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16 Best Restaurants in Cozumel [2024]

Looking for the best restaurants in Cozumel, Mexico? Check out this guide with all kinds of options to refill after a sunny day at the beach. There’s something for everyone!

Cozumel is a wild and mostly untamed island off the coast of Playa del Carmen. Wild does not mean undiscovered, though, which will become obvious once you step into the port, visited by loads of cruise ships all year round.

This combination of quiet but touristic has created a very interesting array of options in the food department, from quintessentially Cozumel food to Italian specialties and French patisseries. The range of choices is wide for such a small place!

Here is a list of the best Cozumel restaurants, bars, and cafes for you to try after a busy day of diving, swimming, biking or chilling at the beach. Let’s dive in!

COZ Coffee Roasting Company Cozumel

COZ Coffee Roasting Company is the place to be for coffee lovers. You won’t find a cup of brew to start your day that’s as good or original anywhere else, and they’re particularly famous for their Peanut Butter Coffee (that you absolutely have to try!)

They open early (6.30 AM!) so it’s an ideal breakfast spot for early risers. Delicious avo toasts, sandwiches, cakes and cinnamon rolls are served with freshly brewed coffee. Alternatively, you could go for a smoothie bowl, fruit salad, or omelette.

The service is brilliant and they also have a strong commitment to the environment, only using eco-friendly and biodegradable containers for take-away orders.

Address: 5a Av. Nte. 50
Opening Hours: Daily from 6.30 AM to 9 PM

Ko’oben Laab

A passionate blend of Italian cuisine and local ingredients, Ko’oben Laab is hands down the best Cozumel restaurant for fresh pasta, focaccias, and everything Italian. Their superbly crafted dishes will make your mouth water just by reading off the menu. Everything is made from scratch with super fresh ingredients.

The menu has plenty of veggie dishes. You will probably want to try it all, but remember to save some room for dessert, as they have plenty of options, each better than the next. Undoubtedly, the best Italian food in Cozumel!

Their breezy rooftop terrace adds to the charm, but the whole place is quite small, so better to book in advance. They also offer delivery.

Address: Avenida Coldwell between Morelos and Calle 5, San Miguel de Cozumel
Opening Hours: Every day from 7:30 AM until 10 PM

Ix Kool

The word you will hear most often to refer to this restaurant is “authentic”. Indeed, Ix Kool is pure ancestral Mayan cuisine at its best, prepared by one of the top 10 chefs in Quintana Roo and served by amazing staff. Its open kitchen concept allows you to see the chef prepare your meal, passing on her Mayan heritage and wisdom into every dish she makes.

Don’t miss the fresh guacamole for starters, the lime soup, the cornbread, and their delicious cochinita pibil. This hidden gem is located in a shopping mall a 20-minute walk from downtown, and that’s part of the reason it has managed to maintain its utterly traditional style, making it one of the most authentic restaurants in Cozumel, MX.

Address: Av. Rafael E. Melgar 1, Shop 53, Royal Village Shopping Center
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat from 12 PM until 10 PM

Burritos Gorditos

Their name cutely translates as “fat burritos” and they are the best on the island. I mean, they specialize in burritos! This is a solid, cheap option for both breakfast and lunch, they have savory and sweet flavors (try the cinnamon and apple one!). The chicken and bacon taco is particularly popular, but they’re all incredible, including the veggie options.

Service is friendly, as usual (this is Mexico, people are nice!). Burritos Gorditos is a small shop with a couple of tables outside, great for a quick stopover or to grab something to go. Be careful with the portions: you’ll get full just off a small burrito, and when they say “large”, they really mean it!

Address: Av. 5 between Calles 2 & 4, San Miguel de Cozumel
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat from 8 AM until 5 PM

Casa Denis

Fresh ingredients, excellent drinks, super friendly service, and some of the best Mexican food in Cozumel: this is part of the combo that you get at Casa Denis. This was one of the first restaurants in Cozumel, Quintana Roo and it’s still managed by its original owners under the mantra “Mi casa es su casa” (My home is your home), so you will be treated like family. 

Located right off the main plaza, expect a warm welcome, great prices, and seafood prepared in the most traditional Cozumel fashion. Enjoy the evening on their outdoor patio while listening to live Mexican music and drinking the best Margarita on the island. The food is just as homey as the environment! Highlights include the prawns, broth, shrimp tacos, coconut ice cream, but seriously, everything is incredible here, go try it!

Address: Calle 1 #132 Centro, San Miguel de Cozumel
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat from 8 AM until 9.30 PM

Buccanos at Night

It’s time to finally wear that long dress or smart suit, and go for a fancy, romantic dinner by torches and candlelight. Buccanos, in Cozumel’s beachfront, is set on a terrace with views of the ocean and the mainland skyline across the water, and offers some of the finest Cozumel dining. Self-described as a “multi-ethnic, multi-sensory dining experience”, they offer a seasonal menu with fresh, premium-quality ingredients.

