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27 BEST Eco Lodges & Eco Resorts in the Caribbean [2023]

Planning a dreamy vacation in the Caribbean? I’ve compiled a list of the most astounding eco resorts in the Caribbean to make sure you have the best options available. Check them out!

The Caribbean is a favored holiday destination, beloved for its tropical climate, warm blue waters, and spectacular white-sand beaches fringed by palm trees. It’s essentially a postcard-worthy image brought to life, and one of the best locations in the world to enjoy a laid-back, relaxing vacation. 

The Caribbean’s natural landscape is arguably the region’s main attraction, and while tourism heavily relies on it, it also affects it negatively. The high demand for natural resources such as energy and water, pollution, and coral reef damage are a few of the harmful consequences, which is why there’s been a rise in ecotourism in the Caribbean. 

Woman laying on a hammock at one of the best eco resorts in the Caribbean.

Travelers like you can actually make a positive impact in the places they visit, and staying at a sustainable accommodation is a great first step. This can help fund environmental endeavors, support the local community, and even offset the carbon emissions of traveling.

Most eco lodges in the Caribbean also help guests engage with the region’s culture and customs, providing a memorable experience. You can find stunning eco-resorts and eco lodges in every country and territory in the Caribbean region, so there’s no excuse!

In this post, you’ll find the very best eco resorts in the Caribbean. We’ve carefully selected them to provide you with the most value while being kind to the environment. Take a look! 

Eco Resorts in St. Lucia

Fond Doux Eco Resort St. Lucia – Soufrière

A colonial-style property painted yellow and terracotta, with dense foliage in the background and a yard with green grass
Image by Fond Doux Eco Resort 

Fond Doux Eco Resort is nestled in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of La Soufrière. Surrounded by rainforest and cocoa fields – and boasting its very own plantation – the 19th-century estate is home to 17 colonial cottages, each of them unique in style but all boasting the same top-notch amenities. 

A private en-suite bathroom, a minibar, a seating area, and a kitchenette with a fridge and coffee/tea maker are some of them. Selected cottages also have their own private pool.   

The resort’s facilities include three outdoor swimming pools, an organic spa, two restaurants, and a great number of activities, excursions, and adventure packages. Among the most fabulous projects offered is a cocktail class, along with a chocolate-making demonstration, rum tastings, and tours around the cocoa plantation

Fond Doux Eco Resort has a Green Globe certification and is one of the area’s leading resorts in terms of sustainability, having also been awarded the 2022 America’s Best Sustainable Hotel. A great selection of fruits and produce, as well as coffee and cocoa, are grown on-site, offering a farm-to-table experience at both restaurants.

The cottages are pre-existing, restored buildings from around the island that preserve the colonial style and heritage. Energy and water conservation efforts are in place, and the resort supports Saint Lucia’s community and economy by being 100% locally owned and run. Single-use plastics have also been completely removed. 

❤️ We like it because it’s set in a cocoa field and makes its own chocolate, which is 100% organic. Every step from the fermenting and drying of cocoa beans to the final product is done on-site, and guests can enjoy a Chocolate Heritage tour to discover the process. 


Jade Mountain Resort  – Soufrière

An idyllic image of a terrace with plush outdoor chairs, flowers on the parapet, and the blue ocean in the background, with a boat sailing in the middle. There are tall hills covered in vegetation, and at the forefront of the picture a fern.
Image by Jade Mountain Resort 

Jade Mountain Resort’s design is bold and innovative, inspired by the beautiful Caribbean coastline it faces. Indoor and outdoor areas effortlessly blend with one another, with the rooms – called Sanctuaries – featuring a spacious bedroom that continues into a terrace and a spectacular infinity pool. The resort takes pride and offering completely private accommodations that are missing the 4th wall. 

The facilities available at Jade Mountain Resort include a wellness center with a comprehensive spa menu and the possibility of enjoying in-room treatments, a fitness studio, and world-class dining in the hands of an award-winning chef. Guests will also have access to the resort’s sister property amenities, including boutiques, bars, an art gallery, and watersports. 

Environmental practices at Jade Mountain include growing organic produce for the kitchens in a beautiful farm, which can be visited, and making its own artisanal chocolate. Water is preserved by avoiding toxic or chemical cleaning products, reusing grey and rainwater, composting beach toilets, and using low-flow showerheads and toilets.

Only natural light is used during the day to save energy, and the resort’s exterior is illuminated with yellow lighting which doesn’t affect the wildlife. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle are the three pillars for waste management. 

❤️ We like it because it offers an innovative concept with its semi-open sanctuaries, which are accessed by a long, suspended sky bridge that is only for the guest’s use. Each sanctuary has its own, increasing the sense of privacy. ƒeco resorts in


Eco Resort in Mexico

Sandos Caracol Eco Resort – Playa del Carmen 

The Caribbean Sea can be seen on the right of the image, with a white yacht on the shore, the white-sand beach dotted with palm trees, and on the left dense vegetation and a large white building with a swimming pool in front of it
Image by Sandos Caracol Eco Resort 

Sandos Caracol Eco Resort offers all-inclusive stays, providing guests with the possibility of never leaving the hotel premises if they don’t wish to. 

The rooms are fully equipped with AC, a minibar, a flatscreen TV, an en-suite bathroom, a balcony, and outdoor furniture. They accommodate from 2 to 5 people, depending on the room type, and family suites may include toys for the children. 

