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Avocado and Brie on Toast

A quick lunch, snack, or brunch. This avocado and brie on toast recipe is quick, easy, and oh so delicious!

Exciting news! In a little over month, we’ll be flying to Argentina! Fran is from the second biggest city in Argentina, Cordoba, and can you believe that he hasn’t visited home in two years? This is what happens when you start traveling full-time. There’s always a new destination that sounds more exciting than back home!

We’ll be based in Cordoba for about 3 months or so, but during that time we’ll take multiple small trips to other parts of Argentina. I’ve never been and I’m super excited to visit Patagonia, to see the glaciers in Calafate and the Iguazu waterfalls. Argentina is a huge country! Cordoba to Ushuaia, the southernmost point, is a 3 hours flight! So hard for me to comprehend since I’m from such a small country size wise.

Another thing I’m looking forward to (and Fran is dying to do!) is the weekly Sunday asado, which is the Spanish word for barbecue. There’s going to be a LOT of meat all the time, and it’s usually an excuse for friends and family to get together. These events can go on for many hours at a time.

All of this to say, I won’t be missing meat in Argentina, and in preparation for that, I’m taking a bit of a break from meat. Which isn’t easy in Georgia, the country in the Caucasus I’m currently based in. But it’s still doable, and I’m making tons of yummy toasts with avocado, hummus, and other non-meaty stuff, like this fried halloumi avocado toast.

The hard part is finding avocados, which are not very common here. I roamed a few supermarkets, and in all of them the avocado were either hard as rocks, or they were absurdly expensive. $10 for a an avocado, WHAAT? Insane.

I’ve finally found a winner though, where avocados are good and reasonably priced (less than $2 each), so I’m going and buying all the good ones I can find all at once. I’m an addict. It’s also fairly easy to find very good cheese here, both local and international, and when I found brie I knew that avocado and brie on toast was going to be incredible.

Avocado and brie cheese on toast is a great idea for either a quick lunch, a snack, or even brunch. It takes literally 5 to 10 minutes to prepare. The creaminess of the brie together with the crunchiness of the nuts and the sweetness of the honey, mixed with the avocado… it’s a feast for the senses.


Warning: This recipe contains nuts, but if you don’t like them/you are allergic, you can easily skip the nuts, and the result is still delicious. Same with the honey.

These are the ingredients you’ll need for this delicious avocado and brie toast recipe:

  • whole wheat bread, French style country bread, or whatever type of bread you like
  • avocado
  • mixed nuts or walnuts
  • lime
  • honey
  • salt (optional)
  • pepper (optional)


I usually don’t melt the brie as I like the crispiness of the exterior layer of the brie which complements the creaminess of the interior. But that’s just me. If you prefer your brie to be melted, that’s delicious as well.

However, I don’t recommend placing the whole toast with the brie on top in the oven as the avocado is not that great when warm. This is what I would recommend you to do instead:

  • Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.
  • Toast the bread in the toaster, or place it onto a baking sheet in the oven and leave it until crispy and golden.
  • Place the brie in an oven-safe bowl, and leave it for a few minutes in the oven until it’s deliciously creamy and melted.
  • Spread the avocado on top of the toast, and top with the melted brie cheese.
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  • Stefania Guglielmi

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