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6 Unusual Things to do in Georgia, USA

Do you have Georgia on your mind lately? But you don’t feel like visiting the typical tourist attractions? Don’t worry because the Goober state has plenty of unusual and mysterious places perfect for adventurous travelers.

Get ready for an exciting road trip that will take you to all corners of this breathtaking place!

How to stay safe while traveling

Before we start exploring the Peach State, let’s make sure there are no surprises during your trip. Learning to stay safe while traveling both physically and digitally is a must.

Georgia is a beautiful state that sees thousands of tourists every year, especially Atlanta and Savannah. You won’t encounter large crowds like in Europe, but remember to look out for your valuables. It means your bag or backpack shouldn’t leave your sight. Even though it could sound unpractical, put your wallet in the front pocket.

If you have a habit of keeping all your documents with you, think about digitizing them. It allows you to leave some of them at home. Upload the copies to cloud storage, and you will always have your documents with you.

Another helpful tip is to try to blend in with the locals. Some tourists stick out like a sore thumb, which can draw unwanted attention. Walk around with confidence and lose the map.

Instead, use phone navigation to get around because it is more accessible and convenient. Several apps allow you to download maps and view them offline. You can check your phone now and then to ensure you are on the right path.

Digital safety mainly includes public Wi-Fi networks. They are super convenient to travelers, but cybercriminals could exploit them to steal personal and financial information. Before you embark on your Georgia adventure, download USA VPN to your phone.

VPN is an app that encrypts internet traffic. It can make your connection completely secure. Just select a USA VPN server, and you are good to go. Of course, you can choose any other server besides USA VPN. But it is best to keep it local.

Unusual things to do in Georgia

1. Tour the CDC Museum

Do you remember the first season of the award-winning TV show The Walking Dead? The survivors were heading to Atlanta, Georgia, to the famous CDC to seek answers for the zombie apocalypse happening around them.

Even though the show is fictional, CDC or Center for Disease Control is a real place and has a fascinating museum.

Opened in 1996, the CDC Museum offers various detailed displays that tell the tale of scientific advances. These include how the United States tackled health problems such as malaria and HIV.

Visitors can learn a lot about food safety and how chemicals affect our bodies. Fans of science fiction will be thrilled to find out you can even try on the well-known hazmat suits.

2. See the Georgia Guidestones

If you are a bit familiar with conspiracy theories, you have probably heard about Georgia Guidestones. This bizarre monument was erected in 1980 in Elbert County. A man named R.C. Christian ordered the Guidestones one year prior. He stated that the money was not a problem.

What is interesting about the Guidestones is that they seem to feature instructions on how to start a new society.

Ten guidelines are written in eight different languages. These so-called instructions can be interpreted in many different ways, which led to the emergence of numerous conspiracies related to the origin of the Guidestones.

However, we are still not any closer to finding out the real identity of the man who made this monument.

3. Walk the Doll’s Head Trail

Located just a couple of miles away from the heart of Atlanta, Constitution Lakes is the place to be if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of a big city. It is a heaven for birdwatchers and nature lovers.

But this man-made wildlife area hides one of the best tourist places in Georgia – the Doll’s Dead Trail. And yes, it is a bit scary if you fear dolls. But trust us, this trail is a must-see.

Joel Slaton, a carpenter, started this project because he wanted to clean up the area of Constitution Lakes. He searched for trash and other discarded items, then created sculptures and art installations from them.

Somehow, Slaton uncovered a lot of doll parts, namely heads, so these toys dominate the trail. The artists also encouraged visitors to pick up junk around the lakes and construct their unique art pieces.

4. Enjoy the view of Driftwood Beach

Do you want to take unique photos for your Instagram feed? Then head straight to Jekyll Island. There you will find exquisite views and a place called Driftwood Beach. Photographers from all around the globe flock here to capture the landscapes that feature trees sticking out from the sand in all directions.

If you are wondering what created this scenery, the answer is erosion. One part of the island is slowly disappearing, meaning that the ground can’t hold the trees anymore. They fall and start to rot.

If you haven’t visited Jekyll Island, we have to mention that Driftwood Beach is easily accessible from any direction.

5. Explore the Sasquatch Museum

Still not convinced that the Bigfoot is real? Visit Cherry Log, a community near Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forests. You can’t miss the Sasquatch Museum, a unique place with the most extensive collection of artifacts related to Bigfoot. Even if you are not a die-hard cryptozoologist, this place is worth your time.

The owners poured their hearts and soul into the museum. They have an impressive collection of all things Bigfoot.

Visitors can read about famously documented sightings of Sasquatch and see detailed drawings made by people who encountered this mysterious creature. There are also handprints and footprints and hundreds of articles about Bigfoot.

6. Get spooky at Colonial Park Cemetery

A trip to Georgia wouldn’t be complete without a stop at Savannah. This stunning city is also home to one of the most haunted cemeteries in the United States – the Colonial Park Cemetery.

Established in 1750, the cemetery was the only burial place for Savannah’s residents for one hundred years. It closed down in 1853 and became a park in 1896. Contrary to popular belief, it was closed during the Civil War.

Today, visitors can go on cemetery tours around midnight. Ghost hunters and guides claim that this place is extremely haunted, and you can even feel the ghostly presence all around.

If you want to experience the other side of Savannah, make sure you come to the Colonial Park Cemetery at night, and be ready to be spooked.

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