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How to Get from Palma Airport to Magaluf [2024]

Wondering about transportation from Palma Airport to Magaluf? Arrive to the airport prepared. Check all the transport options in this post and decide how to travel from Palma de Mallorca to Magaluf.

Known mostly for its nightlife and party scene, Magaluf is a popular summer destination in Mallorca that also features beautiful beaches and plenty of entertainment for both kids and adults.

Some people just come down here for a week of relaxation and fun, while some others stop here just for 1 or 2 nights (a road trip around Mallorca is one of the best road trips in Spain!).

The nearest airport for Magaluf is the Palma de Mallorca airport, also referred to simply as Palma aiport.

The distance from Palma Airport to Magaluf is approximately 29 kilometers (18 miles). If you’re traveling straight from the airport to your destination by car, you’ll be traveling roughly 25 minutes to reach Magaluf from the airport.

Once you arrive to the airport, there are a few available Palma airport transportation options to Magaluf. Each of these options varies in terms of the cost, convenience, and length of travel time. If you’re wondering how to get to Magaluf from Palma airport, you’ve landed in the right place as I’ve compared all the possible options, so you can decide what works best for you.

Book a Private Transfer from Palma Airport to Magaluf

If you want to travel hassle-free and be driven to your hotel from the airport, a private driver is the best way to get from Palma Airport to Magaluf. It’s also financially convenient compared to a taxi, especially if you’re traveling as a group or as a large family (you can see the comparison in the paragraph about taxis).

The transfer time from Mallorca airport to Magaluf is approximately 25 minutes. 89 Transfers is a local company that provides transfers from Palma Airport to Magaluf (and to anywhere in the island). You can book a transfer for 1 person up to 12 people (including babies and children), and it will always be private.

The advantage of pre-booking a private Palma Airport transfer to Magaluf is that you’ll get an English-speaking driver, a greeting service in the Arrivals hall with a named placard, and a transfer in an insured and air-conditioned mini-bus. If you’re traveling with babies or children, baby seats and baby boosters are always available onboard free of charge.

There’s another advantage of pre-booking a transfer with 89 Transfers, which is you don’t pay in advance. You’ll only pay at the airport when you meet your driver, and you can pay by cash (in euros), by credit or debit card, or with PayPal, Samsung Pay, or Apple Pay. Because let’s be honest… who likes to pay in advance, especially with the world in such an uncertain situation?

This also makes the service very flexible: you can book and sleep tight knowing that if the borders close or anything else happens, you can cancel up to 24 hours in advance and get a full refund. Beyond this, you will be charged 20% of the total sum.

You can easily check out the current price of your Palma Airport to Magaluf transfer in the website, and there are no hidden charges – what you see is what you pay. At the time of writing, these are the prices:

One WayReturn
2 people60 €118 €
4 people62 €124 €
6 people66 €130 €
10 people72 €142 €
12 people74 €148 €

Take a Taxi from Palma Airport to Magaluf

Once you get off the plane, you’ll find that there are plenty of taxis offering transportation from Palma Airport to Magaluf – however, I honestly don’t recommend this option, and this is why.

A regular taxi Palma Airport to Magaluf (which can transport up to 4 passengers) will cost around €50-55. Of course, the tariff depends on a bunch of things including the time of day/night, if it’s a holiday and luggage.

A pre-booked Palma de Mallorca airport transfer to Magaluf is about the same cost for up to 4 people, and a much cheaper option if you’re a group of friends or a big family since you’d have to take multiple taxis. If you’re traveling solo or in a couple and you’re on a budget, then the bus might be a better option.

Plus, who likes to arrive after a flight and have to find transportation? A pre-booked transfer will have a driver waiting for you, so the whole experience is more relaxing. That’s why I recommend pre-booking a Magaluf airport transfer.

Take the Bus from Palma Airport to Magaluf

Image by Nemenfoto via DepositPhotos

If you’re looking for the cheapest way to get from Palma de Mallorca airport to Magaluf, the bus is a good option if you’re arriving during the day. However, if you’re traveling as a large group, a private transfer might be financially convenient compared to the bus.

➤ During the summer and the high season, you’ll find a direct Palma Airport to Magaluf bus that will bring you straight from the airport to Magaluf. The bus line is A11, and it’s run from the TIB company. Of course, you can take the same bus for the way back Magaluf to Palma airport.

