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8 BEST Food Tours in Naples, Italy by an Italian [2023]

Visiting Naples soon? Then you’re probably looking forward to stuffing your face with Neapolitan cuisine! Check out the best food tours in Naples to have the ultimate foodie experience.

Naples, the birthplace of pizza, is a food lover’s paradise. With its rich history and diverse cultural influences, the city is known for its delicious street food and traditional dishes. Whenever I visit Naples, I have one main goal: to eat as much as humanly possible!

From the bustling markets to the hidden hole-in-the-wall eateries, there’s no shortage of gastronomic delights in Naples. To truly experience the culinary culture of this vibrant city, one must embark on a food tour that’ll give you the chance to sample many of the best dishes.

A food tour in Naples is not just a feast for the taste buds, but also an opportunity to experience the culture and traditions of the city.

Pizza, of course, is the most famous of the traditional dishes in Naples, with its crispy crust and tangy tomato sauce originating in Naples. But the city also has many other delectable dishes to offer. Cuoppo is a popular street food in Naples, and it’s a mix of delicious deep-fried treats served in a paper cone.

Babà, a light and fluffy cake soaked in rum syrup, and sfogliatelle, a flaky pastry filled with sweet ricotta cheese, are classic Neapolitan desserts. Frittate di pasta, pasta fritters, are another staple street food.

Oh my gosh, I’m salivating just thinking about all these delicacies! And I come from Bologna, a city in Northern Italy that is considered the foodie capital of Italy. But Naples food is so yummy.

Whether you’re a seasoned foodie or simply love trying new things, there’s a tour for everyone in Naples. From street food crawls to gourmet tours, the city offers a variety of options to please every palate.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the best food tours in Naples. We will also offer a taste of the city’s most delectable dishes and a glimpse into its rich culinary heritage.

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The 3 VERY Best Food Tours in Naples, Italy

▶️ On this guided Street Food Tour of Naples with Local Guide, you’ll get to sample some of the tastiest bites the city has to offer. Some examples are pizza a portafoglio, frittate di pasta, arancini, taralli, babà, and sfogliatelle. Don’t forget to try their fresh mozzarella, ham, salami, mortadella, and more.

Your guide will lead the way and regale you with legends and stories of this historic city as you indulge in the flavors of Naples. You’ll visit a limoncello factory, sample a shot of this lemon-infused liqueur, and end with a creamy gelato. A true feast for both the palate and the mind!

👉 Why is this tour my top choice? This is the top-rated Naples food tour. Not only the food is plentiful and delicious, but the tour guides do a great job in enhancing the food experience with historical facts and fun facts about the food.

📝 This tour includes: A local guide and 10 tastings of local delicacies. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

▶️ Join the Naples Walking and Tasting Tour with Secret Food Tours to explore Naples’ historic center and taste local specialties. These include pizza, pastries, sauces, and a secret dish! Your guide will share stories as you pass iconic landmarks like Palazzo dello Spagnolo and Spaccanapoli.

Upgrade to a private tour for even more personalized attention. This foodie tour promises to satisfy your taste buds and feed your wanderlust.

Naples walking tasting tour with Secret Food Tours.

📝 This tour includes: Food tastings (fried appetizer, pizza, charcuterie plate and other dishes) and a walking tour of the city. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

▶️ Experience the heart and soul of Naples through its delicious street foods on this guided Street Food Tour of Naples + City Sightseeing. Discover the city’s rich history and culture through its iconic bites – from fresh buffalo mozzarella to mouthwatering pizza fritta and classic limoncello. It’s one of the ultimate food tours of Naples if you have limited time!

Follow your guide through the historic center. You will stop at renowned landmarks like the ancient tower-bell and famous nativity shops along the way. Don’t miss out on indulging in Neapolitan delights like sfogliatella, baba’, and gelato! Trust us, your taste buds will thank you.

Street food tour of Naples with city sightseeing.

