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16 Best Eco Hotels & Eco Resorts in Italy [2024]

Looking for eco resorts in Italy where to spend your holidays in style, while at the same time caring for the environment? We got you covered with the ultimate list of hotels!

Italy is the country of pasta and wine, Renaissance art, architecture, and history. Visited for its mouthwatering food, rolling hills, cliffside towns, and glorious culture, Italy isn’t usually thought of as an environmentally-friendly destination, especially when compared to countries like Iceland or Costa Rica.

However, Italy is actually one of the most energy-efficient countries in the world, and it strives for sustainability in many areas, The tourism industry isn’t left behind, and that’s why there’s a plethora of magnificent eco resorts in Italy where you can spend your holidays in style while still caring for the environment.  

I was born and raised in beautiful Bologna, Italy, and after writing about a few other destinations in the world, it was time I finally wrote this article about the best eco-resorts and eco-hotels in my own country!

Read on to find out which are the ultimate eco-friendly resorts and hotels in Italt to start planning your vacation. 

Borgo Pignano – Volterra

Image of Borgo Pignano hotel in Volterra
Image by Borgo Pignano

Borgo Pignano is a luxurious countryside hotel nestled in the hills of Volterra. It’s a country estate in the heart of Tuscany that combines the utmost comfort and elegance with rustic decor, outdoor activities, and a sustainable management. 

The hotel is set on 750 hectares of land, featuring two magnificent outdoor pools, vast gardens and woods, a restaurant, a children’s club, a wellness center, and a gym. There are rooms, suites, and apartments, all of them spacious and boasting an en-suite marble bathroom. 

The restaurant serves traditional cuisine crafted with locally sourced ingredients, using the herbs and vegetables grown in the hotel’s gardens and the property’s own honey and olive oil. 

Eco-friendly materials and products were used to decorate the accommodation, and there are solar panels to fuel the heating system and hot water throughout the resort. 

Rainwater is harvested to feed the gardens, and both traditional and innovative farming techniques are used to protect the soil and environment. 

We like it because Borgo Pignano is the epitome of a countryside escape. Its architecture and décor blend in with the surroundings, and it boasts an incredible outdoor setting to spend time in nature while ensuring guests have a luxurious, pampered experience. 


Milano Scala – Milan

The lobby of Milano Scala hotel in Milan
Image by Milano Scala

Milano Scala is a carbon-neutral and eco-friendly accommodation situated in Milan’s city center. It’s a very stylish hotel with elegant rooms, a fitness center, a terrace with beautiful views, a restaurant, and a bar. A buffet-style breakfast is served daily using ingredients from the hotel’s vegetable garden. 

The eco hotel Milano Scala was designed to be an environmentally friendly hotel from the start, and it’s the first one in the city with zero emissions. It uses biodegradable products, renewable energy, and electric cars to offset the emissions of CO2. Fruit, vegetables, and herbs are grown in the garden and used at the on-site restaurant.  

We like it because it’s located in one of the most fashionable cities in Italy, offering easy access to many attractions and all the perks of city hotels, but being committed to the environment and the impact it has on it. 


Theiner’s Garten – Gargazzone, South Tyrol 

Image of a swimming pool surrounded by sun loungers and sun umbrellas, inserted in a post about the best eco resorts in Italy
Image by Theiner’s Garten

Theiner’s Garten is an ideal hotel to enjoy a relaxing vacation and be pampered, and one of the best ecolodges in Italy. It has a wellness center with a sauna and spa, indoor and outdoor pools with sun loungers, a gym, and an on-site restaurant serving Mediterranean cuisine.

The rooms are cozy and practical, with a fully-equipped en-suite bathroom, and the hotel offers activities such as cooking classes, yoga sessions, movie nights, and walking tours to keep guests entertained.

The restaurant has a farm to table policy and prepares organic meals using herbs and vegetables from the on-site gardens. Natural ingredients and herbs are also used at the spa for wellness treatments. The hotel has an eco-friendly heating and cooling system that helps offset the CO2 emissions, which are close to 1/10th of the ones emitted by normal hotels’. 

