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15 Best Amalfi Coast Beaches: Info & Map [2023]

Looking for the best beaches on the Amalfi Coast? This list written by an Italian includes some of the famous beaches + some beautiful, secret beaches.

The Amalfi Coast is situated on the Sorrentine Peninsula, and bathed by the striking blue waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea. It features cliff-side, colorful villages with access to the sea, most of which were primarily fishing villages before becoming tourist attractions. 

The Amalfi Coast extends for 25 miles between Positano and Vietri Sul Mare, although some people consider other towns on the Sorrentine Coast part of the Amalfi Coast (which is why you’ll find a couple of extra beaches in this list).

All along the Amalfi Coast, you’ll find bays and sheltered coves, as well as several beaches ideal for enjoying a day of relaxation under the sun.


The beaches on Amalfi Coast are mainly pebble beaches and feature a very stunning background of cliffs and pastel-colored houses resting against the rocks, varying in size and shape depending on where along the coast they are and the formation of the bluffs. 

Since the beaches don’t have sand but pebbles, most of them offer sunchairs and umbrellas for a more comfortable experience. 

⚠️ While they are very picturesque, I have to mention that as an Italian who has traveled extensively through Italy and swam in some of the best beaches in the country, I find the beaches on the Amalfi Coast to be underwhelming compared to other regions.

Don’t expect Caribbean or Maldives-style beaches. The color of the water isn’t as impressive, and there is no thin, white sand. But wait, I don’t want to scare you off!

I still think it’s worth spending some time at the beach, and that’s why I’m writing this post, but the focus of a trip to the Amalfi Coast should be the culture, the food, and the incredible landscapes. Otherwise, if you visit the Amalfi Coast mainly for the beaches, you might end up disappointed.

If the beaches are the priority for your trip, you should head to Puglia, Sicily, or Sardinia instead, where you’ll find the best beaches in Italy. Just telling you as it is 🙂


This is a list of my favorite beaches on the Amalfi Coast with practical information such as location, prices, and opening hours. Please note that while the info is correct a the time of writing, this information can change anytime, so double-check before going.

Marina Grande Beach – Positano

If you’re trying to choose between Positano, Amalfi and Sorrento, know that Positano has the best beaches of the three.

Marina Grande, known as Spiaggia Grande in Italian, is Positano’s main beach, and one of the most popular on the Amalfi Coast. It stretches for almost 1,000 feet and boasts colorful sun loungers and umbrellas that can be rented, as well as a quieter area where you can lay your towel by the sea. 

The beach is the main social setting of Positano during the day, and it gets very busy and loud, especially during July and August. Unless you’re heading there early in the morning, it will likely be difficult to find a spot! 

Marina Grande is lined by fancy restaurants, and features showers and changing rooms. It’s also where the boats to visit smaller coves and beaches depart from. 

If you’re hoping to spot some celebrities while on Amalfi Coast, Marina Grande Beach might just be the place to try your luck, as it’s the it beach of the region. 

📍Location on Google Maps 

🚌 How To Get There: The beach is easily accessible from Positano town. On the main road, you’ll find staircases heading down to the spiaggia, all of which will take you to the beach. Some staircases even have signs pointing you to the beach.  

Opening Hours: Marina Grande Beach is open 24 hours, although the beach clubs are not.

💰 Prices: Visiting the beach doesn’t have a fee as long as you stay in the free area. Renting beds and umbrellas for a day costs around 30€ for rows in front of the sea, and 25€ for the ones in the back. 

Cavallo Morto Beach – Maiori

Spiaggia Cavallo Morto is one of the few sandy beaches in Amalfi Coast – although it’s important to note that it’s more fine pebble than white, soft sand. It’s a quiet cove that’s situated mid-way between Maiori and Erchie, and it’s towered by a cliff that ensures it’s warm and wind-free most of the time. 

The beach can only be accessed through the water, so you can either rent kayaks to paddle there or hop on a shuttle boat. You’ll also see quite a few yachts anchored in the bay, with people paddleboarding or swimming around. 

Secluded and without facilities, Cavallo Morto Beach offers a respite from the most crowded beaches of the area, and deeply azure waters to take a dip in. There are no sun chairs or umbrellas available, so you’ll have to take your own, as well as snacks and water to get you through the day. 