The resort’s facilities are astounding, from an aquatic park and two outdoor swimming pools to a full-service spa, nine restaurants, a private beach area, bars, and a fitness center. There’s also evening entertainment, a game room, a tennis court and golf course, and numerous excursions on offer. Hiking, snorkeling, diving, and fishing are some of them. 

The resort manages water and energy consumption, constantly monitoring it and taking steps to reduce it, such as implementing solar panels to heat water and using LED bulbs throughout the hotel.

Waste is recycled, and several outreach programs are run in cooperation with the Mayan people to ensure environmental and marine conservation. That’s why it’s one of the best eco resorts in Mexico!

❤️ We like it because it’s surrounded by lush jungle and home to a cenote and a river, offering guests a true nature retreat with high-end facilities. It also offers various activities and performances to showcase the Mayan heritage and culture.  


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Eco Resorts in Jamaica

Secrets St. James Montego Bay  – Montego Bay 

Image of a swimming pool surrounded by a wooden deck with sun loungers, and two small bridges that cross the pool
Image by Secrets St. James Montego Bay

Secrets St. James Montego Bay is an adults-only resort that promises a memorable romantic retreat on Jamaica’s north coast. Ideal for couples and honeymooners, the suites are luxurious and fully equipped with an en-suite bathroom, daily-refreshed minibar, maid service, a balcony, and seating furniture. 

Its Unlimited Luxury program ensures that everything is within the guests’ reach, without add-ons or extra charges. Dining at the gourmet à la carte restaurants, swimming in the vast pool which overlooks the ocean, hitting the bar for anything from fresh juices to spirits, and enjoying pool and beach wait service is included with the stay. 

The hotel also offers day and nighttime entertainment, features a spa, a fitness center, and a private beach area, and offers room service and meeting facilities. 

Secrets St. James Montego Bay has a great focus on energy efficiency, having implemented LED lighting and motion sensors, and solar panels. Its waste management practices include the reduction of single-use plastics, introducing eco-friendly alternatives when possible, and the proper disposal of waste along with composting and recycling. Responsible use of water resources is also a key element of the resort’s sustainability plan. 

❤️ We like it because it has a striking location on the beachfront, offering guests an adults-only private beach area equipped with seating furniture and umbrellas, and wait service. 


Jamaica Inn – Ocho Rios 

In this image the turquoise Caribbean Sea can be seen on the left, and the beach on the right, with some palm trees and other vegetation
Image by Jamaica Inn

Jamaica Inn is a small hotel set on the glorious Jamaican coastline, featuring elegant rooms and luxurious amenities. There are different types of suites that boast a private veranda with outdoor furniture for al fresco dining; a balcony with ocean views; or a terrace with a pool. The rooms are spacious and the concept of indoor-outdoor living emphasizes the harmony between the property and the natural surroundings

The resort welcomes guests with a complimentary drink and offers a wide range of watersports to enjoy in the sea, besides having a spectacular swimming pool. There’s also a fitness center and a spa, and guests can enjoy the nearby tennis court and multiple excursions, both on land and underwater.

Breakfast and all-inclusive meal plans can be added to the stay; alternatively, there are various restaurants and bars on-site to dine at. The resort also offers high tea on the room’s veranda or terrace! 

Jamaica Inn is Green Globe certified and aims to become carbon neutral by 2025. Some of the initiatives taken by this eco lodge in the Caribbean to be sustainable include the use of renewable energy, the recycling of waste and greywater, and the utilization of eco-friendly chemicals. 

It has also established a Turtle Conservation Program, carries out Tree Planting projects, and supports two other marine-welfare institutions. Its non-profit organization, Jamaica Inn Foundation, provides education to the youth.  

❤️ We like it because it has an impressive history and has hosted a great number of iconic celebrities. Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller spent their honeymoon at the resort, Katherine Hepburn vacationed there and Ian Fleming had a few drinks at the hotel’s bar.  


Camp Cabarita Eco Resort – St. Mary, Jamaica 

Image of a wooden cabin surrounded by plants and trees, inserted in a post about eco lodges and eco resorts in the Caribbean
Image by Camp Cabarita Eco Resort 

Camp Cabarita Eco Resort is a riverside accommodation that offers sustainable luxury in a dreamy natural setting. Its rustic cabins boast either river or mountain views, have a private entrance, and in some cases, a veranda. The stay also comes with delicious, home-cooked meals that can be adapted to any dietary requirement. 

Eco tours around the property and beyond are also included, and these range from swimming after a hike in a waterfall to touring nearby farms, visiting caves, paddleboarding, and learning to cook. There is a spa with an à la carte menu that provides natural skincare treatments, scrubs, massages, and soaking tubs. 

Sustainability is at the core of Camp Cabarita, which ensures the food is locally sourced and turns all organic waste into compost. The lodge even grows its own produce in the garden and collects rainwater to be reused in the bathrooms and kitchen. The design of the building allows it to be naturally cool without the need for AC, and all waste is separated and recycled. 

Camp Cabarita also supports the local community by hiring 100% of its staff from the neighborhood and prioritizing Jamaican products over imports.  

❤️ We like it because it’s surrounded by waterfalls, springs, caves, and the river, offering a secluded haven with plenty of outdoor activities to be enjoyed. 