We like it because it’s not only committed to its guests’ comfort and the environment’s well-being, but the hotel also funds the construction of water wells in Ethiopia, where access to clean water is scarce. 


Lefay Resort & Spa – Lake Garda

Image of a large swimming pool facing Lake Garda in Lefay, one of the best eco resorts in Italy
Image by Lefay Resort & Spa

When it comes to green hotels in Italy, Lefay Resort & Spa isn’t left behind. It’s located in Gargano, a charming town on the west shore of Lago di Garda. Offering striking views of the lake from its infinity pool and surrounded by rolling hills and olive groves, the hotel’s paradisiac setting and its top-notch facilities will make it hard for you to leave. 

There are two swimming pools, one of which is indoors, and a full-service wellness & fitness center. The rooms are spacious and very elegantly decorated, all of them boasting a balcony or terrace overlooking the lake. A daily breakfast buffet is served at the restaurant, where you can also enjoy scrumptious lunches and dinners paired with drinks from the bar. 

The resort was designed to merge effortlessly with its surroundings, and it uses renewable energy to power its heating and cooling systems and most of the hotel’s electricity. Rainwater is harvested and recycled, and seasonal, locally sourced ingredients are used in the restaurant. 

We like it because it’s set in a gorgeous location, offering views and surroundings that are difficult to surpass, and the service and facilities are first-class, all the while having a positive impact on the environment.  


Vivosa Apulia Resort – Ugento, Apulia

Image of the swimming pool area of Vivosa Apulia Resort, surrounded by plants and with white umbrellas in the background
Image by Vivosa Apulia Resort 

Vivosa Apulia is a stunning beachfront resort in Marina di Ugento with an equal commitment both to sustainability and to its guests’ enjoyment. The ecoresort features two large swimming pools with slides and jacuzzis, a poolside bar, a gym, a spa, and several sport facilities.

There are also sun loungers and umbrellas at the beach, a lounge, a children’s playground, and even a shop inside the hotel, which offers theme dinners and various activities to keep guests entertained. 

Vivosa Apulia Resort is set inside a natural park and carries out numerous sustainability practices. The re-use of water, waste recycling, and use of solar panels to power electricity are some of those efforts, which also include the reduction of single-use plastic, and the reduction of CO2 emissions.  

We like it because this eco lodge in Italy offers a myriad of activities and events, it’s right in front of a stunning beach – and boasts a private beach area – and features very elegant and spacious rooms. 


Eco Park Hotel Azalea – Cavalese, Trentino

Image of a garden with green grass, two sun chairs and sun umbrellas, and roses at one of the best eco resorts in Italy
Image by Eco Park Hotel Azalea

Eco Park Hotel Azalea is located in the heart of Cavalese, a popular holiday and ski resort in Northern Italy. The resort is family-friendly and offers a variety of activities that include treks in the Dolomites, yoga classes, mountain biking, or skiing in the wintertime. 

Holistic treatments and practices such as meditation, a Finnish sauna, and retreats aim to strengthen the overall well-being of guests by bringing them closer to themselves in a peaceful, natural setting. 

The hotel rooms are spacious and scented with the smells of nature, and you can actually choose yours based on the type and theme of accommodation you’d prefer.

There’s a restaurant on-site serving 100% organic, plant-based meals both delicious and highly nutritious. All ingredients are zero km and sourced from local farms, mills, and sustainable suppliers. 

As for sustainability, the resort uses renewable energy sources besides having a low energy consumption policy. It uses recyclable materials and supports the community by employing them and buying products from locals. 

We like it because its philosophy is to make people feel good, and they excel at it phenomenally. On top of that, it’s dedicated to respecting the environment and bringing guests and nature closer. 