While it’s name may put you off a bit – it means beach of the dead horse, after all! – it derives from old legends that referred to the beach as the cemetery of thoroughbred horses.

📍Location on Google Maps 

🚌 How To Get There: Cavallo Morto Beach can only be accessed by boat. Unless you’re staying in the town of Maiori, you’ll first need to make your way there by bus, and at the main beach catch a boat to take you to the spiaggia. Alternatively, rent a kayak and get there on your own! 

Opening Hours: The beach is open 24 hours, but since you need a boat to get there, you’ll be able to visit from early in the morning until the evening. 

💰 Prices: Cavallo Morto Beach is free. However, you’ll need to pay for the transfers to and from there.

Castiglione di Ravello Beach – Ravello

Castiglione di Ravello is one of the most charming beaches in the area, hidden beneath steep cliffs and merely featuring 330 feet of coast between the two imposing rocks that fringe it. It’s mostly known as Lido di Ravello among locals.

The waters are turquoise and great to swim in, and the beach features two free areas on both ends where you can claim your spot and put your sun chairs, umbrella, or towel. In the center of the beach, however, there’s a paid sector where the beach paraphernalia is provided. 

Castiglione di Ravello is a fine pebble beach that, because of its position under the cliffs, gets bathed in sunshine in the morning but in the afternoon it remains in the shade. On-site there is a restaurant and bar where you can get refreshments throughout the day and which provides changing rooms. 

📍Location on Google Maps 

🚌 How To Get There: The beach is a short walk from Ravello town. You’ll have to make your way to the coast, and climb down the long staircase from Amalfi Drive to reach it. If you’re coming from other towns, the bus will drop you off right in front of the stairs. 

💰 Prices: The beach itself is free, but if you want to take advantage of the chairs and umbrellas in the beach club section it costs around 50€ for two people.

Arienzo Beach – Positano

Unlike Castiglione di Ravello and most other beaches on the coast, Arienzo Beach boasts sunny afternoons, as the sun reaches it for more hours of the day. It’s a long stretch of pebble shore that’s divided into a private area owned by an Amalfi Coast beach club, Arienzo, and a free section where you can lay down your sarong and enjoy at your leisure. 

The water is warm and clear, which makes it perfect for swimming, and the beach club offers sun loungers, changing rooms, toilets, and showers among its facilities, besides featuring a restaurant and bar

While Spiaggia Arienzo can be accessed by boat, the only way to reach it from land is by climbing down a staircase of 300 steps…which you’ll later need to climb back up! (Unless, of course, you take a boat shuttle back to Positano). The stairs provide stunning scenery and the possibility to peek inside some of the astonishing villas that face the beach, so it’s way worth the effort. 

📍Location on Google Maps 

🚌 How To Get There: You can take a Sita bus from Marina Grande to the staircase that accesses the beach, or else get a boat shuttle from Positano. Arienzo Beach Club offers complimentary boat transfers from La Banchina Pier. 

Opening Hours: Daily from 10 AM to 6.15 PM. 

💰 Prices: Arienzo Beach Club sells packages that include loungers, umbrellas, food, and drinks, and prices vary depending on which you get. On average they’re 200-300€. 

Marina del Cantone (Baia di Nerano) – Nerano

Spiaggia di Marina del Cantone, also known as Baia di Nerano, is a small cove that features fine pebbles and blue waters, fringed by cliffs on both sides. Despite not being a big or very popular beach, it can get quite crowded in the high season, and boasts restaurants and bars that are open for lunch and serve drinks and snacks all day. 

There are umbrellas and sunbeds for rent, and you can also take a boat from the beach to places like Positano, Sorrento and even Capri. 

Marina di Cantone is a good place for snorkeling, along with swimming and sunbathing. Since the beach is made out of pebbles, the use of water shoes is recommended as it can be a little hard (and painful!) to walk to the water. 

📍 Location on Google Maps 

🚌 How To Get There: Marina del Cantone is a little out of the way, but still easy enough to reach. You can take the Sita bus from Sant’Agata sui due Golfi, or the Sitasud bus from either Sorrento or Narone. Otherwise, you can drive there. 

💰 Prices: Free. If you drive, though, there’s a parking fee of 15€. Make sure to check the current prices that are posted on the parking area before paying, as scams are sadly not unfrequent. 

