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12 Best Cafes and Restaurants in Pismo Beach

Looking for the best restaurants in Pismo Beach? That’s a hard one; there are so many! Foodie or not, you’ll be drooling by the time you leave town…and you’ll keep coming back! 

Looking for places to eat in Pismo Beach was never easy…and that’s meant to be a compliment. Not only there are plenty of things to do in Pismo Beach, but for such a small town, the food in Pismo Beach is top-quality, and offered on every corner, so where should you start? 

Hopefully, this guide will help you find the best restaurants in Pismo Beach for you to try during your visit; from the fresh catch of the day, the famous clam chowder, or delicious sweet treats, there’s something for everyone’s palate. Let’s get started!

Splash Cafe

If you want to enjoy a good restaurant two blocks away from the beach, or try the local specialty, head to Pismo’s Splash Cafe, where you’ll find the best Clam Chowder in Pismo Beach. This award-winning dish is made from scratch everyday with fresh catch, but even if Clam Chowder isn’t your thing, you’ll find many other options like chips, burgers, fish tacos, family-size portions and desserts.

Splash Cafe also offers vegetarian dishes, so not eating fish is not a restriction so visit this Downtown Pismo Beach restaurant. It’s an unmissable spot on the LA to San Francisco drive! You can eat at the cafe, take your meal to the beach or ask for their delivery options. 

Address: 197 Pomeroy Avenue, Pismo Beach
Opening Hours: Mondays-Sundays: 9 AM to 7 PM

Cracked Crab

For the seafood lovers out there, Cracked Crab in Pismo Beach offers all types of dishes with crabs (wouldn’t have guessed!). 

The restaurant is one block away from the beach and offers fancy yet affordable meals, with family-size dishes and alternative options like soups, salads, chips, sandwiches, or tacos. They also have vegetarian meals on the menu, although this is one of the best seafood restaurants in Pismo Beach. 

You can dine at the place or choose their take out option if you’re planning a picnic on the beach. 

Address: 751 Prince St, Pismo Beach
Opening Hours: Sunday-Thursday from 11 AM to 9 PM, Friday & Saturday opened until 10 PM

Ventana Grill

Ventana Grill is a really fancy restaurant, perfect for an early dinner while watching the sunset, as it’s Pismo Beach’s restaurant with the prettiest ocean view. 

They offer a coastal fusion cuisine with many types of meat and fish, and an extensive list of alcoholic drinks. Since part of the kitchen is visible, you’ll get to see how your meal is prepared, which is always nice for picky customers (and not so picky too!) 

If you were looking for a steakhouse in Pismo Beach, this is as good as it gets. 

Ventana Grill prepares menus for weddings and big events, so if you ever plan on celebrating your birthday on the coast with perfect views and even better food, this is your place. 

Making a reservation is advisable so you ensure your table!

Address: 2575 Price St, Pismo Beach
Opening Hours: Daily from 11 AM to 9 PM

Ada’s Fish House

Ada’s Fish House is a family-owned restaurant serving fantastic seafood in Pismo Beach. 

Unlike other Pismo restaurants, Ada’s Fish House has both outdoor and indoor seatings to make the most of the fresh air on a fine day. 

This restaurant’s main dish is their award-winning Clam Chowder (yes, there are quite a few restaurants in Pismo Beach, CA with an award: there’s a yearly contest!)

People from all over come to try this famous dish, which stands out among the best seafood in Pismo Beach; unless you’re a vegetarian, you can’t leave without having tried the Clam Chowder. 

Since Ada’s Fish House specializes in seafood, you’ll find here some of the best Pismo Beach food that includes crab, oyster or calamari; seafood pasta, fish & chips and crab cakes are among the favorites. The place is also known for having great house wine. 

The only thing you won’t easily find in Pismo Beach are sushi places, but why look for one when you have so many fantastic local meals on offer? 

Address: 558 Price St, Pismo Beach Opening Hours: Mondays-Sundays from 11.30 AM to 9.30 PM, Saturdays until 10 PM

Surfside Donuts

Surfside Donuts is the breakfast restaurant in Pismo Beach per default dor donut lovers. Not only are they beautiful, colorful and very instagrammable, they’re amazingly delicious. But don’t just expect the regular, round donut; at this Pismo Beach cafe you’ll find donuts of all shapes and sizes, flavors you didn’t imagine and even get donut sandwiches! 

All donuts are made fresh daily, and you can get personalized messages made with them. How cool is that? 

It’s especially fun for kids, as they can get their initials in big donut-letters, and you can also ask for a whole word or cute message to surprise someone. 

Address: 603 Dolliver St, Pismo Beach
Opening Hours: Wednesday-Monday from 6 AM to 11 AM. Closes on Tuesday

Oyster Loft

Winner of three Dinner’s Choice Awards, and regarded as one of the top 100 most romantic restaurants in the United States, Oyster Loft will make you fall in love immediately! 

It’s the perfect place for dining in Pismo Beach with your partner and it has both outdoor and indoor seating; if the night is warm, you’ll enjoy gorgeous views from the beautiful patio. 

Since Oyster Loft is located right on the beach, it becomes one of the best restaurants in Pismo Beach with a view, particularly at sunset. 

