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Top 5 Romantic Things To Do in Kansas City, Missouri

Is it just us, or is love in the air? As autumn starts to close in, there’s no better way to spend an evening or the whole weekend than in the company of a loved one.

Whether it’s your first date or your 101st with your partner, there are plenty of opportunities for unforgettable dates here in Kansas City. If you’re a local or just visiting, our top picks of romantic things to do in Kansas City are sure to unlock your inner lovebird!

Visit a Romantic Restaurant or Bistro

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One of the best things about Kansas City is the delicious local food that’s right on our doorstep. In particular, Kansas City is known for its distinctive barbecue flavors. This is a great opportunity for a date, so long as you don’t mind things getting a little messy! We particularly recommend Q39, a hip joint in Midtown where everything is made completely from scratch for the ultimate in barbecue taste.

If you prefer something with a bit more international flavor, then you should also visit Café des Amis. This Parisian-style bistro makes for an intimate date every time you visit.

Choose a Romantic Hotel

If you’re spending a romantic weekend with your partner, you’ll want to make sure you book a romantic hotel in Kansas City, Missouri. What screams romance more than luxury linens, plush furniture, and room service? If you’re a local, you can opt for a staycation. There’s no need to go far to enjoy a little holiday!

Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride

If love has already got you feeling on top of the world, then why not go one step higher with a hot air balloon ride up into the sky? There’s nothing more romantic than the incredible views you’ll get from up there, as you and your partner hold on to each other and look out over the city and surrounding countryside. While the experience can be a little scary, the folks at Soaring Sports will make sure everything goes smoothly. They’ll even offer a glass of champagne while you’re up there!

Have a Picnic in the Park

Dates don’t have to be expensive. Sometimes, just enjoying each other’s company is enough to make the perfect day. When the weather is nice, take a trip to one of Kansas City’s many beautiful parks and bring along some of your favorite foods to tuck into.

Loose Park is always a popular choice for couples, since it includes a pretty lake and a rose garden, along with dedicated picnic areas. Many people actually choose to get married in Loose Park, so if it’s a particularly memorable date, you might just find yourselves returning again!

Take a Tour of a Local Distillery

In addition to barbecue, Kansas City is known for its distinctive whiskey. The city has been home to distilleries for almost as long as the city has existed, and the distilleries continue to produce award-winning whiskies to this day. There are plenty of distilleries around town that offer tours, offering great opportunities to bond over this delicious tipple. Be sure to stop by Tom’s Town Distilling Co., where you and your partner can raise a toast to all the good times ahead!

In Kansas City, it’s always easy to get romantic and have some sweet quality time with your partner!

This post was written in collaboration with IHG.

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