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15 BEST Eco Resorts & Eco Lodges in Bali [2024]

Looking for ecolodges in Bali? We have done the research for you, and have listed the ultimate eco-friendly accommodation options on the island. Check them out! 

Bali is the Indonesian holiday destination by excellence, popular for its beautiful landscapes and lush natural wonders. Terraced rice fields, surfing beaches, volcanoes and massive waterfalls are but a few of the island’s symbols, which promotes its pristine ecosystem as its main attraction

Image of multiple hills covered in green rice paddy fields inserted in a post about ecolodges in Bali

For this reason, the protection of the environment is one of Bali’s main priorities, and this is echoed in the number of eco-resorts and hotels in Indonesia and, specifically, on this beautiful island.  

Read on to discover the most amazing ecolodges in Bali for your next trip! 

Alila Uluwatu

Image by Alila Villas Uluwatu

Alila Villas Uluwatu is a 5-start resort perched on impressive cliffs, boasting unrestricted views over the Indian Ocean. 

The resort is commited to minimizing the impact it has on the environment, and does so by implementing a series of principles to its daily operations. These include reusing and recycling to reduce waste, providing biodegradable amenities, using organic waste matter as compost for the garden, and the lava rock roofs for energy efficiency. 

Alila Uluwatu has a Zero Waste Policy, and was the first resort in Indonesia to receive EarthCheck’s highest level of certification. A sustainability tour of the property to witness the eco-friendly practices first-hand is also available. 

As for its facilities, Alila Uluwatu features pool villas beautifully designed in Balinese style, a full-service spa, 24-hour fitness center with a yoga and pilates studio, an art gallery, two spectacular swimming pools, and a restaurant. 

We like it because the views from this eco resort in Bali, Indonesia are unmatchable, and not only is the service astounding, but the same level of care is destined to its eco-friendly practices. 


Soori Bali

Image by Soori Bali

Soori Bali is an impressively luxurious resort with a strong emphasis on sustainability. It was  designed to merge with the natural surroundings, and built out of local materials, featuring 48 beautiful villas overlooking the ocean or the mountain. 

The resort’s restaurants use fresh produce from local farms and spices from its own garden, and reduces water wastage through recycling it, using a potable water supply and efficient appliances in the kitchen and bathrooms.   

Minimizing energy consumption, supporting local businesses, and engaging with the community some of the resort’s priorities. Soori Bali is also EarthCheck certified

The resort’s villas are elegantly decorated, and they are all fully-equipped with modern amenities, a seating area, and a private pool with sun loungers. The spa on-site offers a wide variety of treatments, and there’s also a fitness center, two restaurants, an infinity pool, and direct access to the beach. 

We like it because it’s family-friendly, offering villas of up to 10 bedrooms and facilitating babysitting services, evening entertainment, and games. 


Plataran Menjangan

Image by Plataran Menjangan

Plataran Menjangan is situated in the West Bali National Park, an untouched natural sanctuary that acts as a haven for both the local wildlife and the visitors looking to reconnect with nature. 

Plataran Menjangan is CHSE Certified, guaranteeing environmental sustainability that is backed up by eco-friendly practices. Waste recycling, the elimination of single-use plastic, 100% renewable electricity, water-efficient toilets and showers, and locally sourced produce are some of the steps taken to become as environmentally-friendly as possible. 

This 5-star resort & spa features forest and oceanfront villas, some of which boast a private plunge pool and butler service, with an outdoor terrace, a fully-equipped bathroom with a tub, a coffee machine, and a minibar. 

The resort’s facilities include a full-service spa, an infinity pool, an observation deck to admire 360-degree views of the surroundings, three restaurants, a bar, a beautiful garden, and numerous activities to enjoy around the park such as cycling, hiking, and even diving. 

We like it because it offers guests the chance to be fully immersed in the national park’s environment, being visited by deer and other wildlife in the villas, enjoying meals amidst the treetops, and experiencing both land and sea through fun adventures.  


Surya Shanti

Image by Surya Shanti

Surya Shanti is a villa resort in Sidemen that appears to have been taken out of a fairytale book. The thatched-roof villas scattered around the property are surrounded by lush greenery and mountains, and boast simple but elegant decor, merging with the environment. 

The resort’s sustainability efforts include recycling and reducing food waste, as well as using energy-efficient LED bulbs, and investing in community projects. Supporting local businesses by displaying artists’ works, sourcing most of the food from nearby farms, and promoting sustainable travel in the area are also steps taken by Surya Shanti. 

There are 1, 2, and 4-bedroom suites at the resort, all of which feature a large bathroom with a tub, a terrace, and a living room. There are two swimming pools overlooking the paddy fields, a restaurant that serves homemade meals using local ingredients, a Buddha bar, and a full-service spa

We like it because its aesthetics beautifully match the surroundings, providing a peaceful location to disconnect, and the level of service is first-class.   



