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Home away from home: why you should choose a holiday rental in London


I’m madly in love with London, but you might already know this.

It just has a vibe I haven’t found in many other places (yet), and I’m always eager to go back and discover new corners of the city, so when FG Properties asked me to stay in one of their apartments, I was so down for it! Check out why it’s also a great option if you only have 2 days in London.


FG Properties offers “luxury furnished apartments for Vacation & Business” in London and other big cities.
Their philosophy is to offer the service & style of a boutique hotel combined with the comfort & privacy of a home which, well, isn’t what we all want when we go abroad?

This was my first time trying out a holiday rental in London, and I must say it won’t be the last: apartments ROCK!

Guests of FG apartments can either decide to be greeted by a representative directly at the apartment, or to pass by the ”City Relay” reception desk located in Earl’s Court.
Lorenzo and I got the keys (and a bottle of wine!) at the office, since our flat was just 10 minutes away by foot.


The location of the apartment where we stayed at is excellent: it’s just 5 minutes away from the Earl’s Court underground station (zone 1), which means you can be in central London in less than 20 minutes… for a city as big as London this is a big plus, let me tell you! 

The apartment is inside a Victorian house in a quiet, leafy street

The flat is inside a Victorian house and feels very homey thanks to the throw blankets and pillows, and a great selection of books to choose from.

Fancy playing the guitar?

Kids, and men, well probably more men than kids 🙂 will love the Xbox and the selection of games, while everyone with an artistic aptitude will like the Fender Stratocaster on display in a corner of the living room.

There’s no need to bring your laptop as you can find the biggest sized computer ever, great to get some work done or just check what your friends back home are doing.

You definitely don't need to bring your laptop!

The kitchen is furnished with anything you might ever need, and there’s a washing machine as well, which we made good use of after 20 days on the road!

the kitchen is fully furnished

The two rooms are small but cosy, with everything you need… and if you have a good boyfriend you will enjoy breakfast in bed while looking at the huge map on the wall and planning the next adventures!

One of the two rooms of the flat

I love the London map on the wall!

Breakfast in bed!

The bathroom is big, something SO usuual for London, and I loved the oversized walk-in tropical shower; towels and bathroom amenities are provided as if it were a hotel rather than an apartment.

Hey, that's me!

The apartment has access to the largest private gardens in Kensington and Chelsea, a real oasis of relaxation in the middle of the city.

The flat has access to the biggest privarte gardens in the area

Now, let’s talk about the one thing that didn’t convince us.
As we entered the door, we spotted family photos on the wall; we opened the first drawer by the bed and it was filled with underwear… “We must have entered the wrong apartment” was our first thought. We even told each other stories of friends who entered the wrong house without noticing it: was this the case?

We called the City Relay office, which is always at your disposal should you need anything, just to make sure we were in the right place. They told us that the apartments’ owners can leave whatever they want in the house, therefore it was normal to find their stuff.
I think this should be mentioned on the website.
Don’t get me wrong: I’ve stayed in Airbnbs multiple times and it’s always been great, but this time I was expecting a “hotel kind of apartment”, and this led to some confusion.
On the other end, it was nice to see how confident the owner was about possible guests: one evening we used his great pots and spices for cooking, and the result was excellent.



Nevertheless, when it comes the final question, the judgement is broadly positive.

Would I stay in a FG Property Management apartment again?
Oh yes, and for a few reasons:

  • I love to be able to just stay home instead of dining out every time: some days I walk and sightsee so much that at night time I just want to relax!
  • The apartments offer conveniences that hotels don’t: ours offered a washing machine, computer, a guitar, all sorts of books about London and even an Xbox!
  • When travelling, nothing makes you feeling home more than a lived home. Despite the initial surprise, it was nice to avoid aseptic hotel/hostel rooms for a few days.
  • With rates starting at £159 for an apartment that sleeps 4, the flat is pretty good value, especially in a city crazy expensive such as London.



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Thanks to FG Property Management for having us as their guests; nonetheless, all opinions in this review are my own (and you know I always tell you the truth!).


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Monday 18th of January 2016

What a great experience you have at that apartment. Salute to FG Property Management for giving their clients/guest an awesome place to stay. Lovely indeed!


Thursday 21st of January 2016

Hi Ron! Thank you for coming by :) yes, it was a very good experience, wish there were more services like this out there!