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How To Get from Cancun Airport to Hotel Zone (4 Options)

Cancun is the perfect destination in the Yucatan Peninsula to experience the magnificent natural wonders of Mexico. Also known as a lively city that offers everything from shopping to partying and sightseeing, Cancun is a great location to explore, and an even better starting point for a Yucatan road trip.

Drone image of Cancun Hotel Zone, with beachfront resorts and turquoise waters, inserted in a post about getting from Cancun Airport to Hotel Zone

If you’re visiting from abroad, you will be flying into Cancun International Airport. Cancun Airport is 14 miles (22.7 km) from the Hotel Zone and the drive takes a little over 20 minutes.

SHARED SHUTTLE$12 per person one wayBOOK IT HERE
ADO BUS$8.50 per person one wayBOOK IT HERE

There are several transfer options from Cancun Airport to your hotel that you can choose from, and below we’ll be exploring the best alternatives, suitable for all budgets. 


The most convenient Cancun Airport transfer to Hotel Zone is booking private transportation, especially if you want to travel hassle-free and be taken directly to your hotel

I’ve traveled with this company – Cancun Airport Transportation – many times to get from the airport to my hotel (and also to visit other cities in Quintana Roo or Yucatan) and I have nothing but good things to say about them.

The drivers are very polite and careful on the road, something I appreciate immensely, and they’re always on time. The cars are spotless and air-conditioned, and we’ve been offered refreshments for the ride.

Length:30 minutes
Price:44 USD one way
Where to book it:BOOK IT HERE

▶️ Booking a private transfer guarantees that you’ll get an English-speaking driver who will be waiting for you in the arrivals area to help you with your bags and escort you to the air-conditioned vehicle. 

The Cancun Airport Transportation service costs $44 for up to 6 people, or you could book a round-trip transfer for $85. If you are 5 or 6 people, booking a private transfer will cost you a little less than taking the shared shuttle, so it’s more convenient (and if you’re 4, the difference is negligible). ➥ BOOK IT HERE

▶️ If you want to get fancier you can book the luxury service and travel in a Suburban vehicle. Your English-speaking driver will meet you in the arrivals area and escort you to your private, insured vehicle. You’ll enjoy VIP service and be taken to your hotel directly. 

The luxury Cancun Airport transportation to Hotel Zone costs $79 one-way, or $150 if you book round trip. The luxury vehicle accommodates up to 6 people. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

If you’re with a bigger group of people, you need wheelchair-friendly private transportation or simply feel like splurging on a limo transfer, take a look at these other interesting services.

Group transportation (up to 16 passengers)BOOK IT HERE
Transportation for disabled passengers (up to 2 wheelchairs)BOOK IT HERE
Limo transportation (up to 14 passengers)BOOK IT HERE

Book your private shuttle in the search box down below:

Pros and Cons of the Private Airport Transfer

✔️ It’s the fastest way to get from Cancun Airport to the Hotel Zone. There will be no stops, and no hassle – you’ll be taken straight from the airport to your hotel’s front door.

✔️ You’ll have a guaranteed bilingual driver, so no need to worry if you don’t speak Spanish.

✔️ Your flight is late? Don’t fret! Cancun Airport Transportation will be tracking your flight, so your driver will be at the arrival area waiting for you whenever you land.

✘ The only disadvantage I can think of is the price. It’s more expensive than the other options, so solo travelers or those on a budget might prefer to look at the other options on this page.

Read what the reviews say:

”Good driver! Got us to the airport super quick. Had cold beverages on hand if anybody wanted one! Driver showed up 15 minutes early. Highly recommended.”

Josh McFarlane – Read more reviews


A cheaper transportation option from the airport to your hotel in Cancun is the shared shuttle. The shuttle is comfortable and air-conditioned, and is really an ideal option for those traveling solo.

While you’ll be sharing the vehicle with other travelers, you’ll still be taken to your hotel’s front door, so no worries about having to drag your luggage around town.

Length:30 minutes to 1 hour
Price:12 USD per person
Where to book it:BOOK IT HERE

A one-way trip on the shared shuttle to the Cancun Hotel Zone costs $12. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

You can’t book round-trip service for the shared shuttle. However, you can make two separate reservations if you’d like to book the shuttle for your way back to the airport.

