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How To Get From Mexico City To Puebla – Prices & Info [2023]

Are you looking how to get from Mexico City to Puebla, Mexico? Check out all the transportation options available including buses from Mexico City to Puebla.

I really think that Puebla is an underrated destination. Puebla is the fourth largest city in Mexico, but it still conserves a town kind of vibe. Its charming city center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, thanks to its baroque buildings and its many beautiful churches. You can find a church at every corner here!

Most tourists will stick to Mexico City and other famous destinations in Mexico such as Tulum and Cancun, even if Puebla is just two hours away from the capital Mexico City. The few that do visit Puebla mostly go for a day trip, but between street art and good traditional food, you can easily spend days in Puebla.

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The distance between Mexico City and Puebla is just 130 km, and there’s a variety of transportation options available to get to your destination. Check out here how to get to Puebla from Mexico City – you’ll find all the options with information about travel time, cost, and convenience.

Take a Bus from Mexico City to Puebla

Taking the bus is the best available option for getting from Mexico City to Puebla, Mexico, for almost everyone. Buses in Mexico are reasonably priced and are often more comfortable than the buses you’d take in Europe or US.

There are buses continuously between these two cities from as early as 5 AM and as late as 1 AM. The two main companies that operate on this route are ADO and AU.

In reality, AU is a sub-company of ADO as well, and I always recommend taking buses from the ADO umbrella because ADO is Mexico’s leading bus company, and I always had a great experience on their buses (and I’ve taken quite a few in 3 months!).

In this specific case, ADO buses are first-class buses, while AU buses are second-class buses. The seats recline less and there are no bathrooms on board of the bus. The price difference is pretty minimal, so I’d suggest you to take a regular ADO bus.

To catch a bus from Mexico City to Puebla, head to the TAPO terminal (Terminal de Oriente). There are occasional ADO buses that run from other terminals from Mexico City such as Central del Norte but they are a lot less frequent, so I suggest to stick to the TAPO terminal.

Buses typically leave for Puebla every 15/30 minutes from the TAPO terminal. The ticket cost is 196 MXN for AU buses, and 214 MXN for ADO buses (approximately 10 and 11 USD at the time of writing).

The main bus terminal in Puebla is called CAPU and is located 6 km outside the city center, while the 4 Poniente bus terminal is located in downtown Puebla. From both terminals, you can easily find taxis to reach the city center.

If you get to the Puebla CAPU terminal, take a taxi or call a Uber as the terminal is not walking distance to the city center. The ride shouldn’t cost more than 80 pesos.

You can consult the ADO website for the Mexico City-Puebla bus schedule, but the website is only in Spanish. Even if you do speak Spanish, you won’t be able to book online on the ADO website unless you have a Mexican debit or credit card.

But then, how do you book? You’ve got two options:
• in person at any ADO station or office
• on the third party site GuateGo. I’ve used this site multiple times with zero issues. ➥ BOOK YOUR BUS HERE

Going the opposite direction and need a bus from Puebla to Mexico City? There are also dozens of buses a day that serve this route. A ticket for the bus Puebla- Mexico City costs 196 MXN for AU buses, and 214 MXN for ADO buses. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

➤ Bus From Mexico City Airport to Puebla

Are you getting to Mexico City airport and want to go directly to Puebla without passing through the city center? No problem. There are buses to Puebla from Benito Juarez International Airport every one or two hours. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

The only company serving this route is ADO and a ticket at the time of writing costs MXN 318 (approximately 16.40 USD). The buses arrive either at CAPU Terminal or at Terminal Paseo Destino in Puebla, located outside the city .

If you’re going back and need a bus from Puebla to Mexico City Airport, buses leave from Terminal Paseo Destino. There are buses almost every hour, even during the night. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

Rent a Car in Mexico City

In Southeast Asia I always recommend taking public transportation, but for Mexico is a little different. Don’t get me wrong, the bus network in Mexico si pretty great, but road tripping in Mexico is also a great adventure. In Mexico City, you can find a wide range of car rental companies where you can rent a car for driving to Puebla, Mexico. Car rentals are available both in the city and at Mexico City airport. If you want to travel at your own own leisurely pace, driving a car definitely gives you more freedom to explore (but stick to the touristy routes).

If you choose to rent your own car, you can get to Puebla from Mexico City by driving via the Puebla/Mexico 150D Highway. It takes approximately 2 hours 10 minutes.

