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25 Best Treehouse Rentals in California [2024]

Looking for treehouse rentals in California? That’s an awesome way to spend your vacation! Here you’ll find 25 amazing treehouse rentals for your next trip. 

Sleeping in a treehouse is the ultimate adventure for kids…and I don’t think we ever outgrow it! There’s something so charming about climbing all the way to the treetops to get home that has made treehouse camping in California and all over the world a bucket-list item.

But don’t get me wrongwe’re not talking about wooden treehouses like the one you had in your backyard when you were 5. Treehouse hotels can be as luxurious as you dare to dream, and are fully equipped so that you’re absolutely comfortable even while living on top of a tree

The Golden State, which boasts incredible nature, is probably the best destination to get yourself a treehouse for a few days, so here are the best treehouse rentals in California for you to choose. Let’s check them out!

Treehouse Rentals in Northern California

A Treehouse – Arnold

Image by

If you’re looking for a staycation place for your extended family or a bunch of friends, this California treehouse rental has enough room for 9 people, and features 2 full bathrooms. 

The house is entirely built with wood and has a large living room with TV and a fireplace, a kitchen, a laundry room, and a football table in one of the spacious bedrooms. Both bedrooms include heating and air conditioning, and there’s a TV with cable channels for further entertainment. 

The broad deck offers views of the forest, outdoor furniture, and BBQ facilities, and you’ll also have access to a tennis court, swimming pool, and the children’s playground.

We like it because the house is very spacious and well illuminated, and it includes access to great facilities, like the swimming pool or tennis court. Various outdoor activities, like cycling, hiking or fishing can also be enjoyed in the area. 


Canterbury Kings Beach Treehouse – Kings Beach

Image by

This treehouse rental in Northern California accommodates up to 8 people, featuring 4 bedrooms and ample living areas

There is a kitchen with a breakfast counter, a broad deck with patio furniture and BBQ facilities, a bathroom with free toiletries and a hairdryer, and a laundry room. 

The wooden property is very well illuminated and the details in the decor match its natural surroundings. Views of the trees and the mountains can be enjoyed from all windows, although the house is not isolated in the forest. 

We like it because Lake Tahoe and Kings Beach are less than two miles away, and there are many recreation options to be enjoyed in the area, such as horseback riding, fishing, mini golf and water activities. 


The Sanctuary Treehouse – Kelseyville

Image by Hipcamp

The Sanctuary Treehouse is a one-bedroom secluded accommodation located in the middle of the woods.

It’s ideal for disconnecting from the city life, as it has no electricity (you’ll be provided with an electric charger and LED lights) and it has a rustic feel to it. You’ll likely be awakened by the sound of hummingbirds and enjoy the views from the comfort of your bed.

You’ll enjoy fantastic stargazing from the deck, as well as views of the creek, and you’ll have access to the cob oven and fire pit to make your own meal and enjoy it around a bonfire.

Breakfast or brunch can be brought up to the treehouse and you can also enjoy the pool and facilities of the campground and explore the area by hiking or relaxing by the creek.  

We like it because small pets are allowed upon approval, and you’ll enjoy the privacy of the secluded cabin, ideal for romantic getaways, but will be able to access all the facilities of the campground. Wifi is available in the main area.  One of the best glamping spots in Northern California.

Redwood Cathedral Treehouse – Crescent City

Image by Hipcamp

This treehouse in California is indeed peculiar; not only will you be sleeping 22 feet above the forest ground and among the trees, but you’ll do so inside a dome.

To get to the treehouse you have to climb up a spiral staircase that takes you to the first deck, where you can enjoy breakfast, and then all the way up to your bedroom. 

The treehouse is completely surrounded by the forest, and you’ll be able to see the trees and the stars at night through the triangular windows on the dome’s roof. The dome only features a bedroom and a storage area; you’ll find the composting toilet under the lower deck. 

The beach is pretty close, and nearby you’ll also find hiking trails and a lake, as well as the forest all around you. You can also request a tour around the farm if it’s something that interests you. 

We like it because it’s simple and surrounded by nature, providing a perfect getaway from the city and all its comforts. It’s a good place to reconnect with nature and truly relax. 

Forest Camping Hut – Elk

Image by Airbnb

This beautifully designed treehouse is nestled among the Redwoods and provides the setting for a homey, comfortable stay. The broad windows let in natural light, so the bedroom is well-lit during the day.

