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18 INCREDIBLE Eco Resorts in Thailand [2023]

You’ll find countless eco lodges, eco hotels and eco resorts in Thailand that offer comfortable and luxurious accommodation while having a positive impact. Let’s check out the best ones!

Thailand is mainly known for its irresistible natural beauty; from white-sand, pristine beaches to astounding cliffs and lush vegetation.

Thailand’s ecosystem is a wonder, so it’s no surprise that the country abounds in eco lodges and hotels that promote eco-friendly practices all the while offering first-rate facilities to their guests – and you should definitely try and include some in your Thailand itinerary!

In this post you’ll find 18 amazing eco resorts in Thailand with the perfect combination of comfort and positive impact on the environment. 

Zeavola Resort & Spa – Koh Phi Phi

Drone photo of Zeavola Resort inserted in a list of the best eco resorts in Thailand.
Image by Zeavola

Zeavola Resort & Spa is a sustainable resort located in the Phi Phi Islands that features a swimming pool, a cardio fitness room, and a full-service spa that offers the most renowned therapeutic techniques, from Thai to Chinese, European and Polynesian.

Guests will also find a dive center and several options for activities and tours – there are plenty of things to do in Phi Phi Island!

Regarding sustainability, Zeavola is one of the most eco-friendly hotels in Thailand, carrying out several sustainable practices. They focus on the local community, as well as the environment, buying their fish from the local fishermen and organizing activities in schools and festivals for the community. The resort has systems to reduce energy and water consumption, they recycle and carry out biodegradable practices, as well as doing daily beach cleanings and treating used water to feed the garden. 

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We like it because they respect and take into consideration the local communities and their traditions, and they also promote a safe and fair working environment for their staff. 


Six Senses Yao Noi – Koh Yao Noi

Image of a villa at Six Senses Yao Noi, a beautiful eco-lodge in Thailand.
Image by Six Senses

Six Senses Yao Noi is a luxurious island resort that features spacious villas with private pools, views of the ocean or the lush garden, large terraces and a personal butler. The bathrooms boast a bathtub and outdoor shower.

The hotel also offers spa services, a gym to workout and a fantastic restaurant. Cooking classes, wine tasting sessions and bonfires can also be enjoyed at the resort. 

Six Senses focuses on the protection of natural surroundings, energy efficiency, waste management, and are particularly committed to the community, funding education and medical attention through their program.

Their reverse osmosis filter installations provide access to clean drinking water, and they buy all their produce from local suppliers to avoid the use of plastic packaging and support the farmers, fishermen and artisans of the area. 

We like it because the resort works hard to reduce its carbon footprint and not only minimize its negative impact, but to actively promote a positive one. Even while committing to the environment’s well-being, it offers first-class facilities and memorable experiences to its guests. The butler service is a magnificent plus. 


Amari Watergate – Bangkok

Sustainable splendor can also be found in the middle of the city, as is the case of Amari Watergate. This 5-star hotel features an outdoor swimming pool, a spa and a fitness center, as well as family-friendly rooms and two restaurants.

All rooms are spacious and include an en-suite bathroom with toiletries and bathrobes, a workspace, a minibar and views of the city or garden. 

Amari Watergate is associated with numerous initiatives to protect natural resources and help the communities in the area.

Their most remarkable work is toward social development, supporting education for children and young adults, giving scholarship grants annually and making donations to provide opportunities for underprivileged people. They also carry out sustainable practices and participate in movements that protect the environment. 

We like it because even though it’s a hotel situated in busy Bangkok and it’s surrounded by skyscrapers, Amari Watergate actively engages in projects to protect the country’s natural habitat. Its location is close to most city’s landmarks, an ideal location to be based for your Bangkok itinerary


The Hideout – Koh Yao Noi

Image by The Hideout

The Hideout is nestled in the hills of Kohao Yao Noi, an off the beaten path island in southern Thailand just a short boat ride away from Phuket. This place features 4 incredible treehouse suites with open-air bathrooms, king-sized beds with mosquito nets, and magnificent views of the nearby islands, the jungle and the bay.

There’s also a restaurant with a zero-waste menu, serving Thai and western delicacies, and they offer wellness packages that include yoga and fitness classes, mindfulness sessions, healing treatments, massages and personalized diet plans. 

This sustainable treehouse hotel has a fresh farm-to-table practice in which more than 90% of their ingredients are harvested in organic local farms. This initiative also supports the island community and farmers, and they have a zero-waste policy.

All food and bath amenities are made from scratch, and they reuse and recycle, avoiding the use of plastic straws and disposable products. Their infinity pool is solar-filtered, and they kept all the trees in the property, building the treetop villas around them with materials from the island. 

