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13 Best Ecolodges and Eco Resorts in Indonesia [2024]

There are a great number of options when it comes to eco resorts in Indonesia, all of them boasting incredible surroundings and top-notch service, besides being sustainable. Check out the absolute best ones! 

Indonesia is one of the Asian countries that’s best known for its stunning ecosystem, boasting thousands of islands with impressive landscapes. From lakes to volcanoes, waterfalls, mangroves, coral gardens, and lush jungle, nature plays a very big role in the country. 

And so does sustainability. More and more mid-range and luxury resorts in Indonesia have incorporated eco-friendly practices and taken steps to not only reduce their carbon footprint, but also contribute positively to their community and the environment. Indonesia is in fact one of the ultimate ecotourism destinations in the world!

Image of a tropical beach with turqupise waters, palapas on the sand, and a resort on the ebachfront surrounded by palm trees, inserted in a post about the best Eco Lodges and Eco Resorts in Indonesia

Below you’ll find a list of the ultimate ecolodges & eco resorts in Indonesia, both in terms of sustainability and astounding amenities. Check it out! 

Bawah Reserve – Pulau Bawah

Image by Bawan Reserve

Bawah Reserve is a 5-star, stunning resort that stands out not only for its impeccable service and amenities but for its commitment to sustainability. 

The resort was designed and built with a minimal impact approach, respecting the natural ecosystem where it’s located, and using locally sourced materials. This includes bamboo and stone, as well as recycled copper to make mirrors and sinks. 

Rainwater is collected and reused, wastewater is treated, and drinking water actually comes from a desalination plant. The resort also sorts through and recycles waste, besides protecting the mangroves and biodiversity of the area. 

At Bawah Reserve, guests will enjoy beautifully designed rooms that echo their natural surroundings with the architecture and furniture. There’s a swimming pool, restaurant, and wellness center, and some rooms also boast sea views or a private balcony. 

We like it because it offers luxuries like breakfast in the room and various activities to entertain guests, and it has a private beach area solely for the use of its guests. 


Bambu Indah – Ubud

Image by Bambu Indah

Bambu Indah is a jungle retreat lodge with a very strong emphasis on caring for the environment. The homes, which are located by the river, in the treetops, and in the jungle, flawlessly blend with the natural surroundings, boasting a sustainable design inspired by them. 

Bambu Indah is a luxurious boutique hotel that offers to guests a smoke-free environment, and carries out practices that include the recycling of waste from food scraps to plastic, the use of LED lights, and the filtration of water through a reverse osmosis system. The toiletries provided are 100% organic, and the pool water is filtered from a well. 

The hotel boasts a swimming pool, a wellness center, and a restaurant that uses locally cultivated produce. The rooms feature stunning bamboo decorations and even more gorgeous views of the natural surroundings, and there are family rooms available, as well as breakfast in bed included in the price. 

We like it because the rooms and common areas are fully integrated with the environment, and it offers the perfect setting for disconnecting from the outside, fast-paced world. 


Pulau Macan Eco Village – Kepulauan Seribu Regency

Pulau Macan Eco Village comprises two islands, one of which is scattered with wooden cabins and huts. The accommodations were built using sustainable, local materials and offer views of the ocean from the bed, so you don’t even have to get up to enjoy your surroundings. 

The sustainability practices at Pulau Macan include the lack of AC, solar panels, rainwater collection, mostly organic and vegetarian meals, and carbon offset. 

As for the accommodation, there is a total of 9 rooms with a lovely terrace and outdoor furniture, a desk, and a bathroom with free toiletries. There are double and family rooms that accommodate up to 7 people. 

The resort also features activities like snorkeling, diving, canoeing, and enjoying the table tennis and billiards in the common areas. There’s a bar and a restaurant with a kid-friendly menu, a children’s playground, and vast green, open spaces. 

We like it because the rates of the rooms, which are per person, include 3 meals a day as well as snacks, tea and coffee, equipment for a variety of activities, and National Park fees. 


Nihi Sumba – Sumba Island 

Image by Nihi Sumba

Nihi Sumba stands out when it comes to ecotourism in Indonesia. It’s situated right by the beach and surrounded by very lush vegetation, providing a haven for nature lovers. Activities like swimming with horses, surfing, releasing sea turtles, and enjoying the spa services are partly what make this resort one of a kind. 

Nihi Sumba’s philanthropy is expressed in the form of protecting and empowering the local communities, aiming to preserve the Sumbanese culture through the Sumba Foundation. Lessening the poverty conditions of the people and guaranteeing access to clean water and education are merely some of their endeavors. 

Environmental awareness is also a pillar of the resort’s philosophy. As for the accommodation, there are 27 gorgeous villas, from one to four-bedroom ones besides a secret villa, secluded and boasting stunning views from its elevated position, and the owner’s six-villa estate for ultimate luxury. 

A spa and a restaurant, besides culinary experiences, land and water activities, yoga classes, and an immersion in the local culture are some of the facilities and pursuits offered at Nihi Sumba eco resort. 

