5 Tips to Finance Your Dream Vacation


How many times have you said: “I would LOVE to go to the Maldives/Italy/Somewhere exotic… but I can’t afford it”? I’ll make a guess here: probably a lot of times. Many people are put off by the cost of traveling, and it’s easy to understand why.

Traveling, especially if you don’t want to rough it, can be expensive and need some prior financial planning. However, financing travel is easier than you think. With a few precautions and a bit of creativity, you’ll be ready to board that flight in a heartbeat.
Here are five tips on how to finance your dream vacation.

1| Become a pro at saving money

This is a no-brainer. Saving money should be your first priority. This is easier to accomplish if you set a clear goal: write the amount you need to save on a piece of paper and place it somewhere you can easily see it, for example on your fridge. This will remind you of your goal daily, especially if you place a photo of your dream destination underneath.

Think about those extra expenses that you can easily cut and go from there. You can save a huge amount of money simply by cutting your daily fancy lattes (homemade coffee will give you your daily caffeine fix) and by cooking at home instead of going out… this will also help with diet goals. Next time you go shopping, ask yourself if that cute and super expensive little red dress is something you actually need (answer: NO!). Look for free things to do and play tourist in your city. Go grocery shopping with a list, and stick to the list.

You see? Much easier than you thought, and you can come up with a lot of other ideas.

2| Work it! AKA get an extra job

You are probably thinking: “But I already have a full-time job!” Yes, but working a few extra hours a week will help you get to your goal sooner. Ask for a few extra hours from your boss, or look for something totally different. It doesn’t need to be a real job with fixed hours, but what about babysitting, dog sitting, or tutoring students? Find something you like so it won’t feel like a burden, and make sure to put the extra money directly into the holiday fund.

3| Get the whole family involved

If you are planning a family vacation, have your kids help out. You can organize a garage sale and get rid of the random things you don’t use anymore, and the kids will have a blast. Teenagers can also organize a car-washing event, sell lemonade or bake some cakes – small amounts add up over time!

4| Set and forget

If it’s hard for you to save in the old-fashioned way, why don’t you set up an automatic transfer to a special savings account? Just figure out the amount you are willing to save every month and have that money go directly to your holiday fund with your monthly salary. Easy huh?

5| Sell your diamonds and jewelry on Worthy.com

Ring - how to finance your dream vacationImage by Worthy.com

I bet you never thought about this! You might have your solution for affording your dream vacation right under your nose…or sitting forgotten in your jewelry box. If you have diamond jewelry you don’t wear anymore, it’s time to think about new ways to put them to better use. Selling them is a great way to be able to afford a dreamy vacation. And what about that old engagement ring from a previous relationship you are holding onto for no real reason? Getting rid of it will also help you move forward and what better way than with a holiday in a tropical paradise?

Selling a diamond is now easy to do online from the convenience of your home.

Worthy has created a tech-savvy online solution that quickly calculates the value of your diamond. They are a secure auction marketplace that specializes in helping you learn the true market value of your ring and guarantees finding you the right buyers. Their auction platform connects you to a wide pre-vetted community of buyers that you could not reach on your own.

While you may have some hesitation to ship your diamond, Worthy works with Fed Ex and Brinks and fully insures every package along with covering all shipping costs.

After cleaning, photographing and getting a full grading report by a top lab, your diamond is ready. You set the reserve and you say yes to the auction. You are in control. Relax and start thinking about your tropical paradise.  Can you already see yourself on a beach sipping from a coconut?

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  1. Anda

    28 September

    Good tips, Steph. However, I’m not sure you won’t regret selling your jewelry. I probably would…

  2. go-indochine

    31 October

    Nice Tips Stefa. Very inspired for a travel blogger like me. Tks for making this article.

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