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Tequila Tasting in Cabo San Lucas (9 Options)

Are you a tequila enthusiast? And you’re visiting Los Cabos? Perfect combination. This post will tell you all you need to know about tequila tasting in Cabo San Lucas. Read on! 

Tequila is considered Mexico’s national drink, so it’s not a surprise that you want to go hunting for the most delicious tequila in Los Cabos. 

While no tequila is produced in the peninsula, you’ll be spoilt for choices of tequila tastings (and mezcal, why not?) and options to buy your favorite bottles in Cabo San Lucas, the most popular town in Baja California. 

Whenever I’m back in Mexico, I like to indulge in a few tequila cocktails here and there (and mezcalitas which is my new favorite cocktail!). I am not personally a huge fan of pure tequila but the first time I was in Mexico I went on a tequila tasting and thought it was a great way to learn about the different types of tequila.

Tequila tasting is offered in many restaurants and bars, but there are also fabulous tours available. They allow you to explore the area and, on top of that, discover the white/golden drink that’s made a name for itself all over the world. 

Check out how you can enjoy a memorable tequila tasting in Cabo San Lucas!

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Limited time? These are the ultimate options 👇

THE BEST TOURTequila Tasting Tour in Cabo San Lucas
TEQUILA + CHOCOLATEDay Tour with Tequila and Chocolate Tasting
DINNER CRUISEDinner Cruise Tour with Tequila Tasting

An Introduction to Tequila

Tequila is actually the name of a town in Jalisco, Mexico, and it’s where the tequila drink was born. To this day, the town is mainly known for the production of the spirit, whose base ingredient is the blue agave plants that grow in the area. 

While Jalisco is the main state to produce it – and where over 80% of agave plants are! –  there are other four authorized states in the country: Michoacan, Tamaulipas, Guanajuato, and Nayarit.

Once matured, the agave plant is cut and taken into the distilleries. There it’s processed, fermented, and distilled (among various other steps) to become the world-renowned drink Mexico is so proud of.  

There are not only one but three different types of tequila, categorized based on their aging. Blanco is the youngest tequila, usually aged for less than 2 months. It’s followed by Reposado, which sits in oak barrels for up to a year, and Añejo, aged at least for a year. 

There are also two other variations: Tequila Joven, which mixes aged and young tequila, and Extra Añejo, aged for around three years.

Tequila is widely consumed all over Mexico, and you’ll find multiple ways to taste the drink while in Cabo. Tastings are actually the best way to get to try different varieties and learn about them. It will also help you discover your favorite kind, so I highly recommend the experience!   

9 Options for Tequila Tasting in Cabo San Lucas

OUR PICK: Book a Private (and Affordable!) Cabo San Lucas Tequila Tasting

If you want to truly delve into the world of tequila, get all your drink-related questions answered, and enjoy a personalized experience, I suggest this private Tequila Tasting Tour in Cabo San Lucas.

This incredibly affordable workshop allows you and your friends to enjoy an intimate tasting of six handmade varieties of tequila, and three different types of mezcal. You’ll get snacks with your drinks – from agave heart to cheese and dark chocolate – and learn all there’s to know about the spirits. 

It’s one of the best tequila tours in Cabo San Lucas for groups of travelers. 

Why this tequila tour? 👉 With hundreds of 5-star reviews, this experience stands out for the dedication of the sommelier and guide who’ll be with you, the personalized attention, and the quality of the products you’ll taste.

The servings are generous, and the workshop is very informative in a light and fun way, which in my opinion makes it the very best alternative out there.

Read what the reviews say 👇

”This Tequila/Mezcal Tasting was AMAZING! Our Tequila Sommelier [we even took a picture with him 🙂 ] was absolutely phenomenal – he walked us through the different plant types that Tequilas and Mezcals are made from as well as the different regions of Mexico that the different agave plants grow and derive from! Highly recommend this activity 10/10.”

