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14 BEST Wine Tours & Wine Tasting in Puglia [2024]

Going on wine tours & wine tasting in Puglia is the ultimate way to delve into the oh-so-delicious world of vineyards and grapes. Check out my selection of the best wine trips in the region! 

Are you ready to discover the charming region of Puglia? This is where history, white-washed beaches, striking landscapes, and a deep-rooted wine tradition come together to create the perfect destination for an Italian holiday. Nestled in southern Italy – exactly on the boot’s heel – Puglia is a treasure trove for wine enthusiasts.

Puglia’s wine might not be as famous outside of Italy as the wine in Tuscany or Veneto. However, with its diverse terroirs, indigenous grape varietals, and a long-standing tradition of winemaking, Puglia is a must-visit destination for those looking to savor exceptional wines.

In this guide, we invite you to discover the 14 best wine tours in Puglia. Each visit promises an intimate encounter with winemakers, a chance to explore ancient cellars, and the opportunity to sample exquisite wines. 

So, join us on a remarkable journey through flavors, aromas, and heartfelt traditions.

Why should you trust me? I was born and raised in Bologna, Italy, and Puglia was a common summer holiday destination with my family when I was a child. I recently rediscovered Puglia as an adult and fell in love with it – with its people, the incredible food, the landscapes, and of course: the wine!

I generally use Viator and Get Your Guide to book tours around the world. I especially recommend them for their great cancellation policy, which allows you to cancel most activities up to 24 hours in advance and get a full refund. 

The Best Salento Wine Tours from Lecce

▶️ Embark on a Rich Tasting of Salento Wines with an expert guide by your side, indulging in a delightful lunch and sampling local wines. You’ll savor Salento bread and a tasty rustic pie accompanied by fresh cheeses like mozzarella and burrata. 

Above all, you’ll sip on six glasses of exquisite local wines, including whites, rosés, and reds. All wines have been crafted from indigenous grapes like Negroamaro and Primitivo, and you’ll learn the fascinating stories behind each label, from production techniques to vineyards’ histories.

Rich tasting of Salento wines

This tour includes: A guide, food, and wine tasting. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

▶️ Let Salento wine enchant you with this Primitivo and Negroamaro Wine Tour: Two Wineries and Typical Lunch, which focuses on these two types of wine, native to the Apulian region. You’ll join an expert sommelier on a tour of two wineries where you’ll witness the mesmerizing grape transformation process and unravel the art of wine-making. You’ll also visit a museum about Primitivo wines, and indulge in exceptional tastings.  

A delectable lunch buffet, crafted from fresh regional ingredients, is included. This Lecce wine tasting tour also provides hotel pickup and is family-friendly, offering complimentary soft drinks for minors.

This wine tour in Puglia includes: Hotel pick-up and drop-off in Lecce, wine tastings, visit to two wineries and a museum, and lunch with veggie options available. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

▶️ Combine Apulia’s wine and mouth-watering cuisine into one single experience with this Orecchiette Cooking Class and Puglia Wine Tasting in Lecce.

Get ready to master the art of crafting this traditional pasta, which is Puglia’s pride. As you roll and shape the dough, soak in the baroque beauty of the surroundings and learn a great number of tricks and tips from your chef. Then, indulge in a guided wine tasting paired with regional delicacies like cheeses, cold cuts, and focaccia.

Orecchiette Cooking Class and Wine Tasting in Lecce

This tour includes: Cooking class, a host, guided wine tasting, food pairings, and bottled water. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

Puglia Wine Tours in Alberobello, Martina Franca & Valle d’Itria

▶️ Embark on a delightful Wine Experience: Vineyard, Wines, and Food at Trulli il Castagno in Puglia, where you’ll explore a farmhouse and vineyard and immerse yourself in the Apulian viticulture. The scenic Itria Valley is where the Moscato di Trani grapes flourish, and you’ll get to sample four exquisite varieties in a wine-tasting session paired with homemade treats. 

This vineyard tour in Puglia promises a unique experience amidst the picturesque vineyard or stone tavern.

