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9 Top Cooking Classes in Bologna [2024]

If you’re looking for the best cooking classes in Bologna to learn all the secrets of pasta-making and the mouthwatering tiramisu dessert, you’ve found the right post. Read on and choose your class!

Bologna is famous for a wide variety of things, but the Bolognese sauce, among the city’s delicious cuisine and pastries, is one of its visitors’ favorites. On your next trip to Italy, you’ll not only get to savor Bologna’s traditional dishes, but also learn all the secrets behind them so you can make them yourself!

Taking a cooking lesson is a fantastic holiday activity, and it will arm you with the skills to impress your friends and family and, most importantly, not miss the tagliatelle and stuffed fresh pasta when you go back home.

Check out the top cooking classes in Bologna and choose your favorite!

Fresh tortellini covered in flour on a wooden table. In the background there's a rolling pin, three red tomatoes, and a bowl of flour. Image inserted in a post about the best cooking classes in Bologna

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The Very Best Cooking Classes in Bologna, Italy 

➤ The Home Cooking Lessons at Grazia’s House take place in your chef’s kitchen, where she’ll teach you how to prepare some of the most traditional Italian dishes, including fresh pasta and the famous bolognese sauce. 

Once the food is ready, you’ll get to try your very own dish of pasta for lunch, paired with local wine. 

From my Kitchen: Home Cooking Lessons at Grazia's House

This class also includes: All ingredients and dessert. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

➤ The Stay Hungry Stay Bologna Cooking Class allows you to learn the secrets of homemade pasta as you make your own tortellini and tagliatelle from scratch, guided by a local chef. 

This is a private class, and your group of friends or family will get to sample the three different types of pasta you prepared, plus a tiramisu for dessert, with a variety of wines.  

Stay Hungry Stay Bologna

This class also includes: All ingredients. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

➤ This Private Cooking Class in Bologna, Italy enables you to learn the art of pasta-making from a local, as they welcome you into their home for the class. This cooking workshop will have you making delicious stuffed pasta, discovering the tips and secrets to achieving a perfect result. 

You’ll then enjoy a hearty lunch or dinner that you prepared yourself, paired with white and red wines. 

Private Cooking Class at a Local's Home with Lunch or Dinner in Bologna

This class also includes: All ingredients. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

Pasta & Tiramisu Cooking Class in Bologna: The PERFECT Combo

This Private Pasta & Tiramisu Class is ideal to spend a fun half-day with your travel companions as you learn the secrets of two Italian classics: fresh pasta, and tiramisu. 

You’ll enjoy a hands-on masterclass at a local’s home, and make your own lunch or dinner and dessert from scratch. The class can be customizable to suit your group’s interests and ages. 

Private Pasta & Tiramisu Class at a local's home with tasting in Bologna

This class also includes: All ingredients, wine, and espresso coffee. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

Private Bologna Cooking Class

This Private Lesson with Chef offers an authentic experience of cooking traditional Bolognese food with a local chef. 

You’ll get to discover Bologna through its cuisine, as you learn to prepare different types of fresh pasta, including tortellini and tagliatelle, and typical desserts, like pinza bolognese or raviole. When the food is ready, you’ll savor it with a glass of wine. 

Lezione Privata con Chef di Cucina Tradizionale Bolognese

This class also includes: All ingredients, coffee, and tea. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

Lasagna or Tortellini? You Choose!

➤ The Small-Group Tortellini Class teaches you to make the perfect dish of tortellini, one of Bologna’s classics. You’ll meet your local guide in her kitchen, where she’ll guide you through every step to create not only delicious tortellini, but also shape the tiny bites beautifully. 

You’ll then get to relish your homemade pasta dish with local wines. 

Small-Group Tortellini Class at a local's home with lunch or dinner in Bologna

This class also includes: All ingredients, an aperitivo of prosecco and snacks, and tiramisu. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

➤ If you’re choice is lasagna, you’ll definitely enjoy this Private Lasagna Masterclass, taught by one of the best cooking schools in Bologna, Italy.

Your class will take place at a local’s home, and you’ll get hands-on in preparing the Lasagna Bolognese from scratch, learning its secrets and becoming an expert with the help of your chef.

Once your meal is ready, you and your group will indulge in it with local wines and soft drinks. 

Private Lasagna Masterclass at a Cesarina's Home with Tasting in Bologna

This class also includes: All ingredients, a souvenir apron, and a Lasagna Expert certificate. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

A Cooking Class In Bologna Countryside

This Regional Italian Cuisine Class takes place in a rural estate. You’ll meet your local host at her farm in the countryside, where she’ll teach you how to make a few Italian dishes from scratch. 

You’ll try your hand at making tagliatelle with prosciutto di Parma, crescentine, gnocchi ragu, and prepare your very own torta di castagne for dessert. 

Learn to Cook Regional Italian Cuisine with a local in a Rural Estate Home

This class also includes: All ingredients, lunch, and wine. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

Learn the Art of Aperitivo

Aperitivo is an essential part of Italian culture, and creating the perfect appetizer takes some skill. Luckily, you’ll be let into the secrets of The Art of the Aperitivo in this fabulous class taught by a local. 

This is one of the best culinary classes for adults, and it will enable you to prepare 5 different appetizers using fresh, regional ingredients, and pair them with traditional aperitivo drinks like prosecco and red wine. 

Once you’re done, enjoy your very own aperitivo and take the recipes home with you!

The art of the Italian Aperitivo with a local: Learn & Enjoy in Bologna

This cooking class in Bologna also includes: All ingredients. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

Bologna Cooking Classes FAQ

What are the best cooking classes in Bologna?

Home Cooking Lessons
Stay Hungry Stay Bologna
Private Cooking Class in Bologna

Can I book a private cooking class in Bologna?

Yes, you can enjoy a Private Cooking Class in Bologna with your friends or family. 

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