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11 BEST Catacombs of Rome Tours (selected by an Italian)

Rome is one of the most important – and visited – cities in the world. Center of the Roman Empire and later capital of the Kingdom and Republic of Italy, Rome has an incredibly rich history. And it’s evident in pretty much every corner!

From the astounding Colosseum to the Forum and Palatine Hill, the ruins of its past keep the stories alive. And if you add mouthwatering cuisine and breathtaking architecture to the mix, you’ve got yourself an unparalleled city destination

But did you know there’s more to Rome’s ancient settlements…and many of them are underground? Rome, in fact, hides a mysterious world beneath its streets: the catacombs

A dark arched tunnel underground in the catacombs of Rome

These centuries-old tunnels are a time capsule dating back to the first five centuries AD. They are packed with art, relics, and mind-blowing constructions.

Home to enthralling tales as well as invaluable antiques, the catacombs are a lesser-known and highly recommended attraction. They’re a great addition to your 3-day itinerary in Rome!

While you could visit the catacombs on your own, most of them are on the outskirts of the city center, and require some transportation planning.

On top of that, exploring the sites as you learn about their meaning and history makes all the difference, so I highly recommend booking a tour.

In this article, I’ve rounded up the very best catacombs of Rome tours. This way, whichever option you decide to join, you know it will be good value. Check them out!

Why rely on my guide for Catacombs of Rome tours? As an Italian who’s devoted years to exploring and writing about Italy, I’ve curated this list with an eye for the exceptional.

My recommendations focus on tours that delve deep into the mysterious world beneath Rome. They offer both quality and captivating storytelling… So get ready for an incredible ride!

I generally use Viator and Get Your Guide to book tours around the world. I especially recommend them for their great cancellation policy. If your travel plans change, you can cancel most activities up to 24 hours in advance for a full refund. 

Limited time? These are the ultimate tours:

THE BEST TOUR Rome: Crypts & Catacombs Tour with Bone Chapel
E-BIKE TOUR Appian Way Catacombs and Roman Aqueducts Bike Tour
AFTER-HOURS TOURRome Catacombs: Exclusive After Hours & Bone Chapel
PRIVATE TOURCatacombs and Ancient Appian Way with Private Driver
FAMILY-FRIENDLY TOURCatacombs for Kids – Private Family Tour

OUR PICK: The BEST Catacombs of Rome Tour

Unearth the mysteries lurking beneath the city’s streets on this Rome: Crypts & Catacombs Underground Tour with Transfers. You’ll hop on an air-conditioned coach and breeze through the city to explore three of Rome’s most intriguing attractions. 

Start by visiting the 2-millennia-old catacombs. This is where Christians would practice their faith safe from their persecutors. You’ll learn about the history and purpose of the passageways which were not only used for praying but also for burials. 

Next up is the 4th-century Basilica di San Martino al Monte, filled with spectacular and ancient frescoes. Your last stop will be the spine-chilling Capuchin Crypt, an eerie series of chapels adorned with the bones of 4,000 Capuchin monks. The Capuchin Museum is also included! 

This tour of catacombs in Rome allows you to skip the lines at the three attractions, and gain insights on each location from your guide. 

Why this tour? It takes you to not one, but three different catacombs and underground chapels. You’ll delve into the history and significance of the crypts with an expert on the subject, and get to visit different versions of them. If you’re interested in this side of Rome, it’s the most comprehensive option.

Read what the reviews say:

“Our guide was fantastic very informative and helpful. the tour was fantastic!!!! 11/10 recommend for any and all that want to see and learn about Rome darkest secrets!!”

Hunter – Read more reviews

This tour includes: Transfers, a guide, skip-the-line tickets for all attractions, and an audio guide to the Capuchin Crypt and Museum. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

Other Great Options To Consider

▶️ This Catacomb of St. Callixtus and Appian Way: Guided Tour takes you to the catacombs located beneath the city’s ancient aqueducts. Travel by bus to the site, and then trace the footsteps of the early Romans as you walk along the rustic Appian Way. 

Then, travel back in time as you explore the Catacombs of St. Callixtus. They were carved in the first centuries AD and served as the final resting place for Christians.

Discover the burial niches, venture into the Crypt of the Popes, and admire the haunting beauty of sarcophagi. All the while your guide will be providing the stories that go with the sights. 

This tour includes: Roundtrip transfers from a meeting point, entrance tickets, a guided tour of the catacombs, and headsets. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

▶️ Join this Small-Group Express Tour of Roman Catacombs with Transfer to unearth Rome’s enigma with a professional guide.

Hop on a comfortable minivan and head to Appian Way’s fabled Catacombe di Santa Domitilla. This series of subterranean burial chambers and tunnels is 16 meters underground!

Discover the four levels of the crypts, and trace the religious and mythological frescoes that retell the site’s history. Your guide will tell you about the local martyrs and the shift from Paganism to Christianity.

Then, pay a visit to the 4th-century Basilica of Nereus and Achilleus, also located below the ground. 

This tour of Catacombs in Rome includes: Roundtrip transfers from a meeting point, a guide, entrance fees, and headsets. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

▶️ Check out this Catacombs and Hidden Underground Rome: Small Group Max 6 People. You’ll embark on an adventure to uncover the mysteries of subterranean Rome with a professional! 

