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Dubai Mall Waterfall: All You Need To Know

Thinking of visiting the Dubai Mall Waterfall? This artistic landmark in the mall represents one of the oldest UAE traditions, and it’s an incredible masterpiece to admire!

The Dubai Mall Waterfall is an artistic intervention inside the Dubai Mall, and it’s not to be mistaken for the Dubai Fountain, located right outside the mall.

Picture of the Dubai Mall Waterfall.

While the Dubai Mall waterfall doesn’t offer a show – that’s the Dubai Fountain – the visit is worth it due to its artistry and significance.  

The mall waterfall represents part of the rooted history of the country and it’s an attraction by itself when you’re visiting the Dubai Mall (one of the top things to do in Dubai). The best part is that seeing this work of art is free!

Fun Facts about the Dubai Mall Waterfall

The waterfall in Dubai Mall is 24 meters tall and has a circular shape; its diameter is over 30 meters. 

It’s usually referred to as the Human Waterfall in Dubai Mall, due to the sculptures of men diving in. 

The falling of the water is designed to create a visual illusion, making it seem that the divers are moving instead of the water. 

The figures are sculpted in fiberglass and represent pearl divers jumping into the water. Pearl diving was the main source of livelihood in the UAE, and the basis for the founding of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. 

It’s one of the most photographed landmarks in Dubai Mall, and is often used as a meeting point. 

There are no natural waterfalls in Dubai, so this one is a great substitute if you were hoping to see some!

Visiting the Dubai Waterfall

The Dubai Mall Waterfall is located inside the Dubai Mall, and you will be able to find it even if you don’t try to; it runs through the mall’s 4 floors and can be seen from any of them. 

Picture of woman in front of Dubai Waterfall inside the Dubai Mall, also called the Human Waterfall.

There’s no entrance fee to visit the mall nor the waterfall, as the Dubai Mall itself is free, and the waterfall runs non-stop during the mall’s opening hours. 

If you’re looking to photograph the waterfall, start on the ground level and then head to the second or third floor for the fantastic views from above. 

Dubai Mall Waterfall Opening Times

The Dubai Mall Watrefall is inside the Dubai Mall. Dubai Mall’s opening times are Sunday to Wednesday from 10 AM to 12 AM and Thursday to Saturday from 10 AM to 1 AM. 

Other Cool Things to Do at Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall is the biggest of its kind in the world, and it’s home to countless stores and activities. 

One of the main attractions in the Mall is the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, home to the world’s largest suspended aquarium and over 33 thousand marine animals. Besides walking through the underwater tunnel and seeing King Croc from up close, you can also dive with the sharks or take a bottom-glass boat ride. 

The Burj Khalifa, one of the city’s icons, is located just outside the mall. Both the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Aquarium are included in the Dubai Pass – if you’re planning to visit both, this can be a way to save money!

The Dubai Fountain, where you can watch the renowned fountain show every day from 6 PM, is also right outside the Dubai Mall.

You can also ski at the Dubai Ice Rink, catch a movie at the theater or satisfy your shopping wildest dreams; there are 1200 retail stores in the mall! 

Dubai Mall Waterfall FAQ

Who designed the Dubai Mall waterfall?

The Dubai waterfall was designed by the architectural firm DP Architects, the same firm that designed the Dubai Mall. 

What does the fountain in Dubai Mall represent?

The Dubai waterfall in Dubai Mall represents pearl diving, one of the most antique traditions in the UAE, and the main source of livelihood in the country before oil was found.

Is there any entry fee for Dubai Mall?

While there are many Dubai Mall attractions that charge entry fees, entrance to the Dubai Mall itself is completely free.  

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