Image by Mandapa

Mandapa is a Ritz-Carlton Reserve hotel in Ubud, and its name, which means temple, perfectly fits the sanctuary vibes it offers not only to its guests, but to the environment.  

Waste management is one of Mandapa’s main executions toward sustainability, accomplished by recycling, eliminating single-use plastic, and reducing food waste. 

The showers are water-efficient, and guests have the possibility to reuse towels or opt out of daily room cleaning to further reduce water usage. Monitor-controlled electricity and the use of LED light bulbs are also in place at Mandapa.  

As for accommodation, the butler-serviced villas and suites feature a large seating area with comfortable sofas and a flat-screen TV, a minibar, a safe, and a fully-equipped bathroom with both shower and bath. The villas offer astounding views, either of the ride paddies, the Ayung river, or the rainforest, and some boast their own private pool

There is a spa and a restaurant, besides an outdoor swimming pool, a kids’ club, 2 restaurants, a pool bar, and a fitness center. Activities can be booked on the 24-hour desk, and services like laundry, airport transfers, and bike rental are also available.     

We like it because it’s a beautiful retreat in the middle of nature, but it still offers enough activities to provide guests with the perfect balance of entertainment and relaxation. 


Bambu Indah 

Image by Bambu Indah

Bambu Indah is an eco-friendly jungle retreat located in Ubud, built in the midst of a pristine ecosystem that provides a peaceful atmosphere to the accommodation. 

Featuring lush vegetation and ponds all around its open-air villas, it pays homage to the environment by making it the highlight of its architectural design. 

Being an eco friendly hotel in Bali, its carries out sustainable pratices that involve the responsible cultivation of produce in the garden, which is then used in the restaurant, the use of lava stones to naturally clean the pool, therefore avoiding chemicals, and using a filter water system to steer cleer of plastic bottles

Water-efficient showers and toilets, waste recycling, and the use of LED bulbs and 100% renewable energy are some of the other efforts taken to become fully sustainable. 

This eco resort in Ubud is very intimate, offering only 10 bamboo houses, four of which sit atop a cliff and the rest overlooking the river and the greenery all around them. The are various types of houses that accommodate from 1 to 5 people, and they’re all ample and fully equipped. 

As for the facilities, there is an outdoor pool, a spa that offers wellness packages and yoga classes, a restaurant and bar, and experiences to discover the area, from hikes to rice field visits. 

We like it because it has completely embraced its surroundings, making nature part of the resort’s infrastructure while offering an ultimately luxurious experience. 


Six senses Uluwatu

Image of one of the best ecolodges in Bali. The property and its infitity pool are on top of a cliff, and the blue ocean is beneath it
Image by Six Senses Uluwatu

Six Senses Uluwatu is a splendid 5-star resort which puts the same amount of effort to its sustainability practices as it does to its astounding service. 

Some of the steps taken toward its eco-friendly goals include the management of food waste, most of which is fed to the resort’s animals (chickend and goats) and the reduction of water usage through watering the garden with grey water, and purifying water from a local well to avoid the use of plastic bottles. 

Recycling waste and reducing energy consumption are also a big part of Six Senses’ sustainability policy. 

The rooms are elegantly decorated and fully equipped, boasting ocean views, an ample seating area, and a beautiful en-suite bathroom with a tub. Some of the villas even freature an outdoor shower or bath, and they accommodate from 3 up to 12 people. 

Facilities include a fitness center and a full-service spa, a swimming pool, three restaurants, two bars overlooking the ocean, and a wide range of experiences that can be booked on-site. 

These include surfing, scuba diving, touring the organic garden, enjoying a movie at the outdoor cinema, and going on a scenic flight over the island. 

We like it because it offers first-class service and facilities while deeply caring for the environment and the impact it has on it. It’s also pet friendly. 



Image by Buahan

Buahan is a Banyan Tree resort, featuring all the high standards the brand is known for and offering an authentic Balinese escape in the jungle

The resort stands by the concept no-walls and no-doors, so the villas are essentially open and part of the natural surroundings. Built out of locally-sourced wood recycled from boat piers and decks, and sporting a sustainable design, they combine utter luxury and modern amenities with rustic decor. 

No heavy machinery was used during construction to prevent damaging the environment. The villa’s furnishings were hand-crafted by local artists, and the resort also aims to be sustainable through recycling, using energy-efficient LED bulbs, offering guests the possibility of reusing towels, and avoiding single-use plastic. 

 This adults-only resort features villas with a private pool and terrace, an outdoor swimming pool, a restaurant and bar, and a full-service spa that offers a wide range of well-being experiences.

