrounded by palm trees, inserted in a post about eco resorts in Tulum
Image by Sueños Tulum

Sueños Tulum connects the best of both worlds with more than 20 years of sustainability practices. This eco-friendly resort in Tulum is surrounded by nature, and its building was influenced by Mayan Prehispanic art.

The Facilities

The hotel’s suites boast an earthy ambiance and nature-inspired decor. Each villa represents an element of nature: Jungle, Earth, Rain, Sun, and Moon, and they’re fitted with sculptures that represent the Mayan gods.

The rooms are equipped with a private bathroom, and balconies overlooking the sea.

The property also boasts an outdoor swimming pool, a restaurant and bar, and spa services including massages and yoga classes. The private beach area has sun loungers for guests’ uttermost comfort.

Eco Practices

The hotel’s electricity (and its high-speed internet!) is 100% solar-powered. It also runs a recycling program while limiting plastic consumption as much as possible. 

The wastewater treatment plant and rainwater collectors ensure the best use of the water resources. Besides, the food served at the restaurant is fresh and locally sourced.

We like it because the owners turned the accommodation into a celebration of their culture and history. They honor their roots and ancestors while protecting the natural resources.


Ahau Tulum

Location: Tulum Beach

An image of a cabin in Ahau Tulum, surrounded by vegetation
Image by Ahau Tulum

Ahau Tulum is named after the Mayan sun god Kinich Ahau which means universal consciousness

With this idea in mind, this eco resort in Tulum, Mexico is strongly committed not only to environmental causes but also social ones. All the while it provides a top-notch experience for guests.


Ahau is a beachfront hotel, and all of its rooms are decorated with handcrafted artwork and rustic architecture. They boast outdoor spaces, as they were constructed around the natural landscape, and most of them have amazing ocean views.

Among the facilities you’ll enjoy at the accommodation are daily yoga lessons, sunrise meditation practices, Temazcal ceremonies, swimming pools, and a spa.

There are also family rooms available if you’re traveling with your kids, and they are pet-friendly! 

The Tulum Ruins are only minutes away, so you can rent a bike to visit the site or explore the area.

Eco Practices

This hotel has been awarded by the Green Key Hotels in Mexico program for its sustainability and positive impact on the environment. 

They limit food waste, their toiletries are biodegradable, and the building materials are locally sourced. They also carry out water preservation practices, and promote the protection of marine life and nature preserves. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

Ahau Tulum supports projects and improvements in the local community, working hard to diminish hunger and stimulate economic growth for the residents. 

This is done by creating new job opportunities, among other practices that help improve the locals’ quality of life.

We like it because it takes every measure to be environmentally friendly and have a positive impact on the community. All of that without neglecting the first-class service offered to its guests.


Our Habitas Tulum

Location: Tulum Beach

A thatched-roofed cabin with glass doors and a porch in the middle of the jungle, inserted in a post about Tulum eco hotels
Image by Habitas

Habitas is one of the beachfront eco hotels in Tulum that succeeds in balancing luxurious experiences for its guests and environmental practices. 

The Facilities

Guests will encounter a luxurious, eco chic hotel in Tulum boasting an outdoor swimming pool, a private beach area, and a full-service spa. A delicious complimentary breakfast is served at the on-site restaurant.

Rooms are beautifully designed, bringing nature elements to the décor and furniture. They have a balcony, a mini bar, air-conditioning, and a bathroom with toiletries, offering jungle or ocean views. Some even boast a private pool!

The hotel also runs cultural activities such as movie nights and temporary art galleries. Bikes can be borrowed to explore the area, and the on-site nightclub is the perfect setting for a fun night out.

Eco Practices

Habitas Tulum takes part in a reforestation project, offsetting carbon emissions from their operations. This practice also protects the indigenous communities in ecological zones.

They participate in local beach cleanups and manage a recycling program, involving the local community. One of their greatest positive initiatives is the elimination of single-use plastic in the hotel. 

We like it because it’s one of the best eco lodges in the Caribbean region. They take the single-use plastic issue very seriously. They also counteract their carbon emissions by reforestation.


Papaya Playa Project

Location: Tulum Beach

An image of a cabin in Papaya Playa Project, an eco resort in Tulum
Image by Papaya Playa Project

Papaya Playa Project is an established name in Tulum. While it’s a spectacular eco-friendly accommodation, it also serves delicious cuisine at the restaurant. It has a beach club, and hosts parties, having become a popular location among travelers.

