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Uma Casa Review | A Design Hotel in Mexico City

Uma Casa is a wonderful design hotel in Mexico City, ideal for staying in the heart of the city but away from its noise and bustle. Find out why you should stay here!

Uma Casa – in Portuguese “a home”. And the owner of Uma Casa, Claudia, tells me right away that this is in fact a house, more than a hotel.

The house of her childhood, that got re-thought into a house for travelers, for design lovers, for people looking for something different from the typical cookie-cutter city hotels.

While this hotel is in Mexico City, it’s an oasis, quiet and far from the hustle and bustle, surrounded by plants and wide open-air spaces which make it a perfect haven for rest and relaxation after a day of sightseeing.


Uma Casa is a hotel in Mexico City with a unique design, inspired by 12 ingredients of Mexican cuisine which connect the hotel with the Mexican legacy and its origins, which are linked so strongly to food. 

The shapes, textures, and colors are all taken from nature, and the blue tones that are present throughout the hotel arise from the blue corn tortillas.

This is a photographer’s dream. I’ve stayed in countless hotels over the last few years, and in very few I had so much fun shooting the interiors of the hotel. Here I felt like a model on a fashion photoshoot playing with the colors, the lights, and the curves of the hotel.

The furniture is artisanally made in Mexico, curated to celebrate tradition with a contemporary twist. No detail is left unthought.


Uma Casa features 9 rooms, each unique and special in its design, and named after a typical Mexican ingredient.  

All the rooms and suites have private bathrooms with luxury amenities, a flat-screen TV, and air conditioning.

Some rooms also feature a workspace, ideal if you have to put in some work during your stay like us. 

Some of the suites also boast a private terrace or a living room, and they come with either a king-sized bed, a queen-size, or twin beds.

Being a design hotel, every single detail in the rooms is carefully thought of, from the matching form of the wardrobes, windows, and mirrors to the colors, lamps, and seating areas. And the quality of the materials is top-notch, from the duvet cover to the linen curtains.

The rooms are soundproof and it’s truly quiet – even the lightest sleeper will have no problem getting some shut-eye. No doubt it’s one of the best design hotels in Mexico!

▶ Book your stay at Uma Casa ON THEIR WEBSITE or on BOOKING.COM.


This Mexico City boutique hotel features a cozy living room on the ground floor where guests can read a book or finalize their Mexico City itinerary.

But one of the best parts of the hotel IMO is the rooftop area, where guests can get work done thanks to the work-friendly stations with plugs or just relax.

You’ll even find an hammock which, on top of being super instagrammable, is a great place to relax with a book, and a meditation / light exercise area.


Breakfast is included with your stay, and it combines a continental breakfast with à la carte items

We had the first course of fresh fruit served with granola, fresh honey, and yogurt with a cappuccino and ginger shot, which was followed by salmon trout and avocado served over rye bread. Breakfast ended with some traditional pastries called conchas. All absolutely delicious.

Other options guests can choose from include omelet and some traditional Mexican breakfast dishes, but dishes change daily. Vegetarians and vegans can also enjoy a hearty first meal, as there are options suited to their diets as well.


Uma Casa’s location is IMO one of its strongest points (together with its runway-ready design, of course). It’s situated in Lomas de Chapultepec, an upscale residential area, home to some of the biggest mansions in the city.

Listen, I love big cities, but I don’t love the noise of big cities. And granted, Mexico City is a particularly noisy one.

Stay in the city center and you’ll hear people shouting in the streets, mariachi bands playing, cars honking, shamans offering magic treatments (not kidding!)… for some, it might be part of the charm, but I truly enjoyed the quiet I found in Lomas de Chapultepec.

I could open my window and hear only birds singing, and for a second I forgot I was in one of the biggest cities in the world.


You won’t even have to call a cab to go for dinner – Uma Casa is located right next to Prado Norte, a very nice street that boasts plenty of restaurants and cafes, all of them less than a 10-minute walk from the hotel. 

Among the best places to eat there are Ojo de Agua, where you’ll get great açai bowls, juices, and smoothies; Pokou Poke Place for absolutely all kinds of poke bowls, including some vegetarian ones; and a Starbucks with a very distinct Spanish design. Even if you’re not drinking coffee, you should pop by for a picture!  

The Chapultepec Park and Castle, two must-visit on any trip to Mexico, are only a 10-minute walk away, and so is the Anthropology Museum where you’ll find the largest collection of ancient Mexican art in the world.

The hotel is also close to Polanco, a trendy neighborhood with a wide array of shopping venues, upmarket restaurants, cafes, and bars.

If you’re a foodie, you can’t miss the churros at El Moro and Cafebreria El Pendulo Polanco, a gorgeous library with a cafe on-site. If you like shopping, don’t miss the Antara Shopping Mall.

Polanco is also home to several museums, including Museo Jumex and Museo Soumaya, and the famous Mexico Mi Amor wall where you’ll want to snap some photos (go in the morning or you’ll find a line).


Rooms at this luxury boutique hotel start at $300 per night for two guests including breakfast, although rates may vary depending on the time of year you’re visiting and the room you choose. 

▶ Book your stay at Uma Casa ON THEIR WEBSITE or on BOOKING.COM.

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