How To Actually Enjoy Your Business Trip

How To Actually Enjoy Your Business Trip

Who said that a business trip has to be just that, business? You can easily make a business trip enjoyable, and transform it into a mini-vacation. However, to really make the most out of your business trip, you will need to plan in advance and follow a few tips. Let’s look at them.

Book a Flight With a Long Layover

Even if you don’t have much extra time to travel around your destination country, it’s always easy to book a flight that includes a long layover. A one or two-day layover will indeed allow you to get to know a new city. Obviously, since your time will be limited, make sure you plan your visit in advance to make the most out of it. Book a well-located hotel where it’ll be easy to travel to/from, write down your destination bucket list, and check what’s the best way to go from the airport to your hotel. If you are looking to book specific activities such as a desert safari or a hot balloon ride, contact a local tour operator in advance.

Rely on the Experts For Your Peace of Mind

If your boss leaves you to plan your own business trips, or you are your own boss, it might be wise to rely on the experts for the planning part. Statesman Travel is a business travel management company that can organize your trips and be at your disposal 24/7 during the trip for any emergency.  You will save time and will rest assured that any problem will be taken care of.

Do Your Homework in Advance

No matter where you are going and how long you are staying, research your destination before you leave. This is essential in order to make the most out of your business trip! Buy a guidebook (possibly a digital version so you can save some paper), read some travel blog articles, and ask for tips to some friend who has been before, if possible. If your time is limited before the departure date, read the material on your flight! Write down the things you want to do and plan your days. You can always change your activities later on, but having a rough plan will be helpful especially if most of your days are filled with meetings or conference sessions.

Try and stay a few extra days before or after your conference or meeting, if possible. Just adding a weekend in the destination will give you time to explore a bit more. If you do have some extra time, it’s possible to just go with the flow and decide what to do once you are there.

Ask a Local For Tips on Where To Eat

After years of international travel, I finally gave up on relying on guidebooks for advice on where to eat. Most times there are better, more traditional, and cheaper options that are not listed in guidebooks. But how to find such places? Just ask someone local. A cafè owner, a hotel receptionist, or a shop assistant will give you the best tips.

Follow these simple tips and your business trips will be way more enjoyable from now on!

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