Pros and Cons of the Shared Shuttle

✔️ It’s cheaper than the private transfer – while still dropping you off at your hotel – and ideal for those traveling on their own.

✘ The shared shuttle makes stops along the way to drop off other passengers at their accommodation so the trip, of course, will take longer. If you have limited time at the destination, you might not want to waste time this way.

✘ If you’re in a group of 4 or more, it makes no sense to take the shared shuttle, as it’s more expensive than private transportation. Even if you’re 3 people, the $8 you’re saving might not be worth the extra time and hassle. Book a private transfer instead.

Read what the reviews say:

”I booked same day and they were great. Shuttle was on time, actually early. Driver was polite and got us to the airport safely in a clean vehicle.”

Charell_W – Check out more reviews on Viator


If you want to get from the airport to Cancun Hotel Zone by bus, you can take the ADO bus to Cancun Downtown, and from there switch to the local bus R1 or R2 to the Hotel Zone

A greay and red ADO bus, inserted in a post about getting from Cancun Airport to Hotel Zone
Length:30 – 45 mintues
Price:8.50 USD per person
Where to book it:BOOK IT HERE

ADO is the main bus company serving this part of Mexico, and I’ve traveled multiple times with them with no problem. The only issue in this case is that it does not reach the Hotel Zone, so it will drop you off in Cancun Downtown.

If you still want to take the bus from Cancun Airport, you can do so outside 3 airport terminals: T2, T3, and T4.

The ADO bus leaves very frequently throughout the day, from early in the morning until 11 PM. It takes anywhere between 30 to 45 minutes – and sometimes up to 1 hour – to get to Cancun Downtown.

This is the bus departure schedule from Cancun Airport to Cancun Downtown at the time of writing from Terminal 4.

7.50 AM
8.10 AM
8.45 AM
9.05 AM
9.40 AM
10.00 AM
10.25 AM

After 10.25, there are buses at 11.05, 11.25, and 11.35, and so on every hour until 6.05 PM.

After the 6.35 PM departure, there’s a bus every 30 minutes until 10.25 PM.
The last bus service is at 11.00 PM.

If you’re departing from Terminal 2, you’ll take the bus 10 minutes later (so at 8.00 AM, 8.20 AM, and so on).

If you’re leaving from Terminal 3, the bus will depart 10 minutes earlier (the first bus at 7.40 AM, then at 8.00 AM, and so on).

You can double-check the current timings on the ADO website. However, the site is only in Spanish, and doesn’t allow purchases with a foreign card. I personally use GuateGo to buy my ADO tickets. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

Once you get to the ADO terminal downtown, you have to walk a few steps to Tulum Ave. to take the R1 or R2 bus, which costs less than a dollar. Be sure to tell your driver the name of your hotel or its address, so they can tell you when to get off (and look at the GPS on your phone if you can).

While this option is not the most hassle-free, it’s certainly the best way to get from Cancun Airport to Hotel Zone if you’re on a tight budget!

Pros and Cons of the ADO Bus

✔️ It’s the cheapest way to get from Cancun Airport to Hotel Zone, and the buses are comfortable and air-conditioned, which makes them the obvious choice for those on a really tight budget or solo travelers with light luggage.

✘ It’s quite a hassle to reach your hotel with the ADO Bus, because it only takes you to Cancun Downtown. You then need to take another bus to the Hotel Zone, and possibly walk from the bus stop to your hotel, depending on where it’s located.

✘ It’s not ideal if you have a lot of luggage, since you’ll be taking two different transportation methods and possibly walking a bit to reach your accommodation. If you were to take a taxi from Downtown to Hotel Zone, the price would go up considerably, so it’d make more sense to take the shared shuttle instead.


Driving your own car is probably the best means of transport from Cancun Airport to Hotel Zone, and you can rent a car directly at the airport upon your arrival, although I highly recommend booking your car in advance to get a better deal. 

car rental sign at Cancun Airport
Length:30 minutes
Price:31-53 USD per day
Where to book it:BOOK IT HERE

I personally use and recommend Discover Cars to compare rental prices and book the most convenient option when renting a car in Mexico. ➥ COMPARE PRICES HERE

Discover Cars is a car rental booking service, offering a large selection of rental options from various car agencies in Cancun. This makes it easier to find a rental car that suits your needs and budget.

