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IMG Worlds of Adventure: Tickets & Best Rides [2024]

Thinking of visiting IMG Worlds of Adventure in Dubai? Check out this guide & discover all you need to know before visiting the park. You’ll find info about the best rides and tickets.

IMG Worlds of Adventure in Dubai is the biggest indoor theme park in the city, and one of the largest theme parks in the world, boasting five thrilling adventure zones with rides, live shows, and characters to entertain and amuse you. 

A statue of Hulk and a man imitating his angry pose, at IMG Worlds of Adventure in Dubai.

To suit every visitor, each zone has its own theme that goes from horror to the Jurassic era, ensuring that children and adults alike enjoy a day filled with excitement. It’s one of the most thrilling things to do in Dubai if you’re looking for a fun day out.

Fran and I visited the park on a hot summer day and had a lot of fun. Since we visited during Dubai’s low season, we never had to wait more than 5 minutes for any ride, which was so great.

So, ready to get started? Learn all you need to know about IMG Worlds tickets, the park’s attractions, and what facilities are offered, so you’re prepared for your visit, and your only worry is having too much fun!

IMG Worlds of Adventure Opening Hours

IMG Worlds of Adventure is open daily from 12 PM to 11 PM, although the last admission is at 10 PM. 

How To Get to the IMG Worlds of Adventure

IMG Worlds of Adventure is located here near the Al Barari neighborhood, and it’s not easy to get here by public transport.

▶️ To get to IMG Worlds of Adventure using public transportation, your best option is to take the metro’s Red Line to either Dubai Mall or Mall of the Emirates, and from there take a taxi or Uber to the park.  

▶️ You could also get the private transfer directly from your hotel for convenience (I recommend using the Careem app to book your taxi or Uber), or drive to the site

IMG Worlds of Adventure’s address is E311 Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road.

IMG Worlds of Adventure Tickets

Below you’ll find two great options to get your IMG Worlds of Adventure tickets. I highly recommend getting the tickets in advance to make sure you save your spot, and also to avoid queuing outside the attraction to get them on-site.

When you buy them online you’ll get instant confirmation and be able to show your ticket on your phone – no need to print them or go to the ticket booth ahead of time.

➤ These IMG Dubai Tickets grants you entry to the park and its five zones, including access to all rides and attractions, for a whole day. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

➤ You can otherwise get the Dubai Go City Explorer Pass, which gives you access to your chosen amount of attractions – between 3 and 7 – among a list of over 60, including IMG Worlds of Adventure. This is how I visited the park! ➥ BOOK IT HERE

What You’ll Find at IMG Worlds of Adventure

IMG Worlds of Adventure is an astounding 1.5 million square feet attraction, the largest indoor theme park in all of Dubai. The park truly is completely indoors, which makes it a great spot if you’re spending the summer in Dubai, when it would be downright impossible to enjoy outdoor parks or other attractions.

Throughout the park at specific times, you’ll also be able to meet the characters! We really brought out our inner child!

The park is divided into five zones, each of them an attraction on its own. Find out what activities and themes are featured in each area below!


Dubai’s Marvel theme area in the park is home to thrilling rides based on the comics’ favorite superheroes, including Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, and the Black Widow. 

Visitors will get to fight along the Avengers against Ultron, watch Hulk battle against his enemies on a stereoscopic, 360-degree immersive cinema, and meet the heroes during Meet & Greet time, among other incredible attractions.  

IMG Worlds of Adventure’s Marvel section might be the most popular, so it’s a good idea to enjoy its rides first thing when you get there, before heading to the other areas. Especially if you visit during the winter in Dubai, which is the high season!

Cartoon Network 

The Cartoon Network zone brings to life the most popular characters in rides, adventures, and competitions that will delight every kid and inner child. 

From helping Ben 10 battle against evil to going on a special mission with the Powerpuff Girls, visiting amazing kingdoms with Finn & Jake, and dining at one of the theme cafés, there are activities for all ages and interests. 

IMG Boulevard

IMG Boulevard is a space for dining, shopping, and relaxing after a blood-pumping ride. 

Here you’ll find the region’s first Courage & Kind store, a photography studio where you’ll get fantastic pics with the magic of the green screen, stores for very original souvenirs and gifts, and beautifully designed themed cafés, popcorn stalls, and eateries.  

Lost Valley 

For dinosaur fanatics, there’s the Lost Valley zone, which will grant you a prehistoric and very exciting experience. 

You’ll be immersed in dinosaur territory as you explore the Forbidden Territory, get your adrenaline pumping at the Velociraptor and Predator rides, and have fun at the adventure playground that’s filled with tunnels, slides, and bridges. 