We like it because it goes to great lengths to ensure the preservation and thrive of the island’s culture and the welfare of its inhabitants, besides providing top-notch amenities to guests. 


Misool Eco Resort – Raja Ampat

Image by Misool Resort

Misool Resort Raja Ampat is a resort island, bordered by gorgeous coastline and coral reefs. It’s a beautiful destination to disconnect from civilization and enjoy an exclusive stay, as Misool only houses up to 40 guests at a time

This eco resort in Indonesia has a responsible tourism policy in place to protect not only the pristine coral reef of the island, but also the marine life and ecosystem. They do so by treating grey and black water, collecting rainwater, which comprises 60% of the total water usage in the resort, and recycling waste. 

Toiletries are biodegradable, reusable bottles are provided to guests, who can refill them in the various water stations available, and there’s a solar power system in place for electricity. 

There are water cottages and villas all around the island, most of them offering stunning views of the sea and even direct access to the beach. The villas feature open-air bathrooms, terraces, and bedrooms with desks and mosquito nets. 

There’s a restaurant, a wellness center, and a fantastic menu of activities that range from snorkeling and diving to birding cruises, and a tour around the lagoon.  

We like it because it’s off the grid, offering guests an immersion in Indonesia’s natural treasures without the bustle and hustle of its most popular cities. 


Amanwana – Moyo Island

Image by Amanwana

Amanwana is a luxury ecolodge in Indonesia that boasts a dive center and the magnificent marine reserve of Amanwana Bay. It’s an ideal destination for divers, and it’s also fantastic for nature lovers, as the setting of the island is incredible. 

Energy efficiency, the elimination of single-use plastics, water conservation, and waste management are some of the efforts taken by the resort to ensure environmental protection. It also actively supports the heritage of the area, prioritizes local suppliers, and funds education and female empowerment programs.  

Amanwana offers an upgraded version of glamping, featuring tented suites in the jungle or by the ocean with elegant furniture, a king-sized bed, a seating area, and an ensuite bathroom, besides loungers and beautiful views. 

Yoga lessons, a wellness center, snorkeling, and beautiful dining experiences are also available at Amanwana. 

We like it because it’s located in a protected, gorgeous marine park with offers a beautiful experience to water lovers, especially those diving and snorkeling. It’s one of the most pristine locations of them all! 


Komodo Resort – Pulau Sebayur

Image by Komodo Resort

Komodo Resort is a paradisiac accommodation on the remote island of Sebayur, neighboring the Komodo National Park. It’s fringed by beautiful corals and insane diving spots, and it takes great pains to protect the ecosystem it’s situated in, and to educate guests on the right approach to marine life and the environment. 

The resort itself has been built to blend with the natural surroundings, and all rooms are equipped with an ensuite bathroom, a minibar, desk, and wardrobe, as well as a seating area and gorgeous views. 

This Indonesia eco resort also boasts a private beach, great snorkeling and diving opportunities, a restaurant and bar, a spa, and a wellness center, among other top-class facilities. A two-way shuttle from Komodo Airport is provided. 

We like it because it offers one of the best diving opportunities in Indonesia, besides granting its guests luxurious amenities and the opportunity to enjoy an utterly relaxing stay.


Six Senses Uluwatu – Bali

Image by Six Senses Uluwatu

Six Senses Uluwatu is one of the most incredible luxury resorts in Indonesia, boasting five stars and a very impressive sustainability policy. Energy, waste, and water reduction are in place to minimize each guest’s consumption as much as possible. Food and garden waste is fed to the goats and chickens that live there, and kitchen oil is reused as biodiesel. 

The water from a local well is purified using the reverse osmosis system, and grey water is used for the fire hydrants and watering the garden. The resort also has a strong commitment to protecting the environment and raising awareness within the staff and community. 

The same care dedicated to sustainability is extended to the resort’s amenities, which are astounding. The wellness & spa center boasts a spectacular menu of treatments and massages, the restaurants are very elegant and offer the most authentic local cuisine, and there’s also a cooking studio where you can learn recipes and admire demonstrations. 

The rooms are spacious, and there’s also a swimming pool, a fitness center, and a great variety of activities that can be booked on-site. 

We like it because Six Senses is pet friendly, it has an outdoor cinema, and offers the fanciest dining experiences, from having a private cook at your villa to a floating breakfast and having high tea by the sea. 


Rimba Orangutan Eco Lodge – West Kotawaringin Regency

Image by Rimba Orangutan Eco Lodge

Rimba Orangutan Eco Lodge is located right by the Tanjung Puting National Park, an Indonesian natural gem. The lodge can only be accessed by boat, so it’s ideal for those looking for a remote location to disconnect from the world. 

This Eco Lodge in Indonesia recycles grey water to use in the garden, collects rainwater, and recycles a great percentage of general waste, besides using energy-saving light bulbs, employing local people, and raising awareness of the environment among them.      