Relais del Maro – Borgomaro, Liguria 

An elegant bedroom with a balcony in Relais del Maro, inserted in a post about eco hotels in Italy
Image by Relais del Maro

Relais del Maro is a 4-star hotel that features its rooms in three different buildings in the historic village of Borgomaro. There are suites and three types of rooms – classic, small, and family – available, all of them boasting exquisite design and a private bathroom. 

An outdoor pool and a peaceful garden with sun loungers and outdoor furniture are two of the hotel’s best attributes, which allow you to indulge in an alfresco meal or drinks while sunbathing after a swim. 

There is also a full-service spa, yoga and fitness classes, and a restaurant that serves a very scrumptious breakfast. 

This eco resort in Italy has a green philosophy in place that includes taking energy and water-saving measures, using renewable sources when possible, ensuring that 100% of the light bulbs are LED, and promoting responsible tourism. The hotel also offers eco-friendly toiletries and has recycled most of its furniture. 

We like it because it has great attention to detail and excellent service, and it offers a peaceful haven for guests to recharge and relax. 


Eremito Hotelito del Alma – Parrano, Umbria 

A living room corner with stone walls and cozy sitting areas in Eremito, one of the prettiest eco hotels in Italy
Image by Eremito

Eremito is a boutique hotel also referred to as a monastery accommodation. It’s situated in the village of Parrano, and it takes inspiration from the monasteries of the Middle Ages both for the design and the philosophy. 

Within stone walls, the hotel revisits the concept of luxury to offer beautiful surroundings and the utmost comfort but in a setting that takes guests back several centuries, providing a unique experience away from the digital world. 

No phones, TVs, or electric appliances can be found in the rooms, which showcase a minimalistic design, floor heating, a private bathroom, and views of the garden. 

Herbs, fruits, and vegetables are grown in the garden and then used in the kitchen, which prepares traditional, vegetarian meals. There’s also a stone heated pool and a steam room, a spa, and a yoga studio. 

Electricity at Eremito is mostly powered by renewable sources. LED light bulbs are used, there’s no AC (or need for it, because of the stone walls!) and at night rooms are lit by candlelight. 

Waste is recycled, and there’s no single-use plastic in the property, tracks the consumption of water, collects rainwater, and provides organic toiletries    

We like it because it’s a full-board accommodation, so you’ll enjoy delicious, homecooked meals during your stay. 


Il Borro – Valdarno, Tuscany

Image of Il Borro hotel seen from afar, surrounded by trees and other pastel-colored houses
Image by Il Borro

Il Borro is one of the main eco hotels in Italy, situated in the century-old hamlet of Borro in Tuscany, which overwent a process of renovation that has restored it to its former glory. 

The estate is set in the Tuscan hills and offers the perfect setting for a vacation in the countryside, offering plenty of outdoor adventures that go from horseback riding to yoga classes, hikes, various sports, and cooking classes. 

There’s also a wellness center, an infinity pool, and a magnificent wine cellar with the 12 labels produced by the estate, 10 of which are organic. 

Il Borro has zero carbon emissions, the result of using renewable energy sources which not only offset the emissions but produce more energy than is used. 

Rainwater is collected to feed the gardens, organic agriculture is used for the cultivation of the land, and water stations are located all over the estate, while guests get flasks upon arrival to avoid the use fo plastic. Beekeeping is another practice carried out by Il Borro in the service of biodiversity. 

We like it because it’s a hotel steeped in history, and its location allows for a slow-paced stay in which to reconnect with nature and relax, all the while enjoying plenty of activities and having fun. 


Leitlhof – San Candido, Dolomites

Naturhotel Leitlhof is set in the Dolomites, surrounded by majestic mountains and forest, and the hotel revolves around nature. 

The rooms are spacious and subtly elegant, there’s a restaurant and bar, a wellness center that offers beauty treatments and massages, a sauna, a swimming pool, and a gym. Outdoor and hiking activities are available so you get to explore the wonderful surroundings.  

