19 Tulum Restaurants You Must Try in 2021

19 Tulum Restaurants You Must Try in 2021

Looking for a fancy dinner out, tacos al pastor, or maybe a smoothie bowl? Check out these 19 restaurants in Tulum, Mexico, that take it to the next level. Prices & info updated for 2021.

Mexico is a popular destination for foodies, but Tulum in particular brings it up a notch. If you find yourself craving for exotic flavors and healthy food, your taste buds will be in for a treat when you head to Tulum.
Wondering where to eat in Tulum, Mexico? Look no further. On this list of Tulum dining spots you’ll find a mix of traditional Mexican dishes, fancy dining options, and hipster eateries of all kind.

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Best Restaurants in Tulum Beach

No matter what you’re craving, you’ll probably find it somewhere in one of the beach restaurants in Tulum. These above in my opinion are the top restaurants in Tulum Beach; check them out.

Posada Margherita

If you are craving Italian fare and want to dine with a view, there’s only place to go to: Posada Margherita. This intimate Italian restaurant in Tulum offers a delicious selection of homemade pastas and dishes using the fresh catch of the day. The pasta with shellfish I ordered was very good, and remember that I’m Italian and EXTREMELY pick with my pasta! They have an extensive list of wine options, too, and if you’re craving pizza or home-made gelato… they’ve got it too. Do I need to say more?

Posada Margherita:
Tulum Beach near La Zebra Hotel.
Tulum Pueblo.

Open 8 AM to 6 PM every day.

Taqueria La Eufemia

Looking for some of the best tacos in Tulum? And what about tacos with a view? Taqueria La Eufemia offers a casual ambiance with a beachfront setting, and some great fresh fish tacos to enjoy directly in front of the ocean – some people even say these are the best fish tacos in Tulum. Also, it doesn’t hurt that this must be one of the, if not THE, most reasonably-priced restaurants in Tulum Beach. Just order some fish tacos and a beer or a fresh coconut, and relax.

 Taqueria La Eufemia: Tulum Beach near La Zebra Hotel.

Open 12 PM to 10 PM every day.

Matcha Mama

Looking for endless breakfast options and delicious acai bowls in Tulum? Head to Matcha Mama. Aside from its pretty décor, this cafe is special for all the healthy and special diet options (vegan, keto, gluten free). You’ll find on the menu granolas, smoothie bowls, kombucha, raw juices, smoothies, and of course, matcha teas! There’s a second location in Tulum Town.

Matcha Mama:
Tulum Beach near La Zebra Hotel.
Tulum Pueblo.

Open 8 AM to 6 PM every day.

Origami Gelato

Origami Gelato is one of the most buzzed about gelato shops in Tulum Beach. If you want to freshen up on a hot day by the beach, you know where to go. Choose one of their delicious Italian ice creams (the coconut one is delicious!), or go lighter with one of the fruit sorbets.

Origami Gelato:
Tulum Beach near Casa Banana.

Open daily from 11 AM to 11 PM.


Many people come to Macondo restaurant because they’ve seen it on Instagram. And in fact Macondo, part of Nomade Hotel and also known as Nomade restaurant Tulum, is super instagrammable with its low Morrocan-style seating style that reminded me of my trip to Marrakech. But while you might come here for the ambiance, you will love going back for its delicious cuisine. This restaurant offers holistic cuisine which is mostly plant-based. Their menu includes healthy and fresh ingredients such as quinoa, couscous, and avocado.

Nomade Hotel - Road to Tulum
Boca Paila Km. 10

Open from 7,30 AM to 10,30 PM.


For something a little different, head to Gitano. This trendy Tulum Beach restaurant and mezcal bar is becoming a real hotspot, and it’s considered one of teh best bars in Tulum – the setting was designed to maximize the jungle feel, which creates a unique vibe you won’t find in any of the other Tulum bars. Most people come here for the drinks but they end up raving about the delicious Mexican food. The mushroom and shrimp tacos are a 10, and so it’s the slow-roasted pork belly and the grilled avocado. Live music on Sunday, Wednesday & Thursday; Dinner & Dancing on Friday and Saturday.

Gitano: Tulum Beach between Hartwood and Casa Jaguar

Open daily from 6 PM till late.

Zamas Restaurant Tulum

I was able to try The Restaurant at Zamas while staying at Zamas Hotel, and oh I was glad I did! The restaurant is located right on the beach, literally steps from the ocean. The food is fresh, locally sourced, and the plates combine innovation with traditional Mexican flavors. You’ll also find a wood-burning oven on-site for some good crunchy pizza, along with a great selection of mezcal. Try their shrimp tacos and their margaritas.