Casey_S – Read more reviews

📝 This private tequila tasting in Cabo includes: Nine tastings, snacks, and a private experience. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

Eat + Drink Tequila at Pancho’s Restaurant & Tequila Bar

Another great option to enjoy tequila tasting in Los Cabos is heading to Pancho’s Restaurant & Tequila Bar. This fantastic – and very traditional – eatery is incredibly popular. And that’s not only for the delicious food it serves, but also for the wide variety of good tequila on offer. 

Pancho’s also has a tequila tasting experience that includes 4 types of tequila – Blanco, Reposado, Añejo, and Extra Añejo – and one mezcal. A real treat to the taste buds!

The tasting takes around 45 minutes, and a Tequila Expert will be by your side at all times. You’ll learn the nuances of each tequila, their production process, and get your questions answered! 

This tequila restaurant in Cabo allows you to pair your spirit tastings with dinner. The menu boasts many delicious local specialties, from the starters (Guacamole, Ceviche, Queso Nevado) to grilled meats, tacos, enchiladas, and tamales. 

You’ll also find seafood dishes and meal combos, although not many vegetarian options. 

If you already know your favorite tequila and just want to enjoy a few shots, you can get pretty much any brand and type at the bar. Trust me, it’s hands down the best tequila restaurant in Cabo San Lucas. 

Address: Miguel Hidalgo Sur & Emiliano Zapata 
Opening Hours: Daily from 3.00 PM to 10.00 PM 

Visit San Jose del Cabo and Taste Tequila

As you probably already know, Los Cabos offers way more than the opportunity to sample tequila. To make the most of your time and enjoy the area to the fullest, you can choose a combined tour.

Pair your tequila tasting with a visit to the beautiful attractions of San Jose del Cabo and a tour around downtown Cabo San Lucas. 

This Los Cabos: Day Tour with Tequila and Chocolate Tasting allows you to do all of that in a single day. You’ll take a boat tour around Cabo San Lucas Bay, and check out some attractions in town including viewpoints, a Glass Blowing Factory, and the estuary. 

You’ll also head to San Jose del Cabo for a walking tour around its historical center, and delicious chocolate and tequila tastings. One of the very best tequila tasting tours out there if you’re a chocolate lover as well!

📝 This Cabo San Lucas tequila tour includes: All transfers, chocolate and tequila samples, a boat tour, and insurance. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

Go on a Dinner Cruise with Tequila Tasting

You can get the tequila experience to a whole new (and way fancier) level by going on a Dinner Cruise Tour in Cabo San Lucas with Tequila Tasting. The tour actually lasts most of the day, with visits to many Cabo San Lucas attractions and landmarks. 

You’ll also indulge in a tequila tasting to learn about the national drink, and board a cruise at sunset to enjoy the natural highlights of Los Cabos.

The trip includes sailing past The Arch and Pelicano Rock, and savoring a delicious dinner aboard with drinks from the open bar.  

📝 This tequila tasting Cabo San Lucas includes: Hotel pick-up and drop-off, live entertainment, a tequila tasting tour, dinner, an open bar, and a guide. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

Buy All the Tequila at Tequila Town

Tequila Town is a store with one of the largest selections of authentic tequila in all of Los Cabos. It is the place to buy your favorite tequila bottles, from their very own brand to the most popular Mexican tequila labels and other low-key gems. The best tequila in Cabo San Lucas is undoubtedly here. 

Besides being a shop, though, Tequila Town also offers tequila tastings. This means you could be introduced to the spirit world and make your shopping in one single stop. 

The people running the store are very knowledgeable, and you’ll be able to learn everything there is to know about the drink.

From how the climate affects the blue agave plant (and flavor), to how tequila is aged, what that means for the drink, and how to recognize high quality, all will be covered.

You’ll also discover which is the best tequila to buy in Cabo San Lucas, and definitely find it here. 

If you’re not an experienced tequila drinker, or still not a fan, you can count on them to help you find the type of drink that will make you warm up to the spirit

You’ll find a great selection of mezcal, Mexico’s second-popular drink which also comes from agave plants, at the shop as well. 