We like it because the complimentary toiletries are natural and handcrafted, the thatched-roof villas are surrounded by lush vegetation and the sounds of nature and a traditional Thai Sarong is gifted to guests upon arrival. 


The Tongsai Bay – Koh Samui 

Image by The Tongsai Bay

The Tongsai Bay is a family-owned hotel surrounded by nature that boasts its own private bay in Koh Samui.

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The 83 rooms feature large areas and balconies, and all of them offer views of the sea, as well as outside outdoor bathtubs.

Guests will find 2 main pools and a private beach area where the hotel offers several non-motorized water sports. There’s also a spa, a bar, and a restaurant, and activities such as yoga, cooking classes or movie night on the beach can be requested. 

The hotel carries out waste management practices, such as recycling and composting, they work on energy reduction by using LED bulbs and electric vehicles to travel in the hotel compound, and they use biodegradable cleaners and natural products, avoiding the use of chemicals.

The protection of the environment and neighboring animals is also of utmost importance; an employee will actually be fired if caught harming animals. 

We like it because the hotel works hard to maintain the natural environment as unaltered as possible, and it offers all the necessary services to ensure you’re satisfied and you don’t need to leave their oasis for anything other than pleasure and a few Koh Samui day trips.


137 Pillars House – Chiang Mai 

Image by 137 Pillars House

Located in Chiang Mai, Thailand, 137 Pillars House was restored to reflect its 19th Century origins, and it features ample suites with a large terrace or verandah, walk-in closets and en-suite bathrooms.

You’ll find a wellness spa that offers signature massages and holistic treatments, an infinity pool where you can enjoy a cocktail and light refreshments delivered by the staff, a fully-equipped gym, and a great restaurant and bar. 

This Chiang Mai’s eco lodge has eliminated single-use plastics, recycles waste paper, glass and cardboard and composts all organic waste, turning it into food for the plants and vegetation.

Most of the ingredients used in the restaurant are grown in the hotel’s vegetable and herb garden, and they use reusable woven bags instead of plastic garbage ones. What’s more, this eco hotel in Thailand hired an expert to sustainably eliminate mosquito breeding areas without using chemicals. 

We like it because the architecture is incredibly beautiful, the hotel’s ambiance and surroundings make it the perfect spot for tranquility and relaxation and some of the suites include a private pool or a Victorian bathtub. It’s a great place to stay for 3 days in Chiang Mai or more.


Soneva Kiri – Koh Kood

Image by Soneva Kiri

Soneva Kiri is a splendid eco resort in Thailand that offers first-class, luxurious amenities with an eco-friendly basis.

Located in the midst of a tropical rainforest, the expansive villas blend with the natural surroundings and feature a private pool, a terrace with outdoor seating, incredible views of the beach or the jungle and spacious lounge areas. Some even include a bookshelf, a private gym or water slide, a steam room or spa facilities.

Guests get to use the complimentary bicycles, book an excursion or experience and enjoy the fantastic cuisine in their several restaurants. 

Soneva Kiri is deeply committed to the environment, being 100% carbon neutral for several years now, planting trees all over Thailand to restore habitats, producing their own filtered drinking water and eliminating the use of plastics completely.

They have a management waste center that recycles up to 90% of solid waste and they charge a 2% environmental levy that goes toward the Soneva Foundation, which invests in projects with a positive social, environmental and economic impact. 

We like it because their barefoot luxury concept creates a laid-back, relaxed atmosphere that ensures the guests’ complete relaxation all the while offering 5-star service and facilities. The villas’ eco-friendly design accompanies this concept, being built with natural materials and depicting a rustic aspect. 


Phu Chaisai Mountain Resort & Spa – Chiang Rai 

Image by Phu Chaisai

One of the best destinations for eco tourism in Thailand is Phu Chaisai, a Mountain Resort & Spa that offers suites and cottages with stunning mountain views. Every accommodation features different facilities, from outdoor bathtubs to a private terrace or pool and a second bedroom or seating area.

There’s also an infinity pool overlooking the mountain, a spa and a restaurant that serves Asian and Western dishes with locally-sourced ingredients. 

This luxury eco lodge in Thailand is mainly built with renewable bamboo from the area. Their water is supplied from their own reservoirs, and they also have a tea plantation, fruit orchards and organic farms that provide fresh produce for the meals. The coffee they serve is also organically grown and roasted by a local family-owned business. 

We like it because its goal is to help guests reconnect with nature, so there are no electronics in the rooms. Furthermore, the fresh air of the mountain reduces the need for air-conditioning, hence diminishing the use of electricity. 


The Racha – Koh Racha Yai

Image by The Racha

The Racha is a 5-star eco beach resort that boasts spectacular villas and suites, some of which have their own private pool. All of them include coffee makers, a flat-screen TV, a minibar and an outdoor rain shower, as well as a fully-equipped bathroom with a tub.

