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PassportCard Nomads Review: Best Insurance for Nomads? [2024]

Check out this PassportCard Nomads review to discover all the benefits of this new and very innovative insurance company, and figure out if it’s the right one for you!

If you’re planning a trip abroad, you’re probably looking at travel insurance alternatives to be covered during your holiday (as you should!).

We’ll be discussing the importance of traveling with insurance below, but as vital as having one is choosing the right coverage for you and your travel style. 

Image of a hand holding a Visa debit card inserted in a PassportCard Nomads review.

In this post, you’ll find a comprehensive review of PassportCard Nomads, a new travel insurer that offers a cutting-edge method of looking after travelers, based on their app and issuing a prepaid card that will pay for all your medical expenses, so you don’t have to use your travel money at all.

Read on to find out if this nomad health insurance provides the right coverage for you.  

But First… Why You NEED Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is probably the least exciting part of planning a trip, and is often neglected by travelers either because they’re on a budget and don’t see it as a necessity, or else for being too optimistic about their upcoming trip and confident they won’t need it. 

It’s true that in most cases the insurance won’t be needed, and that’s a good thing! Still, buying travel insurance before any trip IS a necessity, and one of the most important things to consider when planning a trip. 

Unfortunately, accidents can happen when we least expect them. You need an emergency dentist appointment, or get food poison after trying all that delicious Thai street food (yep, true story).

I’d say that some intestinal issue is almost inevitable if you travel through developing countries for a long period of time – no matter how careful you are. I personally had to use my travel health insurance a couple of times for food poisoning in Thailand and for a gnarly-looking spider bite in Hoi An, Vietnam.

Nothing too serious, luckily, but you invest in travel insurance to make sure you’re covered if and when serious things happen. You don’t want to be in a serious accident and receive sub-par care, or your family to have to mortgage their house to pay for your medical treatments, do you?

Even if your trip goes smoothly, it’s better to be prepared for any inconvenience, or else you could end up spending a massive amount of money, getting a treatment you can’t afford or, even worse, being denied treatment for not being able to pay it. 

Even if you only spend time in developed countries with great healthcare, you still want a nomads insurance because the bills can be really high in these countries – even for small incidents or sicknesses.

With travel insurance, all those worries disappear and you can concentrate on having fun and enjoying your trip to the fullest. Even when I was fully broke and traveling on a very low budget, travel insurance was one of my priorities and I made sure to be fully covered at all times. No regrets!

PassportCard Nomads Review: An Overview

PassportCard Nomads provides travel insurance to digital nomads and remote workers, and has introduced a very innovative concept via their app-based prepaid card.

Unlike other travel and health insurances that reimburse you the money after you’ve paid for your medical treatments, PassportCard Nomads offers no deductible insurance

They provide you with a prepaid debit card that will be loaded with funds when you need them, so you can settle your bills immediately without having to pay out of pocket. 

All you need to do to access your insurance money is to log into your account on their app, and chat with their support team, which is available 24 hours, to let them know of your situation. They will then load your debit card with the amount of money requested, which will be available instantly, no paperwork needed. 

The prepaid card, which will be shipped to you for free once you sign up to one of their insurance plans (more on that later), is actually a VISA debit card, so it will be accepted anywhere in the world where VISA operates

If for any reason you don’t have your card with you, or can’t access your phone to request the money and end up paying out of pocket, your PassportCard insurance will reimburse your credit card or bank account almost immediately.   

PassportCard Nomads offers 3 different coverage plans: Starter, Remote, and Comfort. All of them include emergency medical care as well as COVID-19 coverage. 

▶️  The Starter plan costs $59 per month for the basic coverage, and it’s aimed at those traveling for less than 6 months, and within the age range of 18-45 years old. This plan covers emergency medical needs, including surgery and inpatient care, and up to $500 in dental treatments. 

The Starter plan can also be customized to include extra coverage, from extreme sports to loss of baggage, laptop and camera insurance, and search and rescue.  