Santa Croce Beach – Amalfi

Spiaggia Santa Croce is a small cove that offers great intimacy and tranquility, therefore becoming one of the best beaches in Amalfi Coast for those aching to escape the bustle of other spiagge. On top of that, it can only be accessed by sea, which adds to its seclusion. 

The beach features an idyllic scenery surrounded by cliffs on three sides and the blue waters of the Tyrrhenian on the other, and certain facilities to guarantee a comfortable day. There are two restaurants, both of which will provide free boat shuttles if you make a reservation, and rentals for sun chairs and umbrellas

Santa Croce Beach is close to 330 feet long, but it’s not very wide and it’s quite rocky. You will definitely need chairs to lay down in, unless you’re cool with sitting on the rocks. The best time to visit is in the morning, because since it faces south it enjoys the direct warmth of the sun until early afternoon. 

📍Location on Google Maps 

🚌 How To Get There: You’ll need to take a boat shuttle to access the beach. Unless you’re using the restaurants’ transfer, you can take a boat at Amalfi port to take you there.  

Opening Hours: The beach restaurants operate on a daily basis. Ristorante da Teresa opens from 12 PM to 6 PM and from 7 PM to 11 PM, therefore offering boat shuttles during those hours. Ristorante Santa Croce is open from 9 AM to 11 PM except on Sundays, when it closes at 8 PM. 

💰 Prices: It’s free to access the beach, but you’ll have to pay for the boat shuttles (unless you take the restaurants’) and for the bed and umbrella rentals. 

Fiordo Di Furore – Furore

Fiordo di Furore, one of the most beautiful (if not THE nist beautiful) beahes in Amalfi Coast.

Furore Beach, also known as Fiordo di Furore (Furore’s Fjord) is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Amalfi Coast in Italy. And this is because it’s not your regular beach, but rather a narrow stretch of coast that directly faces a gorge between two steep cliffs, closed by a picturesque arched bridge. 

It’s one of the most instagrammable spots along the coast, as the views from the beach are quite striking. Pastel-colored boats rest on the shore, and due to the beach’s small size there are no facilities to be rented, so you’ll have to bring your own chair or towel. 

This popular pebble beach can get packed, so the ideal time to visit for great snaps and a tranquil time is early in the morning. 

📍Location on Google Maps 

🚌 How To Get There: The beach of Furore can be accessed through a flight of stairs that descend from the bridge. If you’re in Furore you can either walk or take a taxi there, while you’ll have to take the SITA bus if you’re coming from Amalfi or Positano. 

Opening Hours: 24 hours. 

💰 Prices: Free. 

Atrani Beach – Atrani

image of one of the best amalfi coast beaches, with the blue sea on the right, cliffs in the background, and a sea of umbrellas and colorful houses on the left
Image by Balate Dorin via DepositPhotos

Spiaggia di Atrani is Atrani’s main beach, and a very picturesque one. The town is less frequented than some of the others on the Amalfi Coast, which means the beach is also quieter and not as crowded.   

It’s an ideal beach for both swimming and snorkeling, and it offers sunbeds and umbrellas for around 25€ for two people. Food and beverages can be ordered and enjoyed on-site as well, ensuring your needs are covered for a fun, full day at the beach. 

While Spiaggia di Atrani isn’t usually packed, it doesn’t provide a sense of seclusion either as it has the Amalfi Drive right behind it, and above it several houses perched on the cliff overlooking the bay.   

📍Location on Google Maps 

🚌 How To Get There: From Atrani you can walk to the beach, as it’s right in town. If you’re staying somewhere else, you can take the SITA bus to Atrani or drive there. There is parking at the beach. 

Opening Hours: 24 hours. 

💰Prices: Free. 

La Baia Beach – Vietri sul Mare

image of one of the most beautiful amalfi coast beaches, with striped blue and white sun umbrellas on the sand, blue waters, and people hanging out by the shore
Image by via DepositPhotos

La Baia Beach is one of the few big sandy beaches on the Amalfi Coast, but the water isn’t super clean due to its closeness to Salerno’s port, so it’s not great for swimming. The long stretch of sand features sunbeds and umbrellas for rent, and while that area is managed by a hotel, the beach also has an area of free access.  