The price of course varies based on the type of vehicle you choose to rent. The rental cost for a small car starts at 12 USD per day, while the rental cost for an SUV starts at 30 USD per day.

➤ I usually use to book a rental car in advance. This search engine compares all the major rental cars companies. Check out here below rates and availability for rental cars from Mexico City:

Private Transfer from Mexico DF to Puebla

A private transfer from Mexico City to Puebla is another (more expensive) transportation option. If budget isn’t a issue and the priority is comfort and convenience, this is the way to go. Rather than going by taxi, I suggest booking a private transfer from Mexico City to Puebla in advance, so your driver will pick you up at the airport or hotel at a predetermined time.

I looked up a few option and this transfer from Mexico City to Puebla seems to be the best option. You can either book a Sedan car for up to 3 passengers, or a Toyota Hiace van that can accommodate up to 9 passengers. The cost of the transfer from Mexico City to Puebla is 255 USD if you choose the sedan, and 360 USD for the van, no matter how many passengers are going. It’s especially convenient for larger families or groups.

It’s a 2-hour drive. You’ll get to get to your destination in comfort – the cars come with air-conditioning. comfortable seats, and professional drivers.

Take a Day Trip to Puebla from Mexico City

I really enjoyed my time in Puebla exploring this underrated city, and I always recommend spending a couple of days here as there are quite a few things to do. But sometimes you simply don’t have the time!

A good alternative is to join an organized Puebla and Cholula tour. I’ve compared a few Puebla tours from Mexico City and this full-day tour stood out.

On this tour you’ll get to explore Cholula, the largest pyramid of the New World, from which you can see volcanoes in the distance. Then you’ll go on a guided visit of Puebla. It’s the perfect Mexico City to Puebla day trip! ➤ BOOK IT HERE

Flights To Puebla, Mexico

In Puebla there’s an international airport, but flying from Mexico City to Puebla makes zero sense. In fact, there are multiple airlines that fly to Puebla, Mexico, and you could find convenient flights from other destinations in Mexico or abroad. However, there are no direct flights from Mexico City to Puebla, and with a layover flying would take you double the time than the bus.

How To Get from Mexico City to Puebla – Frequently Asked Questions

How far is Puebla from Mexico City?

The distance from Mexico City to Puebla is approximately 128 kilometers (79 miles). It takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes to travel from Mexico City to Puebla by car.

Is there an airport in Puebla?

Yes, there’s the Hermanos Serdán International Airport. However, Puebla airport is much smaller than Mexico City International Airport, so most people prefer to fly there and then transfer to Puebla.

Where is the Puebla bus station?

There are two bus stations in Puebla: Centro de Autobuses Puebla (CAPU) and Estrella Roja’s 4 Poniente bus terminal. The main terminal CAPU is located 6 km from the city center, while the 4 Poniente bus terminal is located in downtown Puebla.

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Moogoo Gaipan

Friday 3rd of March 2023

Headline says 2023, but lists the 4 Poniente bus station, which is long gone.

Also while ADO has some buses from Mexico City airport, it is NOT the only company, in fact the largest number of trips is by Estrella Roja.


Monday 18th of April 2022

Hey Steph, This is soooo good :) Do you have a mexico tour itinerary that you'd recommend to follow? I am travelling alone - do you think that is okay in 2022?

Alsooooo is the information above for 2022?

Thanks, <3


Wednesday 20th of April 2022

Hi, thank you! I have a Yucatan road trip itinerary post but not a full Mexico itinerary. You will be fin traveling solo if you use the usual caution and take care of yourself - I would recommend traveling through cities during the day, not getting drunk, and not walking at night.

The information was mostly updated end of 2021, so should be as of now but some prices might have changed.

Anahi Ramirez

Sunday 17th of April 2022

Hello! Would you say traveling at night is any less safe on a bus from Mexico City airport to Puebla than during the day?


Wednesday 20th of April 2022

If you're going with a reputable company, you should be fine (although I still prefer day travel). For vans (colectivos) there was a recent attack on a van on that route at night, so I wouldn't recommend it.


Friday 11th of March 2022

LOL Lauren, the information was helpful. You're also going to a SPANISH speaking country. They don't have to bend over backwards to accommodate you. Maybe take a duolingo class and learn some Spanish. Mexico City has many other companies that CAN accommodate you (at a price). Feliz Viaje! :-)


Wednesday 9th of March 2022

So glad it was useful! Enjoy your trip :)