It’s all a matter of feelings: an introducti...

It’s all a matter of feelings: an introduction to Kerala

Have you ever experienced a silence so loud and roaring that felt like a dull noise?
It’s the sort of silence that reigns at sunrise in the backwaters, the water stained with warm shades of orange and pink and life awakening onshore.

Sunrise in Kerala backwaters

Kerala was a dream, period. Just a kaleidoscopic colored dream.

Since I came back from India a month ago I’ve been wondering how I was going to introduce you to this magic land that I was lucky enough to discover thanks to Kerala Tourism and the Kerala Blog Express experience.

Feeling Indian with my saree

It’s hard when you’ve lived such an incredible experience that you feel words are never going to be enough, so I’m just going to throw it all out… are you coming with me? Here it’s an introduction to Kerala through the senses.

Boating through the canals

Kerala, at the southern tip of the subcontinent, is India, but in a different way, a softer, more subtle way, they say.
It’s a land of contrasts, noises, odors, and of incredible, fake looking landscapes.

Sometimes you look around and you wonder if there’s a painter somewhere who’s making it all up!

Welcome to the jungle!

Kerala is the fresh, earthy smell of tea plantations, heightened by the tropical rain, and the sweet and sour odor of the curry that fills your nostrils since you wake up.

Photo: Jinson Abraham, Kerala Tourism

Photo: Jinson Abraham, Kerala Tourism

It’s the scent of warm oil used for Ayurvedic treatments and the less sensuous, nauseating stink of the pans filled with over fried oil in the streets.
Kerala is the smell of the fresh coconuts that some smiling people are always ready to hand to you when you check in in a luxury resort and, if you didn’t know, that’s exactly what “Kerala” means: the land of coconuts.

Sunset at Kovalam Beach

Kerala is a land where conventions don’t count: the communist party keeps getting re-elected since 1957 and three religions are able to live peacefully together, without ever crashing, in the same way in which the colored rickshaws manage to jostle through the crowds without ever losing speed.

Kerala is the stinging burn of the spices on the tongue and the ever changing taste of the chai; it’s the powdery flavor of the tea and the forbidden taste of cold Kingfishers found in a hidden bar.

preparation of chai

Of all the place I’ve been, of all the place I’ve known, I’ ve never seen such happy eyes, so many beaming smiles born with no real reasons, the smile of someone who look at life with an optimism that, I’m afraid to say, us westerners don’t have.photo1 (3)

In my ears still echo the laughs of the girls who wave at you and then for a second cover their face with the hands, giggling embarrassed, when you ask them to take a selfie with you, and I still dream of the 37 additional smiles of the people who were part of this adventure with me.

Photo: Jinson Abraham, Kerala Tourism

Photo: Jinson Abraham, Kerala Tourism

Kerala is the tropical storm that catches you all of a sudden while you are kayaking in the middle of the backwaters, passing through villages and scattered houses where life goes by marked by the swing of nature.

And you can’t stop laughing, and you lift your face and hands up in the sky and feel the warm rain flowing incessant on your skin, soaking you up till every centimeter of you is wet.

Kayaking in the Kerala backwaters was a magic experience...

Kerala is indeed like a swamping storm, it’s a land unlike any other place I’ve ever been, and the more the days went by and the more the departure date came closer, I wanted more and more.

After all these days, there’s no one morning I wake up without wanting to go back, to that senses overload I love and hate at the same time.
Because Kerala is a place that stays with you, no matter what.

Kerala can be visited on your own, but it’s one of those places where a little pampering is worth the splurge..check out these amazing hotels in Kerala.

Otherwise, if you prefer to just relax, Kerala tour packages make things way easier if you want to enjoy this incredible and unforgettable land and not have to worry about anything.

Would you like to visit Kerala?


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  1. That was so marvelous ! Can’t wait for our next adventures in Asia !

    • Steph

      28 April

      I know!!! Can’t wait either for some crazy Bangkok (and not only!) nights <3

  2. Michelle

    29 April

    This sounds amazing Steph. Putting Kerala on my list of places to visit.

  3. Steph, visited and loved it! Fell VIOLENTLY ill in Muhamma wih giardia but I met a dear blogging buddy in his hometown and after a recovery period, I gobbled up Kovalam Beach with glee. The people were SO friendly and since many spoke English I had more than a few folks note how their relatives lived in towns right by my home town in New Jersey. You have the beauty of Bali and the down home, authentic, kind charm of say, the SE USA. REally special spot and I am dying to head back to Kerala. Wonderful post Steph, great job capturing what Kerala is all about!


  4. pragati

    7 May

    Hi…I have been looking fwd to reading posts about K B E. You have expressed your impressions in such a beautiful way. Bravo!

  5. Anoop

    16 October

    Thanks Steph.. That is a beautiful post about kerala and the paradoxes it hides within itself…

  6. A. Ambaly

    16 October

    Excellent and marvellous Expression about Kerala which I am reading from the Last region, Punta Arenas (Chile) near Antarctica and I am proud too to say I am in South America where, my business trip is most successful. Quite interesting to hear from few Native travellers / Tourists and or business groups about Kerala’s nature as well ancients herbal / Ayurveda massages (todays health tourism which I / my group companies intend to commence from 2017 beginning onwards ). Most welcome every one those who are keen interested to see South American Tourism as well ” Our Kerala- God’s Own Country Nature ” and God’s Creations in this State of South India . Thanks to our parents we all be proud of our State , although we arew spread around the world , how can we forget our Native Place , but we have still refine lot in many discipline.

  7. Sapna Garg

    12 March

    Loved the way you portrait Kerala. In the most natural way and all the pics showing the authentic Kerala.
    I am also a Travel Writer and also shared my experience to “Munnar” in my blog “NITSA”.

  8. Fumiko

    22 July

    Kerala!! I didn’t know this place! Although I visited 35 countries so far. And as you said, the smile of people in Kerala is great! It’s real smile. Definitely it’s paradise!!

  9. Noor

    10 October

    Lovely blog post! It’s giving me serious wanderlust…

  10. Roy

    24 April

    Really helpful blog to introduce Kerala tourism

  11. Kerala Packages

    7 June

    Thanks stefania for sharing such a beautiful photo and post of kerala

  12. Leni Alexander

    6 July

    I love this place too much, no words to explain the beauty of this place. Now I know why people call Kerala- “Gods Own Country”.

  13. Kiran

    25 April

    Great post, Everything you explained in detail. What about the taste of Kerala local tea and traditional snacks?

    • Steph

      31 May

      I must admit I’m not the biggest fan of South Indian food and drinks, I’m not used to the spices… but I like everything else about it ahah

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