One of the most thrilling roller coasters at IMG Worlds of Adventure is here!

The Haunted Hotel 

The most intrepid visitors might want to give The Haunted Hotel a chance. This attraction places you inside a very terrifying hotel from where you’ll have to escape, although it won’t be easy. Narrow corridors, changing scenery, and frightening characters will be waiting at every turn

⚠️ This attraction is for visitors aged 15 and older. 

Besides the exciting activities, there are several retail outlets, most of them related to the park’s themes, plenty of restaurants, and a cinema

The Best Rides at IMG Worlds of Adventure

There are 17 themed rides in IMG Worlds of Adventure, and 22 attractions overall, all of which are fantastic. Some of them, however, stand out. In our opinion, these are the very best rides at the park.

The Velociraptor at Lost Valley

The Velociraptor is certainly not for the faint-hearted. This thrilling ride gets to a speed of 62 miles an hour, and zips you through the prehistoric jungles of Lost Valley before going out into the Dubai desert.

The ride includes sharp turns, vertical drops, and white-knuckle, 360° twists that are guaranteed to get your adrenaline pumping in no time. All the while you’ll be seeing different dinosaurs roaming around and flying, and you’ll even pass by a dinosaur skeleton!

The Powerpuff Girls at Cartoon Network

The Powerpuff Girls is a very exhilarating ride, probably more than you were expecting due to the colorful and sweet-looking carriages!

The ride will make you fly through the air at high speed, gripping your seat, and rotate 360 degrees as the girls try to save the world from the evil Mojo Jojo.

The ride is suitable for children, although it has height restrictions, and it’s one of the favorite attractions available at the park for young visitors.

Thor Thunder Spin at Marvel

Thor Thunder Spin is one of the most iconic Marvel thrill rides at IMG Worlds. It’s definitely not an attraction for the faint-hearted, as you’ll be firmly secured to your seat and spun in all directions, spending a good amount of time upside down and moving up and down while water jets shot from below.

Fog and light effects will try to confuse you, and you’ll be moved at different speeds that increase with every turn. As you endure this torture imposed by Loki, mighty Thor will try his best to rescue you from the thunder spin.

It’s likely the most exciting adventure in the Marvel zone, just make sure to enjoy it before having a meal!

Spider-Man Doc Ock’s Revenge at Marvel

The battle between Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus is at its height as the hero is trying to stop Doc Ock’s threat to the city’s energy supply. While they fight each other, you’ll be zipped through New York on a high-speed carriage, spinning on both their tracks.

The round-spinning cars might make you dizzy, but it’s part of the thrill the ride offers, which makes it such a popular activity in the Marvel zone.

Predator at Lost Valley

Lost Valley is the dinosaur-themed adventure zone, and Predator is its major roller coaster. In fact, it’s one of the most thrilling roller coasters in the park, with sharp turns and 90-degree falls that will make your heart skip a beat (and maybe get a scream or two out of you!)

The cars, which accommodate 8 people, feature dinosaur heads, and they’ll take you at high speed through the roller coaster’s dramatic features, including a vertical loop and a heartline roll, besides the gripping vertical drop and mind-blowing turns.

If you thought the Thor Thunder Spin attraction was too adrenaline-pumping for you, then you’d better skip Predator entirely. If you’re an adventurous thrill-seeker, though, you’ll have the time of your life!

Forbidden Territory at Lost Valley

If you’re not looking for adrenaline or are visiting with young kids, Forbidden Territory is a great ride in one of the most epic adventure zones: Lost Valley.

You’ll embark on carriages depicted as Land Rovers and ride through a dinosaur valley, spotting them along the way and trying to save the last eggs of the species before a volcanic eruption destroys it all.

There are height restrictions, but children 3.4 feet tall can enjoy it accompanied by an adult.

Dining at IMG Worlds of Adventure

Besides the spectacular adventure zones, hair-raising attractions, and Novo cinemas, there are great dining opportunities at IMG Worlds of Adventure. These are some of the best IMG Worlds restaurants and cafés.

Chang’s Golden Dragon

Situated in the Marvel zone, this themed restaurant is beautifully decorated and specializes in Pan-Asian cuisine. It features an open kitchen so you can witness the culinary magic happening, and it offers a very casual dining experience.

Mama Scano’s of Yancy Street

For Italian cuisine and a bustling, friendly atmosphere, head to Mama Scano’s. Wood-fired pizza and pasta are its staples, and you won’t be able to escape the laughing and joking staff, which will show you true Italian hospitality in the cozy restaurant’s setting.