There’s a beautiful deck overlooking the forest, and an outdoor bath and shower, partially enclosed, that also offers great views of the surroundings

The toilet and sink are also outdoors, which adds to the charm of this treehouse cabin rental. It’s an ideal destination for couples, as it features only one bedroom and the cozy areas are perfect for snuggling. 

We like it because the outdoor bath location is delightful and offers the opportunity to relax in the warm water while enjoying the magnificent views. There are towns a few miles away, but you’ll feel far away from civilization in your own forest retreat. 

Treehouse Rentals in the Bay Area

The Luxury Treehouse – Point Reyes Station

Image by GlampingHub

If you thought it was impossible to rent a treehouse in California for 12 people, think again. You and your group of friends can enjoy a fantastic getaway in this huge treehouse that features 4 floors with 6 rooms and 5 full bathrooms

The fourth floor boasts an octagonal-shaped bedroom with floor-to-ceiling windows on 7 of its sides, offering astounding panoramic views, and it’s connected by a bridge to a private deck with a hot tub

This luxury treehouse rental also features a fully-equipped kitchen, an atrium, ample living room with a piano and skylights, and a laundry room. You’ll also be provided with equipment and access to the private tennis court. 

We like it because all rooms have a private deck, and the house is spacious enough to host 12 people comfortably. The facilities are first-class, including a great fireplace with unlimited firewood and a gas barbeque. 

Danehill Manor Luxury Treehouse – Nicasio

Image by Airbnb

Danehill Manor is a rustic yet elegant treehouse built in a horse breeding facility, so you’ll encounter the free roaming horses while jogging or walking by the lake or watch them from your private balcony. 

The house features a bedroom with a massive skylight, allowing you to stargaze without leaving the cozy blankets, a ground-floor bathroom with heated floors and 180-degree views, so you get to enjoy the landscape while taking a shower, and an outdoor kitchen with BBQ facilities. 

You’ll also get to enjoy the saltwater pool, the fire pit, and book horsemanship lessons, available for adults and children. The sunrise and sunset views are impressive, and you’ll get to wander in the countryside, book a massage and enjoy the daily brunch that’s included with your stay

We like it because, if you’re an animal person, you get to be around them, as dogs and horses roam free in the property. You can also benefit from the lessons and services of your hosts but at the same time enjoy your private areas for solitude. The views are astounding and you’ll enjoy top-rated facilities. 

The Treehouse – San Jose

Image by Airbnb

This treehouse vacation rental in California lies within three trees, and two of the trunks actually grow through the cabin, as if they were part of the furniture.   

You have to climb a spiral staircase to get to the treehouse that offers a spacious living area, a kitchenette, a master bedroom with a hexagonal bed, and an additional bedroom upstairs. The bathroom features a shower and bathtub, and the windows all over the house let in the natural light throughout the day. 

There’s also a deck from where you can enjoy the views of the garden right below the treehouse, and of Silicon Valley in the distance; those are especially beautiful at night, when everything lights up

We like it because it’s not isolated and has all the necessary facilities to make it comfortable, ideal for those who want the experience of sleeping among the trees but don’t want to leave civilization behind. Driveway parking is available, and you can enjoy the garden and outdoor furniture.  

Treehouse Rentals in Central California

Treehouse with Ocean View – Aptos

Image by Airbnb

This gorgeous 3-bedroom treehouse is surrounded by forest, but you still get views of the coastline. The design is very modern, combined with mid-century furniture, and all spaces are ample and incredibly well-lit, as all rooms boast floor-to-ceiling windows. 

There are three decks with hammocks from where you can enjoy the view or relax with a book, a fully-equipped kitchen, and an ample living room with mountain views and a smart TV. Whether you choose to watch a movie or stargaze from the balcony at night, you’ll have the best of both worlds in one place. 

We like it because the house is naturally illuminated all day, as there are windows facing all directions, and the heated floors make the treehouse a cozy winter destination. Since it accommodates 6 people, it’s a great option for big families or groups of friends. 

Romantic Treehouse in the Redwoods – Santa Cruz

Image by Airbnb

This Airbnb treehouse in California is ideal for a romantic weekend, as it features a big, four-poster bed where you can enjoy breakfast, a cozy open-air shower and you’ll be received with treats and chocolates. 