The ambiance here is world-class. Go there before dark and you’ll be rewarded with fantastic views of the sunset while you order your favorite entree. Buccanos is also one of the best seafood restaurants in Cozumel, with top-notch fresh dishes, and many other options for all palates. The elegance and gourmet food come with a price tag, though, so expect to pay more than usual. One of the most romantic restaurants in Cozumel to celebrate special occasions.

Address: Playa San Juan Costera Norte km 4.5, San Miguel de Cozumel
Opening Hours: Tue-Sat 6:00 PM – 11:00 PM

El Coffee Cozumel

Coffee snobs, this one’s for you. I mean, I guess you saw that coming, given the name of the place, but really, El Coffee serves superb lattes, espressos, frappuccinos or whatever your favorite fix is, all made with organic beans from the Mexican highlands. Their iced latte is exceptional to combat the heat!

Their breakfast is consistently highly praised and they serve some of the best lunch and dinner in Cozumel. They have an excellent and wide selection of cakes and pastries, so you’ll most likely want to go back! Great place for vegans in Cozumel too, since they have many different veggie options. A solid, all-around place to eat, right off the main street. 

Address: Calle 3, between Rafael E. Melgar and 5th Ave.
Opening Hours: Every day from 8 AM to 11 PM


With top-quality homemade Italian food, following recipes inspired by the chef’s father, Guido’s is one of the top restaurants in Cozumel, with an incredible menu ranging from fresh-made pasta to wood-fired pizzas and mouth-watering lasagna. The cocktail listing is also excellent. Order a pitcher of sangria to go with your meal, it’s the house specialty.

The atmosphere is just as great as the food. The back patio is the place to be, a super relaxing environment with trees, plants, and cute romantic lights hanging above, it makes for a perfect slow food experience. Delicious food, lovely atmosphere, and great staff – definitely one of the best places to eat in Cozumel, Mexico.

Address: Ave. Rafael E. Melgar #23, San Miguel de Cozumel , Quintana Roo
Opening Hours: Sunday to Wednesday from 2:00 PM to 10:00 PM, Thursday to Saturday 2:00 PM to 11:00 PM

Sucrè Salè

Sucrè Salè is a family-owned French restaurant/café just off the main square, with an ambiance and menu that will make you feel like you’re in a little café in Paris for a bit. Oh la la! The family vibe can be felt in the relaxed and homey atmosphere. 

Everything here screams France: their menu features crepes (both sweet and savory), fruit and chocolate tarts, galettes, quiche, and great sandwiches made with the typical French baguette. The eggs benedict are a big favorite for breakfast. Good coffee too! There’s an outdoor seating area, but indoors is quite nice too and it has a slight French Patisserie feeling to it.

Address: Ave. Rafael E. Melgar #23
Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday from 8 AM to 10 PM, Sundays from 8 AM to 1.30 PM

Cerveceria Punta Sur Brewery

The first and only microbrewery in Cozumel, Cervecería Punta Sur is relatively new (it opened in 2017), and a bit off the beaten path, which offers a refreshing and welcome break from the tourist crowds. Not only do they offer a very good selection of craft beer, they also have fresh and delicious food on the menu, including some of the best pizza in Cozumel — not kidding. 

Chill on the beer garden at the back and enjoy the wood-fired pizzas, tasty guacamoles, or great empanadas. They also serve lionfish, which is the only fish you’ll find on the menu, because they want to preserve the local fauna. Lionfish is an invasive species and the ones served here are individually and sustainably caught by local fishermen.

There are many great veggie options too. A true gem, this place, and the best restaurant in Cozumel to hang out with friends and gulp down some local beer.

Address: 10a avenue #220, between Adolfo Rosado Salas st. and 3rd st.
Opening Hours: Every day from 12 PM to 10 PM

El Rincon de Addy

El Rincon de Addy is undoubtedly one of the best Mexican restaurants in Cozumel to get breakfast. Serving local, Caribbean, and Central American cuisine, in El Rincon de Addy you’ll find everything from fruit bowls to hot cakes, chiliquiles, eggs, and quesadillas.

The location is beautiful, featuring a garden and an art gallery on-site, and while you can get your daily dose of coffee with breakfast, they also offer fresh juices and smoothies to start the day on a healthy note.

Address: Calle Miguel Hidalgo, Centro
Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 8 AM to 3 PM

Diego’s Tacos

Let’s get some tacos!! Diego’s Tacos is a must-stop on your way to or from the airport, since it’s right across the street. If you’re just arriving, what a great introduction this is to some of the most authentic Mexican cuisine.