Tony’s Skydeck

Tony’s Skydeck is designed as if it was Tony Stark’s very own restaurant, located on the top of the Avenger Tower and boasting a very modern design. It’s the best place to have steak and seafood in the park, and you’ll also get some wonderful views of the city while indulging in your meal.

For corporate events, the VIP Chef’s Table, which accommodates six people, is a very fancy experience to consider.

Mr. Smoothy

Mr. Smoothy is an American-style diner where burgers and smoothies rule the menu. Based on Ben 10, customers feel like they’ve stepped into his world when eating at the diner, and it’s a favorite eatery among children.

Downtown Shawarma

The Avengers’ meeting place of choice according to the restaurant’s description, Downtown Shawarma is a very stylish restaurant where to grab a quick bite before continuing your adventures. No need to look at the menu to know shawarma is what you should get here.

The restaurant has developed different takes on the popular dish, so you’ll have a variety of flavors to choose from.

Shopping at IMG Worlds of Adventure

Shopping is also part of the experience at IMG Worlds of Adventure. There are close to 20 brand retail stores and souvenir shops, most of them following the different park zones’ themes.

Marvel Universe and Empire News and Comics are two very popular shops among Marvel fans. Souvenirs, comics, merchandise, Marvel city news, and even activities that involve lifting Thor’s hammer and getting dressed as Iron Man can be found in these stores.

A S.H.I.E.L.D Adventure Warehouse houses all sorts of clothes, gear, tools, and accessories to help you become a superhero, and Epsilon Command is a true treat for Hulk enthusiasts.

While there are six important stores dedicated to the Marvel Universe, the rest of the adventure zones also have their shops and merchandise at IMG Worlds.

Figurines and nostalgic souvenirs related to all-time favorite Cartoon Network characters, Lazy Town accessories, and Ben 10’s games and toys are only some of the items you can shop around for. Ben 10’s store is designed as the hero’s house, so it’s an enjoyable attraction even if you’re not buying anything.

Dinosaur’s eggs, explorer’s gear, t-shirts, mugs, terrifying souvenirs from The Haunted Hotel, candy, and Disney memorabilia can also be purchased at the stores in IMG Worlds of Adventure.

Tips for Your Visit to IMG Worlds of Adventure

What’s the best time to visit IMG Worlds of Adventure?

The best time to visit for fewer crowds and shorter lines (which otherwise can take you quite a lot of time!) is in the morning, right after opening time

How much time do you need for your visit?

To enjoy all the rides and attractions, you would need around 5-6 hours.

What should you know before visiting IMG Worlds of Adventure?

▶️ Disabled guests can access the theme park at half the ticket price, and while they can enjoy some of the attractions, some activities are too physically demanding and not suitable for certain people, including pregnant women. The staff reserves the right to refuse admission to any ride should they consider it dangerous for the visitor. 

▶️ All restrooms are fully accessible, and wheelchairs can be rented on-site if needed. 

▶️ Children of all ages are welcomed at the park, however, some attractions have minimum height requirements that go from 3.2 feet (1 m) to 4.2 feet (1.30 m), depending on the activity. On some rides there’s also a maximum height requirement of 6.8 feet (2.08 m).  

▶️ There is parking available for visitors, with limited parking spaces for guests with disabilities. 

IMG Worlds of Adventure Dubai FAQ

Is IMG Dubai worth it?

IMG is a great adventure park in Dubai, especially if you’re visiting in summer, as it’s completely indoors. It features attractions for both kids and adults, and when we visited there were no lines at all, so we could do some of the rides more than once. I thought it was very fun! 

How many rides are in IMG World? 

IMG Worlds of Adventure has 22 rides and attractions, 17 of them being themed rides. 

Which theme park is better IMG or Motiongate? 

Both parks are great in my opinion, but during the summer IMG is better since it’s completely indoors and temperature-controlled.

How much is IMG Worlds of Adventure ticket price?

At the time of writing, entrance costs around $90 for a whole day at the park, all the attractions included. 

What is the largest indoor theme park in Dubai?

IMG Worlds of Adventure is the largest indoor theme park, covering a total of 1.5 million square feet.

Is IMG Worlds of Adventure the world’s largest theme park?

IMG Worlds of Adventure was indeed the biggest indoor theme park in the world upon its completion, and it remains one of the largest on the planet.

Can I get fast-track access tickets to IMG Worlds of Adventure online?

Absolutely, and it’s the way I’d recommend getting your tickets so you avoid queuing outside the park entrance (especially in the summer heat!) You can book your tickets online here.

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