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8 BEST Murano and Burano Tours by an Italian [2023]

Eager to explore the striking islands around the Venetian Lagoon? I bring you the ultimate Murano and Burano tours for you to enjoy a memorable journey. Check them out!

Step into a world where colors blend with water and ancient traditions and artistry flourish: welcome to the charming islands of Burano and Murano.

Murano is known worldwide for its exquisite glass art, and Burano boasts beautiful multicolored streets with captivating, vibrant facades (hello Instagram!) and has a long tradition of lace making.

I’ve been to Venice many times, and the island of Burano is my absolute favorite place in the Venice lagoon. Absolutely worth a day trip that includes Murano and Burano (and maybe Torcello as well), if you ask me!

From Murano & Burano private tours to expert-guided cruises and hop-on hop-off adventures, there are plenty of ways to enjoy these picturesque isles.

In this article we’ll unveil the most exceptional Murano and Burano tours, so let’s set off on a fun-filled journey to discover a land of colors, art, and very yummy biscuits!

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The BEST Murano and Burano Tours

▶️ Explore the Venetian islands on this enchanting Murano, Burano, Torcello & Glass Factory Tour. Aboard a water taxi, soak in the panoramic views of the emerald Venetian Lagoon as you make your way to Murano, where you’ll visit a local glass factory and witness skilled artisans shaping intricate glass ornaments. 

You’ll then head to Burano, known for its colorful houses and exquisite lacework. Make the most of your free time there to savor a delicious lunch or sip on Venetian apéritifs before it’s time to venture to your next island: Torcello. 

As the ancient center of civilization in the estuary, Torcello is steeped in history, and shouldn’t miss the Basilica di Santa Maria Assunta and its Venetian-Byzantine mosaics during your visit. Throughout the tour, enjoy insightful commentary from your guide to delve deeper into these glorious locations. 

📝 This tour includes: Roundtrip boat ride, a guide, a glass factory visit, and free time in Torcello and Burano. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

▶️ On this extraordinary Premium Lagoon Excursion: Murano Glass Making, Burano & Wine Tasting you’ll venture beyond the well-trodden canals of central Venice led by a local guide. Zip around the lagoon on a private boat for you and your friends, and step into a world of vibrant colors as you stroll around the painted houses of Burano. 

Plus, you will discover its rich tradition of lacemaking before visiting a hidden gem—a secret vineyard embraced by a Michelin Star restaurant where you’ll enjoy a  tantalizing wine-tasting session. 

But that’s not all! Prepare to be dazzled by the artistry of Murano’s glassmakers as you witness a private demonstration inside a restored 12th-century church. On the tour, you’ll have ample time to explore, relax, and relish the unique ambiance of each island. 

Premium Lagoon Excursion: Murano Glass Making, Burano & Wine Tasting

📝 This Venice to Murano & Burano tour includes: Boat transfers, wine tasting, a glass factory visit, a walking tour in Burano, and free time in both islands. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

A Half-Day Tour To Murano and Burano

▶️ Take this 4-hour Glimpse of Murano, Burano & Torcello Boat Tour for a mesmerizing half-day exploring these Venetian islands. Witness the artistry of glassblowers at a renowned Murano glass factory, and enjoy free time in Torcello to wander at your leisure. 

You’ll also get to visit Burano, with its kaleidoscope of vibrant, chocolate-colored houses and delicious cuisine. While on the island, you can’t miss the telltale signs of its renowned lace-making and embroidery industry.

You can choose among several departure times to fit the tour into your itinerary.

📝 This Murano, Burano & Torcello tour includes: Boat trip with live commentary, free time in all the islands, and a glass factory visit. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

▶️ Uncover the secrets of Venetian islands on this Murano Glass Tour plus Burano Lace from Venice. Cruise through the Venice Lagoon and enjoy the scenic views of San Giorgio Island, Certosa Island, and Sant Erasmo Island as you make your way to Murano. 

