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4 BEST Venice Tours from Rome (selected by an Italian)

Eager to plan a Venice day trip from Rome, but unsure if it’s possible? Let me tell you: it is! In this post, you’ll find the most epic Venice tours from Rome to help you plan an unforgettable day trip to the city of canals. 

Venice needs to be on your Italy itinerary. Period. It can be crowded, smelly, and very touristy… but it’s also an incredibly unique destination. You won’t want to miss its mesmerizing canals crossed by arched bridges, the romantic gondolas gliding along them, and the awe-striking Gothic architecture of its buildings.

This city is built across over 100 islands, after all, and it has much to offer its visitors. But, what if your trip is too short to make it to Venice, but you’ll be spending time in Rome? Can you even visit Venice all the way from Rome?

I’ll say yes, YOU CAN, although it’s not ideal. I absolutely recommend trying to spend 2 or 3 days in Venice. However, the floating city is located 326 miles (525km) north of Rome and can be reached by train in around 4.5 hours.

👉 If you’re set on making it a day trip from Rome, I ABSOLUTELY recommend joining a tour, so you ensure that you’ll make the most of your limited time there. All transfers will be arranged for you, along with a guided tour of the city or enough free time for you to check out the main landmarks, snap all your Insta-worthy pictures, and indulge in a Venetian specialty. 

Trust me, otherwise, you’ll spend half your days trying to figure out the somewhat frustrating public transportation system, leaving you with very little time to actually enjoy what you came for. I’m Italian, born and raised in Bologna, and even for me figuring logistics out can be complicated, especially when I’m trying to cram as much as possible into a day trip.

Below you’ll find my selection of the best Venice tours from Rome, suitable for solo travelers, couples, and even big groups. Read on! 

I generally use Viator and Get Your Guide to book tours around the world. I especially recommend them for their great cancellation policy, which allows you to cancel most activities up to 24 hours in advance and get a full refund. 

OUR PICK: The BEST Venice Tour from Rome 

This Day Trip from Rome to Venice by High-Speed Train is the most thorough tour from Milan, offering roundtrip transfers in the most efficient means of transportation between both cities: the high-speed train. 

Once in Venice, you’ll board a Vaporetto (waterbus) to glide along the canals, getting your first glimpse of this mesmerizing city. Then it’s time for your guided tour around Venice, checking out its major attractions before you’re released to go wander on your own. 

Shortly before catching the train back to Rome, you’ll meet your guide again for a delicious aperitivo to cap off your wonderful day in the floating city. It’s undoubtedly one of the best day tours from Rome to Venice and our top pick.

📝 This Rome to Venice tour includes: Roundtrip train tickets, a guided tour of Venice, a Vaporetto ride, and an aperitivo. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

Private Tours To Venice from Rome

▶️ Private Rome to Venice Day Trip By Train accommodates groups of up to 12, taking you and your friends on a full-day adventure to the floating city.

Make your way to St. Mark’s Square, the beating heart of Venice, and explore the various magnificent attractions of the city, including the Basilica, the Grand Canal where you can opt to take a gondola ride, the Rialto Bridge and Doge’s Palace. 

A waterbus ticket is included in the tour, so you can go on a boat ride around the islands before catching the train back to Rome. An assistant will be available throughout the day, and you’ll also have an emergency number for any need that may arise. 

Private Tour Venice by Train Full Day Tour from Rome

📝 This tour from Rome to Venice includes: Train tickets, waterbus, and an assistant. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

▶️ This Venice and Lagoon Islands Day Trip is a private experience catered to you and your group of friends. The tour includes hotel pick-up and tickets for the high-speed train, ensuring you get to Venice promptly and with plenty of time to enjoy. 

Upon arrival you’ll hop on a private taxi boat to explore the Venetian lagoon, touring around the beautiful islands that surround it. You’ll then have free time to visit Venice’s top sights, eat a gelato, and wander leisurely along the narrow streets. 

Venice from Rome Private Day Trip by Train with Tour of Islands included

📝 This tour includes: Hotel pick-up and drop-off, train tickets, a private boat tour, and a guide. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

▶️ This 2-Day Venice Trip from Rome is a private experience that allows you to delight in the wonders of Venice for longer. You and your group will reach Venice and enjoy a memorable tour around the city and its islands, checking out its main attractions and benefitting from your guide’s undivided attention. 

Accommodation and breakfast are included, so you’ll spend the night in the city of canals to continue exploring on your second day.

2 day Venice trip from Rome private tour

📝 This tour includes: Hotel roundtrip transportation, train tickets, a guide, and accommodation with breakfast in Venice. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

Venice Day Trips from Rome FAQs

Is Venice worth a day trip from Rome? 

Venice is located 328 miles (528 km) from Rome, and the trip there takes almost half a day, so it’s not the most popular day trip destination from the capital. However, Venice is always worth a visit. I recommend going on a day trip from Rome only if you have already visited all the most important city’s attractions and still have some time.   

Are there tours from Rome to Venice?

There are plenty of tours from Rome to Venice, and it’s my recommended way of visiting to make the most of your time there. Below you’ll find the best tours available in my opinion: 
Rome to Venice Day Tour by High-Speed Train 
Private Rome to Venice Day Trip by Train

Should you visit Venice or Rome first? 

Both cities are incredibly beautiful and historical, and they’re very different from each other. If it’s your first time in Italy, however, I think Rome offers a better introduction to the country. It’s also very centrally located, offering you plenty of day trip alternatives and it’s easier to reach from most major cities in the world. You can then head to Venice from Rome, or even visit on a day trip

Are there bus tours from Rome to Venice, Italy?

The most efficient way to cover the distance between the two cities is by train, so excursions from Rome to Venice offer transportation on a train to ensure you make the most of your day. Bus tours would take too long to make the journey.

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