Ecolodge in Belize

The Lodge at Chaa Creek – San Ignacio 

Image of a hotel room with two double beds, two sofas against a wall, and an open door that lets in light
Image by The Lodge at Chaa Creek

The Lodge at Chaa Creek is one of the best eco friendly resorts in the Caribbean. Its villas, cottages, and suites are each unique, offering a great number of facilities that make them stand out on their own. While they’re all fully equipped with a private bathroom, seating furniture, and delightful décor, some include a kitchenette and dining area, a garden, or even a private pool or jacuzzi. 

The resort’s facilities are nothing short of extraordinary, featuring a full-service spa and a fitness center, a large infinity pool, a restaurant, and horse stables. Activities to go snorkeling, ziplining, or visiting Mayan ruins can also be booked. 

If you’re looking for Belize all inclusive eco resorts, just get the packages The Lodge at Chaa Creek offers to have everything included in your stay. 

As for sustainability, the main practices involve raising awareness among both locals and guests about environmental responsibility, the installation of solar panels to generate energy, and waste management.

Visitors receive reusable bottles to use throughout the stay, refilling them with filtered water, and organic waste is turned to compost for the gardens or used as food for the animals. 

❤️ We like it because it has a 33-acre organic farm that provides the lodge with fresh produce and has combined advanced farming systems with traditional Mayan ones.  


Eco Resorts in St. Barth

Manapany – Anse des Cayes

Manapany is one of the most luxurious eco hotels in the Caribbean, displaying a magnificent range of suites, rooms, and villas by the sea. They all boast a sundeck with seating furniture and unmatched views of the Caribbean Sea, a private bathroom with toiletries, air-conditioning, and complimentary tea and coffee. Daily breakfast is also included in all the room options

There is a spa and a fitness center, that combined with the yoga and pilates classes provide a full wellness package to guests. A swimming pool and private beach area also contribute to the utter relaxation the hotel aims to gift its visitors.

Restaurants serve all meals throughout the day, and there’s a great bar for cocktails and spirits

Solar panels produce part of the resort’s electricity, and a desalinization station makes it possible to provide guests with drinking water without having to buy plastic bottles. All cleaning products are natural and eco-friendly, and produce, which is mostly organic, is sourced locally or within the property itself

No wastewater is released into the environment, single-use plastics have been banned, and all rooms have energy-saving switches. 

❤️ We like it because all suites feature a parking space with an electrical charging station, and only electric cars are available for rent at the property. 


Rosewood Le Guanahani – Grand Cul-de-Sac

Image of one of the best eco lodges in the Caribbean, a peninsula featuring a beach and the sea on both sides, and the land dotted in pakm trees and villas
Image by Rosewood Le Guanahani

Rosewood Le Guanahani is an eco resort like no other, set in a private enclave with glorious views of the Cul-de-Sac lagoon and white sandy beaches reserved for the hotel’s guests. 

Rooms and suites are the main accommodation types, although there are also signature suites for an added sense of luxury and exclusivity. All suites are equipped with a separate seating area, a garden or terrace, and many have their own swimming pool.

Elegant yet minimal décor is a staple in all the rooms, which are stationed in vibrantly colored cottages. 

For dining, there is a beach house that serves Mediterranean cuisine, and a very charming bar to get both classic and original cocktails. A spa, a fitness center, a spectacular outdoor pool, ocean and land adventures, and two astounding beaches are available for the ultimate entertainment. 

Sustainability efforts include rainwater collection plus other water management practices such as the use of low-flow faucets and showerheads, water recycling, and a desalination station. Waste is recycled, plastic bottles are forbidden, and there are vegetation planting initiatives in place to preserve the ecosystem.

Energy efficiency is also a key factor, and besides energy usage being monitored, all lighting bulbs are LED and electric vehicle charging stations are distributed throughout the resort.  

❤️ We like it because the array of amenities offered is unparalleled, with everything from private beaches to tennis facilities, world-class dining options, and multiple outdoor excursions and activities, providing the finest hotel experience. 


Eco Resort in Barbados

ECO Lifestyle + Lodge (Barbados) – Tent Bay 

Image of an eco hotel in Barbador, depicting the Caribbean Sea in the background, and the boarwalk to a room surrounded by vegetation
Image by ECO Lifestyle + Lodge 

ECO Lifestyle + Lodge is a peaceful retreat on the coastline of Barbados, featuring rooms that are simply decorated, harmoniously matching the natural surroundings. Depending on the room or suite you choose you’ll have a fully-equipped kitchen, an oceanfront patio, deck chairs and a hammock, coffee-making facilities, a living room, a jacuzzi, or a workspace. 

The hotel, which encourages guests to unplug and find complete relaxation, provides a secluded location and laid-back vibe, equipped with a spa that organizes yoga classes and offers nature hikes, horseback riding, water activities, and mountain biking.

Its plant-based restaurant prepares healthy meals that are mostly organic and follow the farm-to-table concept. 

One of the resort’s major sustainability efforts is its well-established waste management program that recycles and composts almost all waste. It also uses electric vehicles to deliver and pick up orders, solar power to heat water, and eco-friendly cleaning products, sunscreen, and bug sprays

Guests are provided with organic toiletries and reusable bottles, and all their drinks are served with bamboo straws harvested in the garden. Steps for water conservation and energy efficiency are also taken at ECO Lifestyle + Lodge.    