Diego’s serves hands down some of the best tacos in Cozumel, especially the fish tacos – you’ll be hard-pressed to find better fish tacos! Maybe make it a challenge, you’ll see! The tacos are served with amazing salsas, ranging from mild to very spicy.

The setting is simple: covered outdoor sitting with plastic chairs and tables. Prices are local, so this is one of the great cheap eats in Cozumel. It doesn’t get more Mexican than this!

Address: Ave 65 and Blvd Antonio Gonzalez Fernandez, San Miguel de Cozumel
Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday from 10 AM to 4 PM. Closed on Sundays.

 El Palomar

El Palomar is where you’ll find some of the best seafood in Cozumel. Specialized in local cuisine and located right by the beach, on the west side of the island, it offers the perfect combination to enjoy your tacos and a shot of mezcal with stunning views (even better if you’re there for sunset!)

Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options are available, and they serve everything from healthy breakfasts to pizza, Mexican lunch and dinners, cocktails, and fancy coffee drinks. Extensive wine and dessert lists are also at your disposal, in case you feel like trating yourself. You’re on vacation after all!

Address: Av. Rafael E. Melgar, Calle 10 Nte, San Miguel de Cozumel
Opening Hours: Sunday to Thursday from 8 AM to 2 AM, Friday and Saturday it’s open until 3 AM

Kondesa Restaurant

Foodies, you’ll love this one! Kondesa is among Cozumel best restaurants if you’re looking for a more refined gastronomic experience, featuring an open dining space with an impressive jungle setting and romantic atmosphere. Using locally sourced products and veggies from the town market, Kondesa specializes in traditional Mexican cuisine with modern twists. 

The menu features a lot of meat and fish, and it’s not very extensive, but it makes up for it in quality. Try the lobster, the hamburger, or the catch of the day. This is some of the best fine dining in Cozumel, with impeccable food, drinks, and ambiance at more than reasonable prices.

Address: 5av between 5 st. and 7 st., CSan Miguel de Cozumel
Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday, from 5 PM to 11 PM

Three Amigos

If you are looking for restaurants in Cozumel near the cruise port to stop on your way in or out of the island, this is as close as it gets. Set right on the pier, Three Amigos is as friendly as the name implies.

With super welcoming staff and a bit of a party vibe (or more than a bit), they serve traditional Mexican food, such as tacos, guacamole, quesadillas and burritos, but also some American fast food, like cheeseburgers and chicken wings. The cocktails are the stars, though! (party, remember?). It’s a great place to take in some good vibes with mean sea views, and leave with a smile on your face. 

Address: Puerta Maya,  Carretera Costera Sur km 4.5
Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday from 9 AM to 5 PM. Closed on Sundays.

Taqueria El Pique

There’s no shortage of taco restaurants in any Mexican destination, including Cozumel, and you definitely won’t regret trying the national dish at Taqueria El Pique.

This spot serves authentic tacos with the most traditional fillings (think tacos Al Pastor, Campechanos, Chorizo) as well as fajitas, frijoles, and cheese fondues. Their prices are very competitive, staff is friendly and the service is fast. It’s not the best food in Cozumel for vegetarians, though, as most of the dishes and fillings include meat.

Beer and horchata are the most popular drinks at Taqueria El Pique, although they also offer soft drinks and water.

Address: Pedro Joaquín Coldwell, 10 de Abril
Opening Hours: Daily from 6 PM to 1 AM

Tons of options, uh? It never ceases to amaze me how much variety there is in Cozumel, Mexico, for restaurants, cafes, and bars, considering it’s such a small island! So I’m sure you’ll find something delicious for every moment of every day you spend there. 

This Cozumel restaurant guide is by no means exhaustive, but I hope it gives you an idea of where to eat in Cozumel. Mexico is waiting for you!


Where do the locals eat in Cozumel?

Buccano’s At Night, Guido’s, La Candela, and Casa Denis are very popular restaurants in Cozumel among locals.

What are the best restaurants in Cozumel on the beach?

El Palomar and Buccano’s are stunning beachfront restaurants that besides gorgeous views offers delicious Mexican cuisine.

What are the best Cozumel bars?

There are spectacular bars (and beach bars!) in Cozumel, Quintana Roo to enjoy a cocktail and unwind after a day of activities. Some of the best ones are The Coconut Shack, Agave Cocktail Bar, and Green House Bar & Grill.

Robert Martin

Monday 6th of June 2022

An interesting list, which as a long time visitor and resident I find interesting. Many I see do not belong on a list of Cozumel list and many I see are missing. For example, no way I would include Margaritaville or Casa Denis on a best of Cozumel list. I did like seeing El Coffee, which is often missed.


Tuesday 7th of June 2022

Hi Robert, thanks for your comment! Which restaurants do you think should be on the list instead? Margaritaville is not my favorite either, way too touristy for my liking, but I know hat like it or not, it's a favorite for many American visitors so that's why I added it to the list!