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7 BEST Cooking Classes in Verona [2023]

Looking for cooking classes in Verona? Look no further! In this article, you’ll find a selection of the best culinary adventures in the city of love. Read on and take your pick!

Verona is a charming city located in northern Italy, known for its rich history, stunning architecture, and mouthwatering cuisine (and yes, for its links to Romeo and Juliet’s story as well).

👉 I was born and raised in Bologna, just a couple of hours from Verona, and think that Verona is seriously underrated. If you’re visiting Italy in the summer, you should skip the overcrowded destinations like Venice and head to somewhere like Verona instead!

And if you’re a food enthusiast eager to delve into the secrets of Italian gastronomy, you’re also in luck. Verona traditional dishes include gnocchi, polenta, and even horse meat stew (yes, it’s legal and delicious).

Verona offers a diverse range of cooking classes that allow you to master the art of Italian cooking while immersing yourself in the local culture.

Whether you’re a novice in the kitchen or an experienced home cook, these cooking classes will enable you to learn from skilled chefs and uncover the flavors of Verona combining education, hands-on cooking, and the opportunity to savor your creations. 

In this article, we’ll explore the 11 best cooking classes in Verona. Each offers a unique culinary adventure that will equip you with the skills to recreate Italian dishes at home. So, put on your apron, and let’s check out these culinary experiences! 

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The 3 BEST Cooking Classes in Verona

 ▶️ Join a small group Italian Risotto Recipes and Pasta Cooking Class for a hands-on lesson led by an experienced chef. Learn how to make delicious Italian dishes that include bruschetta, homemade pasta, and a classic risotto.

And what better way to end this culinary symphony than with a classic Italian dessert? Savor your creations paired with wines from the nearby Valpolicella region and an irresistible tiramisu. 

Located in the heart of Verona, this cooking school is the ideal place to create an Italian feast. Before bidding farewell, you will receive a booklet containing all the recipes of the day! 

Italian Risotto recipes and Pasta Cooking Class in Verona

📝 This tour includes: Cooking class, a meal with wine, and a recipe book. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

▶️ My Granny’s Secrets: Making Pasta in the Heart of Verona is all you need to try your hand at making fresh pasta and go home with cherished family recipes passed down through generations.

An experienced guide will teach you the techniques to create cuts such as tagliatelle, farfalle, taglioni, and pappardelle, and also the secrets behind colored and decorated pasta. Plus, you’ll master the art of crafting delectable fresh ravioli! 

Afterward, indulge in a delightful three-course dinner paired with a special regional wine. This experience blends laughter, authentic flavors, and a genuine taste of local culture.  

My Granny's Secrets: Making Pasta in the heart of Verona

📝 This tour includes: Cooking class, a 3-course meal, and wine. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

▶️ This shared Small Group Market Tour and Cooking Class in Verona takes you through Verona’s culinary wonders. You’ll start with a tour around the local market, where you’ll shop for fresh ingredients for your class. You’ll then be welcomed in a Cesarina’s home, where she’ll tell you the secrets behind the making of fresh pasta and tiramisu. 

This class, which accommodates up to 12 participants to make the experience more personalized, also treats you to a complimentary aperitivo and a tasting session. 

Cesarine: Small Group Market tour and Cooking Class in Verona

📝 This tour includes: Market tour, cooking class, an Italian aperitivo, and tastings. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

Gelato Class in Verona

▶️ Join this fun Gelato Making Class to delight your sweet tooth, your inner child, or your actual children (or all of them!) This 2-hour cooking extravaganza teaches you how to craft authentic Italian gelato and a refreshing fruit sorbet. 

Under the guidance of a passionate chef in a stylish vintage kitchen, you’ll slice and dice fresh fruit, mix ingredients, and learn the skills to recreate these treats later at home. Finally, savor your creations with fellow gelato enthusiasts. Yum! 

📝 This tour includes: Gelato cooking class, tastings, and a recipe book. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

Private Cooking Classes in Verona

▶️ A Private Pasta-Making Class at a Local’s Home will turn you and your group of friends into expert chefs, ready to take over the kitchen and impress everyone back home. 

With the help of a local chef, you’ll uncover the secrets of regional pasta dishes and learn their family’s cherished recipes from family cookbooks. Equipped with new skills, all the utensils, and ingredients, you’ll create three fresh pasta dishes from scratch. 

 Once your creations are ready, indulge in a mouthwatering feast paired with a selection of delightful local wines. You will experience genuine connections, fun-filled learning, and tantalizing Verona flavors!

📝 This tour includes: Cooking class, a meal, and wine. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

▶️ On this Private Pizza & Tiramisu Making Class at a Cesarina’s Home with Tasting you’ll learn to craft two of the most authentic Italian dishes from scratch. Following the instructions of an expert home cook, you’ll get to master the art of pizza-making, from the dough to the tasty sauces, and prepare your very own tiramisu for dessert. 

After the comprehensive class, in which you’ll learn the cook’s secret family recipes and cooking tips, you’ll indulge in a delicious 2-course meal, savoring your culinary creations. 

Private Pizza & Tiramisu Class at a Cesarina's home with tasting in Verona

📝 This tour includes: Cooking class, an apron, a meal, and drinks (water, wine, and coffee). ➥ BOOK IT HERE

The Art of Aperitivo Tour

▶️ Discover the Art of Italian Aperitivo with a Local in Verona with a tour that takes you beyond the ordinary. The tradition of Aperitivo has become renowned around the world, and in this activity, you’ll not only get to enjoy a delicious one but you’ll learn how to prepare it yourself! This way, you can then implement it in your country…I’m sure you’ll want to.

You’ll step into a Cesarina’s home to craft five tasty nibbles, such as bruschetta or a charcuterie and cheeses board, using seasonable ingredients. You’ll relish your bites with a glass of sparkling Prosecco or red wine. Raise your glass to an unforgettable evening of culinary delights in the heart of Verona!

The art of the Italian Aperitivo with a local: Learn & Enjoy in Verona

📝 This tour includes: Cooking workshop, drinks, and food. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

Cooking Classes in Verona FAQs

What are the best cooking classes in Verona, Italy?

In our opinion, these are the very best Verona cooking classes: 
Italian Risotto and Pasta Cooking Class
Granny’s Secrets: Making Pasta in the Heart of Verona
Small Group Market Tour and Cooking Class

Can I join a private cooking class in Verona?

Eager to share a Verona cooking class with your most intimate friends? These are the best private culinary lessons in our opinion: 
Private Pasta-Making Class at a Local’s Home
Private Pizza and Tiramisu Making Class

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