The inside of the house will make you forget you’re 14 feet up in the air with the fully equipped bathroom and complete furniture sets. The living room boasts a skylight, and there are spacious decks overlooking the trees.

You can also enjoy the lagoon pool and hot tub on the main house, meet the bunnies and hens that live there, or head to the beach that’s only 3 miles away

We like it because there’s a morning wake-up tray included, bathrobes and slippers are provided, all the meals are made with fresh produce from their farm and all details are taken care of to create a romantic atmosphere. Plus, Santa Cruz is one of the best stops on the LA to San Francisco drive!

Unique Treehouse on River – Ben Lomond

Image by Airbnb

This Treehouse Airbnb in California offers gorgeous views of the river from the outside deck and sits amidst the treetops. There are two bedrooms (hosts 4 people), a fully-equipped kitchen and bathroom and there’s also an outdoor shower so you never lose sight of the landscape. 

The treehouse is colorful and heavily decorated, and it boasts a fireplace deck as well as access to the river beach through a wooden staircase. There are plenty of hiking trails nearby, and you might be able to spot the wildlife while exploring around and, if you’re lucky, from the comfort of your treehouse. 

We like it because the views and sound of the river add to the charm of being in the middle of the forest, but it’s not far from the main town if you need anything. Also, pets are allowed with an extra fee. 

The Redwood Treehouse – Santa Cruz

Image by Airbnb

This Santa Cruz treehouse Airbnb is not far from the ground and can be accessed through a footbridge, so it’s an ideal choice for people who aren’t fit to climb stairs to the top of a tree.

Nestled in the redwood forest, it boasts a living tree inside the seating room and another one in the bathroom, so there’s no chance you’ll be forgetting where you are! Another of its highlights is the hot tub where you’ll be able to soak for hours, and due to the microclimate of the area, there’s always good weather

Two people can stay in this treehouse in California, and the kitchen and bathroom, though small, have all the necessary elements to ensure a comfortable getaway. There’s also a deck with views of the forest, a heater for cold nights, and a DVD with plenty of movies to choose from

We like it because they use environmentally friendly cleaning products, the treehouse is close to the beach and the microclimate allows you to enjoy the outdoors everyday, without the fog that may come upon the coast or the valley. It’s also pet friendly. 

The Pinecone Treehouse – Santa Cruz

Image by Airbnb

Oh, the Pinecone Treehouse. This treehouse rental in Santa Cruz is a masterpiece in the middle of the redwood forest. The small cabin has the shape of a pinecone, and it hangs 35 feet above the ground, offering amazing 360-degree views. 

To get inside the pinecone, which features a bedroom and a bathroom, as well as heating and wifi, you have to climb a 30-foot ladder (harness and safety gear is available). Going treehouse glamping in California was never so glamorous! 

We like it because the design is unique and climbing to your pinecone treehouse will make your stay an exhilarating adventure. It’s the perfect destination for a special, romantic getaway, ideal to surprise your partner. 

Treehouse in Vineyard Overlooking Monterey Bay – Monterey

Image by Airbnb

This is the very epitome of a glamping treehouse in California. The fancy tent is situated on a 45-feet platform built on giant Douglas Fir trees, so you’ll have a broad deck all around to enjoy the views of the vineyard and Monterey Bay in the distance.

The tent features a queen-sized bed and you’ll also get wifi and electricity up there. While the full bathroom is in the main house, it’s private so you won’t be sharing it with anyone, and you’ll have access to it at all times. 

Situated on Lago Lomita Vineyards, you’ll be 30 minutes away from San Jose, and only 15 miles from Capitola Beach, so you can combine relaxing at your treehouse with some exploring around.  

We like it because the views from the tent are fantastic and it’s very warm, so regardless of the weather you’ll feel comfortable inside. You can enjoy a tour around the vineyard as well, and sip the local wine on your private treehouse balcony.

The Lifeguard Tower & Boathouse – Arroyo Grande

Image by Airbnb

The Lifeguard Tower is the perfect treehouse hotel in California if you have kids. The place accommodates 5 people, and it boasts a huge playground with swings, slides, a trampoline, and different sets of games

To get to the lifeguard tower, which is decorated as if it were a boat, you have to climb a spiral staircase, and the room will probably be claimed by the children, because the experience of sleeping up there is a kid’s fantasy. 