I particularly like the cancellation policy they offer. Typically, with Discover Cars, you can cancel your booking for free up to 48 hours before the pickup time – a much more generous cancellation policy than other companies. It’s always important, however, to read the specific terms and conditions of your rental agreement. This is because policies can vary based on the rental company and the rate you choose.

Before you decide to rent a car, however, find out if your hotel offers free parking, and check if your itinerary includes exploring the area beyond Cancun. If your plan is to stay at the hotel, enjoy its amenities and go to the beach, it’s unlikely you’ll be using your car much and it would be a waste of money to rent one.

However, if you plan on doing a road trip along the Yucatan Peninsula or going on day trips to Chichen Itza or Playa del Carmen, then having your own car to move around is very useful. 

Pros and Cons of a Car Rental

✔️ It’s a great option if you’re planning to explore the Riviera Maya, as it gives you the freedom to come and go at your leisure, and take day trips from Cancun.

✘ It’s not recommended to rent a car if you plan to enjoy your resort’s facilities and not leave Cancun during your vacation. It doesn’t really make sense to rent a car just for the journey Airport – Hotel.

✘ There needs to be a designated driver when you’re going out at night. Even with a rental car, you might want to take a taxi if you’re going out to party and drink (which is what my friends and I did in Tulum).

Tips for Renting a Car in Cancun Airport (and in Mexico)

Car rental scams, like overcharging you for scratches that were already in the vehicle or forcing you to buy insurance are sadly very common. You can partially prevent them by booking your car online before you arrive.

▶️ One of the most common scams is requiring you to purchase insurance. They will tell you that buying it is mandatory, but it’s NOT. If you already have credit card travel insurance, there is no need to purchase the insurance they offer.

If they insist, you’re better off walking away and looking for another company (although the price of the rental might be higher, since it’s a last-minute hire).

▶️ Another prevalent scam among car rental companies in Mexico, especially at Cancun Airport, is charging exorbitant fees for damages (which can be little scratches), even if they weren’t caused by you.

That’s why it’s ESSENTIAL to take pictures of the car’s condition before you use it and after returning the vehicle. This way you can’t be asked to pay for damages you didn’t cause. You certainly don’t want to be charged for existing damages!

▶️ Here are a few extra tips for renting a car in Cancun Airport:

  • Always carry your car rental agreement in the vehicle.
  • Carry a copy of your insurance.
  • Always have your valid driver’s license, and either your passport or a copy of it.
  • Driving in Mexico is on the right side, just like the US and Europe!


There are a few extra ways to make the journey from Cancun Airport to Hotel Zone, however, I do not recommend them for various reasons.

Hotel Transfer

You could pre-book a transfer organized by your hotel. However, bear in mind that hotels charge for this additional service, and you’ll probably end up paying way more than if you booked your own transportation to the hotel.  


While taking a taxi is another option, it’s NOT one I’d recommend. Most taxis don’t have a meter (or don’t want to turn it on) and you’ll have to negotiate hard to get a fair price. Which, who wants to do that after a flight in a foreign country?

The cost of a taxi to the Hotel Zone from the airport at the time of writing is around 50 USD, a higher price than pre-booking your transportation. 


As to Uber, it has been legal and working normally in Cancun since 2023. I’ve heard reports from travelers that it’s currently easy to call an Uber in the city, and there are no issues with it.

However, Ubers are not allowed inside Cancun Airport, so if you want to use this transport option you need to walk outside the airport. You’ll need to have a working SIM card with internet to use the app, though, or you can pre-buy an eSIM card with unlimited data so you arrive and you’re ready to go.

At the time of writing, a Uber ride from Cancun Airport to the Hotel Zone costs approximately 40 USD. Price will vary depending on your exact final destination, and the current rates at the time you take it.

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Saturday 16th of December 2023

The ADO website does allow purchases with foreign credit cards.

Stefania Guglielmi

Thursday 28th of December 2023

Oh that's great! Did you manage to purchase tickets? Transactions didn't use to go through with foreign cards, I always had to ask for help to my Mexican friend if I wanted to buy tickets on the ADO website.