One dress, endless uses: how to travel light anywh...

One dress, endless uses: how to travel light anywhere

I don’t know about you, but whenever I have to leave it’s such a struggle for me to pack the perfect bag!
When possible, I try to travel with just a carry-on bag, because let’s be honest, it’s such a pain to drag around a huge suitcase! However, this means limited outfits and I hate that!
I want to take beautiful pictures with awesome outfits, and I definitely don’t want to see myself in each picture with the same two shirts and pants.
It looks like a tough question to solve, doesn’t it? But I guess I wasn’t the only one looking for a solution, and here it’s how to travel light anywhere while looking fashionable.

How to travel light and look fashionable

Sarah Yonover had to face the same dilemma when she was was supposed to pack all the necessary for a three-week trip to the Hamptons and New York in a carry-on luggage. How to travel light, and to pack both casual and glamourous outfits in such a small space?
Sarah had a genius idea: grabbed a long scarf and started to twist and tie it with rubber bands. This is how the idea of her brand HipKnoTies was born, which from that moment has become a huge international phenomenon.

HipKnoTies, unlike any other travel dress, is a convertible, multi way garment that can be styled in 30 different ways thanks to some reusable bands. It’s a dress that can become a poncho, a skirt, a top and much more!


HipKnoTies comes in 3 different lenghts, which allows women to choose the kind of dress they feel more comfortable in: MINI (32 inches, or approximately 81 cm), MIDI (44 inches, 112 cm) or MAXI (60 inches, 152 cm).
The garment made in USA is made of soft rayon jersey and spandex, and fits any size and body type thanks to its patent pending system. There’s no need to worry about packing it because the dress is wrinkle resistant, and who feels like ironing while on vacation?
I really like the fact that HipKnoTies is so versatile and can be dressed up or down depending on the situation, and that I can use it both for sightseeing and some fancy party or event…and it always looks fashionable!

I’ve presented HipKnoTies to you as a travel dress because if you are wondering how to travel light, this is the perfect convertible dress, but it can be used in other ways as well:  pregnant women can wear this one dress throughout the entire pregnancy and keep using it afterwards, and women who are going through a weight transiction phase loves it for the same reason. Just count how much money you’ll be able to save not having to buy new clothes as your size changes!
Multiple brides-to-be have chosen HipKnoTies for their bridesmaids because it’s truly a garment that fits all women, and women in business use the dress to go from office to night time in just a matter of seconds.

You might be thinking that it must be hard to figure out how to wear the garment in so many different ways, but it’s actually very easy to style; you can watch video tutorials on the website or download the HipKnoTies app that will help you on the go.

This really revolutionized my idea of packing. I mean, no need to wonder how to travel light anymore: who needs a big suitcase when virtually you could just bring one single item?
Trust me, packing in a carry-on bag will NEVER be an issue again!

Disclaimer: This post is brought to you by HipKnoTies 


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