The Restaurant at Zamas:
Tulum Beach at Zamas Hotel

Casa Banana

Looking for the best steak in Tulum? Head to Casa Banana, an Argentinian restaurant, steakhouse and grill house. This restaurant in Tulum Beach mixes the fresh ingredients from Tulum with the traditions from Argentina. Pick the prawn or fish skewers, or the grilled catch of the day if you’re feeling like fish. Go for the flank steak otherwise. Nice selection of wines to pair with the dishes. It might go without saying, but not a great option for vegan or vegetarians.

Casa Banana: Tulum Beach, Carr. Tulum-Boca Paila Km. 7.5

Open daily from 6 PM to 12 AM.


No list of the best restaurants in Tulum, Mexico is complete without Hartwood. Hartwood restaurant in Tulum is ab off-the-grid and sustainable restaurant that specializes in organic dishes, all made with fresh and local ingredients. The chef uses whatever local produce he can find, which is why the menu changes daily. They say this is where to go to find the best food in Tulum, period – however, it won’t be easy finding a spot. Prices at Hartwood aren’t low, but worth it.

Tulum Beach.

Open from Wednesday to Sundays
from 6 PM to 10 PM.
Reservations are recommended.

Charly’s Vegan Tacos

Charly’s Vegan Tacos is the place to go to if you don’t want to miss out on the incredible favors of the Mexican cuisine while going plant based. Charly’s stand out from the other taco restaurants in Tulum because they offer strictly vegan taco options, and other Mexican food such as grilled seitan steak, enmoladas, nachos, poblanas, enchiladas. This vegan restaurant in Tulum is 100% vegan, fresh, and 100% tasty.

Charly’s Vegan Tacos : Tulum Beach, Carretera Tulum Boca Paila Km 10.5 

Open daily from 1 PM to 10 PM.

Raw Love

Want to eat healthy or looking for the best breakfast in Tulum? Raw Love should probably be number one in your list of options. Raw Love Café is a super instagrammable café close to the beach. All the items on the menu are vegan, gluten-free, and sugar free, and you can create your own smoothie bowls with superfood ingredients. Otherwise you can go for a coconut latte or one of the acai bowls that look too good to eat. I love the hippie chill-out vibe of this place!

Raw Love:
Tulum Beach near Hotel Yoga Shala

Open daily from 9 AM to 6 PM.


Fresco is a Spanish word that means fresh, so it should come as no surprise that Fresco’s specialize in healthy food options using fresh and organic ingredients. They have a healthy breakfast menu that consists of tasty fresh smoothies, avocado toasts and more unique choices such as yucca pancakes. If you come in for lunch or brunch, you can choose from their delicious tacos, tostadas, and fresh ceviche (make sure to try the scallop ceviche tostada).

Fresco's: Tulum Beach next to Hotel Cabañas Tulum

Open daily from 7 AM to 11 PM.

La Onda

Wondering where to go for pizza in Tulum? La Onda is one of the best places to eat in Tulum Beach if you are craving pizza… maybe THE best? If you simply want to enjoy an unpretentious pizza and sip a beer or a glass of red wine, this place is sure to satisfy your cravings. They also serve pasta if you’re not in the mood for pizza. The relaxed ambiance makes it the perfect spot for a lazy night.

La Onda:
Tulum Beach near La Zebra Hotel

Open daily from 11 AM to 2 AM.

Mateo’s Mexican Grill

If you enjoy grilled food, head to Mateo’s Mexican Grill in Tulum Beach. This grilled restaurant specializes in traditional Mexican delicacies + international options like burger. Be sure to try their burrito with salta verde or the fish taco with the mango sauce! Drinks are expensive but if you catch the 2×1 prices, they are a good deal. But the coolest part about Mateo’s is the towering sundeck with views over the jungle. A great spot to enjoy sunset in Tulum.

Mateo’s Mexican Grill: Tulum Beach near Zamas Hotel

Open from 8 AM to 11 PM.

Best Tulum Town Restaurants

If you are staying in Tulum town, don’t fret. You don’ need to go to Tulum Beach to find some great places. Here are my favorite eateries in Tulum Centro.

Antojitos la Chiapaneca

Antojitos la Chiapaneca is one of the most beloved taco places in Tulum town, and couldn’t miss in this Tulum restaurant guide. Located near Avenida Tulum, you’ll know right away this restaurant is popular… expect a long queue! It’s a simple restaurant in Tulum with limited menu choices, but they are all delicious. Some of the specialties are the spit-roasted marinated pork tacos, fried tortillas with beans, and salbutes (Yucatecan tostadas). Probably the best Mexican food in Tulum.