📝 This tour includes: A local guide, and over 10 food tastings. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

Naples by Night Food Tour

Get lost in the romantic and flavorful streets of Naples after dark. Discover the city’s best food and restaurant scene on this 4-hour Naples by Night: Food and Wine Walking Tour through the historic city center. Indulge in delicious traditional foods like pizza Margherita, sfogliatelle, and pizza fritta with 7 different tasting stops.

Along the way, experience the vibrant and bustling nightlife outside of monuments and squares. Stroll through the colorful streets of San Gregorio Armeno and see the famous Royal Palace and San Carlo Theatre.

Naples by night food and wine walking tour with local guide.

📝 This tour includes: Entry tickets, a guide, food and drink tastings at traditional eateries. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

Private Food Tours in Naples

▶️ Discover Naples’ love for food and its history with a local guide on this private Tastings of Naples: Private Food Tour through the historic center. Please your taste buds with delectable dishes. Try pizza, pasta, fried fish, Mozzarella di Bufala, and Neapolitan pastries paired with prosecco and wine- enough for it to be a full meal.

Along the way, take in the city’s landmarks on a personalized sightseeing adventure. End the tour with a Limoncello shot and memories of an unforgettable culinary experience. It’s one of the best food tours in Naples, Italy for groups!

The 10 tastings of Naples with locals: Private food tour.

📝 This tour includes: A private local guide, and 10 food and drink tastings. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

▶️ Hop on a vintage Vespa with your private guide and hit the road for a tasty, panoramic, and cultural journey on this Private Naples Food Tasting Tour by Vespa.

With access to local kitchens and pastry labs, discover the secrets of Neapolitan cuisine. You’ll even learn to make your own authentic pizza margherita with a pizza making class!

Eat delicious Neapolitan food while seeing the sights of the city, including beautiful squares and the ocean view. Try the famous “Cuoppo” di frittura”, the unmissable Mozzarella di bufala and delicious Parmigiana di melanzane, and a sfogliatella pastry. It’s the perfect way to avoid traffic and taste the best local delicacies!

Private tour: Naples food tasting tour by vintage vespa.

📝 This tour includes: A private driver, helmet, all food tastings, access to the kitchens and laboratories, and a souvenir. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

The Best Wine Tours from Naples

▶️ Escape the chaos of Naples for a Wine Tasting Tour on Vesuvius Volcano. Try the renowned wines of the region such as “Falanghina,” “Lacryma Christi,” “Aglianico” and many others.

Discover the secrets of winemaking and the unique characteristics that make the region special. Hear the story of the passionate family behind Campania Ars Vinearia, the producers of the world’s oldest wine.

End the experience with a Mediterranean lunch with stunning views of Naples and Sorrento, and maybe take home a bottle of your favorite wine!

📝 This Naples food tour includes: Roundtrip transportation from a meeting point, a tour guide, Mediterranean lunch, and wine tastings. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

▶️ On this Private Campania Wine-Tasting Experience in Naples led by experts, discover the best wines of the Campania region paired with traditional local dishes. Explore the legends, history, and mysteries of winemaking passed down from the Greeks and the Romans.

Taste the top regional wines from Mount Vesuvius, Capri, the Amalfi Coast, and beyond. Also, learn about local winemaking history back to ancient times. The 2-hour tasting takes place in a wine bar in the Rione Alto district in northern Naples.

Private Campania wine tasting experience in Naples.

📝 This tour includes: A wine-tasting session with a sommelier, and food pairings. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

Naples Food Tours FAQs

What are the best food tours in Naples?

I personally think that these are the best Naples food tours:
Naples Street Food Tour with Local Guide
Naples Walking and Tasting Tour with Secret Food Tours
Street Food Tour of Naples and City Sightseeing

Is a food tour in Italy worth it?

Italy is probably the best country in the world to go on a food tour! Its cuisine is known worldwide, and joining a local guide to sample the traditional dishes while learning about them is one of the very best things to do in the country.

Can I go on a Naples pizza tour? 

There isn’t a pizza tour per see in Naples, but you can do a DIY tour by visiting a few pizzerie in the city. Otherwise, you can join this Naples Walking and Tasting Tour with Secret Food Tours that includes pizza tastings.

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