Blue waters, sports and glamping in Bear Lake Vall...

Blue waters, sports and glamping in Bear Lake Valley: discover the Caribbean of the Rockies

Imagine blue lakes, dark and starry night skies, beautiful mountain ranges and incredible views: yes it’s real, and it’s called the Bear Lake Valley in Utah.
If you mix the beautiful landscapes with the friendliness of the locals, you’ll realize why Bear Lake Valley is a quintessentially American destination.

It’s not by chance that Bear Lake Valley is also known as “The Caribbean of the Rockies”: the water of Bear Lake is so intensely blue that it’s very, very hard not to jump in it right away.
Look for yourself!

Photo by kla4067, via Wikimedia Commons

Photo by kla4067, via Wikimedia Commons

Bear Lake Valley is often an overlooked destination, but since it’s centrally located between Salt Lake City, Yellowstone National Park, and Jackson, it’s an easy one to include to any road trip. Or to plan a much deserved weekend getaway to melt the stress away!

What to Do in Bear Lake Valley

The cool thing about destinations like Bear Lake Valley is that no matter if you are a family, a couple, an adventurer, or a solo traveler, there’s always something for you to do.

Are you patiently waiting for summer, and sunshine? I know I am, I can’t wait to play in the sun! Sailing, water skiing, kayaking, fishing… all of this is possible at Bear Lake, but it doesn’t end here.
If you prefer to go on a hike or ride your bycicle, it’s easy to do so; temperatures are still mild enough in the summer, but the views during springtime with the flowers blossoming are just enchanting.
Come in the fall and ride throught the canyon trails: autumn in this area is particularly pretty, and the colours are something you won’t forget easily: don’t forget to bring your camera!

Bear lake Valley Winter Sports

Photo by Bear Lake Valley CVB

This doesn’t mean Bear Lake Valley isn’t worth a visit in the winter months, when the area becomes truly a pristine winter wonderland. Cross-country skiers enjoy the trails around Bear Lake Golf Course and Logan Canyon, and with over 350 miles of snowmobile trails, it’s easy to discover winter waterfalls and meet animals on board of a snowmobile.

If you are more of a history buff, don’t make the mistake to stay at home: the Bear Lake Valley area has an important past, and is recognized as one of the true pioneer landmarks of the American West. Take a break from the outdoor activities and spend some time visiting the museums and heritage sites in the area.

Where to Stay in Bear Lake Valley

There are all sorts of accommodation options around Bear Lake Valley, catering to families, couples, and backpackers. You won’t have problems finding campsites and RV parks, luxury hotels and bed & breakfasts.
But there is one place in particular that caught my heart the moment I set my eyes on it… you know how much I love glamping, and glamping in Bear Lake Valley is possible!

Photo by Conestoga Ranch

Photo by Conestoga Ranch

Conestoga Ranch is a luxury glamping resort that blends the camping experience with luxury and all the comforts. It’s just perfect if you love the adventure but you are also a bit lazy… exactly like me!

What are you waiting for? Bear Lake Valley awaits you!

This post was brought to you by Bear Lake Valley CVB.


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