Culinary, healing, and adventure activities can also be enjoyed at Buahan, including hiking, yoga sessions, foraging, and cooking classes.   

We like it because a continental and à la carte breakfast is included in the room rate, and the resort supports the local community by providing guests with cultural experiences that showcase their traditions and art. 


Fivelements Retreat Bali 

Image by Fivelements Retreat

Fivelements Retreat is an award-winning Bali eco lodge with a strong emphasis on preserving ancient traditions, culinary techniques, and healing methods, incorporating them in the impressive service they offer.   

The resort’s impact on the environment is also taken seriously, and their approach consists on covering 3 Pillars of Wellness. The first one is focused on providing wholesome experiences, from yoga and meditation sessions to plant-based meals and traditional wellness treatments. 

Recycling rainwater and wastewater, reducing energy use by introducing LED bulbs, separating and processing the different kinds of waste, and prioritizing the use of sustainable, natural materials are some of the steps taken to protect the environment, another vital pillar in the sustainability policy. 

As for the accommodation and facilities, Fivelements Retreat Bali goes above and beyond to deliver a top-notch stay by boasting a full-service Sanctuary & Spa, a fabulous restaurant, a fitness center, and private retreats that range from culinary to healing and detox experiences.       

The wooden and bamboo villas are inspired by the natural surroundings, and feature a private pool, a comfortable seating area, and spacious bedrooms with wonderful views. Some of them even boast an outdoor bathroom with a bathtub

We like it because the restaurant’s cuisine is rich and inspired in Balinese culinary traditions, and it’s plant-based. The resort also offers gastronomical journeys for healing and detox, and serves a fantastic vegetarian and vegan breakfast.   


Ulaman Eco Luxury 

Image by Ulaman Eco Luxury Resort

Ulaman Eco Luxury Resort is an environmentally-friendly accommodation that features the most originally-shaped villas in Bali, completely surrounded by nature while offering modern, first-class facilities. 

Its mission is to find the perfect balance between living consciously and connected to Mother Nature, and enjoying luxurious comfort. The eco retreat in Bali was conceived and built with this idea in mind, using sustainable materials and introducing sustainable practices in day-to-day operations. 

These include filtering water, growing an organic garden, the restaurant’s farm to table concept, and striving to leave the smallest possible footprint on the environment.    

This 5-star eco lodge in Bali presents 20 bamboo villas that boast gorgeous aesthetics and are fully equipped with a smart TV, a coffee maker, a minibar, and A/C. They also feature a patio or terrace, an en-suite bathroom with toiletries, and some of them a private pool.  

There is a wellness center that offers yoga classes, massages and beauty treatments, a restaurant and bar with several dining pavilions across the property, and activities to keep guests entertained. From cooking classes to tennis, paddle board yoga, meditation sessions, and aqua healing, the options are plenty. 

We like it because Ulaman eco retreat in Bali offers a holistic experience, guaranteeing a wholesome stay in every respect, and complete relaxation for the body, mind, and soul. The state-of-the-art architecture is impressive and unlike any other resort. 


Mana Earthly 

Image by Mana Earthly

Mana Earthly Paradise is a natural haven, situated among rice paddy fields and completely surrounded by lush vegetation. Its award-winning eco villas were built using sustainable, local materials, and their minimalistic design merges flawlessly with the environment. 

Solar power is used throughout the property, wastewater and rainwater are recycled and reused, and the houses feature water-efficient toilets and showers and zero-waste mattresses, as well as eco-friendly toiletries. 

Accommodation is offered in the form of single and family villas, and dorms for solo travelers looking to connect with others. The restaurant serves a fusion of Japanese and Indonesian cuisine that’s organic and probiotic, and there’s an eco store where guests can purchase sustainable souvenirs. 

There’s also a wellness center, and a variety of activities on offer, from classes to tours and cultural events. 

We like it because it offers an Asian, Continental, and à la carte breakfast included in the room rate, and it’s in the perfect location for a nature retreat away from civilization.   


Sarinbuana Eco Lodge

Image by Sarinbuana Eco Lodge

Sarinbuana Eco Lodge is a stunning accommodation located in the middle of the jungle, offering a great number of outdoor adventures to reconnect with the natural world and enjoy all it has to offer. 

In its efforts to have a positive impact on the environment, this eco luxury resort in Bali only uses natural cleaning products throughout the property and pool, completely avoiding chemicals. Energy consumption is limited and only LED bulbs are used, besides using sunlight for drying clothes, and changing towels every 3 days

Water-saving practices, skylights for natural light, organic gardens where produce and herbs are grown, and the lack of red meat on the menu are a few more of the resort’s sustainable actions. 