The hotel has its own organic farm and cattle ranch, and generates its electricity from wood, therefore being both carbon-neutral and completely self-sufficient. It has also reduced its guests’ carbon footprint considerably and continues to innovate in the path of sustainability.  

We like it because it’s one of the few European hotels that’s entirely self-sustaining, and along with wonderful accommodation it offers fantastic services and activities to make the guests’ stay wholesome. 


Monaci delle Terre Nere – Sicily 

An eco-resort in Italy seen from above, surrounded by a garden with a swimming pool, and with vegetation in the background
Image by Monaci delle Terre Nere

Monaci delle Terre Nere is a wine resort that values sustainability and luxury in equal parts. The villa is set on 25 hectares of land at the foot of Mount Etna, and it features suites and independent villas with a private pool, a garden, and outdoor furniture that can accommodate up to 15 guests. 

There’s a fabulous organic wine cellar where you can enjoy wine tasting, a poolside bar, a restaurant that uses fresh produce mainly grown in the estate, and a wellness center. Private dinners in nature, open-air treatments, yoga sessions, cocktail classes, and horse rides are a few of the activities offered. 

The hotel produces 70% of its energy by solar panels, which it continues to develop with the goal of producing all of its energy sustainably. There’s high-efficiency AC in the rooms, and guests are encouraged to use the fireplace in the winter instead. 

No pesticides are used in the gardens and vineyards, eggs are provided by the 100+ hens that happily live in the estate, and waste is separated and recycled. 

We like it because this eco lodge in Italy offers an absolutely lavish stay without neglecting the importance of nature in our lives, and the role we have to ensure its protection and well-being. It also has delicious wine!


Arbatax Park Resort – Sardinia

Image of the green areas of Arbatax Park Resort, with palm trees, swimming pools, and the sea in the background
Image by Arbatrax Park Resort 

Arbatax Park Resort is an eco resort in Sardinia situated within a natural reserve that has multiple locations within the island. 

The hotel is family-friendly and boasts views of the sea from most areas, being very close to the beach. Rooms are very spacious and decorated with Mediterranean colors and style, and there are two restaurants on-site (plus more options throughout the resort’s properties). Breakfast included, half-board, or full-board can be added to the stay. 

There’s a private beach area, sports facilities, swimming pools, a wellness center & spa, and a bar. The hotel also has a kitchen available for parents to prepare their children’s meals.

The park in which the resort is located is home to incredible wildlife and flora that is actively protected. The resort also has a plastic-free policy, produces its electricity with renewable energy sources, and only changes towels and linens upon guests’ request. 

Common waste is separated and recycled, and food waste is used to feed the park’s animals. 

We like it because it’s by the beach and is surrounded by a natural paradise, and it offers enough activities and entertainment to guarantee you have the time of your life without having to leave the resort. 


Apipura Hotel Rinner – Renon, South Tyrol  

The white building with orange balconies of Apipura, one of the most enchanting eco hotels in South Tyrol
Image by Apipura Hotel Rinner

Apipura Hotel Rinner is a family-run hotel in the heart of the South Tyrolean mountains. Its focus is set on its beautiful natural surroundings, and on bringing nature-related experiences to its guests, which is why it’s the perfect hotel for those eager to escape the city’s bustle and retreat to the mountains. 

It’s one of the ultimate family-friendly eco resorts in Italy, featuring both a playroom (indoors) and a playground (outdoors), family rooms, games, and attractions for the little ones. There are elegant rooms, a gourmet restaurant, a spa with a sauna and jacuzzi, and BBQ facilities. 

There is an apiary on the property, therefore bee products are part of the stay both in well-being treatments and food. A Bee educational trail is offered for those interested in learning more about it. 

Apipura Hotel Rinner has been awarded the GreenSign sustainability certificate. The restaurant sources most of its ingredients from the garden, and the apiary plays a crucial role in the ecosystem, as bees are one of the most important species for our planet’s wellbeing. 