The Facilities

The accommodation’s Villas, Cabins, and Casitas feature simple decorations and have natural light. Whether they have views of the sea or tropical gardens, they are all surrounded by nature

This Tulum eco lodge has an almost 900-meter stretch of private beach, a swimming pool, family rooms and a full-service spa. Events take place every Saturday, and there’s a full-moon party once a month.

Featuring a honeymoon suite and a chapel overlooking the sea, this beautiful resort also hosts weddings. 

Eco Practices

Papaya Playa Project constantly seeks to improve their surroundings and community. The resort has retained 93% of the original jungle, which compared to the norm (5%-30%) is pretty impressive.

All the food served at the restaurant is locally grown in organic gardens. The drinking water is transformed using environmentally friendly technology, which also uses very little energy.

The pool water is also treated with less chemicals than most pools, and wastewater is recycled for the irrigation of the plants and jungle.

A few years ago, Papaya Playa Project launched their mission to achieve zero emissions and zero contamination. They strive every day to live by that norm. 

We like it because it combines comfortable accommodation and facilities for its guests without losing sight of its main objective. That it, contributing to the environment and making as little impact as possible. 


KAN Tulum

Location: Tulum Town

A nest-like construction in the middle of the jungle, inserted in a post about eco  hotels in Tulum
Image by KAN Tulum

KAN Tulum is one of the most striking Tulum eco-friendly hotels. Located near Tulum Town and nestled in the lush jungle, it acts as a natural haven. It boasts spacious accommodations shaped like bird nests.

The Facilities

KAN Tulum accommodates guests in spectacular room sanctuaries. Each studio features a private balcony overlooking the garden, a kitchenette, and a private bathroom with a shower and tub. Some even have their own plunge pool or rooftop jacuzzi.

The hotel’s amenities include a gorgeous natural cenote, an outdoor swimming pool, and a full-service spa. A variety of relaxation, healing, and wellness treatments are available there.

There’s a boutique on-site, picturesque sky nests, and a restaurant & bar, Ixchel Cenote Kitchen. It boasts glorious views and delicious cuisine made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

Eco Practices

KAN Tulum embraces sustainability. It was built with nature in mind, and has incorporated a series of eco-practices in its daily operations.

The furniture was crafted by local artists using recycled materials such as bamboo and limestone. A solar farm produces renewable energy that’s used for air conditioning, and there’s a water treatment system in place to optimize water usage.

Projects to transplant native species and repurpose trees are also carried out in the property grounds.

We like it because it’s super Instagrammable and pleasant to the eye, its facilities are unbeatable (you’ll swim in a not-crowded cenote!) and its commitment to the environment is praiseworthy. All in all, it exceeds expectations in each category.



Location: Parque Dos Ojos

Pepem Holistic Experience is a sanctuary for those looking to unwind. The hotel has a focus on holistic wellness, immersive experiences, and sustainability. It’s an adults-only accommodation.

The Facilities

This eco resort in Tulum offers fully equipped villas with a patio and garden views. Depending on the villa type they accommodate up to 4 people, and some of them boast a full kitchen and a private terrace with a pool.

The property features a restaurant and a bar, where daily breakfast is served, an outdoor pool, and a wellness center. It also offers plenty of activities such as snorkelling, hiking, and cycling.

Treat your significant other with a floating breakfast, a romantic dinner under the stars, or a couples massage!

Eco Practices

Pepem uses solar power, and has implemented other energy-efficient practices to reduce consumption. Water usage is regulated through rainwater harvesting, recycling greywater, and low-flow fixtures.

The property was built with locally sourced wood and limestone. Besides, its furnishings were commissioned to local artists, supporting the community and utilizing recycled materials.

As for the restaurant, it only uses seasonal, locally, and sustainably sourced ingredients.

We like it because is the ultimate retreat for couples and adult groups looking to disconnect. Be pampered in utter luxury, all while supporting the environment.


Harmony Glamping

Location: Tulum Town

A woman walking among glamping tents in Harmony Glamping, Tulum

Harmony Glamping is nestled between the jungle and the Caribbean ocean. It stays true to its desire of being part of the natural landscape, it was built using sustainable materials.

These include dead wood harvested by Mayan communities, and rock from their land. 

