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9 BEST Cancun ATV Tours [2024]

Looking for the best Cancun ATV tours? You’re in the right place because in this post you’ll find the most adventurous and memorable tours from Cancun that offer ATV rides. 

If you’re looking for a thrilling adventure in Cancun, look no further than the jungle and natural wonders of Quintana Roo! From exploring caves to ziplining and driving through muddy roads on an ATV, there’s no shortage of excitement in this Mexican state.

I personally love riding quads! I’ve ridden ATVs in multiple countries, but Mexico and specifically the area of Cancun, is still one of my favorite destinations for this type of adventure.

Riding an ATV through the lush, tropical landscape of Cancun is an experience like no other. Whether you’re an experienced rider or a novice, there are ATV tours in Cancun that cater to all skill levels.

Girl riding an amphibious vehicle at Xplor park inserted in an article about the best Cancun ATV tours.
Riding an amphibious vehicle in Xplor was so much fun!

Most ATV tours in this region take place in Cancun adventure parks that have been specifically designed for off-road vehicles. These parks offer a variety of terrains, from rocky hills and muddy paths to winding trails through dense forests.

⚠️ To ensure your safety and enjoyment, it’s important to choose a reputable tour company that provides well-maintained ATVs and experienced guides.

Safety equipment such as helmets should be provided, and all riders should be briefed on the rules and regulations of the park before setting off on their adventure.

In this post, you’ll find the best ATV tours in Cancun that will satisfy your adrenaline cravings and probably leave you wanting more. Check them out! 

I personally use and recommend Viator to book activities around the world. This is not only for the high-quality service it offers, but because of its free cancellation policy. If your travel plans change, you can cancel your tour up to 24 hours prior and get a full refund on most activities. 

Not enough time? These are the best options 👇

THE BEST TOURATV Adventure, Interactive Bridges, Ziplines, Cenote & Lunch
NIGHTTIME TOUR Nighttime Xplor Fuego Adventure
SNORKEL + ATVCombo Challenge (Reef Snorkel, ATV, Ziplines, Cenote)
TULUM RUINS + ATV Tulum ruins + ATV Extreme and Cenotes Combo Tour

OUR PICK: The BEST Cancun ATV Tour

This ATV Adventure, Interactive Bridges, Ziplines, Cenote & Free Lunch offers a great combo of activities. The tour takes place at Extreme Adventure Eco Park in Cancun, a thrilling location that’s guaranteed to get your heart pumping.

You’ll start by ziplining above the canopy in a fabulous circuit. Then, hop on an ATV to hit the off-roads and rugged trails of the jungle, bumping over roots and rocks. Geared up and with safety measures in place, all you need to focus on is having fun!

You’ll then cool off in a refreshing cenote, which you can access either by taking the stairs, ziplining into it, or cliff-jumping! Indulge in a Mayan lunch and tequila tasting, and watch a prehispanic show.

👉 Why this tour? It’s a super fun excursion with thousands of great reviews. It offers not only an exhilarating ATV ride (the reason you’re here!) but also the chance to try other jungle activities in a beautiful location.

The best part? It only lasts 4 hours, which gives you plenty of time to fill your day with other adventures, and it’s perfect if you’re in a rush.

Read what the reviews say:

”This was a great experience! We started with ATVs which was really fun and lasted about 45 minutes. Our tour guide was hilarious and a great commenter. Then next we headed to the Cenotes to dip in the water. Tequila tasting was interesting and educational. Zip lining/bridges were a lot of fun and we ended the day with free tacos and a Mayan dance. My friends and I had a great time. This excursion was definitely worth it.”

Chi_A – Read more reviews

📝 This ATV + jungle tour in Cancun includes: Round trip transportation, admission to the park, all equipment, lunch, and tequila tasting. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

Limited Time? A Quick ATV Ride in Cancun

Get the thrill of your life in only 2 hours with this Combos: ATV Speedboat or ATV Waverunner or ATV Parasailing with Transportation Tour. You’ll go ATVing in the jungle, and after a 45-minute adventure hitting the off-roads you’ll enjoy a watersport of your choice.

You can choose between a speedboat ride, a wave runner, or parasailing. Snacks, soft drinks, and water will be provided.

📝 This tour includes: Transfers from Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and Riviera Maya, all activities, equipment, a guide, snacks, and drinks. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

Ride an ATV in Cancun at an Adventure Park


Nestled deep in the heart of the jungle, Selvatica is a renowned adventure park in the Riviera Maya. This tropical oasis is home to a vast range of adrenaline-pumping activities that will leave you breathless.

From soaring over the treetops to speeding through the jungle on one of the best ATV riding in Cancun experiences, the options are many.

▶️ This Mud Madness at Selvatica will take you on a wild ride through nature’s most exhilarating terrain. You’ll get equipped and hop on an ATV as soon as you reach the park, and head straight to the muddy swamps. Let the fun begin!

You’ll drive your vehicle on the Mud Madness track, and then rinse off in a beautiful cenote. A picnic lunch is included, and you’ll wrap up the tour with a mixology class, mastering the art of cocktail making.

📝 This ATV Cancun tour includes: Selvatica entrance fee, 2 driving circuits, equipment, a picnic lunch, snacks, and drinks. ➥ BOOK IT HERE


Xplor Adventure Park boasts a great variety of activities suitable for adrenaline-seekers and families alike. Driving an ATV through flooded caverns and jungle roads, swimming in subterranean rivers, and rafting through stalactite caves are a few of them.