Spiaggia La Baia is lined by restaurants and cafes, and it boasts sunshine most of the day, so it’s the best Amalfi beach for working on your tan and spending a full day out in the sun. 

It’s easily accessible from Salerno and Vietri sul Mare, and it has good bathing facilities, besides being family-friendly.   

📍Location on Google Maps 

🚌 How To Get There: From Salerno downtown, you can take bus 004 or 009 directly to the beach.

Opening Hours: 24 hours. 

💰 Prices: Free. 

Marina di Cetara Beach – Cetara

Marina di Cetara is a rather small beach fringed by picturesque houses in the background, with the Cetara watchtower and the port on either side. The beach has fine pebbles in lieu of sand, so the use of water shoes or beach sandals is recommended. 

The water is warm and clean, and the beach enjoys the sunshine until late afternoon, which is more than most beaches in Positano and the rest of the Amalfi Coast do. 

Marina di Cetara is divided into three sections: two paid, and one free. The paid areas, run by two different beach clubs (Lido Night&Day and Lido Cetara) have umbrellas and sunbeds and an entry ticket of around 10-15€ per person.

Since the Cetara Port is right beside it, it’s also worth taking a stroll in it when you visit the beach. 

📍Location on Google Maps 

🚌 How To Get There: From Salerno and Amalfi the easiest way to get there is taking the ferry to Cetara Port, which is right next to the beach. Alternatively, you can drive or take the SITA bus to Cetara town and walk to the beach. There’s parking on-site. 

Opening Hours: 24 hours. 

💰 Prices: Free unless you choose to use the beach club facilities. 

Torre Crestarella Beach – Vietri sul Mare

Spiaggia della Crestarella is a private beach named after the 16th-century tower located right next to it. The beach stretches for about 900 feet and features blue, swimmable waters, a mix of sand and fine pebbles, and good facilities to spend a full day out in the sun.

Besides umbrellas and sunbeds, there is a bar, a restaurant, showers, and changing rooms, plus a shaded area facing the sea where to enjoy lunch and escape the midday heat. 

The views of the watchtower are one of the beach’s main attractions, along with the impressive rocks that frame the beach. It’s a very pretty, quiet beach that doesn’t really get crowded as the number of sunbeds is limited and no one is allowed once it’s full. 

To access the beach from Vietri sul Mare you’ll have to climb down a couple of hundred steps, unless you’re driving, in which case you’ll park in the beach’s parking lot right by it. 

📍Location on Google Maps 

🚌 How To Get There: If you’re driving, set the location on your GPS and you’ll be able to park right by the beach for around 5€. Otherwise, take the SITA Bus to Vietri sul Mare, and on Cristoforo Colombo street you’ll find the stairs that take you down to the beach. 

Opening Hours: Daily from 9 AM to 6.30 PM. 

💰Prices: 40€ for two people. 

Marina Grande Beach – Amalfi

View of arina Grande beach with the town of Amalfi in the background.

Spiaggia Grande, also known as Marina Grande, is one of the largest beaches on the Amalfi Coast, and a hub in the town of Amalfi. It’s a pebble beach divided into three sections, of which the middle one is run by a beach club, and the two ends are free. If you’re after sunbeds and umbrellas, you’ll have to access the paid area.  

The beach features inviting blue waters that are great to swim in, and a very picturesque background of pastel-colored houses, a hill, and a rock pier that goes into the sea. While the beach is long and wide, it’s extremely popular, so it can get uncomfortably crowded

If you’re in the area, Spiaggia Grande is worth the visit, not only for being the biggest beach in Amalfi but for its charm, so make sure you head there early in the morning if you aim to avoid the masses. 

📍Location on Google Maps

🚌 How To Get There: Marina Grande is right in the center of Amalfi town, and it’s easily accessible by foot. If you’re staying in any of the other towns, you can either drive or take the SITA bus to Amalfi. 

Opening Hours: 24 hours. 

💰 Prices: Free on both ends of the beach. 

Cauco Beach – Erchie

Image by Lucamato via DepositPhotos

Spiaggia di Cauco is located in Erchie, a tiny village on the Amalfi Coast. While it’s not the biggest or the most popular beach in town, it’s a true hidden gem along the coast and more charming than Erchie Beach. 