Line A11 goes all the way from Palma Airport to Peguera, and stops in Magaluf as well. To get this bus, you need to get out of the arrivals area, and cross the bus park. You can find the timetable and updated fare here on the website. The ticket should cost around 6€ (7 USD).

➤ If the direct bus line from Mallorca airport to Magaluf is not working, you can also take bus 547 towards Arribades and get off at Estaciò Intermodal (Plaça Espanya) after approximately 15 minutes. From here take either bus 104 or 107 to Magaluf for the Palma de Mallorca – Magaluf stretch.
You can find the timetable for bus 547 here and the schedule for the second part of the journey here.

Rent a Car in Palma de Mallorca Airport

If you’re up for driving, renting your own car can be the best way to get to Magaluf from Palma Airport. This is especially true if you’re planning to drive around, go on a few day trips and explore the island. When you drive your own car, you can visit as many attractions as you want and go at your own pace. It gives you more freedom to explore.

However, if you’re just planning to stay at the beach and party, it makes no sense to rent a car, so you need to decide based on your plans and itinerary. If you decide to rent a car, these are a few general tips:

• Always carry your rental agreement in your vehicle.

• Always bring your valid driver’s license with you. It is also recommended that you carry your passport or at least a copy of your passport.

• Carry a copy of your insurance.

• Always stay within the speed limit. 

You can find a car rental in Mallorca at Palma Airport, but to me the best option for renting a car from Palma de Mallorca Airport is to book in advance online. I usually use Discover Cars to compare prices and find the best deal. ➥ COMPARE PRICES HERE

Magaluf: A Short Guide

Best Things To Do in Magaluf

I won’t keep this section long as you probably don’t need me to convince you to visit Magaluf – you’re already looking how to get there! There are plenty of guides out there to the best things to do in Magaluf and Mallorca. If you need a little reminder though, these are the top things to do on the island.

Relax at the beach: Magaluf beach is a great sandy beach long 1.6 km. If relaxing and tanning isn’t your thing, you can go on a jet boat excursion or on a banana boat, or you can even try water skiing.

➤ Have fun at Kathmandu Park, a theme park where you’ll find plenty of rides, an upside-down house, 4D movies, and more. It was voted #2 amusement park in Spain on TripAdvisor, and is fun for both adults and kids.

➤If you’re coming to Magaluf, I’m fairly certain you’re interested in its crazy nightlife. Most of the nightlife is found on Magaluf Strip. You’ll find anything from bars to karaoke places and clubs – you definitely won’t get bored here!

Where To Stay in Magaluf

LUXURY HOTEL: Meliá Calviá Beach – Located right in front of the beach, Meliá Calviá Beach features 3 pools (one of which indoor and heated), a spa, and entertainment for the whole family, on top of beautiful rooms with a view and everything you might need during your stay.

BOUTIQUE HOTEL: Room Mate Olivia – I personally love the hotels from the Room Mate brand! At Room Mate Olivia you’ll find hip and modern accommodation just 200 m from the beach + incredible views, 4 swimming pool with DJ sessions and snacks, and much more.

ON A BUDGET: Hostel Floridita – This hostel offers both accommodation in private rooms, and in shared dorms of 4 to 6 beds. Guests can use the pool and the facilities of the nearby Hotel Florida. Close to both the beach and the nightlife of Magaluf.

How To Get from Palma Airport to Magaluf – Frequently Asked Questions

Is there Uber in Magaluf?

No, there is no Uber in Mallorca.

How much is a taxi from Palma airport to Magaluf?

The taxi cost from Palma Airport to Magaluf should be approximately €50-55.

How far away is Magaluf from Palma airport?

29 kms (18 miles). It takes approximately 25 mintes to go from Palma Airport to Magaluf by car.

How do I get from Palma to Magaluf the fastest?

The fastest way to go Palma Airport-Magaluf is by driving or taking a private transfer/taxi.

What is the cheapest way to get from Palma to Magaluf?

The cheapest way to get to Magaluf from Palma Airport is to take the bus. During the summer season there’s bus A11 that goes direct from Mallorca Airport to Magaluf. In the rest of the year you can take bus 547 towards Arribades and get off at Estaciò Intermodal (Plaça Espanya). From here take either bus 104 or 107 to Magaluf.

What is the airport for Magaluf?

There is no airport in Magaluf. The closest airport to Magaluf is Palma Airport (Palma de Mallorca Airport) which is 29 kms (18 miles) away.

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