Sarinbuana Eco Lodge features 6 bungalows that can accommodate from 1 to 5 guests, and which include a seating area and balcony with outdoor furniture.

 The restaurant serves healthy, organic meals along with wood-fired pizza and BBQ, there’s a chemical-free outdoor pool, a spa, and activities involving hiking, workshops, cultural experiences, and wellness sessions.   

We like it because it’s pet friendly, and surrounded by a pristine landscape of jungle and mountains while being relatively close to Depansar. 


Bali Eco Stay

Image by Bali Eco Stay

Bali Eco Stay is a sustainable lodge located in the heart of the jungle, completely encircled by vegetation, waterfalls, and traditional villages. 

It places a strong emphasis on social responsibility, and takes steps to support and empower its community. The resort has established a library at the primary school, funds sporting groups, makes contributions for road maintenance, financially assists conservation projects, and supports local initiatives. 

Unlimited filtered spring water is offered to avoid the use of plastic bottles, toilets and showers are water-efficient, wastewater is recycled and reused in the garden, toiletries are natural and hand-made, and the river is used to generate 60% of the resort’s electricity

There are 8 open-air bungalows at Bali Eco Stay, all of them built with locally sourced materials and situated overwater, overlooking a waterfall, the river, paddy fields, or the jungle.

Some of the bungalows can accommodate up to 6 guests, and all of them feature a fully-equipped bathroom with organic toiletries, a balcony, and lounge areas, showcasing simple decor that matches their surroundings. 

There is a retreat center and the resort offers romance packages, friends and family packages, and wedding deals, besides boasting an on-site restaurant and organizing outdoor activities

We like it because Eco Stay Bali offers experiences that enable guests to interact with their natural surroundings and reconnect with themselves, from going on treks to learning about traditional crafts and practicing yoga or meditating. 


Munduk Moding

Image by Munduk Moding

Munduk Moding is a stunning eco resort situated in north Bali, nestled in the heart of an organic coffee plantation. 

This 5-star hotel runs the largest solar installation in the area, powering electricity through renewable energy and using LED lights to reduce waste. Recycling bins are available throughout the property, and the resort takes measures to reduce pollution, water consumption, and waste. It also offsets part of its carbon footprint

It has also created job positions for over 100 local families, one of the several actions taken to support the community. 

Munduk Moding is a resort & spa that features state-of-the-art architecture and beautiful villas with a private pool, jacuzzi, modern facilities, and a cozy seating area. 

The full-service wellness center offers a variety of health and beauty treatments, sauna sessions, and yoga classes, while the gym allows guests to continue their fitness routines or develop new ones in the midst of nature. 

Two swimming pools, fabulous restaurants that serve a fusion of International and Indonesian flavors, a bar, and tailored activities that include horseback riding, trekking, and cycling are some of the resort’s top amenities. 

We like it because it’s situated in a very unique setting, and offers tours around its coffee plantation for guests to experience the full bean to cup process.  


Firefly Eco Lodge

Image by Firefly Eco Lodge

Firefly Eco Lodge Bali is a distinctive accommodation set among Ubud’s rice fields, featuring tree houses that merge with the surroundings but offer the utmost comfort. 

The lodge was designed mainly with bamboo and up-cycled, sustainable materials, and it has taken steps to reduce its negative impact on the environment. These include the lack of aircon, the use of organic ingredients in the restaurant, and promoting the natural surroundings through experiences that get guests closer to nature and the local community. 

Possibly the most peculiar lodging is the Bamboo Birdsnest, which features three levels and accommodates two guests, offering them astounding views, a seating area, an outdoor bathtub, and a bedroom 16 feet off the ground. There are also ground-level, open-air rooms for those unable to climb the ladder, and great facilities that include a swimming pool and jacuzzi, a shared dining room, and a lounge. 

Since it was designed to become one with nature, the resort offers an experience that almost resembles glamping and includes the occasional visits of wildlife, like lizards and dragonflies, and fresh air on a constant basis. 

We like it because it’s only a five-minute walk from the center of Ubud, but feels miles away from civilization thanks to its lush natural setting. 


Eco Lodges in Bali FAQ

What are the best eco lodges in Bali? 

Bali boasts a great number of eco resorts, but some of our favorites include: 
Alila Villas Uluwatu
Mana Earthly Paradise
Bambu Indah
Six Senses Uluwatu
Eco Six Resort Bali

Do ecolodges have air conditioning in Bali?

Since aircon requires electricity and most ecolodges in Bali aim to reduce their energy usage, it’s an amenity that’s not present in many eco-resorts. While some of them do feature A/C, the ones that don’t make up for it with the architecture or location of the villas, providing fresh natural air instead. 

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