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Blueberry Chia Pancakes

These blueberry chia pancakes are not only healthy, but fluffy and delicious. They are dairy free and packed with nutrients… they’re blueberry pancakes to die for!

I’ve always loved pancakes, since the moment I set foot in the USA and discovered that pancakes were a thing, that is. It might sound incredible to some of you, but pancakes aren’t really a thing in Italy!

I KNOOOW! Crazy! I was 16 when I left for a one-year exchange program to California, and let me tell you, I did eat lots of pancakes while there. I loved them so much that my host family gave me a full set of tools to bring back home so I could keep having pancakes for breakfast in Europe.

I totally went through the phase of double chocolate chip pancakes with caramel syrup and any imaginable topping, but lately I’ve been trying to eat healthy and limit my intake of dairy, so my pancake-making times have had to adapt.

But hey, not to say these healthy pancakes aren’t delicious. These blueberry chia pancakes are so fluffy and tasty, they are to die for!

In fact, these blueberry pancakes are:

• incredibly fluffy
quick & easy to make
packed with nutrients thanks to the chia seeds

Here it’s a video of the pancakes making process, so you can see how easy they are to make (and how good they look!).


Making these pancakes is pretty quick and easy, and there’s a good chance you might already have most of the ingredients at home.

For making these fluffy blueberry pancakes, you’ll need:

• flour (of the kind you prefer)
• chia seeds
• almond milk
• blueberries, fresh or frozen
• vanilla extract
• salt
• egg
• baking powder
• honey or other sweetener like maple syrup


Who would believe that such small seeds pack an incredible quantity of nutrients? Chia seeds are packed with calcium, manganese, magnesium and phosphorus, as well as other vitamins.

Chia seeds are also full of antioxidants, and they are a good source of energy without the calories that usually come with it. It’s not by chance that chia in Mayan language means strength!

Just don’t overdo it. Chia seeds are full of fibers and if your body isn’t used to it, you might incur into digestive problems like abdominal pain and bloating. The recommended daily dosage is up to 40 grams (preferably not all at once).


➤ Want to know the secret to a fluffy pancake? Don’t over-mix the pancake batter. It might be tempting to break up all the lumps, but you actually want some air bubbles in your mix to be able to get the perfect fluffy stack of pancakes.

➤ You can easily make this recipe gluten free by using a gluten-free flour. However, remember that it’s the gluten that make them this fluffy, so the pancakes will likely be thinner and harder. You can try and add xantham gum to the batter for a better result.

➤ To cook your pancakes to perfection, wait for the bubbles to appear on the surface of the pancake before flipping it.

When to add the blueberries? It’s up to you. Some people like to add them directly in the pan, I prefer to add them to the mix. I haven’t noticed a particular difference one way or another, just you might be able to make the quantity of blueberries more even if you add them to the pan instead.

➤ You can use frozen blueberries for this recipe, in fact I did. I was living in Thailand, and it’s not exactly easy to find fresh blueberries there, so frozen was. When you choose frozen blueberries over fresh, though, I suggest thawing them. You can either do so overnight or by placing them in a bowl with cold water, which will make the process much faster.

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