There you’ll visit a renowned glass factory for a live glassblowing demonstration, after which you’ll get to buy some glass souvenirs at the showroom and catch a glimpse of the magnificent Church of Santi Maria e Donato. 

Then, set sail to Burano, a photographer’s paradise with its vibrant houses and charming fishing port. Spend an hour exploring its colorful streets and dive into the island’s lace-making heritage with a visit to a lace factory. 

Murano Glass Experience plus Visit to a Burano lace island

📝 This Burano and Murano tour includes: Private boat trip, a guide, a glass factory visit and a discount voucher, and a glass of wine. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

Private Tours to Murano and Burano

▶️ Embark on this fabulous Private Excursion by Typical Venetian Motorboat to Murano, Burano and Torcello. You and up to 5 friends will enjoy personalized attention as you glide along the canals on your way to Murano. This enchanting island is especially known for one trait: it’s home to a glass factory, where you’ll get to marvel at the artistry of expert glassblowers. 

After enjoying a live demonstration and wandering around the showroom, you’ll get back on the boat to visit Burano, famous for its tasty biscuits and lace-making enterprise. Finally, step foot on the ancient island of Torcello.

Private Excursion by Typical Venetian Motorboat to Murano, Burano, and Torcello

📝 This Murano, Burano & Torcello tour from Venice includes: Hotel pick-up, boat transfers, all visits, and a guide. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

▶️ Cruise in style down Venice’s Grand Canal on a relaxing Half-Day Boat Trip to Murano and Burano & Grand Canal. Catering to groups of up to six people, you and your friends will enjoy an intimate experience as you glide past Venice’s waterfront and head to Murano. 

Your guide will provide insights into the city’s past, and take you to visit the famous glass factory, where you’ll be treated to a mesmerizing display of glassblowing artistry. You’ll also wander around the picturesque island of Burano, and finish your adventure at the iconic Piazza San Marco in Venice. 

📝 This Murano and Burano islands tour includes: Roundtrip boat transfers, an escort, and entrance to the glass factory. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

▶️ Embark on the Murano and Burano Private Boat Trip with Transfer from Venice to explore these captivating islands. The tour accommodates up to 6 passengers, and allows you to customize your departure time and the length of the journey: choose between a 4, 6, and 8-hour trip. 

Your time will be divided between the island of Murano, an island steeped in history and traditions, and Burano. Known for its lace shops, vividly colored houses, and picturesque streets, it’s also a beautiful destination to stroll around. 

Indulge in the irresistible Buranelli biscuits and make the most of your free time there before heading back to Venice. 

📝 This tour includes: Hotel pick-up, private boat transfers, a visit to the glass factory, and a walking tour around Burano. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

Lagoon Islands Hop on Hop Off Boat Tour

Experience a tour like no other on this Hop-On Hop-Off Boat Tour in Venice’s stunning lagoon! With 24/48-hour tickets, you’ll have the flexibility to explore at your own pace. 

Hop on and off at six different stops including St. Mark’s Square and Murano’s glass factory as you glide down the stunning canals, and make sure to hop off to see the colorful houses of Burano, and take a stroll in the tranquil Torcello. 

Explore 120 fascinating points of interest with onboard audio guides, and download walking tour itineraries to help you make the most of your stops. 

📝 This tour includes: Hop-on Hop-off boat tour, an audioguide in 5 languages, a glassmaking demonstration in Murano, and a map. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

Tours of Murano and Burano FAQs

What are the best tours of Murano and Burano from Venice?

In my opinion, the best Burano and Murano boat tours available are the following: 
Burano, Torcello & Murano Glass Factory Tour
Premium Lagoon Excursion: Murano and Burano Tour from Venice with Wine Tasting
Private Excursion to Murano, Burano and Torcello by Typical Venetian Motorboat

I have limited time! Is there a half-day tour of Murano and Burano? 

Sure thing! This Murano Glass Experience plus Visit to Burano Lace Island allows you to explore both islands in just 5 hours. 

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