Wine Experience: vineyard, wines and food

This tour includes: Wine tastings with food pairings. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

▶️ Experience the flavors of Puglia on a captivating Wine Tasting Tour in Martina Franca & Local Products Tasting. Get ready to journey through the region’s wine-making heritage as you savor three types of wine paired with delectable local delicacies, and explore one of the best wineries in Puglia. 

Witness the panoramic views of olive trees, dry-wall stones, and sprawling vineyards, and uncover the secrets of the historic winery and its production process. 

This tour includes: A guide, visit to the winery and vineyard, and wine tastings with food pairings. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

▶️ Ready for a unique – and super fun! – Puglia wine tasting tour? Check out this E-Bike Wine Tour of Valle d’Itria and Alberobello to adventure through the stunning countryside, passing by olive groves and vineyards on your way to a historic estate.    

At the spectacular 18th-century property you’ll indulge in a well-deserved wine-tasting session of reds and whites, and tour the winery facilities and its vineyards. You’ll also take a breather to explore Alberobello’s trulli neighborhoods, recognized as a World Heritage Site.  

Ebike tours: Alberobello and the wines of Valle d'Itria

This tour includes: E-bike and helmet rental, a guide, tour of the winery, wine tastings, and a visit to Alberobello’s trulli dwellings. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

Best Wine Tours in Ostuni

▶️ For incredible wine tasting in Ostuni, check out this Private Itria Valley Wine Tour from Ostuni with Lunch, including Alberobello and Locorotondo. You’ll head into the enchanting Valle d’Itria to visit its gem towns and indulge in the region’s finest wines accompanied by an expert guide. 

Begin by savoring premier wines at a 16th-century estate after touring its contemporary cellar, and then delve into the picturesque Locorotondo, one of the prettiest towns in Puglia. After a short break to relish a delectable farm-to-table lunch, immerse yourself in Alberobello’s UNESCO-listed trulli dwellings with a guided tour. 

Cap off the fantastic experience with a delightful sampling of traditional rosoli liqueur on a panoramic terrace.

Private Wine Tour from Ostuni with Lunch including Alberobello and Locorotondo

This wine tasting in Locorotondo experience includes: Transportation, lunch, wine tastings, and a guide. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

▶️ This Apulian Winery with Traditional Lunch or Aperitivo Tour allows you to relish the delicious wine in Puglia with a scrumptious traditional meal. Step into the charming Apulian countryside near Ostuni and uncover the secrets of local wine production in an immersive wine cellar. Explore the vineyard to learn about the different wine varieties, and then indulge in a delightful four-course lunch or a classic aperitivo. 

Savor homemade delicacies such as orecchiette pasta and traditional cakes, discovering the flavors that have made Apulian gastronomy world-renowned. This tour promises a memorable culinary experience in the picturesque Itria Valley paired with four local wines.  

Wine Ostuni, tour of an Apulian winery with traditional lunch or aperitivo

This Ostuni wine tasting tour includes: Wine tastings, lunch, and a Puglia winery tour. Transfers are available at an extra cost. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

Best Wine Tasting in Bari

▶️ Guided Tour and Tasting at La Cantina Frrud – Wine Museum is a captivating Bari wine tour that takes place in a winery and wine museum. Step back in time as you explore centuries of wine history and sample the flavors of the present, indulging in a tasting of three exquisite wines paired with local cheeses and cured meats. 

La Cantina Frrud is a testament to the passion and dedication of its founders, and it features a unique wine museum that showcases its commitment to preserving the region’s historical heritage. 

Guided tour and tasting at La Cantina Frrud - Wine Museum

This tour includes: Museum entrance, winery tour, and wine tastings with pairings. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

▶️ Explore the enchanting region of Puglia with a Charming, Personalized Wine Tour with your Real Apulian Friend, completely adapted to your preferences. Accompanied by a guide, you’ll explore in-depth three different locations chosen ahead of time. 

From walking around the trulli neighborhoods of Alberobello to strolling in Locorotondo’s old town, visiting the historic town of Matera, catching your breath at the impressive cliffs of Polignano a Mare, and wine-tasting in stunning wineries, you and up to 3 of your friends will be in charge. 