❤️ We like it because it has created Eco Sky Water, which fights water scarcity by extracting water from thin air and adding minerals before bottling it in glass bottles. The whole process is solely powered by solar energy.  


Eco Resort in Saint Vincent and The Grenadines

Petit St. Vincent – Sain Vincent and The Grenadines

Image of an eco resort in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, showcasing a double bed in an open-air room that overlooks the blue Caribbean Sea, with a terrace and outdoor dining furniture
Image by Petit St. Vincent 

Petit St. Vincent is set on a privately-owned island, offering guests the most secluded paradise where to escape for a memorable vacation. This eco-friendly accommodation takes pride in featuring top-notch facilities and ultimate luxury in a low-key way, blending architecture and splendor with the rhythm of nature.

The beach villas, which accommodate up to 4 people, are spacious and boast floor-to-ceiling windows that allow to take in the striking ocean views. They feature indoor and outdoor dining areas, high-end amenities, a fully-equipped bathroom with toiletries, and a sun deck with furniture.

 Al fresco dining by the sea, picnic spots, and beach barbecues are some of the culinary experiences offered, along with a large restaurant and a bar. There’s also a spectacular wine cellar where guests can enjoy wine tasting or select their bottle for dinner. 

The resort features a spa with open-air rooms and a curated treatment menu, a dive center, and fitness facilities, besides offering watersports, sailing excursions, island-hopping day trips, and yoga classes. 

Ensuring ocean conservation is one of the main commitments of Petit St. Vincent, along with preserving natural resources and producing as little waste as possible. 

This is achieved through various practices that include the use of reverse osmosis to supply fresh, safe drinking water; an energy-efficient generator to produce electricity; and a state-of-the-art recycling system. Metal and glass being crushed into small particles and transformed into sand, and organic waste used as fertilizer are a few examples.  

❤️ We like it because it has a ‘‘farm-to-fork’’ policy, growing most of the vegetable, herbs, and fruits in the chef’s organic garden and sourcing fresh eggs from the island’s chickens. 


Eco Resorts in Grenada

True Blue Bay Boutique Resort – Saint George’s 

Image taken from above of the sea with nine white boats, and the coastline showcasing green vegetation and dotted with buildings and houses in the island of Grenada
Image by True Blue Bay Boutique Resort  

True Blue Bay Boutique Resort is a beautiful resort boasting all the tropical charm you would expect from a Caribbean hotel. Colorful rooms, palm-dotted outdoor spaces, and stunning views of the sea are True Blue Bay’s main attractions. 

The villas and suites feature simple décor and private, fully-equipped bathrooms, besides modern amenities, and extra features depending on the room you choose. A seating area, a kitchenette, a balcony or terrace with outdoor furniture, and a tower are some of them. 

This eco-hotel is home to a restaurant and bar that offer the most authentic flavors of the island, and a poolside Rum Shop serving mixed cocktails and rum drinks. The House of Chocolate Bakery is a real treat for sweet lovers, selling everything from chocolate ice cream to brownies and milkshakes.

A yoga studio and a spa cater to guests’ physical and spiritual wellness, and there’s a dive center on-site for adventures ready to explore the underwater world.  

True Blue Bay Boutique Resort is Green Globe certified and takes great pains to ensure its commitment to the environment. Waste management and recycling practices, despite the few resources available on the island for it, are carried out, along with the installation of solar panels, the use of non-toxic cleaning products, and the recycling of rain and wastewater. 

Fruits and vegetables are grown on-site, and regular beach clean-ups are organized to keep the shores clean and raise environmental awareness in the community

❤️ We like it because, with the exception of the spa and yoga studio, the resort is fully accessible. 


Blue Horizons Garden Resort – Saint George’s 

In this picture there's a swimming pool in the foreground, and several outdoor tables with chairs and umbrellas next to it. Lush greenery takes the background of the image
Image by Blue Horizons Garden Resort

Blue Horizons Garden Resort is set amidst lush greenery and faces the ocean, an idyllic location where guests from all over the world have been spending their vacation for 40+ years. 

It features 32 cottages with garden or ocean views, equipped with a private bathroom that includes eco-friendly toiletries, a living room and dining area, a writing desk, and a balcony or patio. Cribs are available upon request for families.

 Among the hotel’s various facilities stand out a freshwater swimming pool, a library, large gardens, a meeting room, and a restaurant that uses 100% Grenadian ingredients, creating the most authentic Caribbean flavors. Dining can be enjoyed at the restaurant or al fresco by the pool. 

Blue Horizons Garden Resort acknowledges that the thriving of nature is intrinsically connected to the hotel’s prosperity and that it’s up to the island’s residents and businesses to keep the glorious ecosystem flourishing. For this reason, it has incorporated many sustainable practices into its daily operations. 

Biodegradable trash bags have been incorporated as part of the waste management program, and there are ongoing initiatives for tree planting and birding. Cleaning supplies are eco-friendly, energy consumption is monitored, and water usage is tracked in order to be reduced. Sociocultural enterprises to engage and support the community are also in place. 

❤️ We like it because it’s a non-smoking resort in accordance with its Green Globe GOLD certification, keeping the air clean and pure. 