The boathouse features a kitchen, a queen-sized bed, a seating area, and a sofa, where a third person can sleep. There’s also a patio with a gas fire pit and snacks and s’mores supplies are provided, so you’ll get to enjoy an amazing evening. 

We like it because kids are especially considered, and there’s a video games console besides the great playground. The nautical decor is aligned with the treehouse concept, and all details are taken care of so all you have to do is have fun. It’s the perfect stop on a San Francisco to LA road trip (or vice-versa).

The Treehouse Studio in Oaks – Avila Beach 

Image by Airbnb

This treehouse airbnb in Southern California has 2 bedrooms and can accommodate a maximum of 3 people. It also features a kitchenette, a small bathroom and a seating area.  

The treehouse also boasts a deck overlooking the creek and the golf course, and it’s located a 5-minute walk from the beach. Wifi, cable TV, and covered parking are included, and you’ll be close to restaurants, taverns, and wine tasting locations.

If you visit from April to October, you’ll also enjoy the traditional Friday Night Fisherman and Farmers Market only four blocks away.  

We like it because the spaces are big and well illuminated, there are free toiletries and kitchen supplies available and among the trees and the creek, it’s surrounded by nature. 

The Treehouse Vineyard – Paso Robles

Image by Vrbo

Paso Robles is well-known for its wineries, and this amazing barn-looking house situated in the middle of a vineyard property is the perfect retreat for wine lovers. 

The house accommodates 14 guests and has ample rooms, 5 full bathrooms (one of them boasting a gorgeous tub), a powder room, an enormous kitchen, and a living room.

The decor is stylish and aligned with the surroundings, with barrels as furniture, incredible views of the vineyard, and wine glasses for every guest. 

There’s also a grill available on the patio, and you’ll get to explore the vineyards and taste the local wine. 

We like it because it’s pet friendly, it has laundry facilities (useful when there’s 14 of you!) and linen, towels and bathroom toiletries are included. There’s also plenty of parking space available. 

The Luxury Treehouse in the Sierras – Visalia

Image by Airbnb

The Luxury Treehouse is a perfect couples retreat. It has one spacious, simple-decorated bedroom with a fireplace, a desk in case you need to do some work (hopefully not!), and a huge glass door that allows you to go out on the deck or enjoy the astounding views of the sierras from within. 

The house also features a well-illuminated bathroom surrounded by windows, a kitchenette, and a dumbwaiter for your bags, so you don’t have to carry them through the three flights of stairs. 

You’ll have access to the garden, the shared BBQ facilities on the patio, and the outdoor swimming pool

We like it because the design of the treehouse is very modern, yet it retains the charm of being amidst nature. The great windows allow you to enjoy the sights from bed, and you’ll constantly be around the trees (even in the bathroom) without losing your privacy. 

Treehouse Rentals in Southern California

The Treehouse – Lake Arrowhead

Image by

This cozy treehouse is so full-equipped and decorated that you’ll forget you’re actually in a treehouse unless you’re looking out the windows.

The large seating area features a fireplace and comfy couches, there are two bedrooms with queen-sized beds, a big bathroom with a tub, and all kitchen facilities. You’ll even find an ATM at the house

The spacious deck allows you to have your meals outside, enjoying the views of the forest around you, and if you’re an outdoor enthusiast you can enjoy skiing and cycling nearby. If you feel like going on a little day trip, the beautiful Big Bear Lake is only 24 miles (38 km) away. 

We like it because it provides all the facilities you’d enjoy back home (and even more!) in a more peaceful and natural environment. It’s nearby amazing landscapes and it has a grill on the deck for BBQ nights. 

Golden Hill Treehouse – San Diego

Image by Airbnb

The Golden Hill Treehouse rental in San Diego gives you the opportunity of living in the heights without leaving the city.

This two-story house offers all the desirable amenities for a comfortable stay, from a fully-equipped kitchen to a bathroom with a tub, laundry facilities, a cozy library nook, and a spacious deck.

The house is very luminous and includes a desk area with a fast internet connection (hopefully for streaming movies, not working on your vacation!)