As you may have imagined by now, it’s not one of the cheapest places in town, but it’s certainly worth it; the quality of the food and its presentation, the excellent service and attention to detail make for a truly wonderful experience. 

While dinner time is usually the most popular moment to visit, Oyster Loft is one of the best places to eat in Pismo Beach at any time of day, be it lunch after a morning at the beach or an afternoon cocktail watching the sun set. 

Address: 101 Pomeroy Avenue, Pismo Beach
Opening Hours: Wednesday-Saturday from 5 PM to 9 PM, Sunday 3.30 PM to 9 PM. It closes on Monday and Tuesday

Pismo Fish & Chips

Don’t be deceived by Pismo Fish & Chips’ name; they offer a wide variety of dishes, although most of them are, indeed, seafood or fried goodies. The menu has starters as fancy as Shrimp Cocktails and Steam Clams,  and goes beyond the classic Clam Chowder to offer any kind of fish chowder you want, served on a freshly baked bread-dish. 

Different salads and tacos also fill the menu, but don’t expect to find any vegetarian food apart from corn-dogs; this restaurant is purely seafood-committed. If that’s what you’re after, then you’ll find the best food in Pismo Beach right in this beautifully decorated and well located Pismo Beach bar. 

Address: 505 Cypress St, Pismo Beach
Opening Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 11 AM to 8 PM. Closes on Monday

Joy Shell Beach

Joy Shell Beach is very instagrammable and aesthetic, so it’s a real treat for your eyes (and IG feed!) as well as for your health, because all you’ll find here are delicious, colorful and very healthy fruit bowls, fresh juices and salads. Actually, their motto reads “people love to photograph our food almost as much as eating it”, so they know what they’re doing. 

This is THE best restaurant in Pismo Beach, CA for veggies, and for all of you looking for a little detox after so many fried foods and donuts; but don’t think that because it’s healthy is not going to be good! It’s quite the contrary at Joy Shell Beach, one of the most sought-after restaurants near Pismo Beach. 

Their Açai bowls and freshly pressed juices are the most popular items on offer, so be sure to try them! 

Address: 1801 Shell Beach Road,
Opening Hours: Daily from 10 AM to 4 PM

Beachin’ Biscuits

Beachin’ Biscuits is a family-owned restaurant that’s all about homemade breakfast, so if you’ve been living off donuts or grocery-store goodies for the first meal of the day, you’ll find the best breakfast in Pismo Beach right here. Biscuits & Gravy, sandwiches and burritos are their specialty, their coffee is amazing and they also offer beer and wine to go along with their treats, meaning you can choose this spot for lunch or a terrific brunch in Pismo Beach (unless you start your day with a glass of rosé, not judging!) 

The portions they sell are really generous, so be sure to come with an empty stomach.   

Address: 783 Price St, Pismo Beach
Opening Hours: Daily from 6 AM to 12.30 PM

La Bodega Tapas

La Bodega Tapas is a beautiful, cozy wooden area with a small fireplace and fancy wine exhibition, where you will get satisfied with a huge variety of chopped vegetables, cheese tables, and inlays.

 They say that we don’t only eat with our mouth, but we also eat with our eyes; at La Bodega Tapas, they know this very well. All dishes are beautifully crafted with passion, taste, and colors, combining a full experience for the senses. Their fusion South American barbeque cuisine makes it the perfect place to enjoy a different dinner at Pismo Beach; the chorizo empanadas are particularly popular, so be sure to order them. 

Address: 790 Price St, Pismo Beach Opening Hours: Weekdays from 9 AM to 2 PM, weekends add a night shift from 5 PM to 9 PM. Closes on Tuesdays

Old West Cinnamon Rolls

Handmade Cinnamon Rolls are the ultimate breakfast, and you’ll find the best ones at this Pismo Beach cafe. Old West Cinnamon Rolls is a small hidden gem, I mean, a small coffee shop that’s yet another reason why you’ll be crazy in love with this coastal town. 

These Cinnamon Rolls in Pismo Beach come with various frosting options and flavors, and once you get tired of cinnamon (impossible, but you gotta keep your choices open) they also sell a fantastic carrot cake, muffins, mudslide treats and brownies. 

If you’re not into coffee you can pair your rolls with blended smoothies or fruit juice. 

Address: 861 Dolliver St, Pismo Beach Opening Hours: Daily from 6.30 AM to 6 PM

Penny’s All American Cafe

If you’re looking for the traditional American breakfast or lunch, Penny’s All American Cafe is the place for you. This is another beautiful family-owned restaurant in Pismo, and it offers a great variety of options with sizes and portions equivalent to their fair price.

Penny’s cafe has great indoor and outdoor seating, and the areas are super warm and cozy, making it an ideal spot to have breakfast in Pismo Beach. 

Their best dishes include Penny’s Favorite Omelette, The Country Scramble, and Penny’s Favorite Sandwich. They offer Vegan and Vegetarian options, too.

Address: 1053 Price St, Pismo Beach Opening Hours: Mondays-Sundays from 7 AM to 2 PM 

You will be thoroughly satisfied with these fantastic local eateries during the whole of your stay, but if you’re in the mood for something specific, like Italian restaurants, Mexican food or BBQ options, around Pismo Beach you’ll find pretty much everything to indulge those cravings. 

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