The timber rooms have A/C that’s powered by solar energy, and include satellite internet, double or twin beds, ensuite bathroom, and mosquito nets. They are connected to the common areas by walkways through the jungle, providing an off-the-grid experience every time you go for breakfast or a tour. 

Seeing orangutans in the wild is possibly the main attraction at Rimba Eco Lodge, but there are also boat tours and other outdoor adventures you can book. 

We like it because it’s located in one of the only places on the planet where orangutans can be seen in their natural habitat, and the lodge offers sustainable, responsible tours to meet them. 


Cempedak Private Island – Cempedak Island

Image by Cempedak Private Island

Cempedak Private Island is one of the luxury Indonesia resorts worth considering for its eco-friendliness. Cempedak is in fact a private island of 17 hectares that boasts gorgeous beaches, impressive boulders, and lush rainforest, all of which will be your backyard during your stay. 

The island sources most of its supplies from the neighboring islands, supporting the communities that live there, and local materials were used to build the resort. 

The protection of the island’s flora and fauna and other eco-friendly practices are overseen by a full-time Sustainability Manager to help implement them as efficiently as possible. 

The villas are mainly built with bamboo, and all of them feature a private deck, plunge pool, and either views of the sea or direct access to the beach. They also have an ensuite bathroom, a lounge area, and a bar. 

A spa, restaurant, and both land and sea activities are available to guests, who can also order the picnic hampers to enjoy lunch in their favorite island spot.  

We like it because the resort is actually the whole island, so guests will be fully isolated from the rest of the world, ideal for a proper getaway vacation. 


Raja Ampat Biodiversity Nature Resort – Raja Ampat

Image by Raja Ampat Biodiversity Nature Resort

Raja Ampat Biodiversity Nature Resort is an enchanting site with an impressive focus on sustainability. Community welfare and the conservation of resources are a priority, and its practices aim to have a positive impact on both. 

Energy consumption is measured to be minimized, and steps are being taken to implement renewable energy as much as possible. The resort also supports local businesses, protects natural resources, and carries out practices that include waste management, the use of solar energy, natural gas, and weekly beach clean-ups. 

As for the resort’s facilities, it features three different types of cottages, a dive center, a restaurant by the beach that uses locally sourced ingredients and caters to gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan guests. There’s also a beach bar, a wonderful massage service, and snorkeling tours.

We like it because it doesn’t include certain meats and seafood types in the menu whose production/fishing is one of the most destructive to the environment. 


Janji Laut Resort – Manado

Janji Laut means a date with the ocean, and true to its name the resort is located right by it, with most of its activities focused on exploring it. Janji Laut offers snorkeling and diving trips, as well as a diving course to get your certification and a great variety of tours. 

Boasting stunning natural surroundings, this eco dive resort in Indonesia is resolved to protect the environment by taking all the possible measures in sustainability, starting with the use of LED lights and low-consumption bulbs and including waste management practices, wastewater treatment, and the preservation of the ecosystem. 

The resort features seafront and canopy rooms, and wooden cottages for families, all of them surrounded by lush vegetation and boasting beautiful views. There is a restaurant on-site, a massage center, a garden, and a swimming pool. Half and full board can be added to your stay, so you don’t have to leave this paradise at all. 

We like it because it offers both great relaxation and thrilling activities, so guests can combine a whole day in the ocean with walks in the jungle, massages, and an afternoon by the pool without leaving the resort.  


Mana Earthly Paradise – Ubud

Image by Mana Earthly Paradise

Mana Earthly Paradise is situated in the midst of Indonesia’s nature, surrounded completely by rice fields, palm trees, and lush greenery. It features spacious, minimalist eco-villas built with natural materials that accommodate a total of 32 guests, which makes it a very intimate lodge. 

The electricity is powered by solar energy, there are water saving showers and toilets to reduce water usage, wastewater is circulated, and rainwater collected. Mana also uses zero-waste mattresses and provides guests with eco-friendly toiletries

Besides the single and family villas, there are dorms for solo travelers. The family villas have a living and dining room, and all accommodation types include a bathroom with toiletries. 

Mana Earthly Paradise also has a restaurant on-site, and a wellness center where guests can get a massage. There are bike rentals and walking/cultural tours offered, as well as breakfast with vegetarian, Asian, and à la carte options. 

We like it because its location makes you feel you’ve gone off-grid, and it’s a perfect retreat destination to reconnect with oneself and nature, and take a break from Bali’s bustle and hustle.  


Eco Resorts in Indonesia FAQ

What are the features of an eco resort? 

Eco resorts are characterized for their commitment to the environment, carrying out practices that include waste management, energy efficiency, using non-toxic cleaning products, and providing guests with organic or biodegradable toiletries, among others. 

Why are eco resorts important? 

Eco resorts help not only minimize the negative impact of travel and offset guests’ carbon footprint, but also have a positive impact in the environment and local communities. 

What are the best eco lodges in Indonesia? 

In our opinion, some of the utmost eco resorts in Indonesia include the following: 
Bawah Reserve
Six Senses Uluwatu
Komodo Resort
Nihi Sumba

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