15 Best Cenote Tours from Cancun [2021]

15 Best Cenote Tours from Cancun [2021]

Looking for the perfect Cancun cenote tour? You’re in the right spot: check out this list of the best cenote tours from Cancun for 2021.

It’s certainly not a secret anymore that you can find some incredible cenotes in Cancun and all of Quintana Roo and Yucatan… cenotes have officially taken over my Instagram feed! If you’ve been following this blog, you might already know I’m pretty obsessed with cenotes and I wrote tons of posts about them over the last few years.

Visiting cenotes should definitely be on your list of things to do in Cancun. Some people prefer exploring the cenotes on their own, but many others prefer to go with a guide or a tour to just enjoy the day and not have to worry about anything.

However, just because you can find hundreds of cenote tours from Cancun available on the internet, sadly it doesn’t mean they are all good and worth your hard-earned money! That’s why on this post I’ve selected the very best Cancun cenote tours with a great quality/price ratio and that come with excellent reviews from previous travelers.

I personally use (and trust) Get Your Guide and Viator to book tours around the world. Both companies offer a 24 hours cancellation policy, meaning you will receive a full refund if you cancel most tours/experiences at least 24 hours in advance. This is a great policy, especially at such a complicated time when travel plans can easily get disrupted!

In this article you’ll find a mix of tours by these two companies, because in some destinations Get Your Guide offers better tours, and in some others Viator does. Let’s check them out!

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If you’re coming from Cancun and want to see a few different cenotes in one day, the Tour Xenotes Oasis Maya by Xcaret will allow you to make the most of your day. You will snorkel and kayak at 4 unique cenotes, and you’ll even get to rappel and zipline if you want to. This, in my opinion of course, is one of the best Cancun cenote tours (if not THE best!) as you get to experience 3 different types of cenotes (open, cave, and semi-open cenotes).

This tour also includes: transportation from/to your hotel, breakfast, lunch, and priority access to the park. ➤ BOOK IT HERE


I know how it is. You might have limited time and want to make the most out of it, or you just want to spend a half day exploring before going back and relax at your resort. This half-day Tulum and cenote tour from Cancun will bring you to two of the most iconic places in the area… in just half a day!

Enjoy first an express 1-hour tour of the archaeological site of Tulum, spend some time at the beach (one of the best ones in Tulum!), and then refresh yourself with a swim at Cenote Dos Ojos, one of the most famous and beautiful cenotes in Mexico. 

This tour also includes: round-trip transportation from your hotel. BOOK IT HERE


Looking for an adrenaline-filled day? Then this ATV+ zipline cenote tour from Cancun is the perfect one for you.

On a full-day ‘Gimme All’ adventure package at Selvatica, one of the most fun parks in the area, you’ll get to try ziplines, a ropes course, bungee swing, parachute jump, zipline coaster, rollercoaster, self-drive ATVs, and, of course, swimming at a cenote! All in one day!

This tour also includes: round-trip transportation from your hotel and lunch. ➤ BOOK IT HERE

▶ It sounds like too much? You can also check out the Extreme Canopy Adventure” package at Selvatica that includes ziplining + swim in the private cenote.


What’s better than combining nature and history? For me there’s nothing better to immerse myself in the history and culture of the region, and then swim and relax at a beautiful cenote. Many other people must think like me as there are so many cenote tours that combine Mayan ruins + cenotes, but these are the best ones.

Cenote + Tulum ruins 

I like this 3-in-1 Discovery Combo Tour because in one day you get to do a little bit of everything (and it’s one of the most popular tours among my readers too!). Start the day with a guided tour of the Tulum ruins, then go on a boat tour to the coral reef where you’ll get to snorkel. End your day at Xtun Cenotes, where you’ll get to swim and marvel at the thousands of spectacular stalagmites and stalactites.

This tour also includes: round-trip transportation from your hotel, lunch, water, equipment for water activities. ➤ BOOK IT HERE

Chichen Itza and Cenote Tour from Cancun

You really can’t leave Cancun without having visited Chichen Itza, one of the 7 Wonders of the World!

With over 1500 positive reviews, the Chichén Itzá, Valladolid & Cenote Tour is your best option to combine a tour to the Chichen Itza ruins + a swim at a beautiful cenote in Yucatan and a visit to the beautiful colonial town of Valladolid.

This tour also includes: round-trip transportation from your hotel, buffet lunch, and a quick visit of Valladolid. ➤ BOOK IT HERE

Tulum Ruins & Coba Ruins + Cenote Tour

Dreaming of climbing a Mayan pyramid? Then you have to head to the Coba ruins!

