Train and Bus Travel in Europe – It’s ...

Train and Bus Travel in Europe – It’s Easier Than You Think!

The price of low-cost flights in Europe has lowered tremendously in the past few years, and most visitors don’t think twice before booking multiple short flights for their holidays. However, tourists often forget that traveling by bus or train can be more convenient, cheaper, and more scenic than flying. Also, traveling by train or bus is greener and more sustainable, so the environment will thank you for making these transit choices. Find out why train and bus travel in Europe is easier than you think.

Travel by Bus for a Safe and Inexpensive Option

Bus travel in Europe is the cheapest way to get around the continent. Not only that, but the quality of the ride is also better than most low-cost airline carriers. Buses often offer complimentary Wi-Fi, outlets to recharge your phone, and even light meals. Safety isn’t an issue, and female travelers shouldn’t worry about traveling solo by bus in Europe.

Eurolines and National Express are the most famous carriers, but there’s also a long list of regional companies that could come handy depending on your destination. Don’t forget to check out Megabus and Flixbus as well, since the companies often offer bus tickets for as little as €1.

If you’re on a budget, consider booking a night bus when you need to cover long distances. This way you’ll also save on a night’s accommodation. Just remember to pack a blanket or a warm jacket, even if you are in Spain in the middle of the summer. The air conditioning is often turned up so high that it can get uncomfortably cold on the bus.

Travel by Train for Breathtaking Photo Opportunities


Image via Flickr by Rob Dammers

I always feel a special sense of anticipation when stepping on a train. Long-distance train rides are romantic, and they allow you to see the landscape while sitting comfortably.

Sometimes riding a train is even faster than flying. Think about all the time it takes you to transfer to and from the airport, which is often located far from the city center, as well as the hours you waste while waiting, checking in, going through security, and finally boarding your plane. Most stations in Europe are located right in the city center, and you can start your holiday the moment you step onto the train.

You should consider buying a rail pass if you’re planning on taking several trains during a limited amount of time. Europeans should buy an Interrail pass, while non-European citizens or residents should purchase a Eurail pass. Rail passes don’t cover all routes and may require pre-purchase. Compare the price of the pass with the single tickets that you need, and decide what’s more convenient.

Train and Bus Transit Offers Easy Access to Cities Large and Small

It’s a mistake to think that traveling by public transportation will limit your exploration. Valencia in Spain, Brighton in England, and Krakow in Poland are just a few of the non-capital cities you shouldn’t miss while in Europe. They’re a short train ride away from their respective capital cities, and you can easily reach them without a car.

Traveling by public transportation in Europe is easy and convenient, and it offers the opportunity to meet travelers like you. Travel green and save some carbon dioxide!


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  2. Natalie

    18 January

    We absolutely LOVE mass transportation in Europe. It makes traveling with the kids SOO easy! If you have a little one who hates the car seat, then you, too, will love trains. Kids get to wiggle and you get to focus only on little one and not the road. I wish mass transportation as as easy at home in the states!

    Trains are also a fascination of little kids. It is fun to ride, look out the window, and explore which makes the travel time pass quickly. It is easy to get around this way!!

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