In Castel del Monte you’ll get to relish the local food, including the mouth-watering burrata di Andria, visit an oil mill, and sample delicious wines. 

Charming Exclusive Customized tours with your real Apulian friend

This tour includes: Roundtrip transportation with hotel pick up, customized itinerary, and stops at all the locations chosen. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

▶️ Indulge in a wine lover’s dream tour through Puglia’s scenic countryside with this Wine Tasting and Countryside from Bari. Leave the driving to a chauffeur as you embark on an adventure to discover the essence of Puglia’s Martina Franca with a small group. 

Enjoy tastings at two prestigious wineries, savoring the renowned Primitivo di Manduria and Negroamaro wines while nibbling on taralli, the local twist on pretzels. 

Wine Tastings and Countryside from Bari

This wine tasting in Martina Franca includes: Hotel pick-up and drop-off, and wine tasting. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

Wine Tour in Vieste, Gargano

Wine Tasting in Vieste is a 2-hour experience, easy to include in your Puglian itinerary, and oh-so-worthy! Led by female winemaker Cinzia, you’ll get to tour around her vineyards and winery, learn about the secrets of wine production, and, more importantly, discover wine tastings techniques that will make the sensory journey all the more enjoyable. 

You’ll taste a selection of white, rosé, and red wines paired with regional delights such as bruschette garganiche, cured meats, olive oil, and cheeses. Complete your experience with a picturesque sunset walk through the vineyard in Foresta Umbra, a UNESCO World Heritage site. 

Wine tasting in Vieste

This tour includes: Roundtrip transportation, winery guided tour, wine tasting, and snacks. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

Wine Tour in Foggia

Unveil the hidden gem of Foggia on a 2-Hour Private Gourmet Wine Tour With Tastings. Led by a wine expert, you’ll get to indulge in a delicious tasting of Primitivo, Negroamaro, Uva Rara, and Nero di Troia wines organized just for you and your friends. 

The guided tasting will be paired with local delicacies inclusive of cheeses, cured meats, olive oil, and bruschette. After the delicious experience, you’ll head with your guide to Foggia’s historic center, where you’ll have the chance to visit the cathedral and then wander at your leisure. 

This tour includes: An expert guide and all food and wine tastings. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

Wine Tour in Matera (Basilicata)

This Private Vulture Wine Tour with Sommelier is the best wine experience from Matera, Italy’s oldest city. 

Discover the distinctive flavors of Vulture by immersing yourself in nature and strolling through lush vineyards. Breathe in the tantalizing scents of aging wine from open oak barrels, and unleash your inner sommelier as you learn the steps of a wine-tasting session, sampling prestigious Aglianico del Vulture Superiore wines at renowned wineries. 

Matera is in Basilicata, not in Puglia, so you could say we are cheating a bit by adding it to this list. However, it’s just one hour from Bari, and most visitors combine the two destinations, so here you have an extra option.

Private Vulture Wine Tour from MATERA with sommelier

This tour includes: Roundtrip transportation, a driver/sommelier, and a guided wine tasting session. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

Wine Tasting in Puglia FAQs

What’s the best wine tasting in Bari?

This Guided Tour and Tasting at La Cantina Frrud might be the ultimate wine experience in Bari, as it includes tastings and a visit to a fabulous wine museum.

What are the best wine tours in Puglia?

In my opinion, the ultimate experiences to taste wine in Puglia are the following: 
Tasting of Salento Wines
Wine Tasting Tour in Martina Franca with Local Products
Private Itria Valley Wine Tour from Ostuni with Lunch
Wine Tasting and Countryside from Bari

I want to go wine tasting in Lecce! Where can I go?

If you’re looking for a wine tour in Lecce, you’ll be delighted to check out these three great day trips that take you to nearby wineries to taste traditional wines and food: 
Tasting of Salento Wines
Primitivo and Negroamaro Wine Tour
Orecchiette Cooking Class and Wine Tasting in Lecce

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