Eco Resort in Bahamas

Small Hope Bay Lodge – Andros Island

In the image there's lush vegetation in the background, and the green Caribbean Sea in the foreground, separated by the whie sand of the beach.
Image by Small Hope Bay Lodge 

Small Hope Bay Lodge is one of the greatest all inclusive eco resorts in the Caribbean. Located on the untouched island of Andros, it boasts pristine surroundings and high-end amenities, along with a great variety of activities available to guests. 

The cabins were hand-made with pine and coral rock in the 1960s and are decorated with local artwork, featuring comfortable beds, an en-suite bathroom, and indoor and outdoor showers. They’re also fitted with screened windows that allow the fresh breeze to get in, and offer one or two bedrooms. 

The resort makes a great job at organizing adventures around the island, from renting bikes and kayaks to scuba diving excursions, fishing, and snorkeling. There are also game and reading rooms, and babysitting services for families. 

The restaurant specializes in both Caribbean fare and international cuisine, has a kids’ menu and gluten-free alternatives, and offers al fresco dining. There’s a nightly cocktail hour with a full open bar, cakes are baked for special occasions, and there’s a small souvenir shop for mementos. 

It has innovated in the management of waste since the island has no recycling plants or facilities. Reusing recyclable waste has been the main practice, such as converting wine bottles into glasses for the bar. 

Marine conservation efforts, monitoring energy and water consumption, and using solar power to heat water are a few other eco-friendly operations carried out by the hotel 

❤️ We like it because it offers fantastic packages and an all-inclusive plan to add all meals and drinks, nature tours, use of bikes and kayaks, and a free scuba lesson to the stay, among other facilities. 


Ecolodges in Dominica

Coulibri Ridge – Soufriere

Image of Coulibri Ridge resort seen from above, with granite buildings set amidst the greenery, solar panels on the roofs, and swimming pools on the terraces
Image by Coulibri Ridge

Coulibri Ridge is a sustainable resort that merges luxury with nature, both in its design and its practices. After 20 years in the making, this accommodation has recently opened its doors featuring 14 suites, top-notch amenities, and fantastic eco-friendly operations.

The accommodation options for from a studio with sea views, a loft facing the valley, and a sky penthouse with either an outdoor shower or a private pool. They are all elegantly decorated, and besides boasting a private bathroom with toiletries the rooms have a seating area with a flat-screen TV, a terrace with outdoor furniture, a kitchen, and modern appliances. 

The resort’s amenities include two outdoor swimming pools, a yoga pavilion, a fitness center, and a spa. There are also meeting rooms available, along with a farm, the remains of an 18th-century property, and tropical gardens. Breakfast is served in the two dining rooms, and full board can be requested ahead of time

Visitors can also enjoy snorkeling excursions, paddle boarding, kayaking, e-biking, and relaxing in nearby hot springs

This Dominica eco resort is self-sufficient, growing its own produce on the property, using solar energy to power electricity, and collecting rainwater for various uses throughout the resort. Recycled and locally-sourced materials were used in its construction, and there’s a minimum stay policy to better manage the water and energy resources of each unit. 

❤️ We like it because it offers tours, workshops, and experiences that engage guests with the natural surroundings, educating them on the local ecosystem and how to responsibly interact with the environment while ensuring a fun time. 


Rosalie Bay Eco Resort – Rosalie 

Image of a yellow and blue cabin surrounded by trees, inserted in a post about the best eco lodges and eco resorts in the Caribbean
Image by Rosalie Bay Eco Resort

Rosalie Bay Eco Resort is set on the foothill of the spectacular Morne Trois Pitons nature reserve, surrounded by the most pristine landscapes that encompass black-sand beaches, a river, and lush vegetation. 

The rooms are spacious and offer either garden or ocean views, a private bathroom with robes and slippers, a mini-fridge, coffee maker, flat-screen TV, and a porch with a seating area. Rooms can be adjoined for groups or families, and daily breakfast is included in the rate

There’s a riverfront spa, a restaurant where guests can enjoy fresh, local cuisine, a pool bar that serves lunch and drinks throughout the day, and a swimming pool. Rosalie Bay Eco Resort also offers excursions to nearby attractions, like Victoria Falls or Boiling Lake, and authentic cultural experiences. 

The resort is powered by solar and wind energy, and sources its water from a nearby spring, purifying it with a UV filtration system. There’s an organic garden on-site where most of the produce is grown, and the rest is sourced from local fishermen and farmers. 

Waste management at the property consists of re-using and recycling, as well as buying recycled goods whenever possible, and implementing technologies to reduce waste and pollution. Energy efficiency and the responsible use of natural resources are also key elements in the resort’s sustainability plan. 

❤️ We like it because cultural heritage is regarded as important as environmental well-being, and its protection is considered a responsibility by Rosalie Bay Eco Resort. 


Ecolodge in Bonaire

Auriga Ecolodge (Eco Lodge Bonaire) – Kralendijk 

Image of a cabin's dining room, equipped with wooden chairs and a table, a standalone fan, a rug, and a hammock
Image by Auriga Ecolodge

Auriga Ecolodge offers a Caribbean experience unlike any other, with rustic eco lodges situated in the midst of the unspoiled scenery, towered by cacti and vegetation. 

The rooms, made out of wood, feature a dining area, a terrace with outdoor seating furniture or hammocks, a library, comfortable beds, a private bathroom, and indoor/outdoor showers. They’re also equipped with a kitchenette, a writing desk, and in the case of the larger lodge, a greenhouse. 