▶️  Remote plan is for travelers embarking on a journey of over 6 months, and pricing starts at $119 per month. It offers up to $1 million in insurance, covering emergency medical expenses as well as elective treatments, like non-urgent medical visits and specialist consultations. 

Wellness care is also part of the plan, and you could customize it to include extra coverage

▶️  For long-term travelers planning to explore the world for over a year, there’s the Comfort plan.

This is the most comprehensive international healthcare insurance plan, covering emergency and non-urgent medical care, as well as chronic and routine care, wellness treatments, and hospitalization. Cancer treatment and mental health care are also included. 

It covers travelers aged between 18 and 65 years old for up to $3.5 million per policy period, and pricing starts at $200 per month. It’s the ideal insurance for digital nomads that want to be covered in their home country as well.

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What Does PassportCard Nomads Insurance Cover? 

PassportCard Nomads focuses on covering medical emergencies for individuals traveling and living away from their home country. For this reason, their three plans offer full coverage on emergency medical treatments, surgeries, and inpatient care, as well as dental procedures.

It also covers COVID-19 and pregnancy emergencies up to week 12. 

The Remote and Comfort Plans also include*: 

  • Non-urgent, elective medical treatments and surgeries 
  • Physiotherapy treatment
  • Specialist consultations and office visits 
  • Routine Check-Ups 

*the value of the coverage varies depending on the plan you choose.  

The Comfort Plan, which is the most comprehensive one and covers a wider age range, has some extra medical coverage, including: 

  • Chronic and routine medical care
  • Cancer treatment
  • Inpatient mental health care
  • Hospitalization

All plans can be customized to suit your needs, and you can purchase insurance for your personal belongings or include coverage for certain activities that aren’t contemplated in the basic plans. 

You can protect your luggage in case of theft or loss by an airline for up to $6,000. If you’re a remote worker, you’ll likely want to protect your gadgets, and can include a coverage of up to $750 for your laptop and camera equipment

Coverage for certain extreme sports, search and rescue, liability to third party, and accidental death can also be added to your insurance plan.

What Does PassportCard Nomads Insurance Not Cover? 

PassportCard Nomads does not offer coverage in case of:

  • Cancellation or delay of the trip
  • Loss or damage of your belongings
  • Pre-existing medical conditions 
  • Accidents or injuries sustained during military service 
  • Coverage in your home country (unless the Comfort plan is chosen)

Pros and Cons of PassportCard Nomads 

PassportCard Nomads Pros

  • Offers coverage for COVID-19
  • No deductible 
  • Prepaid debit card for your medical expenses 
  • Buy insurance even if your trip has already started
  • 24/7 customer service 
  • No need for paperwork or claims 
  • You can cancel, extend, and modify your insurance plan at any time
  • Easy sign-up, and it’s all online 

PassportCard Nomads Cons

  • Limited coverage for your belongings
  • Add-ons come at an extra cost 
  • No trip cancellation coverage 
  • Dependent on wifi/data to access the insurance 

Who Is PassportCard Nomads for? 

PassportCard Nomads is ideal for nomads and remote workers spending a long time away from their home country, who need to be protected for any medical necessity.

This digital nomad insurance can be customized to protect electronics, which is incredibly handy for those traveling with their computer as their office, and it’s also great for expats moving to different countries and wanting to have their doctor appointments or wellness treatments covered. 

It’s not the perfect insurance, however, for people going on a short holiday, who would normally need trip cancellation coverage and insurance for their luggage. It’s also not the right insurance for digital nomads who move a lot and want travel coverage on top of health insurance.

How Do I Sign Up for PassportCard Nomads?

Signing up for Passport Card Nomads insurance is very easy, and 100% online. You first need to head to their website and choose the plan that best suits your needs. 

You’ll then be asked to fill in some personal information, including your country of origin, name, and contact details. 

Finally, you’ll choose the package that you want, including any add-ons and extra coverage, and complete your payment information to purchase the insurance

And that’s it, you’re now covered for your upcoming trip – and not by any insurance, by the best health insurance for digital nomads or one of the best at the very least! I hope you’ve found this PassportCard Nomads review useful – if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments.

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