We like it because it stands out with its unique concept of apiary-hotel, it’s in a beautiful setting away from the bustle, and it’s dog friendly!  


Paradiso Pure Living – Castelrotto, South Tyrol 

A striking stone and wood hotel with moutnains in the background, inserted in a post about eco hotels & eco resorts in Italy
Image by Paradiso Pure Living 

Paradiso Pure Living is a vegetarian & vegan hotel nestled in the Dolomites which aims to reduce our impact on nature while promoting personal health. 

Following that philosophy, the hotel offers outdoor yoga classes, an infrared sauna that helps regenerate your body, a fully-equipped gym, and a Finnish sauna. There’s also a salt-water pool and jacuzzi, a zero-gravity floating experience, a steam bath, and a tea corner where to curl up with a hot cuppa and a book. 

The rooms are modern and spacious, and the contemporary restaurant serves delicious vegetarian and vegan cuisine made with locally (and sustainably) sourced ingredients. 

Besides using recycled paper in the kitchen, offering compostable slippers to reduce plastic waste, and crafting natural toiletries that have no preservatives or parabens, grey water is recycled and the chemicals employed are non-toxic.  

We like it because the hotel’s efforts for sustainability include the well-being of its guests, and it aims to introduce them to a healthier way of living that will benefit not only them but the environment. 


Sextantio Le Grotte della Civita – Matera

A cave hotel room in Matera, equipped with a wooden table and wardrobe, a bed, and candles
Image by Sextantio Le Gotte della Civita 

Sextantio Le Grotte della Civita is absolutely enchanting, set in a rustic stone building and featuring caves instead of rooms. Located in the UNESCO-listed town of Matera, the hotel matches its surroundings perfectly. 

The caves are simple and are equipped with a double bed, a desk or dining table, and a private bathroom. Some of the caves even have their own balcony. The modern amenities, which include A/C in every room, make the stay incredibly comfortable.  

The hotel has a restaurant and bar, and offers guests the possibility of dining at the property’s former church, besides pampering them with massages and wellness treatments

This sustainable hotel in Italy recycles most of its waste and aims to reduce water and energy consumption by using water flow reducers and energy-saving light bulbs. The food is organic and locally sourced, and guests have the possibility of reusing towels and opting out of daily room cleaning

We like it because it’s a truly unique green hotel in Italy, with an original concept that offers an experience like no other while still being luxurious and environmentally friendly. 


Rome Cavalieri – Rome

A large swimming pool surrounded by white sun loungers and umbrellas
Image by Rome Cavalieri

Rome Cavalieri is a Waldorf Astoria hotel, and one of the best eco friendly hotels in Italy for those who are after city life. 

The 5-star accommodation offers first-class service and top-notch facilities that include 3 swimming pools, a full-service spa with steam baths and jacuzzi, a fitness center, and 2 restaurants – one of them a 3-star Michelin

The rooms are luxurious and feature a marble bathroom and a balcony overlooking either the gardens or the city’s historic center. Guests can stay in the hotel’s suites, or choose between the Deluxe and Imperial rooms. 

The hotel’s sustainability efforts include the substitution of plastic for compostable materials, water and energy-saving practices, and the reduction of food waste and its carbon footprint. The chain has also recycled over 2,000lbs of toiletries’ plastics and planted thousands of trees in an ongoing project to become more environmentally friendly. 

We like it because it’s very well positioned in the historic center of Rome, and it’s the ultimate luxurious accommodation, catering to guests’ every need and boasting splendid amenities. 


Eco Resorts in Italy FAQs

What are the best eco lodges in the mountains in Italy?

In my opinion, the very best mountain eco lodges in Italy include these:
Paradiso Pure Living in South Tyrol
Naturhotel Leitlhof in the Dolomites
Theiner’s Garten in South Tyrol

What are the best eco resorts in Tuscany?

I believe that the ultimate eco-friendly resorts to stay in Tuscany are Il Borro and Borgo Pignano.

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