What to pack for a cold weather vacation

What to pack for a cold weather vacation

What to Pack for A Cold Weather Vacation

Who needs sun when you have snow? Whether you’re hitting the slopes or relaxing within a warm and luxurious mountain-side lodge, a cold weather vacation can offer a thrilling and refreshing alternative to standard beach-side holidays. So if you’re planning a cold weather vacation, here are some top tips on how to stay warm and pack light.

Base layers

When packing for a cold weather vacation it can be tempting to choose heavy jackets and thick coats to stay warm. However, if you wear your winter coat whilst travelling and pack thin, insulating layers rather than bulk garments then you can stay warm without filling up your suitcase.

When packing base layers, fellow travel blog Indefinitely Wild advises you opt for natural materials such as merino wool which will regulate your body temperature whatever the weather. Packing a few tops and bottoms made from these versatile, insulating materials will provide you with multiple clothing options throughout your vacation without infringing on your baggage allowance! Make sure you also pack the right travel pants according to the weather.

Lightweight accessories

Before departing for the slopes you should pack a hat, scarf and pair of gloves that are made from lightweight, breathable materials such as nylon and polyester. These materials will be waterproof, quick drying and provide maximum warmth.

Winter socks

Thanks to modern clothing innovations, you can keep your feet warm on the slopes without filling your suitcase with thick woollen socks! If you pack a few pairs of socks made from synthetic materials as well as a couple of woollen pairs then you will be equipped with enough insulating footwear to keep you warm whilst conserving your packing space.


… cause you are going to bring some, aren’t you? I always travel with my laptop, phone, and camera, but the cold weather can affect them, so make sure you protect them from extreme temperatures. If they stay out in the cold for a while, leave them off for a few hours when you get back to your hotel, it will help avoid some moisture-related failures.

The cold-weather lanscapes are some of the most beautiful you’ll ever see, so don’t forget to pack a good vlogging camera – you’ll want to grab the best possible videos!

Polarised sunglasses

When skiing on the slopes the winter sunlight reflected off snow can be extremely harsh on your eyes. As such, I advise you invest in a pair of glass or NXT polyurethane polarised sunglasses to protect your eyes and provide full visibility on the slopes.  When investing in these high-value items, this beginner-friendly guide to travel insurance recommends investigating your travel insurance coverage policies regarding single item limits. If you check these limits before leaving you can remain confident that your most expensive belongings will be protected against damage or theft whilst on vacation.


Much like polarised sunglasses, it may seem absurd to pack sunscreen for a cold weather vacation! However, by wearing sunscreen on the slopes you will be able to protect your skin against windburn from harsh winter winds as well as from sunburn which occurs due to the reflection of the sun’s rays off snow and ice.

Weatherproof boots

Last but by no means least, a pair of high-quality weatherproof winter boots are an essential item for any cold weather vacation. Rather than packing fashionable leather soled shoes, I recommend you choose relatively soft-soled boots that feature a maximum tread which will provide you with plenty of grip when walking across snow and ice. Moreover, if you opt for dark coloured boots which will not show stains from snow slush or mud then you can look stylish whilst staying safe on the slopes!


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