Xplor is one of the best places in Cancun to zipline and ride an ATV, and its natural beauty is one of the main reasons.

▶️ The Priority Access to Xplor Adventure Park with Hotel Pick up and Drop Off includes a full-day admission ticket to enjoy all the activities at the park. From flying on seven-zip-line circuits to paddling through stalactite-filled caverns, the options are many.

Including driving an ATV on off-road trails, suspended bridges, and riverbeds for an absolute thrill. In this ATV and zipline tour, you’ll also be treated to an all-you-can-eat buffet, and have unlimited access to non-alcoholic beverages.  

📝 This tour includes: Roundtrip transportation , all activities, use of lockers and hammocks, lunch and beverages, and priority access to the park. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

Xplor Fuego

As if the Xplor activities couldn’t get any more exciting, try enjoying them at night with Xplor Fuego. You could say it’s the twin version of Xplor adventures…but after nightfall.

▶️ The Nighttime Xplor Fuego Adventure with Transport *Official Product* grants you access to all the activities at Xplor. From the zipline circuits to riding an ATV through the jungle, you’ll be doing it in the dark, surrounded by the sounds of nature.

You’ll also go swimming in subterranean rivers and rafting through the caves, and refuel with an all-you-can-eat buffet and unlimited drinks. It’s definitely one of the most thrilling Cancun ATV excursions!

📝 This ATV and zipline Cancun tour includes: Hotel pick-up and drop-off, priority access to the activities, security gear, use of lockers, buffet dinner, and beverages. ➥ BOOK IT HERE


Xavage is another incredibly popular adventure park in the Riviera Maya. It boasts a vast number of activities that include ziplining, rafting, rope courses, and kayak circuits. Of course, there are also astounding ATV adventures available.

▶️ This Priority Access: Xavage with Transportation *Official Product* lasts a full day and offers access to all the activities at the park. Besides ATV riding, you’ll have the possibility of zip lining, jet boating, kayaking, and using the ropes circuit. Choose a few of them, or try them all!

Refuel with a hearty buffet lunch at the end of the day, and take advantage of the hassle-free transfers to return to your hotel.

📝 This tour includes: Hotel pick-up and drop-off, a buffet lunch, all the activities and equipment at the park, and priority access. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

Snorkel + ATV in Cancun

Besides thrilling ATV adventures, Cancun also features the perfect scenery for snorkeling. This ATV Combo Challenge (Reef Snorkel, ATV, Ziplines, Cenote, Lunch, and Transport) is just what you need to combine water and jungle activities.

You’ll snorkel among colorful reef fish and refuel with a meal at a private beach club. Then, get ready to go ATVing through mud roads in the jungle, glide through the treetops on a zipline circuit, and swim in a cenote.

📝 This amazing ATV tour in Cancun includes: Roundtrip transportation, all activities, admissions, snacks, lunch, and bottled water. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

Horseback Riding + ATV, Zipline and Cenote in Cancun

The Horseback Riding in Cancun Including ATV, Cenote, Ziplines, Lunch and Transfer takes you to the heart of the Mayan jungle.

Begin your day gliding through the vegetation on a zipline course, and then hop aboard an ATV. You’ll have the chance to drive on a road full of rocks, mud, climbs, and descents.

Get your blood pumping as you take control of the vehicle, and then go for a peaceful horseback ride along beautiful trails.

Cap off the excursion by swimming in a sacred cenote, and having a Mexican meal. You can choose between single and double ATVs, and a morning or afternoon departure.

📝 This ATV tour from Cancun includes: Roundtrip transportation, all activities, equipment, lunch, and purified water. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

Tulum Ruins, Cenotes, and ATV from Cancun

For a dose of history in your tour, choose the Tulum ruins + ATV Extreme and Cenotes Combo Tour from Cancun. It takes you on a guided tour around the Mayan ruins of Tulum before you head into the jungle.

Once there, you’ll swim and snorkel in natural cenotes full of stalactites, and rappel down to splash in the water. The star of the show? Going off-road on your ATV, driving on thrilling trails and mud tracks.

This Cancun ATV and cenote tour includes a Mexican buffet lunch to refuel you after all the adventures.

📝 This ATV adventure from Cancun includes: Roundtrip transportation, entrance fees, safety equipment for all activities, lunch, and a guide. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

Cancun ATV Tours FAQ

Can you ride ATV in Cancun, Mexico?

Yes, you can, although not on your own. ATV activities are among the most popular in Cancun, especially in adventure parks like Xplor and Selvatica.

Does Xcaret have ATV?

Xcaret Park does not offer ATV activities, but you can enjoy possibly the best ATV experience in Cancun at Xplor Adventure Park with this Priority Access to Xplor Adventure Park that includes hotel pick-up and drop-off.    

Where can I find an ATV rental in Cancun?

As far as I know, no place rents ATVs and quads in Cancun. In order to ride an off-road vehicle in Cancun, you’ll have to join a tour or buy access to an adventure park like the ones in this article.

Do you need a license to ride ATV in Cancun?

A driving license is generally required, but some parks will ask for one, and some others won’t. Xplor, for example, asks for a license (but they don’t check if you have one).

What’s the minimum age to drive an ATV in Cancun?

16 is generally the minimum age for riding an ATV in Cancun.

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