On this full-day tour you’ll visit two unique and very different Mayan ruin sites, Tulum and Coba, before heading to a beautiful cave cenote. Both sites are definitely worth a visit (Coba is totally underrated IMO),

This tour also includes: round-trip transportation from your hotel, traditional buffet lunch. ➤ BOOK IT HERE

A couple other interesting options for those who enjoy mixing history and cenotes: 

Chichen Itza, Cenote Hubiku and Ek Balam Tour – Ek’ Balam is an off-the-beaten-path Mayan ruin site with incredible carvings and a pyramid you can climb. This tour combines the most famous ruins of all, Chichen Itza, with this off-the-beaten path but equally impressive site… plus of course a cenote!
This tour also includes: round-trip transportation from your hotel, breakfast and lunch. ➤ BOOK IT HERE

▶ The Chichen Itza, Coba and Cenote Ik Kil Tour from Cancun combines two of the best Mayan ruins with the most famous cenote of all Mexico. This ruins + Ik Kil cenote tour from Cancun is indeed the perfect choice for history lovers who want to make the most of their day, and explore as much as they can.
This tour also includes: round-trip transportation from your hotel, breakfast, and lunch. ➤ BOOK IT HERE

2 day Combo Tour – If you want to see it all but don’t want to rush it, this highly affordable 2-day combo tour is a great option. On day one you’ll swim at Cenote Hubiku, then after lunch you’ll explore Chichén Itzá archaeological site on a three-hour guided tour. A tour of Valladolid will end your day. The next day, you’ll go on a two hour guided tour of Tulum ruins, perched on the Caribbean sea, before heading to Cenote Jaguar. This two-day combo tour costs less than most single day tours, and it’s really a good one to combine history and cenotes. 

Civitatis might not be as known as Get Your Guide and Viator because it’s a Spanish company that is mostly known in Spanish-speaking countries, but I’ve personally gone on two tours with this company and they were great, so I can personally recommend this tour company.

This tour also includes: round-trip transportation from your hotel, drinks, and lunch on day 1. ➤ BOOK IT HERE


If you prefer a private tour, either because you’re looking for a more intimate experience or you feel safer away from the crowds, these are the best choices – they are very different, and the best one for you and your group will depend upon your interests.

Tulum Ruins Cenote and Swim with Turtles from Cancun: this epic cenote excursion from Cancun combines history with an early morning tour to Tulum ruins with snorkeling at a cenote and swimming with turtles in Akumal. So fun!

This tour also includes: private round-trip transportation from your hotel, drinks (water, soda, beer), lunch, use of snorkeling equipment. ➤ BOOK IT HERE

7 Great Cenotes of Tulum Private Tour from Cancun: Looking to visit as many cenotes as possible in one day? This private Cancun cave tour will bring you to 7 (!) cenotes in just one day – ready to be cenoted out (if that’s even a thing)? Some of the cenotes you’ll swim, snorkel and kayak at are Cenote Dos Ojos, Casa Cenote, Gran Cenote and Cenote Casa Tortuga.

This tour includes: private round-trip transportation from your hotel, drinks, snacks, lunch. ➤ BOOK IT HERE

Dos Ojos Cenote private snorkeling tour from Cancun hotel zone: enjoy a private snorkeling tour from Cancun, accompanied by a certified snorkeling guide. You’ll snorkel at Cenote Dos Ojos, in my opinion possibly the most beautiful cenote in Mexico.

This tour includes: private round-trip transportation from your hotel, drinks (water, soda, beer), lunch, use of snorkeling equipment. ➤ BOOK IT HERE


Even if you’re an experienced diver, you’ll find that diving in a cenote is a completely different experience. There’s a pretty limited selection of diving cenote tours in Cancun at the moment (most cenote diving happens around Tulum), but here are the best ones I could find.

▶ On this private cenote diving tour from Cancun, you’ll get to choose which cenote you would like to dive at. This cenote tour in Puerto Morelos focuses on cenotes located in the Ruta de Los Cenotes, not far from Cancun, differently from most other tours that tend to bring people to the Tulum area. Depending on your choice, you’ll enjoy a 1 or 2 tank scuba dive accompanied by your instructor.

This tour also includes: private round-trip transportation from your hotel, snacks, water, and use of scuba equipment. ➤ BOOK IT HERE

▶ Is your first time scuba diving? Then this tour for beginners is for you. You’ll head to Tulum and after an introductory class to diving, you’ll get to go for your very first dive in a cenote.
This tour also includes: round-trip transportation from your hotel, snacks, water, use of scuba equipment. ➤ BOOK IT HERE

▶ If you don’t mind heading from Cancun to Tulum on your own, then you’ve got better choices when it comes to cenote diving tours. Here are some great cenote diving experiences in Tulum – keep in mind that they don’t include transportation from/to Cancun when booking.


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