The lodge offers nature tours, kayaking through the mangroves, caving, and rope climbing, as well as birdwatching excursions and hiking on the island’s numerous trails. 

Solar energy is used to produce electricity, regular waste is recycled as much as possible, and organic waste is used for planting and reforestation. There’s no need for AC as there are fans in each unit and the cool breeze is ever present. The lodge plants a tree for every guest, who’ll have the chance to participate. 

❤️ We like it because it’s not your average hotel or resort but an authentic retreat in nature, offering mangrove kayaking instead of swimming pool plunges, and gazing at the Milky Way from its stargazer platform. It promotes eco tourism in the Caribbean in the most genuine way.  


Eco Resort in Aruba

Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort – Oranjestad

Image of a large swimming pool surrounded by green and blue sunbeds and chairs, a building to the side and palm trees in the background
Image by Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort 

Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort is the star accommodation for romantic escapes, being adults-only and featuring beautiful and very intimate rooms, pampering facilities, and top-notch activities to enjoy with a loved one.

Rooms are ample and stylish, boasting floor-to-ceiling windows with garden or ocean views, a living room, a balcony with outdoor furniture, and a fully-equipped bathroom with toiletries and robes. Amenities such as a coffee maker, a safe, a minibar, and a microwave are also available. The stay includes a full American breakfast buffet, and a DineAround plan can be included to enjoy half board. 

The resort boasts a freshwater infinity pool, a fitness center, a spa, a beautiful beach bar that serves cocktails all day, a beachfront restaurant, and a gift store. The beach location is very spacious, and sunbeds are provided for utter comfort. 

Some of the astounding activities offered at this Aruba eco resort include cinema under the stars, private beach dining, curated wellness programs, yoga and pilates classes, and fitness sessions with a trainer. Sailing, horseback riding, scuba diving, and evening entertainment can also be arranged with the front desk, along with very special romantic experiences. 

Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort does not only boast a Green Globe certification but a CarbonNeutral one as well, and has great eco-friendly practices in place. These include treating and reusing wastewater, using biodegradable cleaning products, providing toiletries in dispensers to avoid plastic packaging, and using saltwater chlorination for the pool

Water is heated with solar energy, and all operations are 96% paperless. What’s more, the resort has donated 30 acres (12 hectares) for reforestation

❤️ We like it because it’s a resort completely aimed at couples, which makes the honeymoon or romantic getaway all the more special. There’s even a romance concierge that manages all the love experiences. 


Ecolodge in Puerto Rico

Finca Victoria – Vieques

Image of a wooden, open-air room with a table and chairs, and a kitchenette with a bar. On the left side of the image there's outdoor dining furniture and trees
Image by Finca Victoria 

Finca Victoria is a classy eco resort in Puerto Rico featuring beautiful suites and cabins and a great range of well-being activities

Each room is unique, designed in accordance with its location, and distinctively decorated to tell a story. They all feature a private bathroom with toiletries, a ceiling fan, a seating area, kitchen appliances, and vintage furniture. Diffusers and handmade oils are also available to provide a calming, scented ambiance. 

There are daily yoga classes, a swimming pool, and an Ayurvedic center where guests can benefit from Chinese medicine, holistic massages, water therapies, and even weight loss programs. 

The resort organizes retreats and offers a complimentary Ayurvedic vegan breakfast. Brunch and dinner can be consumed at the property, and there’s a snacks & drinks bar.  

Situated on a hill, Finca Victoria enjoys fantastic cross-ventilation that makes AC unnecessary. There are no TVs in the rooms as part of its energy efficiency strategy, but it also contributes to the wellness approach of the stay. Food is locally sourced and all meals are vegan, and all toiletries provided are biodegradable. 

❤️ We like it because it’s one of the best eco resorts in Puerto Rico! It enjoys glorious views of the sunrise and the sunset thanks to its privileged location, and the clean air allows for perfect stargazing conditions. It’s also pet-friendly.


Eco Resort in Turks & Caicos

Grace Bay Club – Providenciales

A very bright image of a resort in the background, two palm trees in the center and a large swimming pool in the foreground, inserted in a post about the best eco resorts in the Caribbean
Image by Grace Bay Club

Grace Bay Club is an elegant resort situated on the beach, offering the epitome of sophistication and luxury. The property is divided into three sections to accommodate all guests, from an adults-only area to a family-friendly one and a more secluded, deluxe villa complex.

Rooms feature a full bathroom and a kitchenette, as well as a seating area facing the garden or the sea, a terrace, and a great number of amenities. The villas are also equipped with a washer and dryer, a dining area, and a full kitchen. 

Dining at Grace Bay Club is a magnificent experience, as there are several restaurants, lounges, and bars at the property where guests can enjoy a meal or wind down with a drink. There’s also a full-service spa, a fitness center, a kids club, and plenty of activities such as watersports, snorkeling, horseback riding, kayaking, and golfing. 

This eco resort has a great commitment to the community, social responsibility being one of its priorities. Its staff is mostly local, and it has an employment program for people with disabilities to help empower them. It also sponsors children to study, provides all necessary materials to 5 schools every year, and runs social awareness campaigns. 

Eco-friendly practices are also in place to ensure the impact it has on the environment is minimum, and there’s no wastage of natural resources. 

❤️ We like it because it enables all types of guests to enjoy a memorable vacation, even when their interests are not aligned by separating families from visitors interested in an adults-only experience. 