The resort is home to a spa and a dive center, and it also offers water sports, cooking and yoga lessons and features a gym, pool table and tennis court. It’s located on an incredibly beautiful beach a short boat ride away from Phuket.

The Racha uses condensation water from air-conditioning for the footbath in every villa’s front door, collects and treats rainwater for use throughout the resort, and heat exchangers provide zero-energy hot water for the bathrooms. Bathroom toiletries are made with locally sourced products and contained in ceramic vessels; energy-saving bulbs are used and plastics, glass and paper are recycled. 

We like it because this eco-lodge in Thailand treats the pool water with ozone, the most eco-friendly technology available, and it also supports a non-profit charity that restores the ocean’s ecosystems creating man-made reefs around the island. The staff organizes a daily beach clean-up that guests are encouraged to join. 


Keemala – Phuket

Image by Keemala

Keemala, one of the very best eco-lodges in Thailand, features beautifully designed pool villas with views of the rainforest and spacious bathrooms that include a stand-alone bathtub, monsoon shower and outdoor shower, as well as double vanities.

Besides the private pool and terrace, guests can enjoy the spa, the fantastic cuisine at their two dining venues and complimentary transport to and from Kemala Beach. 

Every villa at Keemala has its own water treatment system, greywater is reused to feed the gardens, they use eco-friendly synthetic materials to prevent deforestation and single-use plastic has been eliminated. There is also a waste management system, and the methane that is released from it is directed into the ground to reduce the greenhouse effect.

We like it because Keemala is close enough to the hustle and bustle of Phuket to offer its guests the action and liveliness of nightlife and various activities, but it’s also nestled far from the crowds, ideal for those looking to unplug. 


The Sarojin – Khao Lak

Image by The Sarojin

The Sarojin is a luxury boutique eco resort in Thailand, secluded amidst nature and by 11 kilometers of white sand beach. This award-winning hotel in Khao Lak features its residences in 7 separate buildings, ensuring privacy for each guest among the tropical gardens.

All the rooms have direct access to the beach and boast luxurious yet diverse amenities; from a private Thai garden to a jacuzzi, a pool located in its own tropical garden and joined residences for families.

The resort also has a swimming pool, a spa, a fitness center and offers various experiences. 

The resort runs a number of initiatives to preserve the natural environment and help the local community. They limit their energy and water consumption, work toward decreasing their carbon footprint and reducing the use of plastic and waste, looking to minimize their impact on the environment.

They also organize clean ups at the beach and national parks, support child education and carry out mangrove planting initiatives. 

We like it because this unique eco-friendly resort in Thailand is committed to creating memorable experiences for couples with their exclusive romance specials, and to the general well-being of their guests, offering from their tailor-made dishes to an extensive wellness menu. 


Bangkok Tree House – Bangkok

Image by Bangkok Tree House

Bangkok Tree House is an eco luxury villa in Thailand that offers comfortable rooms surrounded by treetops. The three-story units feature a first floor with a fully-equipped bathroom, a bedroom and workspace on the second floor and a lounge area on the top floor to relax and admire the views.

All rooms are air-conditioned and complimentary breakfast and access to the bicycle service is included. There’s also a restaurant & cafe where guests can get all their meals. 

Bangkok Tree House is smoke-free and carbon-neutral, as all its energy sources are natural and rainwater is collected for use throughout the hotel. The building materials are recycled, and they pledge to clean up 1 kg (2.2 lbs) of trash for every booking. 

We like it because besides offering a distinctive accommodation, it’s secluded from the hassle of the city, facilitating the connection with nature and fresh, unpolluted air. A boat has to be taken to get there, which adds some charm to the stay, yet it’s just a short distance from all the things to do in Bangkok.


Banyan Tree Phuket – Phuket

Image by Banyan Tree Phuket

Banyan Tree Phuket offers pool villas situated around a lagoon and surrounded by lush vegetation. A tropical garden and twin pools are the resort’s main attraction, although each villa boasts its own private pool, as well as incredibly stylish decor, an outdoor bathtub and spacious lounge areas.

There are several dining options within the hotel, and private dinners at the villa or a boat can be requested. 

This 5-star eco resort in Phuket, Thailand, is committed to reducing and ultimately eliminating single-use plastics, as well as restoring the natural environment with tree-planting events at a current rate of 2,000 thousand trees a year, and raising awareness of climate change throughout the community and their guests.

The resort has also created a program to nurture and educate young people at risk of social exclusion, providing them skills and support. 