The pebble beach is framed by rugged cliffs and features two Medieval towers on the sides, both of which were built to prevent pirate attacks. Since Spiaggia di Cauco is only accessible by boat, it’s one of the many secluded beaches on the Amalfi Coast, which gives it an extra charm. The water of the bay is turquoise and warm, and the sun shines on it until early afternoon. 

📍Location on Google Maps 

🚌 How To Get There: Cauco Beach is only accessible by boat, which you can take from Erchie Beach. To get to Erchie you can either drive or take the SITA bus that will drop you off in town. From there it’s a 10-minute walk to the main beach. 

Opening Hours: 24 hours, although you need a boat shuttle to get there and they only operate during the day. 

💰 Prices: The beach itself is free, but you’ll need to pay for the transfers.

Duoglio Beach – Amalfi

Duoglio Beach is one of the least-known beaches along the Amalfi Coast, but also among the prettiest. The water is very clean, and the pebble shores stretch for almost 560 feet featuring sunbeds and umbrellas for rent and a free area. 

The sun shines on Duoglio Beach all morning until early afternoon, and besides two beach clubs there are a couple of restaurants where you can get your drinks or meal. 

One of the main reasons for its lack of popularity is the 400 cliffside steps that one has to climb down (and then up!) to access the beach. If that sounds like an impossible feat, though, know that you can also get to Il Duoglio Spiaggia by boat from Amalfi

📍Location on Google Maps 

🚌 How To Get There: The 400-step staircase can be accessed from Amalfi Drive Rd., around half a mile from the town of Amalfi. The easiest way to get to the beach though is by taking a boat shuttle from Amalfi’s Spiaggia Grande. 

Opening Hours: 24 hours. 

💰 Prices: Free. 

Gavitella Beach – Praiano

Spiaggia della Gavitella, or Gavitella Beach, is one of the smallest beaches on the list, but it offers the most beautiful views as it overlooks Positano and the islands of Capri and Li Gilli. It’s also one of the few beaches from where you can see the sunset, as it’s bathed in sunshine all day long! 

The little cove is covered in pebbles, and a platform has been added for easier access to the sea, which is deep and crystal clear. Vividly orange sunchairs and umbrellas are offered by Cala della Gavitella beach club, but you can also choose to take your towel and pick a spot in the free area. 

Unlike most beaches, entering the water at Spiaggia della Gavitella means jumping in from the platform, so it’s not a great option for families with young children. 

📍Location on Google Maps 

🚌 How To Get There: There are two ways to access the beach: climbing down a few hundred steps or getting a boat transfer. The beach club offers free shuttles from Praiano’s Marina di Praia or Marina Grande in Positano if you book a table there.

Alternatively, you can head to Marina Grande to get your own shuttle or take the SITA bus to Praiano from either Amalfi, Positano, or Sorrento. Once in town, head to Piazza San Gennaro where you’ll find the 400-step staircase that takes you to the spiaggia. 

Opening Hours: The beach club is open daily from 12 PM to 4.30 PM, and reopens from 7 PM to 10.30 PM on Saturdays. The beach is accessible 24 hours. 

💰 Prices: Free. 

And there you go! Hopefully you’ve found a couple of beaches to include in your Amalfi Coast Itinerary. If you are looking for even more, other cool beaches in the area that you could check out include: 

  • Marina di Vietri, Vietri Sul Mare
  • Marina di Praia, Praiano
  • Tordigliano Beach, Positano
  • Fornillo Beach, Positano


Are there sandy beaches in Amalfi Coast?

On the Amalfi Coast, most of the beaches have pebbles, not sand. However, there are a few sandy beaches like Spiaggia Cavallo Morto in Maiori.

Does Amalfi Coast have good beaches? 

Yes, Amalfi Coast has some nice beaches. However, if what you’re looking for are white sandy beaches this is the wrong region – Puglia or Sardinia would be better options. Please check the Introduction to the Amalfi Coast Beaches section where I explain this better.

Can you swim in the Amalfi Coast?

Yes, you can absolutely swim on the Amalfi Coast! 

Is the sea warm in Amalfi Coast?

Depending on the season, the sea on Amalfi Coast can be quite warm. Temperature averages 75° F in the summer, and around 60° F in the winter. 

Can you swim in Positano?

Positano has a few good beaches where you can swim. 

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