Antojitos la Chiapaneca: Tulum Town, Avenida Tulum

Open from 9 AM to 1 AM.

Burrito Amor

Located in Avenida Tulum, Burrito Amor is hands down the best place to go to if you’re craving burritos in Tulum. By the way, did you know that burritos are much more tex-mex than actual Mexican food? But this doesn’t mean you can’t find good burritos in Mexico, which is the case with Burrito Amor. They have both traditional wheat tortillas and coconut tortillas, which are freshly made daily . They offer vegan-friendly options too. Fresh ingredients + low prices = guaranteed success. It’s great for a quick lunch before or after visiting the nearby cenotes in Tulum.

Burrito Amor:
Av Tulum Pte Mz 3 Lote 5 Local 1
Tulum Centro

Open daily from 8 AM to 10 PM.

El Camello Jr.

For those on the hunt for cheap yet delicious local food in Tulum, El Camello Jr. is another option on your list. Eating in Tulum doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive! This restaurant is flocked by locals, so that is always a good sign – in fact, El Camello Jr. is known to offer the best seafood in Tulum. Every meal starts off with a serving of tortilla chips with a seafood dip. Then, do yourself a favor and try their ceviche and octopus tacos.

El Camello Jr.: Tulum Town, Carretera Chetumal-Cancun Locales 1 y 2 Lte 3 Mza 40

Open from 10.30 AM to 10 PM. Closed on Wednesday.


DelCielo is one of the best places for brunch and breakfast in Tulum. If you are craving tasty yet healthy options, here you’ll find anything from avo toast, poached eggs, gluten free pancakes, and Mexican dishes such as rancheros eggs and chilaquiles. They have specific vegetarian and vegan options available on the menu but other items can also be veganized upon request. Plus, DelCielo has a bistro tropical feel that makes you feel like you are dining in a tropical paradise.

Av, Satélite Sur 5, Tulum Centro

Open daily from 8 AM to 2,30 PM.

Sabor de Mar

Sabor de Mar is a must-try for the seafood lovers. It has an unassuming ambiance to it but don’t be fooled – this seafood joint gets a lot of praise from its diners. Their house specialty includes the seared tuna with yam puree and the seafood soup is another must-try. Great also the fish burritos and the volcano tower. Definitely recommended!

Sabor de Mar: Tulum Centro, Calle Júpiter Sur

Open from 12 PM to 9.30 PM. Closed on Mondays.

How to Get to Tulum

Even if you’re staying in Cancun, Playa del Carmen, or the Riviera Maya, a day trip to Tulum is always a great idea. Or if you are going on a road trip (great choice), make sure to include Tulum in your Yucatan itinerary.
So, why not stick around a few extra hours to enjoy the incredible foodie scene in Tulum?

I wrote two full posts about all the options you’ve got for getting to Tulum by bus, taxi, private driver, colectivo (shared van), etc. Check them out:

How To Get from Cancun to Tulum
How To Get from Playa del Carmen to Tulum

And there you go! Hopefully this list is useful to choose where to eat in Tulum. If I’m missing any other great Tulum restaurants, please let me know in the comments!


  1. Irishman

    21 January

    Could I ask if you preferred Thailand or Mexico?
    Debating where to go for a two week holiday between these two.
    Will either go to Bophut on Koh Samui & Koh Lipe if Thailand, or if Mexico we will go to Tulum and either Isla Mujeres or Playa Del Carmen.
    Can’t decide between the two. Which has the better coffee? 🙂
    A confused Irishman

    • Steph

      9 February

      Hi! Sorry for the late reply, I just saw this comment. I love both, but they are really different dfrom each other. If you’re looking for a relaxing holiday in a natural paradise, I would suggest Thailand. Tulum, Playa del Carmen and Isla Mujeres are much more touristy and crowded, and are best for people who like a more active trip and are looking for better restaurants and nightlife. For coffee, I’d say Mexico is a better choice, tons of nice cafes in the areas you mentioned. I hope it’s helpful!

  2. Evan

    20 March

    Arca and verdant should be on this list!

  3. Tracy

    30 April

    Do these restaurants in Tulum and Tulum beach take credit cards or do you need cash/pesos?

    • Steph

      2 May

      Most restaurants will accept credit cards, I would just bring cash for the very local places in Tulum town just in case.

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