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Summer Holidays in Armenia and Georgia

Summer is approaching and it’s time to plan your vacation! Sure, Greece and Mexico are awesome, but today I’d like to offer you a completely new and offe the beaten path destination. Armenia and Georgia (Caucasus region) at the border of Europe and Asia are ancient countries with a rich history and culture.

Summer vacations in Armenia and Georgia doesn’t only mean lazy days on the beach, but also a chance to get to know their rich history, see historical monuments and get acquainted with some of the most hospitable people you’ll ever meet.

Summer Holidays in Armenia

Due to its lush nature, favorable climate and a great variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, Armenia is a great place for your summer destination. One of the most popular destinations for summer holidays in Armenia is Lake Sevan. The lake or Geghama Sea, as locals call it, is one of the highest freshwater lakes in the world. The lake is surrounded by the impressive snow-capped peaks of the Geghama mountain range, offering breathtaking landscapes that you won’t be able to forget.

Sevan is located on the territory of the national park which together with the local historical monuments (two medieval monasteries and a cemetery of khachqars) are protected by the government.

At Lake Sevan, you will also have a chance to taste delicious trout ishkhan and whitefish. Probably, nowhere else in the country the trout is prepared in such an amazing way. Also make sure to try kebab prepared from crayfish tails. Sounds exotic, doesn’t it?

When it comes to accommodation, there are three-star hotels on the lake shore as well as cozy cottages depending on your needs and preferences.

Image by rapidtravelchai via Flickr

The other great destination for summer holidays in Armenia is Dilijan resort town. Coniferous forests, a mild climate and mountain air are ideal for a quiet and isolated rest. Dilijan is famous for its mineral springs, picturesque landscapes, medieval monasteries and the cleanest lakes. Make sure to visit wonderful Lake Parz surrounded by a dense forest. Dilijan is also a great place for hiking, horseback riding and biking.

The other popular resort town in Armenia is Jermuk. It is an ideal place for those who want to run away from the city’s bustle as well as to improve their health. Jermuk has become especially popular due to its helaing mineral springs, whose composition is identical with the mineral waters of Karlovy Vary.

Make sure to visit Jermuk Waterfall, probably the most beautiful in Armenia.

Summer Holidays in Georgia

There are many unique and awsome places for holidays in Georgia: Svanetia with its majestic mountains, Kakhetia with lush vineyards, sunny Adjara with exotic palms and Black Sea beaches, just to name a few. I was recently on a road trip through Georgia: check out my Georgia itinerary!

What can be more appealing than gentle sea breeze, warm caressing waves and sun rays? Adjara is an autonomous republic in Georgia, which attracts tons of visitors every year thanks to its natural beauty and affordable prices. Besides being on the Black Sea, Adjara is famous for its endless forests, mountain peaks, picturesque waterfalls, lakes and rivers.

The center of Adjara is Batumi, a rapidly developing city which boasts modern,lucxury hotels, clubs and restaurants, clean boulevards and beaches. A summer vacation in Batumi is ideal for those who want to enjoy the sun and the sea in the afternoon, and have fun in the clubs all night long. The life in Batumi is active and bright, there are many activities, events and opportunities for your entertainment.

Those who want to spend quiet holidays with the family can choose small towns and villages of Adjara like Kobuleti, Sarpi, Mtsvane – Kontskhi, Gonio or Chakvi. By the way, Mtsvane – Kontshi is famous for its botanical garden with thousands of tropical plants and trees, a bamboo grove and a delightful view of the beautiful coast. In these small villages, you can enjoy the sea and the sun and nothing will disturb your rest.

Anaklia is a quite new destination in Ajara which is gaining popularity every year. Every year the city hosts the GEM fest music festival, which takes places on the beach with the participation of DJs from all over the world. Curiously, the resort is also known for the longest pedestrian walking bridge in Europe.

The South Caucasus hides much more and once you visit Armenia and Georgia, you will fall in love with these hospitable countries.

Corbett Fun Resort

Friday 5th of October 2018

Thanks for sharing such an informative and useful article. Definitely helped for anyone. We are travellers and we have already been in 5 countries. We are going soon. See you!

Miranda @ Migration Expert UK

Wednesday 9th of May 2018

Just by the pictures alone, I already feel like going there for holiday!


Tuesday 24th of April 2018

My two-week trip to Georgia will be remembered for a long time.Travel you will discover Tbilisi with its cathedrals, theaters, sulfur baths, cozy streets and barbecue, visit the Holy places of pilgrimage in Mtskheta, soak up the black sea beaches, stroll through the year-round flowering Batumi.I will definitely return.


Friday 4th of May 2018

That region of the world is so underrated! I need more time to explore it all.


Friday 20th of April 2018

Hello We are travellers and we have already been in 30 countries. We will come this summer to enjoy these splendid hospitality countries and very nice extraordinary views. We are going soon. See you!

Jack Scott

Thursday 19th of April 2018

Hitch-hiked around Georgia. It's incredible. A very kind country and people. my trip lasted two weeks. visited 5 cities and 30 villages and villages. my impressions are chic. could write a whole book about it