Visit the incredible old tunnels of Basilica di San Clemente, and follow a guide through the underground passageways. Listen to the stories about the Pagan rituals that took place there before being turned into Christian catacombs!  

Marvel at the millennia-old paintings, and then head to the Catacombs of Santa Domitilla. It’s one of the most important ancient graveyards in Italy, where the early Christians were buried. The small-group tour is limited to six people, guaranteeing personalized attention. 

This tour of the Catacombs in Rome includes: Transportation between the sites, a local guide, and entrance fees. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

Appian Way & Rome Catacombs Tour by E-Bike

The Rome E-Bike Tour: Appian Way, Catacombs & Roman Aqueducts is a fun-filled adventure. It combines a scenic e-bike ride along the beautiful Appian Way with a trip to the eerie underground. 

Catch sight of the impressive Aurelian Walls and the grand Circus of Maxentius as you glide toward the tranquil countryside. Keep an eye out for the ancient aqueducts and the Thermal Baths of Caracalla you’ll pass by!

Then, leave your bikes behind to descend into the 2nd-century Catacombs of St. Callixtus. You’ll delve into the burial rituals that took place in that very spot from your very knowledgeable guide.

This tour includes: A Cannondale e-bike and helmet rental, a guide, catacombs visit, and water. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

Catacombs in Rome Tour by Golf Cart

Ditch the foot fatigue with this Rome: Catacombs and Appian Way Golf Cart Small-Group Tour, and cruise the city in style. Zoom past some iconic sights, including the Trajan’s Column, Circus Maximus, and the Colosseum on a very original tour of the city. 

Then, head to the Appian Way, an ancient Roman road used for military purposes in the 4th century. There you’ll visit the intriguing catacombs located 16 meters below the ground, which brim with history, religion, and a tad of eeriness. 

Geared with a set of headsets, you’ll hear your guide loud and clear as they cover everything about these mysterious burial sites. 

This tour includes: A tour of Rome by golf cart, a guide, entrance to the catacombs, headsets, and water. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

After-Hours Tour of the Catacombs in Rome

This Rome: After-Hours Catacombs Tour with Bone Crypt Entry ensures an intimate and very special experience. You’ll get access to the ancient burial sites after all the tourists have gone home.

Start by exploring the Capuchin Crypt, better known as the Bone Chapel after the 4,000 remains of Capuchin Monks that decorate the chapels. Take advantage of the audio guide provided to learn about this location, and then follow your guide to the Roman Catacombs. 

Descend into the ground for a tour of the catacombs, relishing the excitement of being the only group to walk the mysterious passageways. The best part? Your expert guide will tell you all about the birth of Christianity, and the role that these catacombs played in the religion! 

This tour includes: Transportation, a guide, and entrance fees. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

A Private Tour of Rome Catacombs

Traveling with your gang? Book this Secrets Below Rome: Tour of Catacombs and Ancient Appian Way for your group of 7. You will descend into the ancient Catacombs of San Callisto or San Sebastiano to explore tombs and art. 

Your driver will pick you up at your hotel, and tell you what to expect at the catacombs which you’ll explore on your own with the provided tickets.

You’ll then be taken to the Appian Way, the road used by the Romans to transport military supplies during the 4th century AD. 

Learn about the sites from your driver, and take your time exploring them before returning to your accommodation in Rome. 

This Rome Catacombs private tour includes: Private transportation, an English-speaking driver, and entrance tickets. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

Family-Friendly Tour to the Catacombs

Dive into a thrilling adventure at Rome’s Catacombs with this Catacombs for Kids – Private Family Tour.

You’ll visit the underground cemeteries with a friendly guide who’ll conduct a treasure hunt. The activity will keep you and your children super entertained and invested in the tour! 

Solve riddles as you explore the Capuchin Crypt and the Catacombs of Santa Domitilla, and win prizes while learning about the catacombs’ history in a way that’s appropriate for children to hear. 

This tour includes: A guide, entrance tickets, transfers between the sites, and a treasure hunt. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

Rome Catacombs Guided Tours with No Transfers

▶️ Uncover the hidden world below with a Rome: Catacombs of Priscilla Entry Ticket & Guided Tour. You’ll get to visit one of the many underground sites used by the early Christians for funerals and burials.  

What makes the Catacombs of Priscilla stand out, however, is that it wasn’t originally used as a resting place but as an arenarium. It was then found by the Christians and incorporated into the complex structure of floors and niche tombs.

You’ll gain access to the site and explore it with a guide, learning about the history of Christianity in Rome. The process of shifting from Pagan rituals to Christian belief, and stories of local martyrs will also be shared!

This tour includes: A guided tour of the Catacombs of Priscilla with entrance tickets. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

▶️ Delve into the depths of history with this Rome: Catacombs of Domitilla Entry Ticket & Guided Tour. Descend 16 meters underground to explore the chillingly ancient burial chambers decorated with a blend of Pagan and Christian frescoes. 

Accompanied by a guide, you’ll learn about the martyrs’ sacred resting grounds, and the importance of the catacombs for Roman Christianity in the first centuries AD.

As you navigate the maze of chambers, you’ll discover the site’s restoration processes and hear stories from almost 2,000 years old. 

This tour includes: A tour guide, and entrance tickets to the catacombs. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

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