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Top Things To Do in Coron, Palawan

Part of the Palawan Island in Philipinnes, just like El Nido, Coron is a quieter and smaller but every bit as pristine a place as its more famous neighbour. The natural wonders that you will find in Coron are so spectacular that they will have you rethinking reality.

While enjoying the simple pleasures of the island lifestyle, you can snorkel over never-seen-before reefs, visit gorgeous hidden lagoons, swim past breathtaking underwater mountains, and relax on the smoothest, most pristine sand beaches and enjoy everything that you can ever think of in a beach destination.

When I visited El Nido in 2016. I thought no place could beat it… and then I saw Coron. Wow, just wow. So definitely, you should try and visit both if you have time.

➤ Here it’s some useful info on how to get from Coron to El Nido once you have done all the things that are in this post 😉

➤ On the contrary, if you happen to find yourself in El Nido, you can easily fast ferry El Nido to Coron and arrive there in as little as 3 to 4 hours’ time.

➤ If you still haven’t booked your accommodation on the island, check out this list of the best places to stay in Coron.

As the northern region of the Palawan Island hasn’t been on the travel radar for long, pretty much everything beyond El Nido, especially Coron remains relatively undiscovered and largely untouched by human hands.

Here in this short article, I’ll tell you about the top things to do in Coron.

Visit the Coron Bay

It’s not without a reason that Palawan is considered the most beautiful island in the world, and Coron plays a huge part in making that exactly so! Coron bay in Coron, in particular, is where you will truly get to see all the magic unfolding! On view are tall limestone cliffs with a breath-taking maze of deep blue water around them, which are so unearthly in their beauty that will instantly remind you of nothing less than the artificially constructed world of James Cameron’s monster hit, ‘Avatar’. 

Because Coron is located in an area that wasn’t always that easy on sailors back in the day, you will also come across a great many shipwrecks as you snorkel with a natural reef growing straight out of them. The wrecked ships and the reefs growing in around them make them the ideal snorkeling and diving spots that combine incredible historical sites with more of that incredible natural beauty for which Coron Bay has quickly become legendary for.

Stroll through the Kingfisher Park

There’s plenty of snorkelling and beach lounging to do when in Coron but there’s so much more to do on the island and so much more to see that switching things for a day or two can give you a whole new appreciation for this tiny, idyllic island. The magnificent Kingfisher Park, as for example, is a world renowned bird haven where you can take in some truly exotic avian life and you may even come across other lifeforms that you may not be expecting as it is such a wide-open and wild area that is positively teeming with all kinds of natural life.

 The animal species and vegetation on display are native to Palawan Island and because Palawan is a protected and unexploited little island, these flora and fauna have not been transplanted to other parts of the world. They really can only be found here!

More than that, the park itself offers tons of supplementary activities to enjoy while there. This includes the starry-starry night tour, the Mount Lunes Santo trek, and, what people enjoy the most around here, is kayaking around the mangroves to get a closer look at the different land and water species.

Swim past Barracuda Lake’s underwater mountains

The underwater mountains found in the Barracuda Lake of Coron are sure to pique your imagination as they are a totally unique feature that can only be found here. There’s even a sense of mystery to them as to why on earth they were formed in an inland lake rather than off the coast. Such things are all but unheard of!

Just at the time when you thought that Coron couldn’t feel more like an alien planet, taking a dive in the beautiful blue waters of Barracuda Lake will treat you to sites that are as magical as they are entirely unearthly even ethereal! This lake serves as an amazing dive spot that brings in tons of curious tourists and diving aficionados that offers tons of different wonders to explore as these underwater rocky formations are densely packed and supremely easy to get to. This isn’t deep sea diving so even the more inexperienced divers can get the most out of their trip here.

Furthermore, to go along with these incredible, natural formations that were built over millions of years, the lake offers another unique sight as layers of fresh water and salt water are separated in such a way as to be easily distinguishable to even the most untrained of eyes. The warm patches where this happen are also notable for major temperature spikes and can in fact reach close to 40°C. These things and more ensure that you simply won’t find the same kind of dive spot anywhere else in the world.

Cuddle up at Banana Island

Considered the most romantic place in Coron, the luxurious Banana Island is the ideal destination to cuddle up with your sweetheart. Isolated and cosy bungalows are available to rent here, which allows you the pleasure of indulging in all the intimate moments in the world, really dive head first into the romance as there won’t be any other soul in sight until the next bungalow which are all spread out from one another. Once you’re pumped with all those love hormones and dopamine, feel free to walk up the picturesque shore and get an eyeful of that beautiful sunset with your lover! 

It doesn’t really matter whether you’re looking for romance, adventure or simple relaxation, these tiny islands offer so much more for tourists of all kinds than most placed one hundred times their size. Plus, as a fairly obscure holiday destination, you even get bragging rights of having visited a spot on the earth that very few other have even heard of, let alone seen. It’s beautiful, it’s different and it’s like nothing else on the planet and there’s just so much to see and do there. If you have any thoughts of going there, you would be mad not to.

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