Golden Hill Treehouse is perched between two 30-feet trees, and while it’s surrounded by some trees and plants, it’s not in the middle of the forest like some of the other examples. If the rustic experience of losing yourself in the woodland is not your thing, however, you won’t be missing anything in this treehouse

We like it because it has great views of the city, and there’s a scope to enhance the experience. It’s within walking distance of downtown San Diego, so going sightseeing or running errands is very easy from your urban treehouse. 

Scout’s Treehouse – Los Angeles

Image by Plum Guide

Looking for treehouse rentals in Los Angeles? There’s something even better. 

Scout’s Treehouse is a villa completely hidden by the trees that surround it. Designed to be bright and stylish, the exquisite estate has a rustic touch to it and immense windows displaying the landscape, so it merges with its natural surroundings despite its luxurious aesthetics and amenities. 

The villa accommodates up to 4 people and features two bedrooms and three bathrooms, one of them ensuite to the master bedroom, a rooftop terrace and ample yard with a pool and BBQ facilities, and a washing machine. 

Heating is also available if you’re visiting in winter, and they also offer add-on services at an additional cost, like babysitting, a massage, chef, or cab bookings

We like it because it’s a very private villa and you’ll enjoy the natural surroundings while living in complete luxury. Pets are also allowed.

Private Room in a Treehouse – San Diego

Image by Airbnb

If you’re longing for the treehouse experience but would be doing it on your own, why not book a private room and share the treehouse with other guests? It’s a great way of meeting new people and probably more affordable than booking an entire treehouse for yourself. 

The treehouse is located in San Diego, 5 blocks from the bay and only 2 from Little Italy. The bedroom is spacious and features a big bed and an in-room private toilet. The shower is outdoors, as are most of the facilities, including an outdoor living room, decks, a dining area, and a BBQ section. 

You’ll have full use of the kitchen that’s fully equipped, and multiple landscape views from the decks; the city skyline to one side, the bay to the other, and the beautiful garden that surrounds the treehouse from a third balcony. 

We like it because it offers the opportunity to share the experience with like-minded explorers, and while it’s in the middle of the city the tropical setting makes you feel in your own private oasis. A curious idea for the perfect weekend in san Diego.

Treehouse Adventure – Brea

Image by Airbnb

Treehouse Adventure is a very pretty wooden house perched on a tree in the middle of a backyard. This treehouse inn in California grants you access not only to the treehouse but to the enclosed backyard as well, ensuring you have your privacy. One of the very best glamping in Southern California.

There’s a staircase to climb to the treehouse, which features a small living room with some cooking utilities, including a microwave and fridge, and a bed surrounded by windows so you never miss the sight of the trees. The outdoor bathroom is located in the yard, and there’s also a fire pit for your enjoyment. 

We like it because it’s pet friendly and only 25 minutes from Disney. The private patio is a plus, and you also have a top deck amidst the treetops with outdoor furniture. Despite being small, the treehouse is beautifully designed and very practical.

The Flying Pig Treehouse Oasis – Topanga

Image by Airbnb

The Flying Pig Treehouse is a rustic, wooden room featuring an ample, simple-decorated bedroom with views of the seasonal waterfall and trees all around. While the treehouse is built in a tree, it sits on the ground so you’ll have easy access to it

The outdoor bathroom is only a few steps away, and the path is well lit at night. It includes a sink and regular toilet, a shower, towels, and even a hair dryer. 

There’s also an outside deck with outdoor furniture and BBQ facilities for camp-style cooking. 

We like it because the simplicity of the treehouse allows you to truly disconnect and go back to nature. The town it’s located in, Topanga, is a bohemian enclave with plenty of history, so it’s a good opportunity to explore it. 

Treehouse in a Mid-Century Home – South Pasadena

Image by Airbnb

The combination of jungle-style construction and mid-century architecture is actually possible, proved by the very treehouse we’ll be discussing now. 

The treehouse is up in the hills in South Pasadena, offering astounding views from all the windows.

It also features a deck where you can enjoy your meals and watch the sunset, a well-lit bedroom with a queen-sized bed, a living room, a full bathroom with free toiletries, and some kitchen utilities, like a coffee maker, a refrigerator, and a microwave. 

This treehouse rental in Southern California offers complete privacy despite being part of a house, and it’s very close to Downtown LA

We like it because you can benefit from the laundry facilities if you’re staying for a long period, and the treehouse is located near several shops and restaurants. 

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