Address: Paseo de la Marina 5, Cabo San Lucas 
Opening Hours: Saturday to Thursday from 10 AM to 10 PM. Fridays from 9 AM to 9 PM.  

Go on a Snorkeling Tour with a Twist

Tequila can be present every step of the way on your Los Cabos vacation, including while you go snorkeling. It’s such an important part of Mexican culture, that many tours and activities in Baja California Sur involve tastings of the famous spirit. 

So, give snorkeling a twist with this Shopping, Snorkel, and Tequila Tour in Cabo San Lucas. The experience takes 6 hours, and starts with a shopping tour in which you’ll be driven to the best stores and shops in the area to splurge or buy souvenirs.

You’ll also enjoy a fantastic tequila tasting in town, learning about the drink and figuring out your favorite type. After you’ve shopped and are a little tipsy, it will be time to sail and discover the best snorkeling spots in Los Cabos. 

There will be an onboard buffet lunch and domestic open bar which I’m sure you’ll appreciate after your underwater adventures. 

📝 This tequila tasting tour includes: Hotel pick-up and drop-off, a catamaran cruise, live entertainment, snorkeling gear, an open bar, lunch, and a tequila tasting session. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

Sunset Cruise, Tequila Tasting & Tacos

If you’d rather enjoy a fancier experience, I’d suggest this Los Cabos Sunset Sail Plus Tequila Tasting and Taco Dinner. It starts with a sunset cruise equipped with a phenomenal open bar.

You’ll sail for two hours past amazing natural attractions in Los Cabos while sipping your drink and enjoying the sunset from the water. You’ll then head into town for a fantastic tequila tasting.

Your guide will explain all about the drink’s history and production, and you’ll finish the day with a delicious taco dinner. 

📝 This Cabo San Lucas tequila tasting tour includes: Hotel roundtrip transportation, sunset cruise, an open bar, a taco dinner, and tequila tasting. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

Tequila and Ceviche Bar Program at Las Ventanas

Las Ventanas is a spectacular, luxury resort in Cabo San Lucas that offers a Tequila and Ceviche experience worth checking out. 

Their bar specializes in fresh ceviche with a great variety of seafood, paired with all sorts of tequila brands and types. The Tequila Masters will help you determine which is your kind of tequila when you take part in a blind tequila tasting. 

You’ll get to sample the drink and learn about the different drinks you taste until you become an expert in your favorite tequila. 

You’ll then get to enjoy fabulous tequila-based drinks or shots with ceviche in a gorgeous setting.  

Address: Km. 19.5 Carretera Transpeninsular 
Bar Opening Hours: Daily from noon until 10 PM. The Ceviche selections finish at 9 PM

Tequila & Mezcal Tasting in Cabo San Lucas

Another exceptional tour is this Tequila Tasting Experience. In merely 1.5 hours you’ll receive a full lesson about the production of tequila and the different types there are.

An expert will guide you through the handcrafted methods that take place to turn the agave plant into this coveted spirit. Then, enjoy a tasting of tequila and mezcal with food pairings, and hear about the history of both drinks.

📝 This Cabo tequila tour includes: Tequila and mexcal tastings, and food pairings. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

Tequila Tasting in Cabo FAQ

How much is a tequila tasting in Cabo? 

Tequila tasting in Cabo costs around $35. 

Is tequila made in Cabo San Lucas?

Tequila is only produced in five states in Mexico, and Cabo San Lucas is not one of them. However, you can join some fantastic tequila tasting experiences in Cabo to try the drink! 

What happens at a tequila tasting?

During a tequila tasting you’ll be presented with different types of the drink. You’ll get to sample them as an expert explains their differences, and the reasons why their taste varies. You’ll also gain insights into the tequila production and history. I recommend this Tequila Tasting Tour in Cabo San Lucas.

Which is the best tequila tasting in Cabo? 

In our opinion, one of the ultimate Cabo tequila tasting tours is this private Tequila Tasting Tour in Cabo San Lucas, which is very affordable and offers an informative tequila tasting session.

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