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Waterfalls & a Hippie Van: the perfect day trip from Pristina, Kosovo

Day trip from Pristina, Kosovo

I’ve always wanted to ride one of those old Volkswagen hippie vans: I actually I have this dream of driving one coast to coast in the United States, but that will have to wait…

Anyway: I was looking for informations on what to do in Kosovo, and I stumbled across Buffalo Backpackers hostel website, which offers day trips on – guess what!– a Volkswagen van!

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No need to read further, I was sold.


Playing hippie for a day

Public transportation in Kosovo is limited: unless you rent a car or join an organized tour, moving around will prove difficult unless you stick to the main towns, hence my joy for these day trips.

The Buffalo Backpackers day trips are only open to hostel guests, so my friend and I booked a night at the hostel.
I must admit I’ve become a bit pickier about my accommodation lately, and I usually try and stay in private rooms when it’s affordable enough, but the hostel was perfectly fine for the night… AND I WAS GOING TO RIDE THE HIPPIE VAN!

Photo: Buffalo Backpackers hostel

Photo: Buffalo Backpackers

We left in the morning after breakfast, with no rush: nope, you don’t have to wake up at some crazy times like it’s usual for organized tours, and that’s a big plus.

It was the two of us, plus another two english girls, Klarrisa, a girl volunteering at the hostel, and Xili, our driver for the day.

Xili is the Kosovarian half of the couple who runs the hostel, and proved to be a great guide for the day. Got any questions about the complicated history of Kosovo?
Just ask, he will happily answer.



First stop: food! I mean, we gotta be ready for our hike to the waterfalls, right?

And not in any place, but in a really cute restaurant right by the river called “Ujvara e Drinit”.
After all that meat I had in the Balkans, it was nice to switch to fish for once… and the prices?

Kosovo must be the cheapest country in all of Europe.
A dish with a grilled fish plus veggies for 5 euros? YES, PLEASE!

Restaurant by the river - a dish with fish and veggies for 5 euros!

From there, it was just a 5 minutes walk to the waterfalls: a really nice walk, I must say, and I really appreciated to be able to get away from the August heat for a while.


Nice walk to the waterfalls


Life begins at the end of your comfort zone


The waterfall was nice, but there were quite a few other tourists around.
It was not a hidden gem like the ones we were going to next: the Mirusha waterfalls.

We stepped on the van again, and we drove for a while in direction of Peje.

Kosovo is a beautiful country!

At one point the road ended, and it was a few kilometers on a dirty tight road: we were literally snaking in the middle of nowhere, surrounded only by cows, yellow fields, and the occasional farmer who would look at us clearly thinking “what the heck are they doing here?”.

driving to Mirusha waterfalls

road to Mirusha waterfalls
Almost an hour of stop and go and tight turns we finally arrived.

Soon after we parked the car, beyond the various vegetation we found ourselves in front of the Mirusha waterfalls.




Photo: Bujar I Gashi, via Wikimedia

Photo: Bujar I Gashi, via Wikimedia

A crystal clear water running past few levels to be then poured into a calm lake down below.

It was a kind of deep breath after a long drive.

Around us, the vegetation was fully green, and a calm blue sky seemed to have just landed upon our heads.

Few people were drinking beer at a shacky bar close to the lake, everyone had this “whatever happens I don’t care” attitude while lying on the chairs.

I really felt like I could spend the rest of the day lying down like them, watching the water falls as the time is passing by.

the mirusha waterfalls 2


But we were just at the beginning of a long way up the rocks, because our guide invited us to climb the rocks to go beyond the waterfall.

The 20 minutes ascent was quite a complicated one for me: there was no way to avoid looking at the emptiness down below.

… okay okay, I’ll admit it: I was terrified.
I’m afraid of heights and to put it bluntly, I was scared for my life a couple of time.
I kept thinking “OH MY GOD, I’m going to fall down and die”.

But, ahem, that was just me! Everyone else was really enjoying the hike, so I guess I’m a chicken… [blush].

Photo: Bujar I Gashi via Wikimedia

Photo: Bujar I Gashi via Wikimedia

Obviously we made it, and the prize for such an adventure was a series of little waterfalls pouring down some little lakes.
More climbing (and swimming) opportunites, for my travel companions!

Brr, it's cold!

Well, for me the real prize was to finally lie down on a lobsided rock with a tired smile.


Yes, it's selfie time!

Yes, it’s selfie time!

[dropshadowbox align=”none” effect=”raised” width=”600px” height=”” background_color=”#ffffff” border_width=”1″ border_color=”#dddddd” inside_shadow=”false” ]- The Info Box –

Buffalo Backpackers hostel is conveniently located in Pristina, Kosovo.
A bed in a 6 bed dorm costs €12 , including breakfast.
Book through HostelBookers.

The day trips are only open to the hostel guests.
Rates for the day trips are usually between 10 and 20 €, depending on the lenght and the distance. Our trip to the waterfall was €15 per person.[/dropshadowbox]


I didn’t get compensated in any way for this review: I was just a normal paying guest at the hostel, and I loved the trip!


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Wednesday 28th of October 2015

We've been searching for activities in Kosovo and the Mirusha falls is something that keeps popping up.

Did you get driven there, or was it just use of the van?


Saturday 31st of October 2015

Hi Chris, it was a complete tour so the hostel owner was driving the van.


Thursday 22nd of October 2015

looks a perfect day. There is something magic about a VW camper. Would love to see more of Kosovo, just did a (very long) day trip once from Tirana. I haven't added Kosovo as a country visited yet until it is part of UN - did you feel you were in Kosovo, Albania or Serbia? It felt like an extension to Albania when I visited. Wilbur.


Saturday 31st of October 2015

Hi Wilbur, sorry for the late reply! It did feel like an extension of Albania most of the times, people call themselves Albanians, not Kosovars. But it was interesting to visit Gracanica, right outside of Pristina, which is a Serbian enclave where people speak Serbian indeed and use the Serbian currency, not the euro!