Eco Resort in US Virgin Islands

Northside Valley Villas – St. Croix

Image of a wooden deck eqipped with a white outdoor table, four chairs, and an orange umbrella, surrounded by green, luscious vegetation
Image by Northside Valley Villas

Northside Valley Villas is a splendid, family-friendly resort situated on the west coast of St. Croix. It has eight villas equipped with a full kitchen, a living and dining area, a deck with outdoor furniture that’s ideal for al fresco dining, and a private bathroom. 

The property boasts beautiful ocean views, and offers outdoor activities to help guests reconnect with nature, including stargazing, snorkeling, taking walks on the beach, and picking organic fruit. Simple living is what Northside Valley aims to promote

As for its sustainability efforts, rainwater is collected and reused throughout the resort, and villas are equipped with recycling and composting bins to separate waste. Northside Valley also has a plantation of mango trees, which are the most effective ones in removing from the atmosphere carbon gasses

❤️ We like it because this St. Croix eco resort is set in an incredibly peaceful location and offers easy access to both the town and the countryside, enabling guests to get as much or as little of the ‘‘civilized’’ life as they want. 


Eco Resorts in Trinidad and Tobago

Castara Retreats – Castara

On the right of the image there's a wooden cabin, and on the left the Caribbean Sea with fishing boats, fringed by the sand and lush vegetation
Image by Castara Retreats 

Castara Retreats sits amidst luscious vegetation and in front of the sea, the two greatest natural attractions of Trinidad y Tobago. The eco lodges are dotted around the property, located at high elevation to grant unrestricted views of the beach and the nature all around them. 

The concept of rustic luxury is at the core of the accommodations, which are simply decorated to evoke the surroundings, with wood furnishings and warm lights. There are 17 unique cabins of one and two bedrooms that feature different views depending on their setting, from rainforest to treetops and the coast.

They’re all equipped with a terrace, a seating and dining area, a full kitchen, and a private bathroom. Amenities such as AC, wifi, safety box, and fans are included.   

The wellness center offers yoga sessions, massages, and retreats, and the restaurant – Caribbean Kitchen – prepares a delightful assortment of authentic dishes. There’s also a bar that crafts cocktails, offers rum tastings paired with local chocolate, and has a great selection of beers and wines.  

Outdoor activities to be enjoyed at Castara Retreats involve waterfall hikes, birdwatching, boat trips, rainforest excursions, and cultural experiences.   

One of the main goals in terms of sustainability is to be part of the environment with a no fences policy. It also carries out planting initiatives, creating a haven for the local wildlife in the resort’s gardens. 

Energy conservation is attained with the use of LED bulbs, low-energy AC systems, and wall and roof insulation. Wastewater is redirected to protect the beach and the sea from it, and all other waste is either composted or recycled. 

❤️ We like it because it aims to offer guests an authentic experience, showcasing the beauty of the ocean and the rainforest by focusing all its activities around the natural setting, and encouraging interaction with the locals.


Cuffie River Nature Retreat – Scarborough

Cuffie River Nature Retreat is a secluded accommodation that promotes immersion in nature for the ultimate relaxing vacation. The rooms are cozy and fully equipped, featuring a balcony with views of the rainforest, a comfortable seating area, an en-suite bathroom, and coffee/tea-making facilities. 

All activities in and around the lodge relate to the outdoors, and guests can make the most of the lush surroundings by going on nature tours, birdwatching excursions, and snorkeling or fishing trips. They can also take part in cultural experiences to learn about the island’s history

The lodge also features a swimming pool that uses salt instead of chlorine for purification, and a restaurant where the menu is crafted with local ingredients. Showers are heated by solar power, and waste is separated and recycled, avoiding all elements that could generate non-biodegradable waste such as canned food. 

All rooms are designed to make the most of nature’s light and fresh air, thus avoiding completely the need for AC and artificial lights during the day. 

❤️ We like it because it offers an immersive experience in the rainforest, which forces guests in the best possible way to appreciate nature and connect with it fully, without distractions. 


Eco Resort in Antigua & Barbuda

Hermitage Bay  – Saint John’s 

Image of a swimming pool next to a gazebo with cushions, and in the background the Caribbean Sea with a couple of boats and green vegetation. It's in Hermitage Bay, one of the best eco resorts in the Caribbean
Image by Hermitage Bay  

Hermitage Bay is a luxurious beachfront resort in which all suites are nestled in dense vegetation, almost hidden among the trees. Despite their beautiful seclusion in the forest, they all boast fantastic views of the coastline, and guests can choose between beachfront, garden, and hillside rooms. 

The suites are equipped with a private bathroom, a seating area, a balcony with outdoor furniture and and a minibar that’s restocked daily. Pastries, champagne, and fresh fruit is offered on arrival, and there are suites with a private pool. 

This eco friendly, all inclusive resort in the Caribbean offers great dining opportunities, with changing menus that combine international fare with local cuisine. All dietary requirements are catered for, including vegan and vegetarian menus. 

The Garden Spa is a tranquil place for relaxation and pampering which also offers pilates, yoga, and meditation sessions. There’s also a fitness center, an outdoor swimming pool, and a private beach area reserved for guests. Off-site activities such as fishing, sailing, diving, and playing golf can also be arranges at the property. 