The Facilities

At Harmony Glamping and Boutique Hotel you can opt for regular hotel rooms or glamour bell tents. All of them come with biodegradable shampoo and soap, luxury cotton sheets, and mosquito nets. That’s besides an en-suite private bathroom

You can practice yoga, enjoy a massage, book a tour at the hotel or take one of the bikes available to explore the area. Most Tulum Cenotes are just a bike ride away from here.

Their café is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and they have vegan and vegetarian options. All produce is harvested from their own organic farm.

Eco Practices

All beds and most of the furniture are made out of recycled pallets. The building was oriented to make the most of the sea breeze and northern winds, reducing the use of air-conditioning while keeping the rooms cool. 

All wastewater is recycled using a bio digester and then used to irrigate the plants. Rainwater is also captured to feed the garden. The hotel also harvests its own produce and provides organic, biodegradable toiletries.

We like it because it’s a great example of how far recycling can take you. It manages to offer a glamorous experience for guests without neglecting their commitment to nature.


Olas Tulum

Location: Tulum Beach

An elegant bedroom with a double bed and a desk, and a balcony with two chairs to the left
Image by Olas Tulum

Olas, as the name in Spanish suggests, is an eco-hotel inspired by the joy and freedom of the waves. It goes a long way in protecting the ecosystem and environment that surrounds it.  

The Facilities

The facilities offered to the guests are pretty impressive, as they take their well-being very seriously. There are double, king, and family rooms, as well as deluxe options that boast a practical kitchenette.

A continental breakfast is served every morning, included in the room rate.

Located right next to the Caribbean Sea, the hotel has a private beach area and offers wellness activities. These include yoga sessions in a jungle studio and holistic massages next to the beach.

Kayak trips along the wetlands and sunset birdwatching tours are also available.

Eco Practices

The entire hotel is powered by solar energy from panels located on the roof. Only on rare occasions the small generator is used, ensuring that guests never see their comfort interrupted.  

There’s also an intricate system to collect rainwater, which is used to feed the indigenous vegetation. The property’s water supply consists of an underground river system that captures water from a nearby cenote. It then transfers it to cisterns on the hotel’s roof. 

The food comes from local providers and regional farms, and everything is prepared daily with fresh produce. This helps limit kitchen waste, and the rest is composted.

The commitment to sustainability doesn’t stop there. The architecture of the hotel, designed half a century ago, took nature into consideration.

The curvature of the walls help to channel the flow of the sea breeze, eliminating the need for A/C completely!

It’s definitely one of Tulum’s eco hotels with the most positive impact.

We like it because their electricity comes 100% from solar energy. They protect the surrounding vegetation and environment of the hotel. Since their food is locally sourced, they also support regional farmers.


Nueva Vida de Ramiro

Location: Tulum Beach

A woman standing on the edge of a pool, surrounded by palm trees and overlooking the sea
Image by Nueva Vida

Nueva Vida means New Life in Spanish. T true to its name, this eco lodge has worked for over 20 years with the Sea Turtle Conservation Program. Its main goal is to protect the endangered and nesting sea turtles in the area.  

The Facilities

Nueva Vida boasts more than 30 thatched-roof bungalows and houses. Situated right in front of the beach and distributed on a 7.5 ha property, it ensures the intimacy of all guests. 

Each unit is unique, but they’re all equipped with a private bathroom and a balcony. A delicious Mexican breakfast is included every morning.

Beach beds and chairs are set on the beach every morning. You can get massages or reflexology – among other wellness services – at the spa, guaranteeing complete relaxation during your stay. 

Tamarindos is the hotel’s restaurant, offering a farm-to-table experience.

Eco Practices

For six months every year, Nueva Vida hotel provides accommodation and meals for volunteers who work in the conservation of sea turtles. It also runs educational programs on the subject. 

There’s a management plan in place to relocate sargassum to different areas for the generation or recovery of coastal dunes. A reforestation program of native vegetation is also run by the hotel, as well as beach cleaning activities every so often.

Nueva Vida is powered by solar panels and wind generators, providing 24-hour electricity. This is another great contribution to the environment, making it one of the most sustainable hotels in Tulum

We like it because its main goal is to ensure the protection of endangered sea turtles, which are vital for the environment. On top of that, they take part in multiple other projects to support the environment and minimize their impact.

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