We like it because they have various different priorities, from providing a 5-star service to their guests to supporting the local community and committing to the environment with clean ups and diverse projects, and they still excel at all of them, becoming one of the best eco resorts in Thailand


Faasai Resort & Spa – Chanthaburi

Image by Fasaai Resort & Spa

Faasai Resort & Spa is home to a fantastic spa that offers massages in the open-air pavilion and traditional Thai healing treatments. The small number of rooms, despite their extensive grounds, allows them to be spacious and ensure privacy for their guests; they all feature cable TV, coffee & tea making facilities and a terrace or balcony. Some of the villas also have a spa-style bath or steam room. 

Faasai Resort & Spa is one of the best eco resorts in the country; they cultivate their own herbs and spices and conserve their resources as much as possible, using greywater tanks, heating water with solar power and using energy-efficient lights.

When the resort was built the existing trees on the site were left standing, and it serves as shelter for many birds and wildlife. 

We like it because they strive to become more and more sustainable and able to be independent of outside resources, and they also support the local temples and traditions, encouraging visitors to participate in local festivities. 


Anantara Mai Khao – Phuket

Image by Anantara Mai Khao

Anantara Mai Khao is one of the best eco-friendly hotels in Thailand, featuring amazing villas and pavilions, all of them able to accommodate families. Each villa has its own outdoor pool, luxurious amenities and outdoor showers.

The hotel also features a wellness center & spa with steam rooms, a tennis court and a gym, as well as several restaurants, one of them in a treehouse. Breakfast is included with the stay. 

Anantara resorts aim to preserve not only the environment but their host communities as well, matching guest donations to diverse organizations that protect human rights, child welfare and wildlife.

As to sustainability, the hotel has minimum water consumption and works toward reducing energy consumption by 10% every year. They also reuse and recycle solid waste and work with local communities to promote the well-being of the environment and offer opportunities to performers and artisans within the hotel. 

We like it because the hotel places a great focus on the local communities, and has been awarded the Green Growth 2050 certification, being recognized for their sustainability and tourism ethics but also for their employee protection and community development. 


The Pavilions Anana – Krabi

Image by The Pavilions Anana

The Pavilions Anana is an eco resort in Krabi, Thailand, that offers an ecological experience in incredibly beautiful rooms and astounding surroundings, as it’s located among limestone cliffs.

The hotel features a volcanic mineral water pool, sourced from the area’s volcanic mountains as it provides unique minerals for the skin, and there’s also a spa that offers Thai massages, facials, body scrubs and a Himalayan therapy of salt breathing.

Guests will also find yoga lessons and a fully-equipped gym, as well as farm-to-table local cuisine served in their several eateries. 

The Pavilions Anana is a Green Globe certified resort that manages energy and waste and has completely eliminated single-use plastic. Their carbon reduction and elimination strategy enables them to have electric and carbon-neutral vehicles and boats that guests can use to explore the coast, and they use high-efficiency light bulbs and water-saving aerators.  

We like it because the restaurants’ produce comes directly from their organic farm, and the bathroom toiletries they offer are organic. 


Moken Eco Village – Koh Phrathong

Image by Moken Eco Village

Moken Eco Village is located in Koh Phra Thong, a beautiful and unique island off the beaten path. It features 11 bungalows, each of them inspired by the history of the island. Among the facilities offered is a desk area, fully-equipped bathrooms with amenities, mosquito nets and daily breakfast.

This eco-friendly hotel has an on-site restaurant that serves a wide variety of Thai and western dishes, and there’s wifi access in the lobby and common areas. 

The bungalows are made from local natural materials and the resort’s electricity is generated by solar panels. Since there are no electrical sockets for this reason, devices can be charged from USB ports in the bungalows. Moken Eco Village also has a policy to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and reduce its negative impact on the environment. 

We like it because besides protecting the environment, the resort’s rooms are designed to highlight the island’s natural wonders and wildlife, celebrating their homeland and facilitating its history and heritage to their guests. 


Pimalai Resort & Spa – Koh Lanta

Image by Pimalai Resort & Spa

When it comes to sustainable tourism in Thailand, Pimalai Resort & Spa is one of the top choices. It features several villas and suites in 100 acres of tropical forest, therefore all rooms have views of either the gardens or the 900-meter beachfront and the Andaman sea.

The hotel’s spa offers a combination of traditional and modern techniques, from massages to facials and body scrubs, and there’s also a panoramic, award-winning restaurant and several activities offered. 

Pimalai has a waste management system and, once a month, it invites children from the local school to participate in their weekly garbage pickup. There are no single-use plastic items at the resort and they sell reusable bags, all proceeds going to the local school. They also use a waterway to collect water from the mountains and reservoirs to store rainwater.    

We like it because the resort was built around its environment, keeping as many trees as possible, and it cares deeply not only about the natural surroundings but also its community, supporting a science program for children and encouraging them to study. 


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