Sustainability practices include the use of organic produce at the restaurant grown in the resort’s garden, ensuring not only the quality of the product but also reducing food miles considerably. Waste management includes reducing, reusing and recycling as much as possible, and steps to gurantee energy efficiency and responsible water usage are also in place. 

❤️ We like it because it offers wedding packages and honeymoon retreats, and provides memorable experiences by organizing picnic lunches around the property or a candlelit dinner on the beach.  


Eco Resort in Curaçao

LionsDive Beach Resort – Willemstad 

A large swimming pool seen from above is at the top of the image, and below there are palm trees, a building, and a smaller pool
Image by LionsDive Beach Resort 

LionsDive Beach Resort is a tropical paradise set on the beachfront and offering the ultimate Caribbean experiences to enjoy sea and land, while its top-notch facilities cater to guests’ every need. 

The rooms are minimalist and equipped with all the necessary utilities, from a coffe maker to a writing desk, flat-screen TV, a ceiling fan, and a bathroom. Certain suites also boast a balcony or patio, direct access to the beach, a full kitchen, and a private gym. 

To ensure guests have a quintessential resort experience, LionsDive features two swimming pools, four restaurants, a full service spa and fitness center, a private beach area with loungers, and a dive center. Snorkeling tours, boat trips, classes, and scuba diving experiences are available, as well as car rental and shuttle services, free parking, and baby amenities. 

Environmental operations at the resort include water usage control, waste management, and energy saving practices. Wastewater is reused in the gardens, and regular waste is recycled and transformed into new products by a local company. Guests receive a reusable water bottle upon arrival, and local businesses are supported as LionsDive prioritizes artwork, materials, and products from the island. 

❤️ We like it because it offers a glorious culinary experience, featuring four restaurants in beautiful settings that specialize in everything from Asian and Japanese delicacies to authentic Italian pizza, BBQ meals, and a large selection of crafter cocktails. 


Ecolodge in St. Kitts and Nevis

Belle Mont Farm – Kitittian Hill

Image of a swimming pool facing green vegetation and the sea, surrounded by sun loungers
Image by Belle Mont Farm 

Belle Mont Farm sits on the foothills of Mount Liamuiga, surrounded by tropical lanscape and boasting glorious views of the Caribbean Sea from its elevated position. 

Accommodation options are divided into farmhouses and guesthouses. Each features luxurious amenities, sea views and a private pool, along with a private veranda or balcony, an ensuite bathroom with toiletries, and a seating area. Farmhouses also boast a full kitchen or kitchenette

The range of resort facilities offered to enhance the guests’ experience encompasses a private beach area with a beach club, a full-service spa, a golf course, a fitness center, a farm-to-table restaurant and a couple of bars. An all-inclusive package can be purchased

Belle Mont also has its own farm and organic gardens where produce is grown and which guests can visit to learn about sustainable agricultural practices or take part in the picking of fresh ingredients. Products that can be cultivated on-site are sourced locally, and there’s a great recycling program in place to minimize waste.

Appealing to guests’ contribution is key in the resort’s sustainability efforts, educating them on eco-friendly practices and ensuring a responsible usage of water and energy resources

❤️ We like it because the design of the property is totally sustainable, having been built to make the most of natural ventilation and lighting, using locally-sourced materials and incorporationg solar panels to power electricity. Its architectural design blends harmoniously with the natural surroundings. 


Ecolodge in Guyana

Rewa Eco-Lodge – Georgetown

Image of an ecolodge in Guyana seen from above, with green vegetation and thatched roofs scattered around
Image by Rewa Eco-Lodge  

Rewa Eco-Lodge is a community-run accommodation featuring individual lodges that feature comfortable beds with mosquito nets, a seating area, a private veranda, and shared bathrooms with solar-powered hot showers. 

The communal bathroom facilities help reduce water and energy usage while still providing a comfortable experience to guests. The self-contained cabins, though, boasts their own private bathroom. 

The lodge has a restaurant and a bar where guets can delight in local, seasonal flavors, and dietary requirements are met. Activities such as birdwatching, hiking, canoeing, sports fishing, kakyaking, and wildlife spotting can be enjoyed onsite. 

Eco-friendly toiletries are provided, and the rooms’ design allows them to take advantage of natural ventilation. All cabins are powered by solar energy, and water conservation practices ensure the precious natural resources are not wasted. 

Food and supplies are sourced locally, and the lodge monitors wildlife population with the goal of protecting and ensuring the conservation of local biodiversity.  

❤️ We like it because it’s run by a community and offers unique cultural experiences, with visits to the Rewa village where guets can witness the creation of crafts and the lifestyle of the locals. 


Eco Resorts in the Caribbean FAQs

What are the best luxury eco resorts in the Caribbean? 

In our opinion, the best luxury eco resorts in the Caribbean include: 
Secrets St. James Montego Bay
Grace Bay Club
Hermitage Bay

What are the best ecolodges in the Caribbean?

In our opinion, these are the some of the very best ecolodges in the Caribbean: 
Rosalie Bay Eco Resort
Castara Retreats 
Hermitage Bay
Auriga Ecolodge

What are the best eco lodges in Dominican Republic? 

In our opinion, Ecolodge Tubagua in Dominican Republic and Eco Hotel Barahona are the best options in the country. 

Can you go glamping in the Caribbean? 

You can certainly enjoy glamping and stays at eco tents in the Caribbean, a great destination to ensure nature at its best. 

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